There is a very important reason I am going to show you two nasty comments that were made about one of my blogs. First, please read the comments.

  1. “I honestly don’t understand how God-fearing Christians can defend this repugnant, amoral, adulterous, whoremonger, toddler of a President. Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick, told His followers not to judge. And Trump’s cruelty knows no bounds. Locate your moral compass. It’s failing you right now.”

(Let me point out how hypocritical it is for this person to say Jesus’ followers are “not to judge,” while this person proceeds to judge, condemn, and speak vile evil of the leader of our nation!)

Here’s the other one:

  1. “Total lies. Any real Christian would not support the evils and sins of this current President. Mario, you and your Fake ministry are all about the money, the root of the devil. You have sold your soul.”

These two comments were written by people who are infiltrators.  I found out that they’ve trained and practiced church terminology , in order to lie and divide us.  They go on social media to pose as Christians.

They are doing this because the church is slowly and finally waking up. More and more believers along with Black Americans and Hispanics are realizing that God has put Donald Trump in power for this very hour. The tide is turning among minorities, so the Left is trying this new tactic.

Recently, I had a note passed on to me from a pastor. The note was from a concerned woman who had slowly worked her way into a place of influence in his church. She eloquently (a little too eloquently) described how dismayed she was by the lack of love among Trump supporters, and she added that the people of God had been fooled or they would not be following such a wicked leader. I don’t have the space or the time to show you how subtle and deceptive her message was. It shook up some of those who read it.

Later, it came out, and she was exposed: she was not a believer at all, but an activist from a local Islamic and Leftist consortium.  She and others were being trained to insinuate their way into churches and social media, in order to spread anti-Trump lies. Trust me, these infiltrators know church lingo. They target impressionable Christians. Don’t buy their lies!

If we let voices like these fool us by shaming our faith and dividing us, it spells doom for America. Trump is the last firewall against the Satan inspired villainous policies of the Left.

An even subtler approach is to accuse Christians who are active in politics of ‘not trusting God.’  Some of these deceivers say, “It’s all in God’s hands. Don’t interfere in His work” This spreads apathy like cancer.

The real indictment here is the naïveté of so many believers. These wolves come among us and we so easily forget the truth.

So now, let me remind you of a few things: It amazes me how easy it is for the noise, smoke, and mirrors of today’s propaganda machine to fool Christians.  Even more amazing is how quickly believers forget such obvious facts as these:

-The Democrat controlled House voted to remove the phrase, “So help me God” from the oath taken by those sworn in to testify.

-They want to legalize killing an unborn child, right up to and even after the moment of birth.

-Kamala Harris, presidential candidate for the Democrat Party, said she would abolish all private health insurance. According to Kaiser, that would wipe out coverage for 49% of Americans…not to mention throwing 500,000 people out of work.


-Ms. Harris, along with Cory Booker and every single Democrat candidate, also hates your God given right to defend yourself, and would abolish the Second Amendment of the Constitution, leaving an unarmed populace at the mercy of criminals and an all powerful government. 

-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says, “The world is going to end in 12 years.”


-Their Marxist-socialism will tax us into oblivion.

-They say Republicans are racist. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.  Civil rights came from the Republican Party.  Democrats were the party of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and, take a deep breath and prepare for what history is going to conclude: they were the party that spawned the Klu Klux Klan.

-They accuse us of hate speech, but the Left is guilty of physical violence. The instances of attacks on Leftists are so rare that Jussie Smollett had to stage one.

-An agitated feminist told a black man to take off his MAGA hat “because it makes us fearful.” That’s a statement in search of a fact! You don’t see roving gangs of youth donning MAGA hats and assaulting people in the streets. What you do see is violent Antifa thugs wearing masks and assaulting those who wear those hats.

-In fact, you see Nick Sandmann and the young men from Covington High School terrorized and falsely accused because they wore ‘Make America Great Again’ hats. The lives of these boys have been changed forever. They have been vilified. Their families have received death threats. They’ve been forced to hire an attorney to protect themselves from further slander. 

-Have you forgotten the breathtaking hypocrisy of Mueller and Comey?  They blatantly ignored the mountain of clear evidence against Hillary Clinton for committing acts of treason and obstruction, but openly lied about Trump and the Russians. The crimes they claim Trump did—but that the Mueller Report proves he didn’t do—are the very ones Hillary did do. It is absolutely mind-boggling!

