If any part of your ministry is based on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, you are already in trouble.  It was not until now that the real attack on Christianity in America was revealed. I know that the church is about to be given an ultimatum to either change our beliefs or cease to operate in America;

People love to call me an alarmist. But I know what I am talking about. The radical Left has declared a very unusual kind of war on us—a war that Christian leaders will not admit is happening−and who remain totally unprepared to fight.

The Trump victory inflamed the Left so much that two years later they are still totally rejecting the election and denying the rule of law.  Here are facts you must face:

Fake news: NBC poured 400 million dollars into Buzz Feed.  Buzz Feed released a tsunami of fake news that portrayed Trump as a pervert in Russia.  Only Trump was never there and we now know the entire incident was made up to destroy his reputation. Buzz Feed is only one of thousands of outlets that live to target you. The chilling part is that NBC, a gigantic and enormously powerful corporation was willing to undermine America.

The California revolution: Behaving as if America had been taken over in a coup, California has declared itself a separate state for the resistance.  California Congresswoman Maxine Waters is once again moving for impeachment.   She began this impeachment crusade even before Trump took office! Again, Trump is not the real target.  California is a rogue state bent on changing your way of life.

What you must understand—the thing you must get—is, they are not just going after Trump—they are going after you.  I am talking about 80% of all Evangelicals and 63 million voters…especially young people who voted for Trump.   Young conservative Christians are in the cross hairs on campus for a reason. The media will now begin to attack Trump supporters as never before.

Get this! They are not just calling Trump a racist—they are calling you a racist.  They are not saying Trump hates Gays, Mexicans, and Muslim immigrants—they are saying you do.

According to them, supporting Trump makes you a xenophobic, despicable racist and hater, who must have your rights revoked. They are trying to figure out a way to deny you employment and to deny your children an education.

Their election night 4-alarm Leftist hissy fit is only the opening act.  Expect strikes, violent demonstrations, and a towering litany of acts of “civil disobedience.” As bad as it is now, just wait until the next election begins in earnest. You will witness vileness and venom you never thought possible in America.

Here is what I said on January 18th, 2017:  “Obama is not going away—He will lead the charge.  His true mission to undermine America will kick in now that he is no longer restrained by the presidency.  He will lead a confederation of movie stars, politicians, billionaires, Muslim leaders and minions in the United Nations. Trump legislation will be throttled at every turn.  The media will launch a withering nonstop assault on every word he says.” 

Not only did all of that happen, it is only now we are learning of the blind loyalty to Obama in the deep state and the crimes his toadies in the FBI were willing to perform at his behest. The Democrat Party is feverishly reconstructing America into a land that is hostile toward conservatives and Christians. With Obama’s input they are imagining a post-Christian era. A nation without guns, without the protections of the Constitution, and a nation controlled by a single party−which will be openly Marxist, totalitarian, and atheist.

As I said, they are not going after Trump they are going after you and me.  If this is true, how then should we prepare?  Here are my heartfelt convictions of what we must do NOW. 

1. Don’t let them bully you, learn from history.  It is 1776 all over again.  An oppressive regime has illegitimately claimed power over us.  British rule then is very much like Leftist rulers now.  Loyalists joined British forces in oppressing the colonists, and told them that their elected officials were not valid.  Now they are telling us that Republicans are not valid.

The Leftist elites are not British monarchs or red coats, but they are telling us what we can, and cannot, believe.  They are seizing our rights.  They are seeking to void the Constitution. T.V. Networks and billion dollar companies are working to overrule not just a free and fair election, but to overrule anyone living a God fearing life.


The challenge of the church today is the same as it was in 1776.  Revolutionary war Christians understood that they could not sit on the sidelines, as their rights were being destroyed.   Their call was to stand for freedom.

2. We must fight with the weapons of God! Thank God, we are not waging physical war, but we are fighting a spiritual war. To fight, we must pray and speak the Word of God.  We cannot afford to listen to those who say we should not speak out against Islam, immorality, or far Left totalitarianism.

Some ask “won’t this make us look unloving and turn lost souls off to the Gospel?”  On the contrary, when we speak out with the power of the Holy Spirit it will shatter the strong delusion that is pervading our society. The demonic spell that they are under will be broken.

The early colonists knew they were building a nation that would be a lighthouse of the Gospel to the world.  Do we realize what they did? Do you see how the iron curtain that these celebrities and media tyrants are ringing down on us will silence the Gospel, and leave Israel at the mercy of all her enemies?

3. Build on prophecy: If you believe that Trump is a miracle that is a type of King Cyrus, then act like it! Seize this divine opportunity to stand with policies that best reflect our values.  Don’t chicken out now that the heat is on. I can’t believe how many Evangelical leaders have their head in the sand! Just because this evil seems fantastic and unacceptable to your sensibilities, does not make it any less real.

With the very same breath that we call Satan a liar…we must call falsehood out!  Preachers all over America must ring the bell of liberty in their pulpits, and call out the intellectual frauds who are destroying our freedom.

They are not harmless actors and singers, they are agents of a Satan inspired tyranny that are not coming after Trump, they are coming after you. But remember, if God be for you who can be against you?

