Will You?

Will you let God use you to save America? Maybe you can see that something radical needs to happen. Maybe you see how Satan has sold so many believers fool’s gold.  Instead of taking up weapons mighty to the tearing down of strongholds, they pursue money, cheap grace, and safe spaces.

Maybe you can see how shallow, flattering, teaching is the perfect greenhouse gas.  Its fumes dull reality. It kills natural urgency.  Taking a stand has become a distant fantasy to many…but what about you?

You see how faith has grown flabby.  You can’t bear to see how many don’t know our weapons.  They don’t know our authority.  They have no marching orders.  They don’t know what to say to this generation.  Most of all, you feel a deep urgency and you are shocked at how ignorant so many are about what is right around the corner.

Peter recognized when government crossed the line.  Acts 4: 19 But Peter and John replied, “Which is right in God’s eyes: to listen to you, or to him? You be the judges! 20 As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.”

He also understood what to do when government tries to ban the Gospel: “Acts 5: 28 saying, “Did we not strictly command you not to teach in this name? And look, you have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this Man’s blood on us!” 29 But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey God rather than men.”

They are coming after our freedom.  They will force feed our children the Antichrist agenda. That is…unless we wake up to our purpose and destiny.   I am calling you out for special power in this hour. However, we are to be alert not alarmed. Let the dire consequences light a fire in your soul! Is God selecting you to give a weapons grade faith and boldness?

If you are finally ready to be a part of God’s war to save our nation, then do these things:

1. You must be filled or refilled with the Holy Spirit.  You must have fire, or you must have fresh fire.   The courage to face the onslaught of hatred that will be thrown at you can never be met by human power.  To say what you need to say, to obey when you need to obey can’t come from human motivation.  You must have the same Spirit that fueled world-changing saints in all times. God never meant for anyone to preach or lead without a clear baptism of the Holy Spirit.

2. You must flow in signs and wonders.  Our culture is beyond words.  They must see proof of the power of God.  God means for you to provide that proof.  The authority you need won’t come cheaply or instantly.  (Read my blog on the price of God’s miracle working power https://wp.me/p1vrzp-53e

3. Get ready to do something for God that will boggle your mind.  God is selecting people and working in them for unmatched power to attack evil.  Habakkuk 1: 5 “Look among the nations and watch—Be utterly astounded! For I will work a work in your days Which you would not believe, though it were told you.”

He is creating people who can turn the tide of wickedness.  He doesn’t care about your age or your education.  He searches for someone who is travailing over the evil and will die without power and purpose.  They want to be in the fight—they want to be in the thick of it.  Isaiah 6: 8 says, “Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “Whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

4. Prepare to pray in a way you never imagined.  God is pulling you out of the damaged religious crowd into special intimacy with him.  You are not going to pray like you did before.  E.M Bounds said, “To say prayers in a decent, delicate way is not heavy work. But to pray really, to pray till hell feels the ponderous stroke, to pray till the iron gates of difficulty are opened, till the mountains of obstacles are removed, till the mists are exhaled and the clouds are lifted, and the sunshine of a cloudless day brightens-this is hard work, but it is God’s work, and man’s best labor.”

What do all of these things I am asking you to do have in common?  Every one of them involves a leap out of dead religion.  They are a courageous declaration of war on the godless ideologies that are destroying our nation.  They are an irrevocable decision to be in the middle of God’s greatest acts in history.

9 thoughts on “Will You?

  1. Oh yes Mario!… I see how “Faith has grown flabby”, “I can’t bear to see how many don’t know our weapons of warfare”, and how many are ignorant about what is just around the corner for us all.
    I spoke out about what I was shown from Holy Spirit witness to me, was the greatest need among the Beloved of God in The Body of Christ for these days and times, I hope this helps🙏

  2. I am not perfect… I do look fancy… with perfect hair… perfect make-up… etc. etc. etc. My house is a bit messy, I don’t put on make up every day… And ya know… I believe that’s okay, with me and with God. Jesus told Martha that Mary chose the better thing, to sit as his feet & listen while Martha was scurrying around “doing”. Martha picked on Mary and told Jesus to tell her to get up and help her… If I have chosen to spend time in the Word and to listen for Him to speak to me… to Worship Him… I believe I have chosen the Better Thing. I will always choose that over earthly things… always!! I am not perfect… but I am willing to be “wrecked” for God… HERE I AM GOD, SEND ME!! Will God use me cause I am not perfect?? I don’t know… Only He knows that.

  3. Yes I desire to do so.. brother could you do a blog sometime that could be given to someone who doesn’t know the Lord. That could be handed to them for “food for thought”.. I work with the public and get opportunities at times to plant a seed and that would great to have as a resource. Thank you I enjoy reading your blogs so much and share them with many and bless you .. Debbie

  4. Straight from Deuteronomy 32! God wants to bless us so much, but the more we are blessed, the more likely we begin to worship the fallen ones, through their twisted lies and enticements to our fallen natures. Yes, we have taken our focus off of Jesus… and have become luke warm. Thank our Lord, that he is jealous of us and his name sake, and is a consuming fire! Yes, this war is about his Love!

