Millions now attending churches in America need a stern warning that their freedom to worship God will soon be gone. They need to know that the massive effort underway to make the Bible incompatible with “American values” will be followed by making our beliefs illegal.

Mayor Pete says he is gay and Christian – and anyone who disagrees has a quarrel with God. Chelsea Clinton says that abortion is Christian.  This is a new attack. You must understand, they don’t want to do away with church, they want to divorce Christians from the Bible.

The mayor, Chelsea, those who ban Chick-fil-A, just to name a few, do not admit the Bible is their target.  Not yet. They know that would backfire. But, the current trend will soon make it acceptable.

Before the next election, the Left will be forced to be openly anti-Bible.  Since Trump has made America stronger and more prosperous, they can’t defeat him unless they can create a false narrative about his “ties to Bible believing Christians.”

The Left is in a frenzy and they don’t really know why. They don’t know it, but Satan is using them like puppets. Satan needs to destroy America.   It’s his grand prize.  The need consumes him.  He fantasizes about it.  He pursues the destruction of the U.S. with extreme prejudice and unrelenting patience.

America is a firewall that prevents the one event Satan craves most: Global anarchy.    Internationally, he has fooled Marxists and Radical Islamists into craving chaos. Both of these groups believe civil order must be destroyed and then a new world will magically appear.  But Satan knows anarchy is the only thing that will make the world embrace worldwide dictatorship. The perfect entrée for the Anti-Christ.

However, none of this moves millions of American believers. Let’s call it for what it is…they don’t care if America is destroyed.

However, there is great hope.  God continues to rally a remnant that is ready to let God use them in a way that can literally turn America around. But I can’t tell you more until after I rattle your cage.   Before there can be a great awakening there must be a rude awakening.

The rude awakening is this: you must realize there are Christians who simply do not care if America goes down. They are physically present in church but absent from the Lord. They are unavailable to do His work. They are oblivious to disaster at our door. Here is what they look like.

The preaching they enjoy teaches them to think of themselves first.  To them self-denial is a denial of God’s goodness. They measure their relationship to Christ not by how much they give up but by how much they get to keep.  They are attracted to flattery and convenience.

They believe soul-winning is offensive: Nothing explains the condition of America more than the almost complete abandonment of evangelism. We lost to gay marriage, abortion, and every other moral failure due to the simple fact that we did not win souls.

Since the Word of God is absent from the sermons they hear they actually believe it is a bad thing to share one’s faith with the un-churched. A testament to this is the shock that pastors relate to us in our tent when outsiders come and get born again. They are not just blessed…they are shocked.

Training to win souls is extinct. Organized outreach hardly ever happens.  This is why ministries such as ours find it nearly impossible to motivate churches to win the lost.

What draws crowds in church today is a great indictment. For years now the Christian concert has dominated attendance. Many believe that is a good thing. However, when mass soul winning crusades drew the largest crowds the impact was felt in the nation. Our government feared legislating immorality when holy evangelists filled stadiums.

There is something terribly wrong with a mindset that can feel good about itself over an event that does nothing to reverse the destructive course of America.  Far from success–that is denial.

They don’t want to get involved in politics.  With high-sounding words they excuse themselves from something that no child of God can excuse themselves from any longer. The Left is directly targeting church, the Bible, and freedom of religion.  Late term abortion is pagan ritual human sacrifice.  These wispy believers still believe being nice will make The Left stop trying to destroy us.

They have joined the deluded crowd in rejecting everything Trump does. They refuse to see the disaster they are aiding and abetting.

Do you care what happens to America? Do you believe there is still hope? To you, the true heroes of this hour, I humbly present this plan.

Separate yourself from the crowd that claims Christ but has no desire to save our nation. Being around them can drain your fervor, dull your vision and finally deceive you.  Paul was emphatic about this.  “Having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!” 2 Timothy 3:5

Find that church that has a true presence of God, Bible based preaching, and that wants to win the lost.  Forget about size, prestige or the coffee bar. What you must do is huddle with the emerging army of supernatural power. Trust me they are forming.  Quit being a part of symbolic prayer that asks all the right things but never gets around to deliberate soul-winning.  It offends God to ask for something to happen and then oppose the actual happening.

