I am writing this to you pastors, because you have the power to unify and bring our nation back to righteousness, but you are not doing it. I am writing to you famous pastors. You have a chance to help our friend, in the White House, Donald Trump, but you are not. Here is my open letter to famous American Pastors who were silent at the time about Obama, but who now openly oppose Trump.

With all due respect, I believe you need to answer two big questions.

 The first question is why you were silent when Obama was doing evil to America?

-Obama loaded our children with unpayable debt. You said nothing.

-Obama was the most hostile President toward the Bible in history. You said nothing.

-Obama not only fought to defend late term abortion, he championed the right to kill babies that survive an abortion. You said nothing.

-Obama opened the Pandora’s Box of political correctness that has those who are the real racists calling everyone else racist, and the true fascists calling everyone else fascists. You said nothing.

-Obama made our universities a sick joke of intellectual dishonesty, and centers of censorship. You said nothing.

-Obama is the one who changed and perverted the definition of marriage in America. You said nothing.

-Obama labored to endanger Israel, strengthen terrorists, and gave billions of dollars to Iran. You said nothing.

-Obama tried to drive the church underground. You still said nothing.

You never opposed Obama and you never said anything against him. Why?

 Now for the second question. You never spoke out against Obama, but you are now outspoken against Trump? How does that work?

Ironically, President Trump is the one who stopped a stupid law that censored your free speech in the pulpit, and you are using the very free speech that he won for you to bash him.

Trump is working to stop abortion. You are not helping him−or even voicing your support.

In fact, some of you told your people from the pulpit not to vote for Trump.  Had you been successful—Hillary Clinton would be President today.

Trump rebuilt our economy. He strengthened Israel. He is trying to secure our borders to keep our nation safe.  Oh yeah!  That’s a good reason to speak against him…

You don’t want a wall; you believe Jesus taught open borders.  That means you have swallowed the Kool-Aid of the Left.

You are siding with sanctuary cities.  You are allowing a system that protects killers to continue.  This one especially hits home to me, because just recently in Reno, Nevada, where I live, a 19 year old who is here illegally from San Salvador, named Wilber Ernesto Martinez-Guzman, murdered four people.


You are siding against your own congregation.  You are condoning a policy that floods the labor market with unskilled labor, even as robots are replacing workers. This impacts the life of the people you are supposed to protect.  You are blatantly contradicting yourselves by claiming to be their pastor, even as you help make their lives harder and more dangerous.

I love you as my brothers, sisters, and coworkers in Christ, but on these questions you need to be publicly challenged. There is too much at stake. You represent millions of Christians who are looking for righteous leadership. Unless we stand together now, our nation is doomed.

Our immigration policies are in chaos because the Leftists oppose building a wall to keep out a flood of hundreds of thousands of cartel criminals, MS-13 gang members, and drug dealers from inundating our nation. If you are hinging it all on these failed immigration policies, then examine your stance, and see if it is Christian.

Illegals are committing atrocities, rapes, and murders every day, and they will continue to rape and kill.  Democrats who do not care about America, are desperate to regain control of the government, and they know that 70 percent of these illegals will vote them back into power. Ask God if you are not pawns in their game.


Lastly: is a wall and a secure border ‘unchristian’?  Let’s ask Jesus.  “But know this, that if the master of the house had known at what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into.” –Matthew 24:43

Rise up against what is happening to our nation. It is literally now, or never.



23 thoughts on “WITH ALL DUE RESPECT

  1. Thank you Mario for being our voice; we love you brother; keep sounding the trumpet, no matter what. Jesus is Lord 👍

  2. Mario, thank you for speaking truth. Thank you for coming to Canada & helping us fight for our nation. I saw you speak in Edmonton & it was so powerful! We so desperately need the truth & not many are speaking it. Attended a church for about 20 years & never once did they speak about homosexuality or abortion. Nothing about any election – we got tired of compromise & left. Keep fighting the good fight of faith. There are people who appreciate & pray for you.

  3. Finally, someone with the guts to call it out! God bless you Mario, was so good to see you at Inner City Action’s dream center for the leadership lunch. I look forward to hearing you speak more in the future. Love what you’re doing and what you stand for Blessings to you, your wife and your ministry.