-Consider how Leftists excoriated Trump, accusing him of separating children from their parents at our borders, even as these evil liars celebrate that new law from New York that I mentioned above, which allows a woman to dismember her child in the womb, and even kill her baby at the point of birth.

-They know robots will soon replace millions of jobs. Why are they anxious to open our borders to millions of unskilled laborers?  Is it because they need more potential Democrat voters?

-In Iran, they just hung a person for being homosexual, but in the Leftist universe it is the Christians, not the Muslims, who are the real moral bigots. And you worry about standing with Trump?

The great obsession of these liars, who are infiltrating our churches, is to dredge up Trump’s past. They talk about how we should only follow a perfectly moral President, though they know such a thing doesn’t exist. They say it to try to confuse you. Trump is not a pastor, but he has been placed where he is to be a wrecking ball to destroy the plans of those who would destroy America.  He has made a break from his past, and it is evident to many who knew him that he is not the same man.  Don’t join those who hate him—continue to pray for him! (1 Tim. 2:2).

Remember this: Your children’s future is far more important than Trump’s past!




  1. Thank you Mario for your courage to speak Truth into the darkness. God bless you. 🙌🏻🙏

  2. Satanists, witches, and mystics have entered our churches like this for years, recruiting, weakening, and dividing churches for years. So it’s no surprise to see others do the same. Satan is behind it all. “For we battle not against flesh and blood”. But, if “God be for us, who can be against us?” God is making plain what is right and what is not. And who knows the difference. The wall that many Christians have straddled has become a razor blade and their jump reveals what’s been in their hearts all along. But God is watching over His own. Keep up the good fight, Mario and all who love the Lord! He is coming back soon. When He returns let Him find faith upon the earth!

    1. For 2000 years there has been a type of witchcraft utilized by those who’ve gained access within mainstream religion.
      Yet what is even more prolific and dangerous today among those who heretofore claimed to be leaders within ‘real’ Christianity and current church culture. Is how many have signed into agreement along with the Interfaith Coalition giving rise to the impossible completely ridiculous idea that there could ever be such a thing as “Chrislam”!
      The staggering reality is that people like famous Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren have walked directly into making an agreement for a “blending” of Christianity and Islam. The idea being that all ‘Faiths,’ (Bahai, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, etc)… all lead to God ultimately, as these shake hands in agreement with this certain Christian blasphemy.
      Unfortunately, those who do not know the biblical record and have not studied world history are compromising with this sick heretical concept due to theological ignorance and cultural fear. Never knowing that this is a tactic of Islamic teaching for infiltration ‘to fundamentally change and turn’ wherever they’ve gained access within a group, religion, or nation into an Islamic convert. Of course biblical history and context records & reveals that all this type of believing leads ultimately to the Ecumenical one world global religion, titled the Whore of Babylon, within the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
      Aposlte Peter was clear, there is no other way for human beings to be saved except through Jesus Christ. (Book of Acts)
      Christ said of HimSelf, I Am the way, truth and life, NO one comes to the Father except through Me…Apart from Me you can do nothing. (Gospel of John)

      Rick Warren and their ilk, look into it!

  3. Remember this: Your children’s future is far more important than Trump’s past!




  4. “More & More believers along the Black Americans & Hispanics are realizing that God put Trump in office. . .” I would like to ask on what factual or statistical basis was this alleged truth concluded from? I’m very neutral reading anything from the right or left. I’m a Messianic Believer, a Non-Partisan Registered Voter. I voted “None Of These Candidates.” BOTH sides say a whole lot of things; mostly unproven facts. A LOT of unfactual opinionated narratives. As the President calls it “Fake News”, his Kelly Conway said “Alternative Facts”😂. Romans 13 states “we should be subject to gov’t authorities; authority is only from God, & authority is appointed by God. ALL Authority! Yes, even the Presidents ,& authority YOU may hate & didn’t Vote for. This isn’t an Elephant or Donkey issue Biblically. Government is an ordinance of God. It’s TOTAL hypocrisy on BOTH sides. The Spiritual Wickedness in High Places of THIS World, has us puppeted to believe their slant, which is NOT truth. Too bad were NOT even spiritually armed or discerning enough to see who the REAL enemy is. Respectfully, this piece is just another article as an attempt to cheerlead for the [R]ight! It’s well articulated, and language that leans only to one sector of the electorate. I would’ve like to seen more research resources. Nothing too spiritual about it. Nothing different than the garbage I’ve read from the “Donkey’s” [literally – acting], from the other side of the ailse.
    We’re living in the greatest deception of all times and the Church is sleeping And snoring right through it. But EVERYTHING shall be revealed, nothing shall be hidden. God Help Us & Bless Us All.🇺🇸