Prepare for supernatural signs and wonders and intimacy with God on a level we have not imagined.  You are supposed to see signs and wonders. You are not supposed to get proud. You are being watched. The eyes of God seek a core that will give Christ all the glory when wheelchairs are emptied and cancers vanish.

Prepare for a full-on declaration of truth in America. You can have a tongue of fire.  You can seek God and know Him in a way you never thought possible.

When we are in heaven and this hour of darkness is recalled—those who sought escape and comfort—who had no passion to save their nation will bear the greatest shame.  But those who ignored the impossibility, the shame, the ridicule and the lukewarm believers, will shine like the sun.





    1. Of course, this is said. Mainly because of those same Christian leaders here in California are battling homosexuality/pornography. Many Christian accept the false narrative of ” being gay”. the word Sin is outlawed and the word Judgement is weaponized. They would have you believe the Love of God means God accepts your acts of Sin. Wrong! Those Christian preachers will answer to the living God for causing His children to fall. Jesus said I have come to testify of the truth. Jesus said HE is the Truth, the Only Truth. Here in California, many of us are standing by for the New ACR-99 bill that will criminalize salvation, conversion, counselor, Pastors, etc.. who teach or preach homosexuality is anything but normal.

      I am ready for Cellblock C. Homosexuality is a sin and the LGBTQ deceptive Indoc is of the devil. And Christ is the only answer to this sin or any sin.

  1. God used the plagues to simultaneously judge the Egyptian government and deliver his people. He then gave them his law.

    If someone gets pregnant they need to take it to God and let the Holy Spirit show them what to do. This is what God wants.

    Things like transgenders are still hot buttons with God. I don’t know why this particular issue has been emphasized to me as contributing to bringing judgment on Egypt and bringing judgment again. Maybe because it brings in so much confusion to kids.

    “The woman shall not wear that which pertains to a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are an abomination unto the LORD your God.” Deuteronomy 22:5

  2. Mario, I get it!…I want to see my Brothers wheel chair EMPTIED! And to me and my house all the glory and honor and power and victory belongs to our God and to His Christ, our Christ Jesus. It always has and always will.
    Right now within the very nurses station hub at that fancy prosperous hospital that I hand picked… where medical professionals run to and fro all day & all night, and where everyone except my brother’s Doctor, me & my husband, have given up most hope, and accepted my Brother’s fate as a typical hard stroke victim to be handicapped and partial paralyzed for the rest of his life. Young beautiful women and smart educated men coming and going checking my Brother’s stats around the clock, doing their medical routine.
    I would thrill and shout Christ’s praises loud and clear for all to hear and see, when God HEALS him and he just stands UP gets out of bed and walks on his own to the nurses station to shake their hands.
    I ask for your prayer of agreement that this miracle of God Almighty would occur in Jesus Name.
    I wish you Mario could come to Scottsdale to my Brother’s bedside at this hospital and pray and proclaim for just such a miracle and I hope it would become viral, that phones all over the world could watch what I believe with my whole heart Christ The King can and would do. To HIM be the glory.

    1. Amen!! Hallellujah Carolina!! Keep praising , worshipping, and giving Him al the glory while you wait for your miracle to Happen!! He is The Great Physician!! He is The Great I Am!! He is The King Of Israel, He is The King of The Jews!! He Is The King of Glory!!
      He is Lord Of Lords!! There is still Power In The Precious name and Blood of Yehshuah Ha Masiach!!
      ItIsWritten: Mathews 19:26

