The two biggest reasons America is miserable


The Left told America to turn her back on God. Everyone who obeyed that disastrous advice inherited acute loneliness, emptiness, and despair.  Or do you really think it is a coincidence that these miseries have increased to the same degree that faith in God has decreased?

Intellectuals told America there are many pathways to the truth.  But, instead of enlightenment, it brought deeper darkness, deeper questions, and a growing inability to know truth. 2 Timothy 3: 7 says, “7 always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

Few Americans can make it through a day without alcohol, a toke of marijuana, a pill, powder, or a needle. Our children are taking their own lives over shoes, pictures on Instagram, and bullies at school. Is this what happens when you tell God to leave?

Just released by Gallup Poll: Americans are among the most stressed people in the world.  “Even as their economy roared, more Americans were stressed, angry and worried last year than they have been at most points during the past decade. Asked about their feelings the previous day, the majority of Americans (55%) in 2018 said they had experienced stress during a lot of the day, nearly half (45%) said they felt worried a lot and more than one in five (22%) said they felt anger a lot.”

Billy Graham’s daughter, was interviewed on the Early Show and Jane Clayson asked her “How could God let something like this happen?” (regarding the attacks on Sept, 11, hurricanes and earthquakes). Anne Graham Lotz gave an extremely profound and insightful response. She said “I believe God is deeply saddened by this, just as we are, but for years we’ve been telling God to get out of our schools, to get out of our government and to get out of our lives. And, being the gentleman He is, I believe He has calmly backed out. How can we expect God to give us His blessing and His protection if we demand He leave us alone?”

The Left doesn’t want to own up to their responsibility for the misery of the inner cities that they have controlled for 50 years. The Left chants, “keep taking government money, and it will give you a future. Keep believing you are a victim, and you’ll stop being a victim.”

The Left says America is evil for not opening their borders. Wait. What?! America is the most welcoming nation on earth. The overwhelming majority of the people on earth believe in strong borders. Most nations have much stricter border policies. But the lie must live on because Democrats need new voters.

We are a nation at each other’s throats, and the Left loves it that way.  ‘Mobs, not jobs’ is a totally justified accusation against the left.

Above all, there are two things making America miserable: The Left has a firm grip on a lie and the church has a loose grip on the truth.

Celebrity Christian speakers add to America’s misery by delaying revival.  They distract by saying there are many ways to win a generation to God. We no longer need repentance, Bible preaching, or reliance on the Holy Spirit.

No matter what they boast, the fact remains, they didn’t win lost souls so much as they moved gullible Christians away from Godly pastors into the shallows. Instead of making disciples they provide quarter for those who want a faith without works.

They dread the power gifts of the Holy Spirit. They omit the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  And so, our nation pays the price for their lukewarm faith.

America became miserable in part, because some preachers told us not to judge. We ended up not being able to discern! Millions of so-called Christians voted for abortion and same sex marriage. We were powerless in America’s hour of need—too disoriented and morally ambivalent to push back on immoral laws. The Great Commission was plowed under the priority of church growth.

Both the Left and the Lukewarm have this in common: They promised happiness, but instead brought misery.

Stuck in the middle between the radical Left and the lukewarm church are tens of millions of Americans who just want truth. They are paying taxes, raising kids, obeying laws, and they still love America. They are vulnerable to the raw power of the Gospel.

Also, stuck between the radical Left and the lukewarm church is the remnant of God. These are pastors, and regular Christians who are praying to go deeper. They are busy saying to each other, “the sideshow is not God, there’s more! No way can Satan win if we take our stand on the authority of the Cross!”


They are ready to deliver that raw power of the Gospel.

Woe unto you God haters and lukewarmers. Two radically wonderful groups are about to meet each other in the midst of this misery. God will see to it that the Americans who want deliverance and a life worth living will collide with the holy core of God, whose only wish is to obey the Holy Spirit.

A company of God’s people with a firm grip on the truth will loose many from the power of Satan. Daniel 11:32  “Those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.”

Let us rise up, shake off the lukewarmness, and decide to become the people God intended us to be!




