Smith Wigglesworth came to America from Britain in 1914.  What people saw in his meetings defied all human explanation:

“Smith Wigglesworth, often referred to as ‘the Apostle of Faith,’ was one of the pioneers of the Pentecostal revival that occurred a century ago. Without human refinement and education he was able to tap into the infinite resources of God to bring divine grace to multitudes. Thousands came to Christian faith in his meetings, hundreds were healed of serious illnesses and diseases, as supernatural signs followed his ministry.  A deep intimacy with his heavenly Father and an unquestioning faith in God’s Word brought spectacular results and provided an example for all true believers of the Gospel.” (Smith Wigglesworth.com).

Smith was far ahead of his time, and his faithful witness led to the next phase that was needed.

Divine healing had fallen into disrepute.  Meetings were often fraught with emotionalism.  Charlatans whipped audiences into frenzies.  Most healing testimonies were sketchy at best.

Things were also bad outside the church.  America was in the grip of the fear of impending war.  Psychiatry was replacing faith.  A whole generation was racing away from God.   Preachers were at a loss as to what to do about it.

Then in the 1920s, Aimee Semple McPherson came to Los Angeles. Her crusades across America filled the biggest venues. At one point, around 15% of the City of Los Angeles attended the church she built, Angelus Temple.

The smoke of God’s glory appeared in Angelus Temple. Miracles flowed freely. Aimee was not just a faith healer−she was also a worthy opponent to any atheist foolish enough to debate her.

1946: Enter William Branham.  The atmosphere in his meetings is low key.  There is no attempt to manipulate the people.  Branham tells the audience when the angel of the Lord is present—a statement that should sound preposterous, except that astounding things start happening.

Oral Roberts once told me, “There were no hard cases for Branham while he was enveloped by the anointing.”  Growths vanished, lifeless limbs awakened, blind eyes opened.

American historian, David Edwin Harrell Jr. described Branham as:

“An unlikely leader….his preaching was halting and simple beyond belief. But William Branham became a prophet to a generation. A small, meek, middle-aged man with piercing eyes, he held audiences spellbound with tales of constant communication with God and angels. Night after night, before thousands of awed believers, he discerned the diseases of the sick and pronounced them healed.”

Few men have ever been endowed with the raw supernatural power of William Branham.  There, for the entire world to see−and for medical science to test−were signs and wonders that were incontrovertible.

Then in 1947 a young Oral Roberts went to Kansas City to hear Branham.  The experience led him to resign his church in Enid, Oklahoma and obey God’s mandate to “take My healing power to your generation.” More than any healing ministry since Jesus, Oral indeed took God’s healing power to his generation.

He dared to put the miracles of Jesus on prime time television. God used him to found Oral Roberts University which has sent amazing leaders around the world.

Kathryn Kuhlman: When she began to minister she faced an onslaught of criticism for being a divorced woman preacher…God had to do startling miracles to open doors for her ministry.  America got over her past and flocked to her services.  She set attendance records in the largest venues.

The miracles of healing were documented and became the most convincing body of evidence for miracles that the medical community has ever seen.   Renowned surgeons, heart specialists, and medical experts sat in the front rows of her meetings.

However her greatest contribution was her revelation of the Holy Spirit.  She was in Pittsburgh teaching something that was very new and real to her on the person of the Holy Spirit when a woman who was neither called out nor prayed over was instantly healed of terminal stomach cancer.

The disarming simplicity of her message on the Holy Spirit can be misleading.  Sometimes there is nothing more powerful than simplicity.   The church in general at that time, had fallen into a powerless funk in reaction to the “God is dead” movement and the surge of drugs in the youth culture.


The same Holy Spirit that took, as she said, “a nobody” and raised her up to alter the course of history should inspire us to follow her example.

Now we, in 2019, have come to another terrible moment for the Pentecostal and the Charismatic movements in America.  Compromise has hit us from the most unlikely sources.   A pandemic moral and political cowardice paralyzes our pulpits.  The wholesale attack on the constitutionally protected rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion has met only token resistance from “Spirit-filled” pastors.

Today we have widespread reports of “revivals” that are hugely disappointing.  In our heart of hearts we know they are total hype.  Healings are claimed but not confirmed.

We have witnessed the rise of an entire “revival” industry that hawks imaginary authority. People are reveling in spiritual fantasy worlds, blending astral projection and UFOs with Christianity.

Travelling ministries today sell high-pitch ecstasies that promise towering results over the enemy, but deliver zero impact on the culture.