      1. Thank You Marisol for your response to my April 22, blog post!…You have no idea how I needed that today.😇
        Let me share with you how my Bro is doing 2 months later as of today. He “is” able to walk on both feet with the aid of a walker positioned on his left side. When I take him to his rehab appointments he is walking…slowly…and able now to step up small stairs and street curbs. He is still a fall risk and his right arm & hand are yet unusable, BUT, (and that’s a big but) The LORD caused my brother to be able to do physical things again that 90 days ago most of his doctors said he would probably not be able to do. He now also uses a medical electric scooter to get around faster, BUT I believe God will get rid of the need for that chair one day too.
        And for your eyes Marisol, I PLEAD the blood of Jesus over my brothers mind and body here today in the Name of Jesus, and over YOUR life and health today in the Name of Jesus! Amen.
        To God be the glory.

    2. Carolina,
      My daughter had a massive stroke at the age of 30 from child birth. Her whole left side was paralyzed and a artier deep in her brain was totally blocked. They could not operate!!! To deep within the Brain. She was healed by our Lord!!!
      The Blood vessel is flowing 100% and has minor issues with her left side. She is doing so good that She remodeled my bathroom; painted,
      Tiled, new sink, and replaced my toilet. Our God is Awesome !!!!!
      I stand in agreement with you for your Brother. I pray for your brother that all trauma to his body be healed by the precious Stripes and Blood of Jesus! He will be a walking miracle and Testimony for our Lord. Papa we give you all the Glory!! Thank you Papa!!!🔥🔥🔥

      1. THANK YOU so much Dottie Smith!!🤗…
        I trust our Lord for these things, yet I always ‘love’ getting encouragement from our Lord’s Body members. I need them often to keep going on as the struggle to care give my Brother & Mother intensifies, due to his limitations and my Mothers aged needs and incapacity. The testimony about your daughter is riveting.

  3. About that guy Pete, people will say or have said, “he’s more Christian than you”, and when asked what makes him Christian, they say, “we have nothing to prove to you”.
    Pete talks about God and can quote scripture, so can Satan, and that doesn’t make anyone a Christian.
    I believe that one of the great deceptions of the last days is people believing that people can be a practicing homosexual and Christian at the same thing, but such a person doesn’t exist. You are either one or the other, not both.

  4. Yes! You are a Watchman Mario! Continue to shout the warning of the consequences of luke warm faith. Thank you for pointing out Satans strategy via Mayor Pete, perversion and blasphemy. The standard is God’s Word, not man.

  5. Some of us have seen this for years in the making. Slick looking devils in fancy suits and dresses stand and claim to know the real truth while smearing and mocking Bible believing Christians who truly proclaim and live out God’s word. We have become “haters” and “unloving” and “bigots” according to the new leftist “church doctrine” of today. Democrats are officially a bloodthirsty, satanic party of death and every kind of evil. They are in the “church,” and whole denominations have forsaken “the way” and now embrace “doctrines of devils.” The left will promote them while seeking to isolate, smear, and then silence those who still declare sinful lifestyles to be what they are. We are seeing salvations and the Spirit gifts in operation as never before. Our Helper and Friend, the Holy Spirit, is bringing people to Christ in astounding ways and numbers. Yes, God is still rescuing the lost. We will continue to preach Christ as long as we have breath.

  6. Again, your comments perfectly describe America’s spiritual condition. I’ve been agonizing over this for years. Abortion is especially awful: an American Holocaust.

  7. Yes, there is a strong Remnant out there! I have seen them, heard them, watched them & joined them. They are all over the country in various groups & ministries! Most are not in the four walls of the Church. They are “on the move” & getting stronger – Iron sharpening Iron! They are out in the streets!

    It’s one of the most exciting moves of God I’ve ever been a part of in my lifetime!

    Jesus is coming back soon! Are you Ready?

