One of the greatest cruelties—if not the greatest cruelty in history—was done to Mary Magdalene.  She was once sold on the streets. She knew the special insanity of demon possession.  She knew the yawning blackness of total despair.

Jesus rescued her.  Jesus cast out 7 vicious devils—devils she thought would never leave.  Once deemed human garbage she is now redeemed, and rooted into a family of indescribable love.  Things would never be the same.  Her nights of remorse, her days of futility, her shame, her emptiness were all distant memories.

For 3 years, she lived a life she could have never imagined.  Crisscrossing Judea, hanging on Jesus’ every word, weeping gloriously over every miracle.  Each morning she awakened a more powerful and joyous woman of God!  She thought that this would go on forever.

People use the phrase “nothing could be worse…”  They use it before describing something unimaginably terrible.  I will use it this way: Nothing could be worse than to be in hell, and then taste heaven, only to return to hell.

Then on that fateful day it all went horribly, horribly wrong.  How could the one who called the dead back to life, and silenced a storm at sea be arrested?  How could one who gave words of exquisite beauty, love and wisdom, be tortured and killed.  No one wanted to save Jesus more than Mary.  No one felt more horror and helplessness than she.

That night, profound hope had given way to even deeper bitterness and disappointment.  If only I had never met him.  If only he had left me to die in the streets.  She slept only after exhaustion became more powerful than sorrow.   Too wounded to go on living.  Maybe too tired to commit suicide.

Mary matters to me today because her testimony is the best one I can think of on this Good Friday in such a dark time.  Mary’s miracle is the one America needs now!  Here’s why…

When the first shafts of Sunday morning light stirred her awake, she dreaded it.  If ever a heart was broken beyond repair—if ever a soul would rage against the approach of hope—if ever a woman just wanted to go back to sleep and never wake up, it was Mary.

That is why she was shocked when she felt an odd energy.  She soon felt an even stranger impulse… to go to the grave of Jesus?  How could she return to the only spot on earth that could open her wound wider?

What overruled her despair?  What fuel is driving her so completely against her common sense and her broken heart?  Paul answers that emphatically! “But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.”- Romans 8:11

Do you know any therapist capable of rebuilding the ashes and rubble in her soul?  Can any drug, any teaching, any relationship, reassemble her heart the way this gentle but powerful influence could?

We all know about the power of the resurrection.  It was the greatest display of power the universe has ever known; even greater than the alleged “big bang” that birthed the universe. It sent shock waves through the principalities and powers of darkness.  It shattered hell and stripped Satan of the keys of death.  Jesus set the captives free in the bowels of the earth and “led captivity captive.”

But the first burst of resurrection power was much gentler. She was the first human to feel the power of the resurrection.  Her eyes which were red and sore from sobbing are now refreshed and clear.  Her arms which hung limp from heartsick lethargy were now responsive, strong, and full of purpose. She sat up and found hope pumping through her veins. She did not know why!

A notion gently but firmly seizes her.  She was to go to the grave.  She got going!  Washing up, brushing her hair, and quickly getting dressed; all the while the expectancy of some indescribable something is building in her soul.  Before she knows it she is out the door and charging toward her worst fear.  Only she is not afraid.

She found the tomb vacant.  She turned and saw Him whom her soul loved.  Many awesome things happened that Easter but none more wonderful than Mary reunited with her Savior.

In the genetically altered, politically charged, drug addicted, violent purgatory that is America, Mary Magdalene stands as a poignant figure.   She is the best testimony I can think of for our national dreams that have gone up in smoke.  Our culture has wearied itself with perversion…hunted everything natural and replaced it with a disfigured counterfeit… it has marched, protested, boycotted the very color and life out of everything—everything is a cause to take offense.

What happened to Mary is why there is nothing better than the Gospel.  America!  This is what you need!

Mark 16:9, “Now when He rose early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom He had cast seven demons.” HE APPEARED FIRST TO HER!  He never forgot her. He knew she was suffering the most so He healed this precious soul first!





  1. Amen you don’t know him or what he can do, until you have no hope and are all alone, in the we hours of the morning, looking at the shotgun in the corner, and you cry out no Lord I know better than that, please take the hurt away so I can worship you again, and he shows up and wraps he loving arms around you, and just holds you and takes the hurt away, I mean I felt his arms around me, I came to life again, I was a dead man walking, my world had been destroyed , my wife of 19 years was murdered by a pharmacist, but he showed up and took the hurt away, and gave me peace again, like only he can do.

  2. This is a profound message made it for today. Thank you, thank you for speaking it and hearing it and seeing it.

  3. Mario I am so happy and thrilled to learn and see that you got through all the
    flak and made it to where God wants you to be!! What an encouraging testimony unto our precious Lord! I praise Him and thank Him for helping you become a Kingdom champion!

  4. I so look forward to your email and posts. I love following your adventures and hope I get any opportunities to share the love of Christ in anyway I can, because Holy Spirit So inspires me through you. I’m getting older and life gets a bit harder, but I will keep keeping on with every breath I have to serve the Kingdom. Blessings and peace, Karen Sojka

    On Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 12:41 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “One of the greatest cruelties—if not the > greatest cruelty in history—was done to Mary Magdalene. She was once sold > on the streets. She knew the special insanity of demon possession. She > knew the yawning blackness of total despair. Jesus rescued her. ” >

  5. This is a powerful depiction of hope in a time of despair. Thank you for writing this powerful post about Mary Magdelane. America is too young to die and I pray for our country!