    1. @ Ricca:
      “This isn’t an Elephant or Donkey issue Biblically. Government is an ordinance of God. It’s TOTAL hypocrisy on BOTH sides.”
      You are so right! This is not “Republican vs Democrat” nor “Left vs Right”. As far as I personally can see, this is “Good vs Evil” or “God vs satan”: the spiritual wickedness in high places, as you said.
      Fallen man is indeed corrupt, and fallible. That’s why we’re told to walk in the Spirit & be led by the Spirit. As “Christians”, (those who self-identify as such), we should know what God’s Word says, so that when we go to vote, or in our everyday speech, we have an answer & that answer lines up with The Word! (Does our vote line up with The Word?? What does God’s Word have to say about the shedding of innocent blood?)
      My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will stir in our hearts a burning passion and hunger/thirst for “His people” to KNOW Him & His Word! John tells us that Jesus IS The Word! How can we know Jesus without knowing His Word??

    2. Ricca, I think we get where you’re coming from however, Mario Murillo is not just another cheerleader for the Conservative (Right)… giving U the benefit of the doubt, you must be new to reading and viewing Mr Murillo’s work, he is on the right side (God and Christ’s side) not just the (Right-Human political) side.
      A word of caution and wisdom, To use the term “Respectfully” and then to add, “Nothing different than the garbage I’ve read from the “Donkey’s”… This is spiritually contradictory you are clearly disrespecting the efforts of Mr Murillo a 50 year veteran in Evangelical ministry and called to preach salvation to the lost & perishing of this worlds paradigm even when he has to use a traveling tent to do it! And also to all of us disrespect, to us who believe in Christ Jesus,Yeshua Mashiach with all our hearts, minds and souls and await HIS glorious return.
      Is always best to 1st know the audience you’re speaking to and about.

  5. There in the Church and they carry a spirit of deception on them, and the people believe, some are even murders, and full of hate yet they push a fake love, that we are to except everything and every body, the Lord can save, but to let a bunch of Radical any body who hates this country in here so they can tale over is insane, and if any one has any common sense they can see who the bad guys are here, and they are the ones who murder, and take our rights away, and tell every one they can have free stuff, [that would bankrupt any one quick, its plum stupid] how many poor people of any color has D. made rich or helped get out of the whole they are in, they help them stay there, just look how mad they are over that Alb. Governor banning abortion, have they not heard of birth control, it seems they had rather kill children, and any one who gets in there way of destroying this nation, and if you can kill a new born your nothing but a PURE DEVIL, its a proven fact the plans they had for us Christians if H. had won the election, when will the people open there eye’s the POB were trained to go in the church and make it passive, and put the fire out, get man in charge of the church, and push the Holy Spirit out and they did it in so many places, With out the Holy Spirit and fire theres no fight, and they take over the church, they speak of a love with no correction, how many of you have been corrected by the Holy Spirit if you did wrong, all who have the real Holy Spirit because he don’t allow sin, but the Jesus they preach does and that’s not bible, you would have to take out 1st and 2nd John and much more, the Church has been deeply infiltrated, and so much that preaching the true word tares them all apart, Love is action far more than just a word you use and don’t mean, which is how so many use it today, like telling your wife or husband every once in a while that you love them, but never hold or touch them, and there going to know real quick your lieing, your saying a word that don’t have any meaning from you, love corrects it even killed in Act 5, A. and his wife S. just for lieing, if that happens today which I believe it will soon come, wewould be saying good bye to a lot of folks, we have a Church to take back and a nation to save, for the next generation, we are to worried about things to leave them that will rust and corrupt, and we better be leaving them. heritage based on God and the bible and treasures we build up for heaven, as it is we are about to leave them a hell on earth, if we do not stand and fight and take this nation back for God, because God don’t back baby killers, haters, rapist, and so on, he backs people who follow his true word and commandments, and Mr. Trump has done more to put God back in the country, and the church than any man in my life time of 61 years, and the ones who can’t see that are really blinded to the truth and don’t the real God, they been fed the sweets of the word, they only know a little about God what makes them feel good and theres a whole lot more than just the part that makes you feel good, theres a lot of correction there they have missed a lot of does and don’t, that’s why we can’t pick and choose, Mat 27:5 Judas went out and hanged himself, and in another place it says, Luke 10:37 go do you like wise, and then in another it says, John 13:27 what you are about to do, do quickly, the word says that but hoe many know that’s taken out of context, and just using part of the verse, so see you can make it say about anything you want, to some one who don’t know the bible, and folks its been twisted like that badly, words given just to make you fill good in your sin, for a price, we better wake up and pray and stand and fight, or the church and this nation will be lost, they don’t pray to Jesus they pray to God, some do and there God is baal and dagon, Zeus, so we have to rebirth the Holy Spirit back in our churches, for some have brought in other Gods. and we need to clean house. Be Blessed praying