  8. Satan needs to destroy America because it is from these shores that the greatest move of God and harvest that planet earth has ever witnessed will soon be launched! He who sits in the heavens laughs at his enemies…

    1. So true brother Mario! Every word! You could, however, have been speaking about my country (New Zealand) it too is biting the dust of socialist/atheism on every level. The Christians in the churches here, are for the main part, uncaring about the country and involved in their own little comfortable lives and soul-winning is archaic – a relic of “Pentecostal fanaticism,” undignifying. People will be won they say by their lives and by smiling at them. I have been roundly and quite savagely rebuked by an elder in the church for suggesting that all Christians be involved in soul-winning. She went off her head, shouting at me over it and saying she had seen the damage that “people like me” (she doesn’t know me except brief acquaintance) had done in the past through sharing the Gospel and “knew there had to be a better way.” I have been told I must “earn the privilege of sharing the Gospel” by doing good deeds for people. I replied that I don’t have time to mow everyone’s lawns and bake everyone a casserole – Jesus didn’t, nor did the apostles, I don’t have to “earn” anything, in fact, I am commanded to go and share the Gospel. In reality, I do occasionally look for ways to help people in physical ways, baby-sitting, cooking something for them etc., but only with those I feel the need to (and not entirely because I want them saved, though that is main reason.) There are a few (very few) in this country who hand out tracts and who share the Gospel with people one one one. Having mentioned Jesus and the apostles, they DID go about doing good works, the very works I have only done spasmodically, that of healing the sick and casting out demons. These are part of sharing the Gospel I believe. When the epistle talks of us being “created in Christ Jesus unto good works,” it is not referring to mowing lawns and helping old ladies cross traffic (this is stuff even unsaved people do for one another,) it is referring to the healings and deliverances which our world so desperately needs.

      I am so encouraged by your words Mario, as an elderly lady living alone in the countryside with no church to attend (an interfaith “church” several kilometers away, which is not one I care for much. I live 40 ks from the nearest town but I take tracts with me whenever I go there, good ones. I have had people saved through tracts. Occasionally, I will speak with people about Jesus and offer healing for them. It is something I desire to do much more of.
      So there is a “remnant” who God is raising up to preach the Gospel and cast out demons, heal the sick and raise the dead. Glory!
      I believe it all starts with us drawing nearer to the Lord Jesus and seeking His face.
      Seeking Him just to know Him more. Lord help me.
      Help us all.

  9. Big amen the truth if every said, we must get back to the true love of God, and doing as the bible say’s, when was the last time you prayed and fought in prayer until your close were wringing wet with sweat, and your voice was just about gone and you were weak, every day for me, we are in a fight for the nation and our God and what we truly believe in as Christians, there’s a group of people head of a certian party that even did the bombing in Sri Lanka, the Fb and Tw. wouldn’t say because they back the D. party, but the same people who did that yesterday are the very same ones trying to take over this nation and destroy the Church, the Church of the Living God, with all power and might, its the big Plan of the enemy, stop the true Evangelizing, stop the true word from being preached were no one is condemned of there sins, push out the true Holy Spirit, where theres no conviction, and the church has no power its to full of sin, and the Holy Spirit is the true source of power, and water down the word or just preach the sweets of the word, and you get a powerless, nothing church just like the world, they don’t care if a soul really gets saved just come into there building, and listen to Another Gospel being preached, not the ones the disciples preached, but another one, and tell them Jesus is all love he never corrects,[ Heb 12:6 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.

    Heb 12:7

    If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?

    Heb 12:8
    But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.and you don’t have to give up your sins, Jesus unserstands, Yeah and he died to forgive, and give you the power once there forgiven to turn away and refuse them, He does not allow sin, He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.] { he who practices sin, who keeps on doing what they know is wrong, even after they know the truth}

