Miracles sometimes come in strange packages. Here are a few examples: Abolish air travel. Spend 20 trillion dollars. Ban meat. Give the Boston Bomber the right to vote from prison. Jesus was not Jewish. Shut down the energy producing companies. Get rid of all private insurance companies. Give free health care and college to all illegal aliens.  Kill babies after they are born. I kid you not. These are the exact words coming from politicians in the Democrat Party.

They seem like they are under the influence of something that forces them to act in their own worst interest. Are we watching a miracle like the night Trump won the election? Is the Democrat Party a tower of Babel where God has come down to confound their language?

They spout utter madness with a straight face. All the loony ideas the Democrat Party used to filter out or hide among themselves in smoky back rooms are now front and center. It seems they can’t help themselves. Even when they know it damages them, they keep talking crazy. Even when they are presented with incontrovertible facts, they hold to what are patent lies.

The Democrat Party alienates mainstream America. Why don’t they care? I believe it is because of God. I believe we are seeing an answer to prayer. The Bible says, “2 Thessalonians 2:10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the Truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie…”

But another kind of judgment has fallen on them: division.    We are watching a good old fashioned Old Testament event, just like when God confused the enemies of Israel and caused them to be divided among themselves.

Here’s the post where I predicted that this would happenhttps://mariomurilloministries.wordpress.com/2019/01/24/a-lying-spirit/

Remember the first miracle we saw the night Trump was elected? Every media outlet except Fox News guaranteed a Clinton victory.  As the evening wore on, a shift began to take place. None of the Leftists could believe it. Soon their dismissive expressions turned to dismay as the seemingly impossible was happening right before their eyes.

Are we watching another miracle? As the Mueller investigation stumbles into oblivion with nothing to show for the millions of taxpayer’s dollars they wasted—as the tide turns in what only a couple of weeks ago seemed a devastating time for both Trump and Republicans— are we seeing prayer being answered right before our eyes?

There is a law of war that says “never stop your enemy when they are making a mistake.” That is happening right now. And it means it’s time for the church to take action. It means we must reach out with greater fervency. Now is the time for mass soul winning−because God has set back the Leftist threat to our freedom. This is no time for overconfidence or apathy. New threats are coming. This is a moment we have been waiting for–when the minds of Americans can change. You have a part in this miracle. You must speak up. You must pray. The fields are white unto harvest. There is no time like now to spread the Gospel!



24 thoughts on “HAS GOD MADE THEM LOONY?

  1. amen: I even heard some one mention the fact that if the full report is released, it would devastate this nation, because of all the, awful things the Dems really did, and the FBI, CIA, and others, but it is clear God is working, and I sure been praying, some justice be served in this nation again, and if they don’t get new leaders they need be destroyed, but it’s who’s in charge of them, I gave a word that if we stood and did our job they would have been destroyed in Nov. well they didn’t but just maybe its still being done right before our eyes, praying for the harvest and for the up coming meetings, and all needs, puling down strong holds, driving back Terr. spirits, and other things. be blessed

  2. Amen!
    I heard another Pastor say once, that “Crazy always over plays it’s hand. It can’t help it.”

  3. The Bible does say God will pour out His cup of wrath and the nations will go mad. When I look about it’s the unbelievers and God haters that are spouting all this craziness. The Democrat party has turned Communist and that is a godless culture and they certainly are loony. It is interesting to watch but very sad as well. Still God tells us when all this happens to look up beause our redemption draws nigh.

  4. Great article. We’ve been preaching theses things as you have. Keep shouting the truth. Isaiah 62:6.

  5. Romans 1:22 speaks of what happens to those that denies God and continues to lie and twist truth for their own gain. You’re a Watchman Mario. Speak boldly always seeking the leadership of Jesus! God bless you!

  6. Wow!
    After reading this post and the one you predicted back on January 24, 2019 all of the insanity
    of the left is answered: A lying spirit. That is it!
    Thank you for speaking God’s truth and showing how advantageous it is to know God’s word…