  6. Well, AOC……the world will not end in twelve years.
    Also, Christians need to be on extreme alert spiritually when it comes to knowing a person of deception.
    We were warned in the new testament.

  7. Amen Brother! Mario, you are operating as a “Watchman”. You are bringing a warning to the church. When put to the Biblical test, your message is passing the test. Continue to seek guidance from Holy Spirit, testing everything Biblically, be bold and courageous! We’re praying.

  8. Mario, as a Watchman, I believe you are bringing a message such as 2 Peter 2:1-21. Be Holy Spirit led. In humbling, service to our Lord Jesus, deliver the message boldly! We’re praying in support.

  9. Hear, hear! Thank you for sounding the alarm and so boldly and clearly proclaiming the TRUTH! May we all take heed!

  10. Isn’t abortion separating a child from the mother? President Trump is not the one doing that. The Democrats are.

  11. Praise God for you and Christians that take a stand for what is right and are able to discern truth from what is untrue. My family will stand with our President. Some Christians refuse to see the good that he has done and what he stands for. Which one of us can say that we have not failed in our moral walk, yet they hold him to a higher standard as if though they themselves had no sin. It truly saddens my heart to see that some who call themselves believers cannot see through the maze that our President is called of God. I pray for him and our Vice President’s protection just as I pray for my own family.

    1. Me too Alice! I pray for his safety as well as his family and the Secret Service protectors and for talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and those who preach the truth like Mario Murillo. We must cover them in prayer and the Blood of the Lamb…just as we do our families everyday. We are winning!

  12. I found this to be a clear signal to Christians…so many of whom are disconnected from the presence of God in essence, and need you, Mario, to be honest about reality.

    Every point was poignant reality.

    The inside workers of iniquity, are SO easy to spot. Listen. When their narratives tilt toward leftist propaganist ..they are NOT in tune with truth.

    Some beleivers in Christ are simply deceived by their lifestyles, clutching in name only to Christ.

    Some are wolves in evangelical cloth to deceive entire denominations…like Methodist. Why do such large swarths of them have leftist, pro abortion …homosexual leaders? I know…I visited to find out.

    Their lives are in no way holy. They are pock-marked with sexual immorality. This causes wholesale blindness.

    I listeners would simply read your post carefully…with a clean heart before Christ…you reveal weekly how God views our Nation.

    Thank you for your directives.

    Jan Gaines Servantheart Publishing Media Corporation 619-745-8390

    On Thu, May 16, 2019, 10:38 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “There is a very important reason I am > going to show you two nasty comments that were made about one of my blogs. > First, please read the comments. “I honestly don’t understand how > God-fearing Christians can defend this repugnant, amoral, adulterous, w” >

  13. Mario you are of the few I trust with the truth! God bless you for your courage! These dividers don’t
    fool me! Keep the good fight.
    Many blessings and protection for your ministry1