    On Fri, May 17, 2019, 22:28 Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “I am writing this to you pastors, because > you have the power to unify and bring our nation back to righteousness, but > you are not doing it. I am writing to you famous pastors. You have a chance > to help our friend, in the White House, Donald Trump, but you” >

  4. amen right on it, 1 John 4:6 just popped up in my head, Those who knoweth God heareth us, those who know not God heareth us not, hereby know ye the Spirit of truth [ The Holy Spirit] and the spirit of error. [ belial, beliar, belzebub] I din’t say it the word did, two spirits there mentioned and we follow one or the other, and God gave us a chance but we must stand fight or we will lose, Gods not sitting up there with a magic wand and waving it, saying I must help my poor defenceless children, no he gave us power to tread upon scorpions and snakes and all the power of the enemy, Luke 10:19, (2 Cor 10:4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)

    2Co 10:5
    Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; and he left our Armor and Sword Eph 6, and what you bind on earth I will bind in heaven,[ what you stop he will stop, but what you allow he will allow, that means we have a say in what goes on here, don’t you dare blame God for the evil, he left us the power to change that, and he put Mr. Trump into office to take back what the enemy had stolen under O. and the D’s. now are we going to do our job, God does not allow evil, so don’t dare back evil and say your of God, theres no evil in God, you have drank the Kool-Aid, and God has an Army and if he has an Army that means we got some things we must fight for, we are just trying to wake you up where we have falling asleep, them D. have all ready hindered so much and spent so much money, trying to stop what God has ordained to save this nation, God don’t back lazy, he puts a lot of faith in man, he even told his angels to serve them, why do you think satan fell, [I will not, I will exalt myself] we can stop this madness that’s going on, we have a choice to run things here as in heaven, our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thigh name, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, Mat 6:9, sounds to me like we have a say in what happens here, God gave us a job to do and we have done it poorly, we batter wake up the clock is winding down, he told me he needed Mr. Trump four more years, but we must back him, he has done nothing but good for this nation, just look at the fact’s, now we must do our job.

  5. I would have left out the “with all due respect” part, as there was nothing about their actions that warrants them any respect. Otherwise great article, spot on! Keep them coming, I really appreciate your bold articles!

    1. I don’t think he is “respecting” the person but the position they hold. Just my opinion.

  6. What you are revealing here is so spot on Mario.
    All the Liberal Left really wants is to re-make The United States of America into a “Hemispheric Region” as just one big northern and southern hemispheric clump of land mass within their schematic global plan toward a one world global government (hence the who cares attitude regarding our southern border crisis). In their puny minds only a mere few Elites globally will run this re-created empire they hunger for, those who are dumb enough to actually think they’ll have a powerful voice and place within that sick paradigm. Hillary Clinton was a huge proponent of this idea.
    All this does is prove out what you’ve been preaching to your fellow ministerial Pastors and Bishops who could be so fooled as to agree with the anti-christ’s plan for the future, as satan has his big sardonic belly laugh on all those who agree with him anyway. Pitiful.😞

  7. Brother Mario as usual that was so relevant; and given with love and grace. And without wanting to sound judgmental, mb some of these men, and women aren’t brothers, and sisters but trained plants, as aforementioned in earlier post. Mb

  8. Thank you brother for your Christ like boldness. It is SO needed today. I pray our God keep and bless you!

  9. Praise God I believe the Lord has raised up Paul to tell the churches what they’re doing and to correct their ways. I appreciate your candor brother and I enjoyed reading your post. I believe the Lord is bringing a tent revival to Laporte Texas he has show me this for about three years. So glad to be in this generation to see the wonders and miracles in marvels that God has today for us. People do not understand he’s coming soon. My love and appreciation. Deborah

    1. I doubt they will too. They are into themselves and their lukewarm Christianity. And agreeing w man and not God. They don’t realize they have a chance now to speak up. Down the line not so and like u say the far left is really after the pastors/ church and not Trump.

  10. Thank you for calling it as it is! You and MMM are in my prayers as well as our nation.


  11. From North Georgia, we are with you! My Pastor tells the truth of the word, speaks it plain and does not hesitate to obey Holy Spirit as He ministers. Many of us share your writings often and let those that choose to read them, know the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Be encouraged and know that many are with you and pray for you as you go forth with the Good News of our Lord.

  12. oga mario more grace ,the joy of the Lord will remain your strength ,for i a time like this only those only those who know their God will be strong doing exploits. (many are deceived already )

  13. Pastors need to back the Bible. They need to come together to back the Christians to get rid of the leftist.

  14. I most heartedly agree that all pastors should stand behind our dear president and stand against all the resistance and evil doers. They should also talk about the Socialist agenda and how detrimental that would be for our nation . Thanks for sounding the alarm

  15. Another Brilliant piece Mario, it cannot be stressed enough just how much damage is being done not only to our nation but to those we encourage to break our Laws and enter illegally, This is condoning sin if you really think about it. As a Nation we must repent of this Sin because not only are we causing irreparable damage to our Nation, we are causing the same to those nations around us.

    A Merit based Immigration system will cause a greater standard to be met among foreigners thus creating better standards for surrounding nations.. Why should any of them care or fight for their nations if they can just run for the American border instead.. God Established Nation states with Borders for Many reasons, who are we to undo that which He Established.

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