Biden would be Obama’s third term

Lost in all the rhetorical dust is this chilling fact: Biden is Obama’s third term. He is—pure and simple—a return to Obama misery. Joe is a shill for Barack. He is a carnival barker for the return of the most failed political sideshow ever.  His campaign slogan should be “REFILL THE SWAMP.”

Okay, before you read anymore, let me tell you, I take no joy in writing blogs like this.  As I have often said, someone else, far more qualified, was supposed to take this mantle, but they didn’t. I just want to win souls, see the sick healed, and bring revival to churches. But, it is what it is so here goes…

We are watching a masterful use of misdirection. The Democrat Party unleashed its screaming Left-wing fringe for a reason. Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, and Mayor Pete, are utterly unelectable. They are there to make even a mediocre choice a relief.

Representatives Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Maxine Waters, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are there to gross out the Liberals, and to make them yearn for adult supervision. They are all players in a stunt to rebrand and sanitize Uncle Joe. But no matter what, he remains that unwanted snuggler, and a servant of Obama most high.

That is why you see him rocketing in the polls and why he is suddenly the front-runner. Democrats are supposed to think: JOE BIDEN!−WHAT A RELIEF!

We as Christians need to see through this maze of smoke and mirrors, and face the ugly truth: Obama is trying to come back to power through a surrogate. I knew it when, in a thinly veiled attempt at disguise, Obama said he would not endorse Biden for president and Biden said he would not seek the endorsement. 

In Obama’s mind he never left. He simply put his sleeper cells in place.  He put them in the FBI to get warrants and spy on Donald Trump. He worked the adoring media to make life hell for Trump. He did everything within his power to create chaos and mischief for the new President.

Why is he so callous and bitter? One reason is that he is watching his ‘legacy’ (and, I’m being kind there) being dismantled.  Why is he so bent on staying in power? He hates America, Israel, and the Faith that makes us great.  Am I being harsh? NO! His malice is well documented.

Judge for yourself the number of times Obama acted in direct hostility to the Bible.

He takes credit for the Trump economy, even though his policies: failed healthcare, immigration, foreign policy, and Leftist court appointments nearly drove us under. He refers to himself gratuitously in every speech he gives.  He is the first President in our history who bashed his successor in the White House.

The single reason they are pushing for impeachment is that they are convinced President Trump will be reelected. They see no other way to stop him. If there was nothing else but the economy, Trump would have the upper hand, but there is so much more. Biden is the only other thing they can think of.

Obama wants power. He wants Israel brought down. He wants to punish the American church. I pray God helps you see what is really happening here.

Joe Biden will bring back all the convoluted and tangled ideas of Obama. He will operate at the behest of his true boss. He will have zero ideas on how to protect us, bring prosperity, or fix anything. He will be the most powerful hand puppet in the history of the world.

Why should you reject this man? A million reasons flood my mind, but let’s focus on just one: Obama is the architect of the most hare-brained lie in recent history: That Trump colluded with Russia. Two years after the most expensive investigation ever, he still pumps the lie to his lackeys.  But, as this investigation by the newly appointed special counsel gets to the source of the FISA Warrant, Obama’s prints will be all over it.

But there is one final mind-numbing lie you must swallow, if you are to believe Donald Trump colluded with Russia. You must then believe that Russia conspired to rebuild the American economy, the military, and our energy companies—all things that make Russia weaker.  Why would Putin put Trump in office knowing it would jeopardize Russia’s hold on the Middle East, strengthen Israel, and make Europe wake up to their NATO responsibilities?

If you believe all that, then Biden is the candidate for you.

10 thoughts on “Biden would be Obama’s third term

    1. You are right on!! The thing is the jelly brain liberals can’t see beyond their own noses. I know in my heart that God placed Donald Trump in office and the devil is mad. So wake up people and get real ! If you want to save the nation!!PRAY

  1. I don’t trust Biden ,Trump is the only is the only one who can do then I b ,That’s why he was chosen by our God Almighty. All we have to do is keep praying to protect our President and his families also our Vice President and his families.May the Lord God Almighty Bless and protect from all the harm .The Democrats are Evil and wants to ruin our Country and Israel. But our God is watching!!

