One thought on “Xtra

  1. Hello Mario, I believe you are walking in the word of God and a true believer of our Lord Jesus Christ but,I do not believe Christianity is growing in America I believe they have abandoned real faith in God they pretend to be religious Harvard is deceptive they love evil have been against the word of God for many years they have infiltrated the university. I know you have discernment from the holy spirit we as believers have to walk in the power of our lord and pray for the true remnant and that our God be merciful upon the false religious leaders of this day. The conditions in USA are evident in todays society we need Jesus courage to ignore danger and stand against sin. Love you Mario and your ministry I pray one day to visit your tent preaching stay strong against the evil of darkness always in my prayers and thoughts.

    Sister in Christ.

    Yvonne 🙂

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