Preachers who are traitors

Beto O’Rourke just called Trump a Nazi. He cited comments Trump has made about Mexicans. The problem is that Trump never said all Mexicans are thieves and rapists. If you believe he said that, you believe a lie.

What he said was that among the people who invading us there are thieves and rapists and that the nation of Mexico condones the illegal entry of these criminals.  What Trump said was a simple fact and the statistics bear it out.

24% of the women who are among groups of illegals are raped during their attempt to enter our country. Not only that, but once these criminals get here, they commit rape and murder of innocent Americans in alarming numbers.

Beto’s accusation of Nazism is the ultimate irony because if you want a modern comparison to the death camps, it is the abortion clinics—and Beto heartily defends killing babies even after they are born.

The real difference between our abortion clinics and German concentration camps is that tens of millions more have died in our clinics than in their camps.

What is similar is that Nazis didn’t believe Jews were human and the left doesn’t believe a fully developed fetus is human.

The greatest moral outrage of our time is the hypocrisy over immigration and abortion. When one feels more compassion for MS 13 gangsters than innocent babies it is pure madness and abomination.

The only thing darker is the motivation behind this hypocrisy: it is to get more votes for the Democrat Party. Period. Democrats have sold their soul to Satan for votes. They have ruined America for votes. They know illegals will vote for the leftists who helped sneak them in. They know that an immoral society will vote for abortion if you can help salve their conscience by sanitizing ritual murder into simple birth control.

However, today I am opening my heart to warn my fellow preachers and begging them to stop being traitors—traitors to the cause of righteousness.

You know who you are. You are saying Trump’s immigration policies are racist from the pulpit. You know that is not true. You are saying abortion is the law of the land and we must respect it. You know that is wrong…deeply wrong.

Or perhaps you are silent on immigration and abortion and believe that you are exonerated. Your silence is a betrayal of your calling to be a man or woman of God. You know the condition of America. You know there is a moral civil war that makes neutrality impossible. You know your own people are suffering for your misguided views. The Word of God leaves no room for you to abandon your post in this dark hour.

Do you realize that if the men and women of God had mobilized their congregations to vote righteously, we would not be in this mess—but here we are and there is no longer a place for you to hide. We must bring the Body of Christ together to stand against the agenda that is about to destroy us.

Why were you easy on Obama and are now hard on Trump? Notable Christian leaders who did not speak out against Obama have now chosen to speak out against Trump.  Specifically, they claim Trump’s immigration policy is anti-Christian.

It makes zero sense.  Let’s begin with their silence on Obama. Obama was the most hostile president to the Bible in history.  Obama fought for late term abortion.

Obama opened the Pandora’s Box of political correctness that has the racists calling everyone else racist, and the fascists calling everyone else fascists.  Obama is why our universities are a sick joke of intellectual dishonesty. You gave a pass to the man who was trying to drive the church underground.

Now you oppose Trump—the first president to address the March for Life.  Now you attack the president who finally stood up to the hideous Johnson Amendment that took away your free speech.  You use that newly won free speech to attack Trump.

The most devastating charge is this: you actively told your people not to vote for Trump…and unless you wake up you will do it again in the next election.   If you succeed, you will help a raging leftist become the most powerful person in the world. 

You don’t want a wall; you believe Jesus taught open borders.  You don’t believe we should push to ban abortion. Have you swallowed the Kool-Aid of the left?

Have you copied the sin of Democrats? They want more votes and you want more members—members who will only stick with a church that compromises truth.

You are siding with sanctuary cities.  You are allowing a system that protects killers.  This one hits home to me because just recently in Reno where I live, an illegal immigrant murdered 4 people.

You are siding against your own congregation.  You are condoning flooding the labor market with unskilled labor even as robots replace workers. This impacts the life of the people you swore to serve.  You are blatantly contradicting yourselves claiming to be their pastor even as you help make their lives harder and more dangerous.

I love you as my brothers, sisters and coworkers in Christ, but on this point,  you need to be publicly challenged.  Examine your argument and see if it is the one that is false and unchristian.

Illegals have killed and they will kill again.  Abortion clinics kill by the second.  Democrats have truly made themselves the party of death. Ask God if you are not pawns in their game.

Lastly, is a wall and a secure border unchristian?  Let’s ask Jesus.  “But know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into.” –Matthew 24:43

I am begging you my brothers and sisters. Let’s unify at the foot of the Cross of Jesus and see the righteous cause.  You are not here to get your jollies from money and big churches. You have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. You are here to roar truth from a heart of love and spend yourself for the sake of turning America away from disaster. Don’t be a traitor!


