Donald Trump works to improve the lives of those who hate him.

 President Trump labors to protect people who say and believe the vilest things about him. Think about that.

If you look at what he has accomplished since his election you have to admit he has fulfilled the promises he made to those who voted for him. However, none of that matters to those who hate him. In fact, there is nothing President Trump could ever do that would make them stop hating him. The hatred has become pathological.

Here’s how deep the mental virus is that afflicts American campuses: ask them why they hate Mr. Trump and you will get an emotional outburst, nonsensical phrases, then rage, followed by tears.   Often they will get in a fetal position screaming that they don’t feel safe.

The hatred of President Trump camouflages a national disgrace known as the House of Representatives. While Trump gets the job done, those who are absolutely doing nothing for Americans get a pass.  That Nancy Pelosi, Adam Shiff, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and Ilhan Omar are not held accountable for their irrational statements is one thing. But the fact that they are doing nothing—I mean zero, zilch, nada for the American people and they get away with it. They get away with it because they are going after Donald Trump.

They are spending your hard earned money on hoaxes.  They ignore every major issue that affects your life in their hot pursuit of imaginary crimes. The hatred for Mr. Trump is so thick that they would gladly see America addicted, in debt, weakened and vulnerable to our enemies, than to ever give him a chance or credit him for anything.

President Trump has been more unfairly attacked—more falsely accused—more lied about than almost any leader in history. Yet, he keeps on going, fighting to make life safer and better for you, even if you hate him. Wow.

He is making life better for women even though many on the left refuse to see it.  He risks being hated, embraces the hate and keeps working for those who despise him.  He is working to make life better for every demographic group that is calling for his removal and even his death.

−Even though only 8% of blacks voted for him and many black leaders vilify him, he is working to reduce crime, fix crumbling streets and buildings, and bring real jobs and real hope to the inner city.

−He is working to improve the lives of women.  He built a multi-billion-dollar empire on a system of merit that promoted men and women equally.  Because of him, the workplace is becoming family friendly with maternity leaves.  Companies are giving women bonuses because of the strong economy.

−He got government off the back of small business—women are the fastest growing group of small business owners.  I can see why women don stupid hats, cuss him out, and call him Hitler…

−The President is working for the environmentalists who hate him.  Everyone knows the future is in renewable energy but we need a bridge to that future.  Environmentalists want to shut down all fossil fuels and create calamity for the rest of us—especially poor people.  They remind me of the new-age midwives who want women to give birth cold-turkey just to feel all the pain.

−Elitist environmentalists fly around in private jets polluting the air while they lecture real people about making sacrifices. They are not the poor who have to fight to get to work in the only car they can afford.  They don’t have to drive a semi, to feed their family.   Refusing to build this bridge to renewable energy is a great way to kill the mother and the baby.

−He is working for poor Americans by securing our borders.  When a criminal or a terrorist enters our country where do they go?  They immediately set up shop in the inner city.  They take the jobs from those who need them most—they plan their mischief in the ghetto.

Social workers know that when they visit a family where abuse is reported, the child will cling to the parent that is beating them and eschew the one who is loving. The same thing is happening with Trump and Obama.  The left clings to the abusive parent and despises the loving one.

If you boil down everything they hate about Trump you find yourself looking at a police sketch of Obama. Obama is the one who was racially ambivalent. Obama was hateful toward his enemies, used drones to kill civilians, slept as Americans died in Benghazi.  He fought against inclusion.


Obama had eight years to make black lives matter in Chicago.  He was more concerned about Syrian refugees than American refugees from violence—I can see why you loved Obama.

Most of you millennials lived in your parent’s basement under Obama.  Now you don’t.  Obama put way more energy into putting a man into the women’s restrooms than to putting you in a real career. The deal he made with Iran is now producing nuclear weapons.

Government work?  Trump didn’t need it.  But tell me, where else could Obama have gone?  Can you see Barack trying to build a business in New York City?  How deranged is the left about Obama? He claimed credit for the economic boom that Trump built.  And they believed him!