I have my suspicions.  I wonder if the voices that scream revival the loudest are simply trying to drown out their own unbelief, or if the abuse of GRACE−that has pastors drinking hard liquor after church−is merely defeatism that says, “What’s the use in trying?”

The times are dark, so dark in fact, that they carry a strange hope.  Maybe we are finally, finally willing to shed the stubborn sins that have imprisoned us in religious irrelevancy and deception.

A real hunger for truth is replacing ‘political correctness’.   Donald Trump is a symptom of widespread anger with ‘tolerance’ and ‘political correctness’.   We have become a ‘fed up’ culture.  People agree with President Trump about America, and that is why all of the criticism the media is throwing at him does not stick.

Perhaps we are witnessing the creation of a positive vacuum in Spirit-filled believers and in society.  This is our best opportunity to save America.  This vacuum is causing both Pentecostals and Charismatics to replace empty religion with a real relationship with Jesus, and that is where the key to power lies.

Many believers are angry with politically correct preaching.  The cry now is, “Quit feeding us junk food!”  We want to experience the power of God and are no longer satisfied with just a ‘feel good’ message.  Look around you… the hunger for truth is rising.

A true desperation is replacing our attitude of entitlement.  Americans know that they are in danger of losing their future to our government.  They no longer harbor the fantasy that tells us we’re going to pull out of this just because we are America.

Many Christians realize that they have never known true desperation until now.  They don’t want church to make them feel good anymore, they want church to put them right and make them strong.  They want something real so badly that they will take it straight—not sugar-coated or diluted.

A true spirit of prayer is replacing artificial prayer.   Believers are waking up to the fact that their prayers have been wrong.  Their prayers were filled with agendas.  Pastors prayed as if prayer was a booster rocket for their pet program.   Prayer is returning to the raw, unconditional surrender that it was supposed to be all along.

The real message here is not the arrival of a man, but of an era of explosive miracles.  That is what I am sensing and expecting.   What we have been waiting for will come in an unexpected package—as these 5 vessels did.

Today, the Spirit-filled movement finds itself in the same predicament.  Once again, we are mired by division and emotionalism.   Only this time it is much, much worse. Unless the church prays down the supernatural healing of God, America is on the verge of total collapse, bankruptcy, and moral anarchy. But I feel something stirring that man cannot stop. I believe we are on the verge of the explosion of divine healing miracles. Why?

Because I believe we have finally reached the place of total desperation.   Maybe now we will trade the unreliable for the undeniable.   Let it be, Oh, God.


18 thoughts on “ON THE VERGE

  1. big amen, we have to become what Jesus said we were, His Church a mighty army trained and equipped to stand and face the enemy face to face, and back him up in defeat, and claim the ground Christ said was ours, and he don’t give away anything, unless you join him, other wise you are going to have to fight for it, and we must have the power and presence back in order for us to have victory and in order for there to be healings, deliverance, miracles, we must become sons of God and take this nation and our Church back, or we will lose all hope for the next generation, some all ready are saying we older ones don’t know how to live a real Christian life and walk in love, no we don’t know how to live a Christian life and keep sinning and doing all kind of evil, and never showing love, but you say we walk in it, and you wouldn’t help a 90 year old lady across the street, no we older ones know how to live a Christian life and walk it out, your just not living one, we are in a day of great Pretenders, faking it, we know Love corrects, and the word which is love condemns sin, people need a true gospel that will heal, deliver set free, from all things, give them peace in a presence of an all mighty God, that will last and not go away, a place where he takes my breath away, that’s how deep we can go if we really want to, sure it scares you a little coming back but its worth it, to be in so deep and his presence so thick you all most need a knife to cut through it, that’s where we can go if we want him bad enough I been going there for a few years now, but you must change, and die to self, he is looking for some people who really want him to them great and mighty thing’s, we can do the things Jesus did if we just do the things Jesus done, got alone with the father, lived Holy he set the example, he paid a price, we just don’t want to pay the price, and the true blessing and power from him come at a price, pick up your cross, deny your self, and follow me, are we followers or not, or are we spectators, and pretenders, love is action and so is a follower, you can’t stand still, and never do anything in the mins. and be following you have to take part in some way, people hurting, in this lost and dieing world and they need a Jesus who can correct them if there wrong, give them peace from a tortured mind, deliver them from drugs and boozes, porn, and pervertedness, they don’t need a hippie type Jesus peace man, love man and all they do is have free sex, they need a Jesus who can deliver them from all the bad things they need deliverance from, and its time we give them that kind of Jesus, and the Church needs him back something awful. and it will take some people who really know how to love to do it, love is willing to die for to save other people, to lay down our live to give them a real Jesus, not a fake one who allows you to do what ever you want, a true Loving Jesus corrects when wrong is being done, a real loving Jesus whooped up on a real devil and now we must do the same, some scream Jesus didn’t it all on the cross we don’t have to do any thing WRONG, now we have to do like he did, take up your cross and die to self as he did, then you can do the works that he did, why can’t we do what he done, we won’t die to self, self is the anti Christ Ishmael, as Isaac was the promise, Ishmael was the flesh [self] { Christ came out of the promise of the Spirit, the antichrist came out of the flesh Ishmael the man of the east [self]] praying be blessed