  6. Think of how immensely pivotal saying Mary’s name was! As Jesus first started to voice the “M”, she was at even deeper despair. Just after hearing her name from that blessed familiarity, it all went from hell to heaven!
    America is there now, in that pivotal moment. By all means, cling to Him!

  7. I don’t know HOW you understood so clearly those emotions brother, but I have experienced them and tasted the bitter depths; even been too tired to commit suicide in the years gone by when I went through things too hard to bear. I was in my darkest night and had given up all hope and was plotting a fail-proof suicide, when I met Jesus. Not in a church. He came into my room. I had not been a Believer. I was agnostic – and a lot of other things.
    Jesus came to ME! I was in shock and He laughed at my surprise!
    We had a conversation mind to mind. I thought briefly, “He has come to kill me!” Then I felt His love engulf me and flood my dry, dark, depressed heart.
    I sobbed deeply and when I recovered, He spoke to me.
    Even though it was daylight, when He eventually left, the room grew darker, and I knew His joyful, life-filled, victorious, loving Presence had literally lighted up the room! His last words were: “It will be alright.” Like Mary, I was stricken when He left the room; but nevertheless, hope returned because I knew He was alive!
    That started me out on a journey to know Him. I found Him and was baptized into His Beautiful Name and received His Holy Ghost. The wonderful resurrection repeats itself in every person who is born again, for we are all “dead in our trespasses and sins” until Jesus washes us clean and breathes His Life into us, His very own Spirit!

  8. Thank you for sharing your testimony, Sojourner! Your story encourages me to pray and never give up for loved ones who don’t yet believe! I’m sure someone somewhere prayed for you!

    1. Thanks Ann. You are right, it seems NO one gets saved unless SOME one SOME where has prayed for them. I remember a man saying to me once, with his hand on my shoulder. “I will pray for you that you find the truth.”
      I remember wishing I could have that hand on my shoulder all the time, it felt so caring and so different. I had said to him, “I am still looking for the truth,” in response to him sharing about speaking in tongues.
      I wish he had simply told me about Jesus – I knew nothing really about Jesus; and had no idea what “tongues” meant, but I had politely listened to him, because I recognized him as someone who used to part of the crowd I was with years prior.

      I watch Vesta Mangun on Because of the Times on You Tube. She has been preaching since she was 17 and is now 94 (looks 70 something.) It is a Pentecostal Church. She said that no one gets saved without someone had interceded for them. She has covered her town Alexandria twice over in door knocking, has won thousands to Christ, done many healing miracles through the Lord, and has prayed 4-5 hours every day of her life since 15.
      She is worth listening to – a bold, down to earth, God loving, people loving woman of God.
      She healed everyone in a ward in a hospital where she was asked to visit a man who was sick. She is still soul winning and casting down powers and principalities of the air in her prayers.
      If God hasn’t answered yet, keep praying.
      I got sick of praying for one of my brothers and told the Lord I would not get off my knees till i KNEW He had heard and would save Marty.
      Martys’ wife went to a Baptist Church but Marty wasn’t interested.
      I poured my heart out in every prayer and intercession I could think of. That very weekend he went to the Baptist Church and requested to be baptized. He has had a turning point in his life and is very open to the Lord and prays.
      Fervent prayer.
      God bless you.

  9. What a wonderful story to retell on Good Friday. America needs this love and sweet story. There is so much evil abounding, there is so much we need to do and show our children and their children. The love that comes from Jesus is what we all need and should show to the evil ones…see how they react…it is up to Christians to show how doors can be opened and lost people can see again…show them how to love, or to love again, or to be loved. That is Jesus.

  10. @ Roger & sojourner4:

    We all have incredible testimonies of God’s love and forgiveness, His salvation and our repentance, His miraculous healing for our broken hearts! Thank GOD for His resurrection POWER working in and through us, and for His great sacrifice for US, His children! “THE MAN WITH AN EXPERIENCE IS NEVER AT THE MERCY OF A MAN WITH AN ARGUMENT!”
    During this time of celebration, let us “Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving and into His courts with Praise!”
    In the loss of my son to suicide (2014), I walked around the house in the early morning hours, saying, “Lord, I don’t understand!” He replied: “I DIDN’T CALL YOU TO UNDERSTAND, BUT TO TRUST!” So that is my conviction now: NO MATTER WHAT! He is STILL GOD & He’s STILL on the Throne! Praise His mighty Name!!

    MARIO: God’s richest blessings on you in Cali! You are not alone in your stand, although, I’m sure at times, it feels like it! “Having done all…to STAND!” WE STAND WITH YOU, BROTHER! Lifting you up in prayer, for STRENGTH/ENDURANCE, for REFRESHING/REPLENISHING/UPLIFTING, and for FELLOW-LABORERS to work alongside you! May you experience a new breath from the Holy Spirit to blow over you & may His FIRE rain down upon you, and spread throughout California, across the Nation, and around the world, in Jesus’ Name! GOD BLESS!!

    1. amen he is a wonderful Lord and so much more I could tell, he is just awesome, of the wrecks the gun shot, the guys trying to sneak upon me with knifes and I heard his voice say look up, and then look behind you, theres no end to his goodness.

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