With all the wacko rage and bias against him—the towering unfairness heaped on him−President Trump still wants to make America great.  That is an astonishing act of God. That is perseverance from beyond our world.

I want to end my rant with a simple question to all the pastors who love to condemn Trump as an “ungodly man.” Trump is a billionaire. He owns gorgeous resorts. He has a loving family. He doesn’t need this! Yet he stays.

My question for you is how long would you stay?  How long would you stay in a church where half of the members wanted to destroy you?  And, took every word you preached deliberately out of context and spread lies to other congregants every day?  Would you—knowing there were much greener pastures, a bigger church with a higher salary and more adulation—stay and serve?  Yeah, I see why you look down on President Trump.

There are many areas where Donald Trump needs to grow spiritually but in one area he has zoomed ahead of most preachers: Matthew 5: 44, “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you…”



23 thoughts on “Donald Trump works to improve the lives of those who hate him.

  1. Preach it! May Christians have eyes to see and ears to hear. We bind the spirits of delusion and mind-blinding spirits afflicting many in the Body of Christ in America. Wielding the Sword of the Spirit, we cut through the soul ties that bind many to the wicked Democrat party. Thank you, Brother Mario, for boldly proclaiming the TRUTH that sets free!

  2. Thank you for standing up for righteousness. Praying for your message to get out and for revival in CA. God bless you forever.

  3. yes amen, thank you for your wisdom and for being a fearless leader! Continue preaching the word of God!

  4. You Mario, graphically and succinctly extrapolated the causation of the malady afflicting America right now. You wrote, “The hatred of President Trump camouflages”, and that is absolutely the purpose of the legislative hater’s campaign. If they can inflict enough hatred upon PR-Trump “they figured” DJT would cave in, fold up his tent and go home!! Aha…that trick didn’t work and left them scratching their heads wondering, ‘what to do, what to do?’ Then the idea from hell becomes clearer to them, so they decide for an all out hate narrative blown into every quadrant of leftist society to create hate within the hearts and minds of weakened American people providing the left DC legislators the CAMOUFLAGE they needed for the fact that they haven’t got idea one of how to ‘right’ this American ship, once B. Obama got it so far off course.
    Yet PR- Donald Trump has already course corrected this enormous ship (America) and did it with absolutely ZERO help from them.

  5. Right on, I get so frustrated at the blatant ignorance of the church, the left they have been deceived for so long, I just pray. I don’t know what to do.
    I’m so sick of hearing people say their offended, get a back bone, just dig a hole an go in it. Lol
    I think they just like to flap their jaws instead of getting a life an becoming a productive adult.

  6. Mario
    Thank you for your voice of SANITY!
    May it ring loudly in the hearts of all…
    Truth is the enemy of lies and will always win in the end.

  7. AMEN!!! Thank you for your daily blog/words of wisdom. Blessings to you and your ministry. Praying California becomes inflamed with HOLY GHOST power and revival.

  8. Dear Mario,
    I have loved and admired your posts—your bravery, tenacity and most of all that you speak the truth in love, but when you start quoting Bret Easton Ellis something is deeply wrong. Do you know who this man is? A pan sexual and the author of such deeply sick, misogynistic and evil works as “American Psycho.” Perhaps you didn’t know who he was, but it’s concerning to me that you would quote someone so driven by evil.
    God bless!

    1. You are totally correct April. I abhor everything this man represents and should have made that clear, and why I used his quote.
      I have added a footnote to the blog. “*Regarding Bret Easton Ellis: I do not endorse this man nor his beliefs. Like Gideon who went down to the enemy’s camp and heard his enemy admit defeat, I hear this sad man confirming what the left will never admit about leftist youth.” MM

      1. Thank you for your reply MMM. I was about to raise the same issue that AprilJulianne did. While all of us here are deeply grateful for your insights about our current deprived culture, we also may raise an eyebrow (and perhaps raise a voice) when we see a quotation in your blog from a person such as Bret Easton Ellis, who may have accurate opinions about parts of our culture, but also most likely abhors the message of Jesus Christ.