37 thoughts on “Preachers who are traitors

  1. Mario, this message is dynamic brother!!!!!  I thank God for you and the total truth you are preaching.   Don’t stop..ever!!!  I pray God will even deepen the boldness He has put in you.  The American church is anemic and is nothing like it was intended to be.  Powerless. But you are totally the opposite….I pray for you,   Nancy Larson        Phoenix 

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  2. Absolutely superb!

    On Fri, Apr 5, 2019, 1:15 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Beto O’Rourke just called Trump a Nazi. He > cited comments Trump has made about Mexicans. The problem is that Trump > never said all Mexicans are thieves and rapists. If you believe he said > that, you believe a lie. What he said was that among the people w” >

  3. Man of God…. You Hit the Nail Exactly on the Head!! Not just once… but Many Times Over!!! You have never wavered… you are the same outspoken Man of God today…. and I love you for it!!!

    I only wish I had the “voice” you do… I would be saying the exact same things!! I spoke out against Obama BEFORE he was elected and I was persecuted for it back then!! I spoke out against “political correctness” and I was put down for it. I have spoken out about abortion… because I have BEEN there… and I was attacked for it!! I spoke out about the evils of the lying deceiving Democrat party and that they were the originators of the Klu Klux Klan… and I was laughed at!! I can’t believe how BLIND people are!!

    Mario, if I had the “voice” you have… I would be doing exactly what you are doing!! I speak out in this little forum I do have… Social Media, to the ones around me… I try to live what I know is Christ and Him crucified for me and living in me… but people don’t want to hear from this old woman with grey hair.

    My own son and I haven’t spoken to one another for 10 years because of all this. He turned 35 this past February… and the last time we spoke, we were in his house… his wife tried to start an argument about politics and religion, which we both said we were not going to discuss that with them. And, I was told later that we “disrespected” their home. I told him that he was the one being judgemental and they were the ones who brought up the subjects. I told him that if that was the way he was going to treat me… as his mother who raised him the best I could… (in the church.. a GOOD church – one you, Mario, have spoken at several times in NE Colorado), then I was done!! They were married by a woman “preacher” from a Unitarian church!! I was not allowed to have ANY say in their wedding… I was not allowed to have any contact with my son before the wedding… I was not allowed to even help with the bride before the wedding… they excluded me completely… and they broke my heart that day. One of the happiest days of my life… was one of the worst… all because I am a “real” Bible believing follower of Jesus Christ who stands up for what she believes in.

    I was not going to have him tell me what I could and could not say and if he didn’t like it then we have nothing more to say to one another!! I hung up on him. I have two granddaughters I have never met or seen face to face. He has not allowed me to… all because he is a leftist that tries to tell me I am the hate monger for standing for America as a true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    AND, I didn’t like Trump… I saw him as a womanizer and very rich man who knew no boundaries… but to say how much I DID NOT want that witch, Hillary, to be President… I would have voted for DUMBO over her!! But, now… I see he truly was the one for the job… and my hat is off to him in respect… he has been the POTUS I would have wanted all along and I believe he was God’s choice for this country. I humble myself to say that… I know the words prophesied by Kim Clement were truly from God.

    I haven’t attended churches in the areas where I live because these pastors are doing EXACTLY what you talk about here… and they have NO Remorse for their actions. IF they are not apart of the cure, then they are by default, a part of the disease!!

  4. Mario, I would really like to see you hook up with House of Destiny… Donne Clement Petruska / Jane Clement… y’all are saying the same things, just in a little bit different ways. I don’t know how you feel about that… but, Just a suggestion. God Love Ya… Man of God!!!

  5. Thank you Mario for being our voice in this wilderness. Keep preaching it. Your in our prayers and keep looking up for our redemption is drawing nigh. Yes, we may not have 12 years. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. Dear Sir,  You are on point on everything you say here. However, there is more… I know you can’t just come out and tell people the deeper evil, they will think you’re crazy but eventually, they will have to face it too. The demonrats and the elite drink the blood of babies and eat their flesh and that’s what keeps them alive and strong for so many years. Adrenochrome is the highest high they can find. They kidnap and torture these kids and then extract their adrenaline in the midst of the fear to use as a drug.  They rape and torture children from birth to adulthood and then the adults that survive must continue to do it or they’re killed. That’s why all the “suicides” in Hollywood and also they ritually sacrifice them.Podesta was the bastard father of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park; he had him and Chris Cornell ritually sacrificed for their evil “god.” They are all satanists. I appreciate you telling the truth and getting it out there. I’m praying all of the men and women of God can speak up soon, when Potus has started the arrests and the facts get out there. It will cause panic in the streets but we know the end is already close at hand.  Much love and prayers to you, sir, Sincerely, Barbara Keller

  7. This is your best post yet. I asked everyone on my FB to please share it. This needs to reach every pastor in every church in America. We are the Body of Christ and we need to be one on this! All others belong to the Apostate Church. My husband and I had to leave a church where the pastors are active Democrats. I encourage everyone reading my comment to LEAVE and no longer support a church that has gone AWOL from Christ. Jesus is the Head of His Church. We must follow Him…not men who have gone astray. There is no neutral position here.