  7. My prayer has always been, “May all who dig a pit for President Trump fall into it themselves.”

  8. That’s exactly what is going on, Strong Delusion. It has to be supernatural, this love of lies and hatred of the truth..hatred for all that is good or holy or makes common sense. They are trying to outdo each other in their insanity. It’s like watching toddlers learning new tricks from each other, each of them trying out different naughty things one by one, until Mommy comes back in the room and stops them. Who would have believed we would see such madness take over an entire political party? Or at least, a good portion of it. The few that still have ownership of a brain are trying to stop the Insanity Train as it is roaring down the track. They know the track ends with the train going off a cliff but they are powerless to stop it. The Omars, Cortezes, Bookers, Harrises, Buttigeigs, Betos, and the rest, are conducting it, and they are all filled with some kind of madness, there’s no stopping them. They will crash. God is not finished with America. He is not going to turn the country over to a bunch of escapees from a mental institution. At least, not yet. Sadly, some of those among this band of crazies are those who call themselves Christians but they say all manner of dirty things against the President and even people like Franklin Graham. They defend the practice of homosexuality and smear Dr. Graham for speaking out about it. Some of this madness has infiltrated the Church and those who are weak, Biblically illiterate, and do not truly know God are falling prey to the deception. Not that they have to actively support Trump to be a Christian, of course. But the blatant lies and repeating of things that have been disproven, while claiming they are the righteous ones is simply bizarre.

  9. You bet we are……the confounding of the chariot wheels…so to speak; right on God! Prayers are availing much in the heavenlies and I’m thankful! I loved the title Bro. Mario; and yes, we gotta get the Word out as the enemy is getting his tail whopped!!!

  10. I used to hesitate to pray imprecatory prayers aimed at the Democratic party, because I didn’t want to be just praying “let our side win, Lord!” as though it was a football game and I was rooting for my team. But the Lord has shown me that as they have marched under the bloody flag of Abortion On Demand, they have made themselves odious to Him. The Lord said of King Manasseh that he filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, which He was unwilling to forgive. The advancing of sexual perversions within the Democrat party platform follows, inevitably. Watch: the next “advancements” under the Progressive Agenda will be normalizing, then promotion, of pedophilia (which is already widely practiced) and bestiality. IF the Lord allows it to get that far! Here is His word concerning what awaits the Democratic party in America:

    “Therefore thus says the Holy One of Israel: ‘Because you despise this word, and trust in oppression and perverseness, and rely on them, therefore this iniquity shall be to you like a break in a high wall, bulging out, and about to collapse, whose crash comes suddenly, in an instant; and its breaking is like that of a potter’s vessel which is smashed so ruthlessly that among its fragments not a sherd is found with which to take fire from the hearth, or to dip up water out of the cistern.'” –Is. 30:12-14 RSV

    I am praying that this word happens before any more damage is done to the future of our beloved country.

    1. I agree with you Kristy; this will not go any further for it is most damaging to the innocent and according to the real prophets out there speaking truth with wisdom; many have crossed the line and gone too far and per Johhny Enlow’s latest word; JUSTICE is here and about to be realeased on every sex traffic ring in the world; God is just sick of it-we are too!

    2. I fully agree with you: how much longer can God allow these wicked things to happen to innocents? To the helpless and needy?
      Same thing here in New Zealand. I even read an article in NZ’s leading daily newspaper a few years ago, an editorial where the writer felt it was high time to legalize pedophilia and she (yes “she”!) scorned those prudes who would dare to challenge her. I took the rare move of writing to her and telling her I had just come back from a trip to ChristChurch, where I had visited someone I knew, a man of 66 years of age, who had spent his life from age four, in a wheelchair on heavy drugs due to lots of Grand Mal Seizures (severe epileptic fits) as a result of being raped by a man in his twenties (Mike was only four then.)
      Mike was never able to live a normal life or marry and he was full of toxins all his life from the tablets which made him have boils. He was in a nursing home all his life. He was intelligent and cheery, but in the months preceding his death (he died shortly after I visited him) he had given up on life. I had the privilege of leading him to the Savior (whom he received with joy and gratitude,) and died a few days later. I also cited her a case I had read of a three year old girl who was raped and bled to death as a result. They don’t care about the “practicalities” of their pedophilia agenda, only that their lusts be satisfied, without regard to the human life. I cannot bear this world to be honest. I contributed my share to the evil of it many years ago before I got saved, but as long as I am on the earth I will share the Gospel.

  11. The Democrats remind me of the struggles of Solomon in his latter years. Embracing too much of the world lead to the destruction of the Temple. In the Democrats case, they have always had there issue’s, but this transformation into the absurd began on that fateful night in 2012 at the DNC Convention when the Question of Gods Validity as a Party staple and Support for Jerusalem was put to a vote. Not once, Not Twice, But Three times did they Boo to uphold The American Tradition of Alliance with Jerusalem/Israel and “In God we Trust”. So many didn’t understand the impact of such a decision, but they are now. The Power and Authority of our Lord is being made Manifest for all who have eyes to see. God will not be Mocked, and those of us who see this, Praise him all the more for it. What a Mighty God we have!!

  12. God describes them in II Thess. 2:10-12

    “and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refuse to love the truth and to be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lies and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness”.

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