  2. Yes Mario, it’s a “Time Tunnel” move backward again! Every time the Dems attempt to move back in time, they push America right into the open arms of Barack Obama. Is it so hard for the Conservative Trump haters to imagine what you’ve explained here today? No I think not. And my question to those who call themselves Christian Americans and who do NOT stand on the side of PR-Trump’s efforts to regain all that was lost during the last decade is…’why oh why would you stand aloof call yourself a Republican or a centrist Democrat and cozy up to either Mr Biden or his predecessor Mr Obama?’ When you clearly can see that during their watch they abused their sacred power and the peoples trust using and usurping other branches of government (FBI, CIA, FISA courts, NSA etc.) as a crafty tool to SPY on a political competitor and anyone associated with him, mindlessly breeching lawful policy protocols for their own devious schemes??? The Truth is coming out and then how will you respond?
    If those who are called by Christ’s Name will humble themselves, call on His Name, Seek His Face and pray, God will hear from His Throne in Heaven and heal this land.

  3. The fact that O-Biden is even an option of becoming President is a very telling indicator of the position of the Church in America. We have left our first love and are reaping the consequences. Compromise was sweet to our mouths but the bitterness in our bellies reveals its poison. We are most fortunate to have a gracious and merciful Father. We would have no hope otherwise. Church, please return to the Lord and His directions. He has wounded us but will also heal us if we repent. Shalom!

  4. “Dear friends, do not believe everyone who claims to speak by the Spirit; you must test them to see if they have come’s from God; for their are many false prophets in the world. This is how we know if they have the Spirit of God: if a person claims to be a prophet acknowledge’s that Jesus Christ came in a real body, that person has the Spirit of God. But if someone claims to be a prophet and does not acknowledge the truth about Jesus, that person is not from God.
    Such a person has the spirit of the Antichrist, which you heard is coming into the world and indeed is already here.” 1 John 4:1-3. Be encouraged

  5. Back in 2008 Biden’s son who was attorney general of Maryland signed an arrest warrant for Larry Sinclair. Sinclair was the a really great guy, but having someone arrested just to shut them up at their own presser due to evidence they had on Obama was so overboard. Larry was released a day later with no charges or any charges pending.
    When Biden got the VP nod, that arrest came back to me. To this day, I do believe that Biden was paid back for his son arresting Sinclair.
    Larry Sinclair arrest, Delaware warrant, Charges dismissed, Truth about warrant, Inside information, Obama camp and Bidens, Joe Biden, Fabricated warrant, Political prisoner, * Update *

  6. When Obama picked Biden for VP, it seemed like a wise choice to me at the very first, for a short time. It was obvious Obama was in way over his head, and I mistakenly thought that Biden at least knew something after all his years in office. His lack of knowledge became more evident on nearly a daily basis. The man is a clown, and now, he can barely string his thoughts together coherently. Obama gave him the Medal of Freedom award for his accomplishments. Perhaps that was an appeasement gift for old Joe to allow himself to be used as a puppet in the next election. Everything about Biden’s announcement was strange..first he was, then he wasn’t, then maybe…..We’ve all watched the democrat circus and have been wondering how in the world the dems could allow themselves to be led around by a few radical-life-muslim-newbies. Now we can see what is going on. Pastor Mario has laid this out perfectly, the game they are playing. This has been Obama’s plan all along. This was why he was propped up by the powers-that-be in the first place. This is why he’s been hanging around, making a pest of himself. This is why he always knew he could get away with anything. He never had any intention of going off quietly into that good night.

  7. This is information that needs sent to the media – probably only Fox News would be the ones to actually read it.
    thank you for sending out this information to the public.
    God Bless you

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