  1. Big amen a hurting world and church needing the power and presence of the Holy Spirit back, you don’t need achl, or drugs, or any kind of powder or pill, we just need Jesus the Holy Spirit and the full Gospel, for he is pain killer, the peace giver, the faith healer, and the total deliver, the comforter of all comforts, our best friend or leader or guide, and we need him like we never needed anything before, and the fire to preach as Jesus would have us preach, We Cannot do With Out His Precious Holy Spirit, his Fire gives us the courage to fight and stand, and will not allow us to except the evil, that’s going on, it burns down inside until we can’t just sit back and do nothing, we may try to contain it for a while, but it builds up in side, and we shout Enough, is Enough this is not right, and we go into battle, like we never have before, His precious Holy Spirit with out him the Church is nothing, but a powerless social club, Send The Fire Lord, Send The Fire, come back Holy Spirit Come Back, and fill our pulpits again, and fill us to over flowing, with your Spirit and Fire. Let it be done Lord, Let it Be Done.

  2. I disagree.

    The biggest reason America is so miserable isn’t because of the evil of the left or false intellectualism…

    It’s the abdication of its place in America by the TRUE church, and the propagation of the false gospel of prosperity and all blessing…

    When the church is miserable… So… Goes… The Nation!

  3. OK… Apologies… You did get to the heart of the matter… 🙂

    [Above all, there are two things making America miserable: The Left has a firm grip on a lie and the church has a loose grip on the truth.]

  4. SPECTACULAR Mario!!!!
    U said…”We ended up not being able to discern! Millions of so-called Christians voted for abortion and same sex marriage. We were powerless in America’s hour of need—too disoriented and morally ambivalent to push back on immoral laws. The Great Commission was plowed under the priority of church growth.”

    WOW, “too disoriented and morally ambivalent to push back on immoral laws.”
    Moral ambivalence is exactly the correct assessment of the current condition.

    An ambivalent attitude carries within it an on going contradiction. If one is living inside of a continuously contradictory set of ideas causing mixed feelings, then how on earth or in heaven can a person follow Christ and His way of doing things?
    I’m reminded of Prophet Elijah on Mt Carmel, when he told the Israelites, ‘why do you fluctuate (or waver) between two opinions, if God is God serve Him, if Baal is god serve him!’
    The point is CHOOSE or continuously lose!

  5. Thank you again, Mario, for a divine message from our God that is both timely and spot on. Again, your message must be read numerous times for this much wisdom and truth to sink in!

    Can’t wait to see you in Reno in July !

  6. So true Mario and can I add that it’s a case of “ditto” to everything you said in your article in the country of New Zealand where I live.
    We here in NZ are ruled by wicked UN loving leftist politicians whose main goal, it appears, is to destroy our Christian roots, but many “so called” Christians are actually cheering them on.
    The good thing that is becoming plainer to see is just who are the true followers of the Savior and who are the imposters.

  7. I’ve come to realize that the greatest problem America may have is the lukewarm, “Christians-in-name-only”, that we now have in this country. They’re good people, they say they are Christians, some may even pray from time to time, have a Bible in their home, but they virtually never go to church, don’t take or even send, their children to Sunday School, and never give to Christian ministries. They say their children do not have time to go to church, Sunday School, or even after-school Bible Studies-where they are still allowed-or youth groups, yet their kids are involved in all number of after school activities and have time for parties and stay-over friends on weekends. It is those people that I worry about the most, because they think they are right, but..well, I don’t want to say they aren’t, only God knows, but they are no threat to the devil. They are the ones who truly need to wake up to the wolves that are out their door and they are oblivious.

  8. Why do you use the word “Christian” so loosely? Such as “celebrity Christians.” These people are not Christians.

    1. A word to the wise…AP-Paul said, ” who among men knows the thoughts of a person, except the spirit of the person that is in them? In the same way , no one knows the thoughts of God except the spirit of God.” (1 Corinthians 2:11)
      Do you know?…more than AP-Paul, more than the person themself who lives with their own heart, mind & spirit everyday?…Do you know more than God HimSelf, more than Mario Murillo?
      My bible says we don’t know, but God knows…and wisdom tells us, to be careful how we think and speak while judging others and their Christianity.

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