  9. Mario I highly respect you and your ministry and share much of your blogs to my followers. In this case I truly feel Bret Easton Ellis should not be included in your article. That’s my opinion as I don’t feel he should be represented by a man such as you with a huge following.
    I had shared your article but will delete it off my page because of my strong feelings about this man.
    God Bless you and your abilities to listen and receive feedback.

    1. I couldn’t find exactly where the “quote” was that Mario is said to have used from some fella named Bret Easton Ellis. But, PLEASE people in Christ, are your minds and ears so ‘religiously delicate’ that you cannot bear to read & review “something” a non believing lost soul said, did or wrote that had some relevance to the current subject topic at hand???
      You are listening, watching & encountering EVERYDAY in EVERY facet of of your lives in these times, people who have ZERO belief in God or in our Savior Jesus Christ!
      They’re on FOX news and many of them decide what you will see & hear, they’re running DisneyLand and in the schools your children attend, in the medical community where you rely heavily upon their opinions for your very lives, and they’re markedly within Washington DC, where our American landscape is decided, legislated & formatted. NO, if you cannot tolerate one ounce of varied opinion, belief or ideology to be posted via Mario Murillo or any other Christian person who uses the quotes of others to make or drive home a point. Then how on earth or heaven do you expect to be a culture changer used by God to SHIFT the atmosphere from darkness to light during this era?
      When Jesus gave the great commission (Matthew 28:19) and told the Apostles to “GO therefore and MAKE disciples of all nations,” HE used the word MAKE, now how can we MAKE disciples of entire nations if we’re so puny in comprehending the context of what is being written when using a “quote” from someone who’s a non believer? Aristotle, Socrates, Einstein, Shakespeare, and even Mark Twain, all were Secular Humanists probably Atheists, and so was reporter Lee Strobel until he came to Christ, now look at how The LORD has used him.
      Think BIGGER!
      Don’t limit yourselves, especially God or even Mario.

      1. Hi Carolina,
        I’m sorry but you don’t know of what you are speaking, or who this man is. I know who he is because I got saved in 2014 and unlike many Christians, spent over 40 years of my life in the secular world. This man also known as BEE is despised even among the secular world because of his brand of vileness & violence, especially against women. Our sensibilities are not so delicate as to be unwilling to go into the world or read literature – quite the contrary. However, this man is literally considered a monster and his words are not worthy of lifting up in any context in my humble opinion. Do a little research please..

        Here’s a small taste:

      2. I understand apriljuliane, and I share with you that for well over 60 years I’ve been exposed to & dealing with every walk of life and most often the Human Secularist community of people during my Christian journey. I know just how vile and depraved they often are, a very sad case for them.
        My point dear one, is to express an attitude of acceptance and gratitude regarding Mr Mario Murillo and others like him who have a gift and anointing given from The Lord, to define & extrapolate to us answers to the current crisis that we’re living today. And to try not to censure their efforts through the written word or the spoken one. Apostle Paul preached that nothing is forbidden to the believer now, but that not all things are beneficial.
        Sift accordingly and pray for all the women practicing Misandry today which is at a definitive crisis point.

      3. Well stated Carolina. This is a spiritual battle. God will use who He chooses. Continue to be Holy Spirit led bold and courageous!

  10. We do honor and are all grateful for Mario. Thank you Mario! ❤️ That is not in question. However, I don’t think it’s inappropriate to comment on a blog post that holding up the words of the previous mentioned person are disturbing. That would be true male or female, misogynist or misandrist with someone with that level of contempt for humanity.

  11. Hey Mario, It occurs to me that God placing a man such as Trump where he is today, for a time such as this, is absolutely Biblical. Time and again the Bible records God using an imperfect and weak person to show His strength. They all had their doubts but with God’s grace they persevered, and so will Donald Trump.

    Mike Winberry DC

    Sent from my iPhone


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