  14. Thank God for you, Brother Mario, and Thank you for your integrity, courage, and boldness. I’m praying that your voice of truth will inspire more church leaders and Christians who are known to the public to stand up for Truth, Righteousness, and Justice. Standing up for Jesus, because He is all that and more. I truly believe that we will see and hear more Christians who are in the public eye boldly proclaiming the truth no matter what it may cost them. During the Obama years, my Parents who are Pastors and die hard democrats voted for him twice. I couldn’t understand how they could do this knowing what he stood for. I pleaded with them to vote for Righteousness, but it was as if they could not see or hear what I was saying. I’m very happy to report that their eyes have finally opened and they voted for Righteousness this time. I cannot understand how so many Christians remain blind, but after reading your article, it makes a lot of sense. God bless you. Keep fighting the good fight. May the Lord Jesus Christ raise up more like you. God bless you and will be keeping you and yours in prayer.

  15. Praise God for your complete lack of fear in declaring the truth. Amen to this. God bless our President, and God bless America.

  16. I was recently talking with a younger co-worker about the movie FIRST MAN and Neil Armstrong and the incredible fact that he walked on the moon. The co worker said “yes, but he was caught in a doping scandal.” I said NO!…that was Lance Armstrong the tour De France athlete. My point is…our youth have no sense of history and the greatness of America. They are dumbed down by the schooling they receive. They are ignorant to the point that the left targets them for their vote. We must teach them…thats why home schooling became so popular and why Home Churches are springing up everywhere. Mario, your last statement is dead on….”our children future is MORE IMPORTANT than president Trumps past.” Those who point fingers at him and accuse him…can learn a lesson that God has ALWAYS used imperfect people to accomplish His will…remind those accusers of that…King David had a loyal servant sent to the fiercest fighting so that David could take his servants wife. Moses who led Israel out of Egypt, murdered an Egyptian and tried to hide it….Saul hated Christians and did his best to destroy them…then he had his road to Damascus experience and became Paul…. Let us UNITE and know that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but take out stand against Satan and use OUR GOD GIVEN AUTHORITY in the name above ALL names…JESUS!

  17. Thank you my friend, and faithful brother rightly dividing the truth of gods word and standing up for president. The word says to pray for those in leadership. We pray Isaiah 54:17. For you and your ministry. James the 3 chapter says (life or death )is in the power of the tongue. Many years ago I preached a message (hung by your Tong.)Keep on keeping my brother. God bless you for Speaking Truth…

    Sent from my iPad


  18. In the Book Of 1st and 2nd Samuel we have this revelation, simply do not touch “God’s anointed.” Wolves called believers unfortunately do this very thing everyday. We can go into a huge discussion on this topic alone, if you do speak out against, touch, or condemn, if they are truly God’s anointed, and are not simply claiming to be, you will pay the consequences. I believe President Trump is God’s anointed for this country for this hour. Mario is also God’s anointed for such a time as this. So I will finish with this, “Be Careful” Church goer or not.

    1. I totally agree. When someone pits themselves as a critic or hater of any of Gods’ anointed (those particularly anointed for a particular purpose – i.e. not in the broad sense where ALL Gods’ kids are anointed,) they are pitting themselves against the Lord God.
      For instance, I know a situation where a sister was called to start a work in a town (which God had ordained and which he used to save a good number of souls) and the Youth Minister of the local Pentecostal church was very scornful of her and criticized her, not to the youth, but to his peers. Overnight, (within a week as I recall, for his meetings were weekly) his congregation of youth went from approx. 200 to 4 or 5 and stayed that way. He was so discouraged he left town.
      That is only one small incident of probably thousands played out around the globe.

  19. Really encouraged to hear truth…sad to hear all the turmoil among believers! I encourage all to read the Word! And be able to rightly divide it.
    Asking that the Father would grant us unity until all are grown up together and without spot or wrinkle, are ready to meet Him face to face. We will know Him because we will be like him. Fight on your knees family!