  8. A teacher relative of ours said that the schools are becoming overloaded with children who have no respect for education, they don’t know why they are there, what to do or how to act in the classroom, or how to use the bathroom. Not to be crude, but some of them don’t go to the restroom at all, they simply relieve themselves wherever they are, by their desk, the back of the room, inside the door or outside the door..anywhere. Look for this to become a health hazard. No wonder we are seeing strange diseases popping up throughout the country. This is what the Left is doing to America. How do they think this is even good for the children who are being drug hundreds of miles and shoved into a culture that is entirely foreign to them, and how many hundreds of thousands..or millions..of these people do they think America can absorb before we collapse as a nation, and can no longer even help ourselves, much less help the needy? Power-hungry leftists have lost all common sense. They are unleashing a beast that they think they will be able to magically control as soon as they gain permanent power. No one thinks Donald Trump is a god, or a magician, or a perfect man. He’s simply a man who loves America enough to forfeit his lavish lifestyle to try to build America, and Americans, up, and make the nation better. God help us if he is not re-elected. And shame on the so-called Christians who are fighting against him. They are taking part in the destruction of America.

  9. I praise God for you…. you are spot on! Don’t hear many stand up against evil in the pulpits of our churches any more. God keep safe and strong in Him….preach the Word… Jesus is coming back!

  10. The awesome reality is that at this time the LIGHT is exposing the dirty Salamanders, Toads, snakes, roaches “GOLLUMS”and 🐍🐉🐲Python. In the the Halls of Government.
    Meantime, The FIRE of God has been hitting the special ops, and Generals in Gods Army
    THEN this fire hits the Pulpits.
    We either come through and go on to our next assignment
    Or we stay behind, pull K.P al (hopefully.)🥔🍞🍗🍳🥓🥚🌮🌮🌮🥑🥑🌶🌶🥘 The Choice is ours.
    An Eagle or an Ostrich.
    Or move on up to where Jesus sends us.
    Or retire with benefit packets.🐌😎Hopefully…..we press on to the high calling. And not be exposed as Wolves in Sheeps clothing.
    GOD forbid; JUDASES.

  11. Mario, you and I need to hold a conference here in SoCal. The church is missing big links to the real life society who has bitten the Anti-christ spirit in politics. Our founding fathers are rolling over!

      1. Mario, God has been speaking to me about the pagan things being in the church and in our nation. Easter name if Babylonian goddess if fertility. I attended a church that actually had a bunny character outside and hunted for eggs another symbol of fertility. The tree 🌲 is the resurrected body of Nimrod. A demon worshipped under many names. We all had this stuff in our homes Santa Claus. Norse god etc. these objects give a key to the demonic into their homes, our churches etc. God told me to write a book. I have been treated like a fool but these are the reasons the Jews were sent into exile and slavery. I believe you are a modern day Jeremiah. Please preach against this So many people know it’s wrong. I wish you could give me a prayer for courage. Thank you and God Bless you. Rev says the merchants of the earth would be hurt. Christmas is the most important season for most businesses. Pagan gods. Also God’s are brought in by immigrants. San Jose , CA has a big snake gif from Mexico. The UN has a huge god of war. There are pagan gods all over. Some we are active with all over America, some are ones we are putting up for “diversity “. I would love to have a consultation with you about this.

        I believe you are a modern day Jeremiah!!
        Please teach the people and pastors.

        I back you 100%

        Jennifer West

  12. We either stand and fight for our God and what’s right or we lose, this is our only chance, for it will go back to politics when Mr. Trump leaves office, back in to the hands of the enemy, tyrants who only want to kill, still and destroy, and half of the church backs them, we need to check and see who’s side we are on, Gods side Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not still, thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not bare false witness, thou shalt not commit adultery, and so on and I believe that whole party and half the church today are for breaking all those, Thou shalt not’s, and we call ourselves Christians and we side with them, I Think Not, be blessed brother, we need to check our selves closely

  13. Am glad Mario M. is the preacher who goes after God’s heart and who does not mix water with the wine. Looking at the photograph, it must be the son of the man who we visited for conferences in Los Angeles, when we lived there.