Let’s shed the artificial niceness. It is nothing more than cowardice. There is too much at stake to be fretting over “how we are perceived.”  We must understand that we have lost elections for all the wrong reasons. Too long we have been the Silent Majority! It is because we didn’t unify…it is because too many preachers have hoodwinked us into apathetic acceptance of this takeover.

The awakened believer must link with other awakened believers. They must dump the religious culture of compromise and huddle with those willing to pay the price to let God use them to transform America back to ‘One Nation Under God.’ There are millions of us!

Oh, how the enemy has lied to the American church. If we find our voice—if we don’t break ranks—this Leftist lie will die an early death. Come on, child of God, what are you waiting for?  Don’t say this isn’t your battle! How is that even possible−when you are the real target?



  1. Praise be to Yahshua Jesus those who serve Him has always been in Satan’s crosshairs to destroy them but blessed be the Elohim of Israel those who serve Him can and will rejoice that He is their buckler, , shield , redeemer and advocate to Father . Those who call themselves by His name MUST REPENT AND UNIFY AND SEEK HIM THRU PRAYER AND FASTING SO HE CAN HEAL OUR LAND . How do we get the people to unify in prayer and fasting , seeking His face so He can heal the land ? Praying for this nations’ redemption It’s not right our soldiers fought for freedom and their blood has been for nought May Elohim bless you and yours in the name of YAHSHUA Jesus Amen

    On Sun, May 12, 2019, 11:13 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” If any part of your ministry is based on > Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, you are already in trouble. It > was not until now that the real attack on Christianity in America was > revealed. I know that the church is about to be given an ulti” >

    1. Gods got an army..marching through the land.. a remnant and His presence is increasing..our prayers are powerful. Falling in rank and doing our part! Glory to God. Ava Hall Rochester, Mn.

  2. Thank you Mario. I couldn’t agree more and I frequently thank God for your voice! I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on “Mayor Pete”. Although I don’t believe his presidential run will amount to much, he strikes me as diabolically clever, narcissistic, and aimed at doing as much damage as possible to true conservatism and to Christianity.

  3. amen all true, when will the Church and the out siders wake up, the out siders are lost and blind but common sense will show you, but the Church are just as blind, partly because of who some are really following, we don’t follow a dumb blind God, we should be following the Holy Spirit of God the Spirit of truth and there fore we should be able to see, but we stand for abortion, homosexuality, we are racist, we allow Radical groups who we know want to take over and destroy this nation, especially the church of the living God, I know who leads the left, and why you can’t tell them any thing, satan for even though I have told him plainly to go several time’s, and turned his offers down, the devil screamed at me tonight, What do you want, as he tempted me again and I said no get out of here, , but I said I don’t want anything from you, but to see you burn in hell, and he screamed and left, They just don’t get it, some how they have no understanding of right, and apparently can’t hear either, because they just keep on, so I have no problem seeing who is controlling them, but we must open our eye’s and stand up as the mighty army of God and fight or we will lose everything we hold dear, including our rights, there silencing us on social media, I warned over a year ago, and no one stood with the lord on it, silence is destroying us, another reason we need the Fire of the Holy Spirit back, he gives us our fight, if some one agrees with what you and I say, the people flog them and threaten them and not allow them in there church or on TV any more, they have planted fear in the hearts of the people, some things the church needs to correct, we shouldn’t be instilling fear in people, but they want the people under the control of man, not Gods Holy Spirit, we will never get church right until the Holy Spirit is back in control, and we will never save this country, until the church stands and become the sons of God, the mighty men and women of valor, the fighting army he has called us to be, and charge the gates of hell and take this country back, again let us be all that we can be in the Lords army, and take back the church and this country, and claim the promises of God, manifest into the sons, take up your cross and deny your self, and follow Jesus and do the Fathers will, as he did, he didn’t do his will, he cried Father if it be thy will let this cup pass from me, but nevertheless not my will but thine be done, what a change we would see, if we said those same words, to many claiming to be something there not, if we are children of God less fight and act like it, be sons. be blessed praying

  4. I am praying for your crusade in California. I have been mailing and emailing gospel tracts into California for several years now. (especially southern California) This year alone, I have emailed over 370 gospel tracts to students at California State University at Chico. God bless you and your work. John

  5. Thank you Mario for lighting the Fire; We who are TRUE believers are hearing the call to arms, and are occupying till He comes;

  6. This is so right on, Pastor Mario. I see so many comments by the ungodly, telling Christians how mean we are, for telling the truth about sin. They attempt to take the moral high ground. Then, when we look on their page, we see the most vile things imaginable. Or, worse than that-which we should probably expect anyway-are the so-called “Christians” who tell us we are going to Hell for supporting Trump. These are people who voted for Hillary! Such blindness has taken over so much of the country. The Enemy is using lukewarm “Christians” against those who are truly committed to Christ and refuse to bow the knee to Baal. They don’t have to be republicans, but there is no excuse for allowing themselves to be so deluded that they cannot see the truth right in front of them.

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