  20. Great care and Godly wisdom must be applied lest we fall into the “dominion” trap of relying on a political strategy to deal with a spiritual situation. Jesus taught us about the “wheat and tares,” “sheep and goats,” “good fish and bad fish” that would exist in the “church.” When involved in church interventional ministry, I was appalled to find unbelievers in leadership. Once, at a particular “elder” meeting discussion when, according to the church Articles and Bylaws, they were to reaffirm their faith in Christ at each annual business meeting, the Board Chairman, responding to several objections from the Board members, said this: “I don’t know what the problem is. I believe in Jesus. He’s my savior of preference!”
    And, then, there are entire groups of apostasy who hang banners and post statements in their bulletins with a giant comma, declaring “God has not put a period at the end of His word. He has placed a comma there!” They proclaim that they have a new revelation and anointing to change and adjust the Scripture to accommodate their sinfulness and perversions.
    Donald Trump is not a perfect person or President, but how many times do we need to be reminded that God doesn’t seek after perfect people to do His will.

  21. Wow, Mario that was so clearly and truthfully stated!
    We all need to let the Spirit of Truth continue to give us discernment
    in the fog of lies being taught in our public schools, entertainment,
    fake news, and fake Christian philosophy.
    God called you, Mario, for such a time as this!
    Amen, amen and amen!

  22. I agree wholeheartedly with you. God bless you for revealing how the father of lies, Satan deceives so subtly through those who hate to destroy truth. God Bless our President and God Bless the USA, one nation united under God! Our Victory is in Jesus.

  23. I see these people all the time on threads. You can spot them a mile off. They plow their way into a discussion on Christian and family issues, spew their poison with their self-righteous airs, and when they are confronted with the truth, they disappear, lying in wait for their next opportunity to sow division. One can tell they actually think we Christians are trembling in our boots because we are in awe of their wisdom and boldness..or so they think. Another favorite tactic of theirs is to search out and grab a Scripture out of the Old Testament, and without having the faintest idea what it means or the context or the law of the day, they slam Christians with it. Again, it’s almost too easy to read their minds. They think, AHA! I got ’em now, those crazy Christians..see if they can answer this one! Then when someone responds to them with truth, again, they disappear. Never do they want an actual debate or discussion about the facts. They are not the least bit interested in learning. They are on a mission to divide and hopefully upset, anyone foolish enough to think they are intelligent. Some of them are just troublemakers. Some may actually believe what they are saying. And some are just, “paid protestors”. But all of them are fools.

  24. For those who are confused: judge righteous judgment Jesus says; and we are to Judge by their fruits and “By their fruits you shall know them.”
    What fruit has brother Murillo brought forth: thousands of thousands saved, delivered, healed. He preaches the Gospel.
    End of story about brother Murillo.

    What fruit has Donald Trump brought forth in his presidency?
    He has cut the jobless rate hugely, boosted the economy, made freedom of religious speech law and many, many other good things.
    The kind of language that critic of Trump used, anyone would think they were looking for a marriage candidate – not a president!
    Besides which Trump loves prayer and has prayer every morning with his people to start his day and often interrupts to ask people to pray about things.
    He has been immoral somewhere in his past but “such were some of you” the Bible says. It is what he is now! A great person doing great things for America.

    It makes me angry when someone with brother Murillos sacrificial life – a life of prayer, fasting and preaching is targeted by the devil..but that’s pretty much on par with the ones he has always targeted, in the Bible.

    There are Jesuit priests also who are trained in Christian talk and beliefs and trained thereby, to pull down churches.

  25. I couldn’t find how to access the comments on the blog. So I am emailing you. My Dear brother Mario. First of all, EVERY single email I get from you the content is right as rain! This most recent fired me up! Brother! Any born again believer can decrn that these liers are devoid of the Spirt of God. I truly appreciate you and your ministry, and thank God for you and your whole family. Kelly Brown

  26. Keep it coming Mario. The truth hurts for some but the truth will set us all free. Every word you have spoken is correct, accurate and true.
    Praying for Stockton.

  27. it would be so good if there was some way to forward this whole message in to Facebook. I can’t get that option to come up. Just a suggestion. It made me feel so much better to realize that many times when I think it’s a Christian commenting in such an ugly fashion that it isn’t that it may really be a plant, ie the lying devil. thank you and God bless you this really blessed me!

