Is George Soros funding division?

A video from the American Association of Evangelicals says this about George Soros: “through his many funding ventures, has been busily infiltrating the Christian base in America to divide, and ultimately conquer, the religious minded within the Republican Party.”

In the AAE press release they name Reverend Jim Wallis who was touring the states to get Christians to vote against Republicans.  “Rev. Jim Wallis and allies are now touring many states on ‘Vote Common Good’ buses to … split the evangelical vote before the mid-term elections.”  And in many ways they were successful.

The video shows a voice recording of Jim Wallis the leader of Sojourners ministry denying he got funds from George Soros.  Cheryl Chumley of the Washington Times said this:  “But guess what?  His denial’s proven a bit — umm, wrong.”

Soros-tied Open Society money and grant dollars have not only flowed by the hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Sojourners, AAE reported. But Soros-tied Open Society money and grant dollars have been flowing to the Sojourners for some time.”

Jim Wallis pictured with Clinton and Obama.

“Soros Funding of Sojourners Is Only the Tip of the Iceberg,” wrote National Review in August of 2010.  Not only that but this has been going on for years.  The Blaze reported this back in October 2011: ““George Soros Sends $150000 to Jim Wallis‘ Left-Wing Group Sojourners.”

The Sojourners has wholly given themselves over to the left but continues to masquerade as Evangelical Christians doing the work of Christ.

Their website says things like, “We are evangelicals, Catholics, Pentecostals and Protestants; progressives and conservatives; blacks, whites, Latinos, and Asians; women and men; young and old … [and] seek to discover the intersection of faith, politics, and culture,”

Their magazine says things like “No Wall Between Amigos.” And this: “Conservative Court-Packing Isn’t About Abortion — It’s About Culture: If the Right really cares about abortion, they should reduce poverty.” And this: “In the Midst of a Political Emergency: The administration is threatening the soul of this nation.”

They oppose Trump at every turn.  They espouse big government socialism.  Remember,  they were touring 31 states for the single purpose of getting Christians to vote for Democrats.

There’s nothing pro-Donald Trump, pro-conservative, pro-limited government, pro-Constitution about this group’s goals — or, for that matter, about the Vote Common Good bus tour.

The front organization for this tour is called Vote Common Good.  It’s leader Doug Pagitt said this: ““we believe the Trump administration needs to be restrained” and that he simply wants Americans to “consider the common good when they vote.”

Cheryl Chumley says “What’s going on here is not so much Christianity as it is partisan politicking under cover of religious teaching. It’s the furtherance of a George Soros style of progressivism, but cloaked in Christianity — and backed by George Soros bucks — and made all the worse by the initial denials of the George Soros ties.

Anyone can toss down a Christian card, even an atheist. But a clue to identify an anti-American enemy is the wolves always want Big Government, bigger government, a more powerful centralized system with weakened rights for the individual — and if it’s secret Soros dollars and Bible-thumping that gets them there, so be it.”

Be on guard!  Don’t be fooled and don’t forget that we are approaching the election of the ages.  This will be the single most important election in our lifetime.

13 thoughts on “Is George Soros funding division?

  1. If they want to get rid of poverty and remove the curse of poverty…murder…divorce…they need to repent…renounce…ask forgiveness…for murder…voting for abortion

  2. In total agreement! The below stated for those that disagree…

    You cannot serve two masters…

    If you Master is Christ you will understand the restrictions of Proverbs 6:16-19 and abhor them…

    If your Master is satan you will embrace one or many…

    If you support the abortion platform you are complicit in intentionally shedding innocent blood for lust, fun, profit and convenience.

    This is something Jehovah hates and considers an abomination…

    And, you cannot continue in sin, especially something Jehovah has so clearly stated is an abomination, and be a Christian. Period!

    1. If one brings division into Gods People for selfish reasons it can have only one source, Satan. You can discuss issues but a strict and complete arbitrator is Gods Word and that is found in the Holy Bible.

      1. John, The Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword…

        When sin is in the camp, and the whole counsel of Jehovah is preached, there cannot help but be division.

        According to Jehovah’s own Word, the sin of abortion is worse than Achan’s sin.

        And, you can read what happened to Achan and his whole family.

        A stiff-necked people will refuse to accept the truth and repent, turn from their sin, and we are told not to have fellowship with darkness…

        This includes condoning their actions or voting for their candidates.

        Only true and full repentance fully engages Jehovah’s ever abounding Grace and Mercy.

        (I couldn’t really tell whether you were agreeing or disagreeing with myself or Mario?)

  3. Thank You Mario!!!…for spreading the facts not the fiction.
    It is abominable for anyone to believe that they are within the Beloved bride of Christ and who support such drivel as what they said here:
    “We are evangelicals, Catholics, Pentecostals and Protestants; progressives and conservatives; blacks, whites, Latinos, and Asians; women and men; young and old … [and] seek to discover the intersection of faith, politics, and culture,”
    Since when did Christ Jesus ever say to “seek to discover” the intersection of anything? An intersection is a place where all roads meet. NO!!! Jesus said there are ONLY 2 roads or ways, 2 choices, ‘the broad and wide that leads to destruction and there are many that follow therein it.’ And ‘the NARROW way or road that leads to Life and few there be that find it.’
    Any Normal Christian Life, (as Watchman Nee would say) is marked by the NARROW road that is difficult, un-seeker friendly and will not compromise with the world and its road to destruction.

  4. If you want to see full blown sorros infiltration look at the branch of lutherans known as the ELCA.

  5. Thank you very much for information on Sojourner’s ties to G. Soros. I was totally unaware. I will continue to intercede that all that is hidden comes out into the open. I also will pray much more often regarding VOTE 2020.

  6. They claim, “If the Right really cares about abortion, they should reduce poverty.” So, our unemployment numbers are the lowest they have been in DECADES! Wages are up, too. The only unemployment going on right now is when people demand $15 an hour and some businesses can’t afford to pay that, so they lay off workers. The alternative is to cut back hours, so they are making more per hour but working fewer hours so they wind up making less! States are passing new laws that restrict abortion and are cutting state funding for abortion mills. These Leninists have no reason to complain!

    1. NAR/7 Mountains Dominionism, ecumenism and now this…The compromise of the Church of our Lord Jesus is rife, but He wins!

      “Do not be deceived”…”test the spirits”. The battle is spiritual and real!

      Blessings and Maranatha!

  7. I did a search & found sojourners started in Chicago & is connected to freemasonry. It looks like Obama spoke at one of there events.

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