    We just don’t preach the true word that’s all there is to it, They tell Jesus never got angry, which is a big lie, John 2:15, but any miss use of the Fathers house makes him angry, including making it a nursery for illegitimate children, not a house of power and worship, making true Army Specialists who are train to the utmost to fight for this country and nation and for the true Living God Yahweh, with all power and might, as the Army of the living God should be, they feminized, America, made it passive and tolerant so a group of people could take over, with out a fight, and the church helped them, all satans big plan, to totally destroy what belongs to God this nation and his people, Let Us Take America Back, what was done yesterday was to destroy the church, in another way and it’s coming here if we don’t tighten the rein on Radical Isl. it’s just a matter of time, there mad at what Mr. Trump is doing to there plans, he is destroying them, they are the head of the D. party, don’t let any one fool you, just look at the Isl. agenda and then look at the D. and see if something don’t go ding, ding, ding, in your head, We Must Take Our Church Back To, WE Have To Make His Church Great Again, but we have to correct the wrong we have let in, the Jez, spirits, the familiar spirits, and invite the True Holy Spirit back in and give him Control, put the FIRE BACK in our pulpits and preachers, it should be required of the church of the true Living God mare than any degree or teaching’s, they should have to have the fire to even get ordained, a God Requirement, means far more than any mans, Lord Send The FIRE, we must cry out to God and get him back where he belongs in our Churches. Be Blessed

  10. I’m amazed, when taking part in certain threads, that there are still people who continue to claim the title of Christian, yet they hang onto Obama and Hillary, and I would have no doubt they would vote them in today if they could. They trash President Trump continually and will not give him credit for a single thing that he has done to reach out to Christians and help maintain our freedoms. He’s up against a massive wave of people with evil hearts who want to bring him down, and take us down with him. Those who claim Christianity and yet hate Trump will go down with us, yet they persist in joining with such vile liberals. I do not believe they will stand for the Lord if and when things get really bad in this country. Perhaps we are seeing the lukewarm, “Christians”, who will not make it through the Tribulation without taking the Mark. Not meaning to be overdramatic, but let’s face it..the hour is late and many people think they are truly saved and could be in for a very bad surprise.

    1. straight is the gate and narrow is the way, and there be few that find it, so sad but so true, and broad is the way to destruction, a lot of people deceived today badly, its a spirit on them, that comes down from that party pure evil is in control Radical Isl. is really over them and the people don’t even know it, that’s why these bombings are being kept quite, because the two main social medias are D. backed, it will damper there plans for one world religion, who wants a religion backed by murders, it’s all part of a big plan, to destroy this nation and the church.

  11. Dear Mario…..your faithfulness to God in delivering this message, and so many other previous messages, to your supporters is nearly beyond my comprehension. This last message is one of immense warning, and it will be one that I will read many times over, and with faith and strength from God I will do my very utmost to rise to the occasion that you have so clearly pointed out that the Church needs to rise to.

    1. Jimmie, I ask this respectfully:do you honestly believe America would be in the condition she is in if American Christians cared enough to pray, witness and use their rights to oppose immoral legislation? Do you believe we would have abortion and the destruction of marriage if even a majority of believers just practiced their faith?

  12. I wonder though…. if people didn’t believe the end times teaching that SAYS everything gets worse, America isn’t in the end times prophecies, we’re all going to be rapture anyway, etc……I wonder if they believed that we AREN’T LEAVING and that we must occupy until His enemies are made his footstool, wouldn’t they fight and pray? And what if they believed that is all going to get worse, etc and PRAYED THAT WAY, what would that do? If we truly believe that our words have power, what kind of prayers are we speaking? Words are we speaking?

    Are we getting what we mistakenly ask for? Are we robbing our children of their future because of false teaching?

    Do you allow freedom of speech here and freedom of ideas or will this be deleted because it disagrees with the AOG doctrine?

  13. All I can say we all need to rise up and say, “not on my watch!” We need to pray like believers and not doubters, like overcomers and not defeatists. The true Church cannot be overcome by darkness, we are the light of the world.

  14. Don’t these politicians understand that within a couple generations all of “Christendom” (the West) will be out-bred by Muslims? They look at redistricting for votes, yet miss the greater issue of our time! I would have never believed since the 911 attacks, these idiots would then choose suicide, and it just won’t be the Jews being exterminated, but anyone they consider an infidel! Studies show they only need to be 20% of the population to be a threat to personal liberties, this has been confirmed geographically!

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