    On Fri, May 17, 2019, 1:52 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “There is a very important reason I am > going to show you two nasty comments that were made about one of my blogs. > First, please read the comments. “I honestly don’t understand how > God-fearing Christians can defend this repugnant, amoral, adulterous, w” >

  28. I just figured out how to do it I think! I was able to bring up a copy link and I forwarded that to my Facebook page. Yippee! 🙂

  29. God used and uses the unrighteous to do his bidding. There is a scripture that speaks of God turning the head of a king like a river. In other words, God has influence and can influence those in authority, just as he did with Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar, etc. I have lived a long time and cannot remember one other president who has been as “Christian and Jew friendly” as Pres. Trump has been. Yes, there are others, Truman and Reagan, who did or said things that helped. But Trump has consistently sided with, moved on behalf of and implemented laws and changes in policies that have helped Christians and Israel. Not to mention the plethora of things he’s done to help the U.S. and the citizens thereof. I don’t know if he is a surrendered believer or not, although I do believe that he believes God exists. While his words often do not express a biblical influence, at least he allows Christians and Jews to inform him and his policies. That is more than I remember for any other president, however polished or slick they might have been. I would offer that it is not only witches or other “infiltrators” that hate Trump or hate the way he behaves. I know two men, both ministers, one whom I served in youth ministry some years ago, who absolutely cannot stand Trump. Their political taste runs to RINOS. They can only begrudgingly acknowledge the good things Pres. Trump has accomplished (and through horrible adversity!) One of them cut me off from his FB friends because when he would post adverse things about Trump, I’d remind him to pray for him instead of always criticizing him. Trump is not a “smooth operator” and that lack of looking good, using crass speech, etc. has turned some people off, unfortunately. I prefer to judge a presidency by what is being DONE, by the fruits. And to look at party platforms and see what they believe. The Democrat party has sunk to such outlandishly low and sinful levels (yes, I know neither party is pure), I honestly don’t understand how a Bible believing, blood bought Christian can vote in that party. They have become the anti-God party. So, to not vote, or to vote 3rd party, for example, is basically ceding one’s vote and helps the party that has become almost nothing but evil. Christians have to wake up and realize that all is not hunky dory with the world, or our country right now. It is a time to stand for godly principles! If we remain apathetic and complacent, we will lose the very country in which we live. And we will lose our freedom to stand for godliness or to participate publicly in the “town square”. The left hates us. The devil hates us. They see us as the enemy or invalid to participate. What they hate has no standing in their eyes. Wake up!

  30. And at the same time they attack VP Pence for being Christian. It’s all they have on him.

  31. This is why it is so important to read the WHOLE Word of God and not treat it like a restaurant menu, picking and choosing which parts you like!! Everybody LOVES to quote Matthew 7:1 while ignoring the Lord’s commentary and instructions from Matthew 7:15-27!! When the Lord has called us and the Holy Spirit equips and leads us, it is for the edification AND protection of the Body of Christ. We have been called to be Watchmen and that means we have to WARN when we see danger and are being infiltrated. Jesus and His disciples told us clear and precise this would happen, but people are NOT reading the Bible for themselves today, but rather relying on others to give them the truth! Church, Body of Christ, it is time to wake up!

    Brother Mario, I get your posts and look forward to them and the work you are accomplishing by the leading of the Holy Spirit. DO NOT become discouraged for there ARE a lot like myself who are praying for you and your ministry!! God bless!!

  32. People may criticize Trump for some things he says or does, but transparency is nice for a change! He is being real. Not putting on a phony front and lying to us and then acting covertly like most politicians! It was a miracle from God that we got him instead of Hilary! Only God could pull that off so we know it is who HE wants in office. My flesh is weak too. However, I truly admire the President AND the first lady so very much for keeping to their promises to us and standing up against our enemies foreign and domestic as they have sworn to do!! Hallelujah! Thank you for bring this up Mario! Sadly, many Christians I have known for years viciously attack Trump too. We are to pray for our leaders not speak evil!

  33. You are one of God’s voices of the hour. I read every blog. It’s encouraging that there are spiritual leaders who haven’t been beguiled by the political correctness of the Left.

  34. You are right about those comments being contrived and used to shame and confuse us. I have seen those very same comments in various other places. Let’s all make sure that we recognize the enemy and not let him confuse us or change our mind. All he has is lies. So even if it seems to contain an element of truth or something you never thought about with a little bit of Bible or religious speak mixed in, don’t be fooled. The Spirit in us confirms that President Trump is God’s chosen servant, and he is carrying out God’s plans in rescuing our nation from the evil forces that have had it in their grip for many years.

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