  5. Big amen, we stand now or we lose every freedom our forefather’s and the Apor what ever he is doingostle’s and saints of old stood for, fought and died for, we stand our ground or we go under ground, when the Dems take back over, we are in a fight for our freedom and right’s just like the dream I had, dressed as Revolutionary war soldiers our muskets touching each other nearly, the musket fire lit up the darkest night, ass we fought for our freedom once again, in a fierce battle, we need to teach and train mighty men and women of God all suited up in there armor, and charge the gate’s of hell, like never has even been heard of before, for he said the gates of hell shall not prevail against us, and no weapon formed shall prosper Isa. 54:17, but we must put these words to action, Roar them Like a Lion, Shout them loud at the enemy, [ no more, oh please mr. devil don’t give me any trouble, he’s laughing in your face, oh he is leaving you alone because your not doing any harm to his kingdom] Shout at him, and tell him Isa 54:17 says no Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper, And he has given me power and authority to tread upon scorpions and snake’s and ALL THE POWER of the enemy, and greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world, and the gate’s of hell shall not prevail against me, Shout it, and the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds, drive back some spirits, charge the enemy with some thing’s he has done, stealing, taring your marriage apart, for it is written what God has joined together let no man or deity tare apart, charge him before the high courts of heaven, we are backing down and giving in, we do have the right to charge the enemy with breaking Gods Laws his word, before the high court’s of heaven, now the enemy will attack and try to give you Jude 1:9, Michael the arc angels darest not making a railing accusation against him, to try and scare you, but that means [ don’t charge him falsely or out of anger] I posted this last weak and the devil scream kill him, no matter what line you have to cross, so this pretty much tell’s you I am telling the truth, we are in a war, we fight or we lose ground and we have lost way to much ground until it is hurting and grieving our own souls and Spirit’s, time to suit up take or sword in hand and fight, roar and shout that enemy down, a shout brought the walls of Jericho down, did you know shouting in the Spirit makes demons tremble, lets give them a nervous break down. We Must Stand And Fight, they say Jesus didn’t get angry, read your bible, he drove some out of the temple, money changers, but it was his compassion for his Father’s house that did it, what did he says, my Fathers house should be a house of prayer, but now we have made it every thing else, a nursey for baby Christians we will not teach how ,to grow up, we program them to stay on the bottle on milk under us, so we can live comfortable, babies are not trained , not equipped to do battle, they just squall, when they are uncomfortable, just powder there behind and give them a bottle and there ok, but what about the big bully waiting out side that sooner or later they will face, but they never grew up, or were prepared for the battle, you know why some will not fight, there whimps they know they might get attacked, so the cower down to the enemy, the enemy don’t fight, the one’s on his side, or that he holds prisoner, of course we will get attacked, we are in a war , we are fighting, Jesus said to be my disciple you must take up your cross, deny your self, and follow me, they tried to stone him several times, they tried to kill him even as a baby, and he new the horrible death he was going to have to face, but yet he did it for you and me, and if we don’t fight no one will take the true gospel to the next generation, this fight is not so much about us as it is for him and what he stands for, we are fighting for him even though he left two thousand year’s ago, we are still having to take up our cross, [die to self, self is the beast] deny our self, and follow him, the Apostles, men Tyndale, burned at the stake, and so many others, what were thay doing, taking up there cross and denying there self and following him, loving not there lives unto death, [ we think to much of self] we got to kill him, for he is lead by the devil, 1 John 4:6, the Spirit of truth, and the spirit of error,[ error, belial, beliar, Beelzebub, the prince of this world] we must fight its for the future generations and our rights to worship and serve the God we love. Be Blessed things are about to happen and I will be back out there very soon, looking forward to it.

  6. Amen Brother. Ecclesia! The called out ones. It’s time to get out of the box that is stifling the Holy Spirit!

  7. Thank you, Pastor Mario. This is what we need. Pastors MUST start challenging their congregations to become activists for God, if they are not already. The hour is so late and we are losing America on our watch. Is this what lukewarm Christians want to be responsible for happening? Party time is over, the leisure life is disappearing, the world is dying, our country is being robbed from us by the radical Left, and so many are asleep.

    1. Can I ask you something sir, I have been fighting T. spirits, and other spirits all my adult life as a Christian, and I get attacked, well tonight a big preacher put on twitter that we are immune from attacks, is it just me, others I have been around get attacked especially on the road, the only ones I seen who do not get attacked, don’t do any fighting, but they just make me wonder some times if its just me or what, but I just put a message together about the Apostles and Paul and all they went through, I guess they didn’t find that place of immunity either, that safe place where nothing touches you. God Bless I just get frustrated with these preachers.

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