  14. Amen Mario! I thank God almighty that he has continued to bless you with bodily strength and a humble spirit these many decades, and I pray that He continues to do so in order to bless us with God’s message through you. Prayers each day for you, your family, and your team.

  15. Thank you for standing up for the truth, may God bless you and your family. This world has gone completely mad. I have watching with interest the goings on in your country and cannot believe the lies and hatred being spewed forth. Blessings from New Zealand.

  16. Thank you thank you for your continual persistence to speak out the truth. I pray with you more and more ministers would speak out. Continue to pray for you

  17. THANK you Pastor Mario! You have spoken the truth. May the the Lord Bless you and protect you and the Body of Christ that will standi up to the truth!!!

    On Fri, Apr 5, 2019, 4:25 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Beto O’Rourke just called Trump a Nazi. He > cited comments Trump has made about Mexicans. The problem is that Trump > never said all Mexicans are thieves and rapists. If you believe he said > that, you believe a lie. What he said was that among the people w” >

  18. There is so much truth is this article. So many comments are taken out of context, and that’s what turns the truth into a lie.
    I do appreciate your ministry. I listened to a series you did at White Horse CC 2 years ago. I got the 2 books you had in the bookstore and read them. I have been fighting chronic Lyme disease, and I noticed a turn in my healing. I am better. I didn’t even expect it, but God is faithful.
    Thank you!
    I’m on your wordpress email.

  19. Thank you for stating the truth! God bless you and your ministry! The safety of the Lord is with you as you reveal the devil’s plans!

    Get Outlook for Android


  20. You are exactly right Bro!!! Thank you for saying so!!!

    On Fri, Apr 5, 2019 at 4:15 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Beto O’Rourke just called Trump a Nazi. He > cited comments Trump has made about Mexicans. The problem is that Trump > never said all Mexicans are thieves and rapists. If you believe he said > that, you believe a lie. What he said was that among the people w” >

  21. Thank you for speaking the truth, and may it convict others to speak the truth in love as well. While in prayer after Pres.Trump won the election, I saw 2 minions rubbing there hands together in surprise. One said, ‘This wasn’t supposed to happen’, the other said, ‘This isn’t what we had planned.’ I’ve also recently found out that there were 2 covens in a small town that I know of, and we’ve been clueless to their existence. But it explains so much of what has happened to the local churches and the pastors that once had huge ideas for the community. There is more, but what you speak about needs spoken about loud and clear. The attack on the nation is so much bigger than we can even imagine and the time is now to sound the alarm.

  22. Mario – Thank you for standing for all by standing in and proclaiming the truth. We are living in a time describe in Jude, where “infiltrators” (as Jude put it) have slipped in to divide us and to attempt to defile the Gospel. We must repent as a people from making a god out of our own selfish desires. Together we can encourage one another to finish well, and live in a way that pleases God. Thank you for your work and your example.

  23. Good words Mario – all of them. All totally irrefutably true.
    But how many of the ministers you are addressing will ever read it?
    I would love to think this message will reach those who need it..just wondering how?

  24. If all pastors and Christian leaders felt this way America would not be where it is today. We started out as a Christian nation and God expected us to keep and preserve what He gave us, to uphold His laws and be a light to the world. Instead we came up with separating church from government and turned our backs, hiding inside our churches with our own agenda and allowing the country to come under rule of man’s government with less and less of God in it. Now we are losing all our freedoms and if we do not stand we will be driven underground to practice our belief in God. And still, as this pastor is brave enough to say, the church in general refuses to accept what God has given us to save our country and bring back our Christian values.

  25. The only piece of land in the world God promised to a people is Israel.
    Not even America has a promise from God that a certain land belongs to them because God said so.
    There are God’s laws
    And man’s laws.
    America makes up laws contrary to the Bible. Ask Obama.
    The Lord said what we do to the least of them, we do to Him.
    America is not a house that belongs to certain individuals, that is being broken into.. it is a continent
    That was taken by force and built on the backs of the murdered weak by the stronger.
    And God knows this is true.
    Jesus Christ is after the world.
    He sent his Son to die for all.
    Bipartisan politics has lured and now enslave those who think God is a respecter of persons.
    God is in the soul saving business.
    God is in the healing business.
    Immigrants who cross any border should be accepted and treated as it was Christ himself.
    The Lord said What you have done to the least of these you have done it to me.

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