There is good news that I have been hesitant to bring you because it seemed too good to be true. I wanted to be sure that it was not just a temporary phase. It is time for me to tell you my own wonderful discovery. But first I want to address something on a much wider scale than my own personal experience.

Is the American church going the way of the hula hoop and the lava lamp? Is it just a matter of time until our faith dies out in America? Leftists love to say this, but it turns out it is a total lie.

Glenn T. Stanton wrote in an article entitled New Harvard Research Says U.S. Christianity Is Not Shrinking, But Growing Stronger:

“New research published late last year by scholars at Harvard University and Indiana University Bloomington is just the latest to reveal the myth. This research questioned the “secularization thesis,” which holds that the United States is following most advanced industrial nations in the death of their once vibrant faith culture. Churches becoming mere landmarks, dance halls, boutique hotels, museums, and all that.

“Not only did their examination find no support for this secularization in terms of actual practice and belief, the researchers proclaim that religion continues to enjoy “persistent and exceptional intensity” in America. These researchers hold our nation “remains an exceptional outlier and potential counter example to the secularization thesis.””


It seemed too good to be true, but then I started getting the calls—calls from leaders who openly opposed the positions I have been declaring in these blogs. They were offended by my insistence on letting the Holy Spirit move.

They began to tell me how they are seeking God and repenting. They began to tell me how they changed their sermons. What is really stunning is that the power of God is flowing in their services, and the crowds which were there for entertainment are now clamoring for more Bible. Prayer meetings are starting to outdraw church socials.

Where we feel it the most is in our tent crusades. Churches who were in deep division are now joining together. They are dropping their differences in order to win the lost.

I can only report to you what is happening in my corner of the world. I was afraid this was just a passing fancy, but it appears that this change is truly taking hold!

You, our faithful readers, have a real hand in this miracle. I freely admit that I have been stern, but apparently what I have been writing is taking hold in the hearts of leaders. The good news is that hearts are turning back toward God, and it appears to be expanding.

If you think that means I will let up in my intensity in speaking the Word of the Lord—think again. We still have widespread corruption, error, and counterfeits at work in the church.  Let us at least rejoice that leaders are beginning to listen to prophets, teachers, and in some cases, even to me.  All glory to God!






10 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS

  1. amen that’s great, there still trying to get me to submit, man I have never wanted to control any one, I think the main thing is they want to shut me up, but not going to happen as long as I have breath in this body, I will say what the Holy Spirit tells me to, no matter what, he controls me. Just glad some are listening to you, a few is better than none, some I think are listening, but are afraid to say anything because of the other’s in leadership, that shouldn’t be, not in the body, I had rather have 30 people who really follow the Holy Spirit than a stadium full of people who are just great pretenders. Be Blessed, praying

  2. Praise the Lord. Thank you for speaking the truth. We are praying for you and your ministry.

  3. We arrived yesterday to take part in the revival in California. We will attend, Lord willing, the volunteer orientation meeting in Paradise this afternoon at 3:00. Please pray. We have driven nearly the whole length of California—from LA to the Oregon border. Yesterday we were in deep repentance for our former attitudes about California! This is a huge, beautiful, bountiful, place! We are here to pray for redemption of God’s purposes for California, and for the transformation of the people here who do not yet know their redeemer! We are here to drive the enemy out of California! This place will be redeemed by Yeshua’s power manifest through his servants who gather here, and pray here. His will, will be done for his glory. As California transforms, she will lead the nation and the world into the hope and calling of Yeshua. Please pray. The Lord has promised transformation, but just like Daniel in captivity we must recognize the time of our redemption, and pray it in!

  4. Praise and Glory to GOD 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💯

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  5. I never bought into the doctrine of: “The Great Falling Away”. This never made sense to me, why the Bride of Christ, would turn away from her soon coming Groom. Let me share what I discovered.

    I heard something taught over thirty years ago, that really stuck with me on this subject. Since the Lord impressed me to do this study, I started searching again. I came across some papers by a noted and highly respected Greek Scholar by the name of Dr. T.J. McCrossan. He says the Greek word “Apostasia” translated “Falling Away” can be interpreted two ways. Some interpret it as “falling away or rebellion”. However, the other interpretation, by excellent Greek scholars, is “Departure”.

    Tyndale translated it this way, as “Departure”, in his first translation from Greek to English. Greek scholars agree that the best way to pinpoint the true meaning of the Greek noun is to look at the verb from which the noun is derived. The Greek word “apostsia”, comes from the root verb “Aphistemi”, meaning “to go away, depart, to remove”. This root is used fifteen times in the Bible, and only three times does it speak of a falling away. It is most often translated “Depart”. It usually refers to “one person departing from another person or place” Several Bibles from the 15th century, also translate it as “Departing”.

    An excellent and widely recognized commentator, Kenneth S. Wuest, translates 2 Thessalonians 2:3 as Follows: “Do not begin to allow anyone to lead you astray in any way, because that day shall not come except the (Aforementioned) departure [of the Church to Heaven] comes first and the man of lawlessness is disclosed [in his true identity], the man of perdition”… The definite article occurring before the word “apostasia” makes it apply to a particular departure, one known to the writer and to the recipients of the letter. More than a dozen other scholars agree that “apostasia” can be rightfully translated more ways than one: “departure” best fits into this context.

    For nearly 400 years, the church has believed an incorrect translation. The scripture makes much more sense in the proper context.

  6. PRAISE GOD! Thank you for your courageous stand! You are truly an inspiration and blessing to the body of Christ.
    May God truly overwhelm you with His favor and bring forth a mighty harvest of souls, in Jesus name.

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