  2. Only One way to God and that’s His truth. Not a measure by the world yet a measure by the depths of a person’s heart…

  3. Good post brother Mario. May we all be involved in praying till what we ask for happens and reaching out to the lost, not just some of us.

  4. Mario, I find it very revealing the word You used for your topic title, note the second meaning of the word VERGE…verge | vərj |noun, a wand or rod carried before a bishop or dean as an emblem of office. ORIGIN late Middle English: from Latin virga or ‘rod’.
    And then we might look at this terrific insight this article that you’ve provided us here today, and discern, that new fresh fire with verdant new beginnings may bring us Bishops in churches & Dean’s in seminaries who are ready & willing on the verge of becoming the new and improved versions of themselves like the eras gone by.

  5. I have a lot of family that started churches in Arizona and New Mexico based on the teaching of Branham. They use his name in sermons more than Our Lord Jesus Christ is mentioned. They use Branham’s quotes more than scripture. I am sure Branham was a great preacher, but when I read some of his many predictions he actually put dates on that never happened it was a real turn off. Should we forgive him and continue to follow his teachings or just forgive him and stay within the word of God.

    1. The late Derek Prince said that W. Branham was one of a number of excellent, anointed men of God who also had “another spirit” working alongside the Holy Spirit in him. Branham used to wait for the angel to appear and said he could not do anything until it appeared to him and told him what was going on with people. It could well have been a familiar spirit that gave him the information, which was so specific, according to Derek. He says that many preachers who are used of the Holy Ghost have another spirit as well, and don’t know it.
      Whether these things are so or not should not concern us..we are not looking back to Branham or anyone else: we are looking unto Jesus. I agree with you that we should “forgive him and stay within the Word of God.”

  6. Amen, may the desperation continue to grow deep that we would put our feet on the solid ground and embrace the cross once again

  7. Yesssssss thank you JESUS and bless you Mario 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💯✝️🕊🔥🎯

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  8. Hi Mario,

    Hello from North Carolina! I love how you shoot straight it’s so refreshing and our generation is hungry for more meat! Pastors are afraid to preach the meat to their church but the people want the meat! They can handle it and they are seeking it.

    I’m praying for you and your ministry. Please pray as for me over here as the Lord has laid it on my heart to prepare a people for a great North Carolina prayer drive for our state. Flags, freedom, and bullet proof faith for the outragouse things the Lord will do for his crazy crusaders that are willing to do battle for these times is going to happen.

    Love from the west coast.

    Sharon Rogles

    On Wed, May 8, 2019 at 2:37 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Smith Wigglesworth came to America from > Britain in 1914. What people saw in his meetings defied all human > explanation: “Smith Wigglesworth, often referred to as ‘the Apostle of > Faith,’ was one of the pioneers of the Pentecostal revival that occurred a” >

  9. William Branham in 1965, six months before he died shared this. ” And God is going to take every move of God in history, and even what we witnessed and what we saw in bible days, and put it all together in one great Holy Ghost bomb and drop it on Planet earth. Nations will rock and reel with the power of God like we’ve never seen. ”
    In 1939, Smith Wigglesworth prophesied to Lester Sumrall about the final wave of God’s glory. “He started sobbing,”I see last day revival that’s going to usher in the precious fruit of the earth. It will be the greatest revival this world has ever seen!
    I saw a national move of God in 1986,and I have been praying for this ever since. I am only one unknown woman in my prayer closet, but I believe that what your doing Mario is the start of the greatest move of God we have ever seen.
    My prayers are with you and I have pulled what little monthly offerings I have and will be sowing into your work.

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