Christians who hate Trump

There are Christians who hate Trump.  Let’s call it for what it is: hate.  It is their hate—which is very strange for those who name the name of Jesus—that dulls their ability to see the inaccuracy of their comments and their myopic views.

One sanctimonious ranting Christian said, “There’s nothing Biblical about Trump.”  Actually, there’s nothing Biblical about that statement.  The prophet Daniel served Nebuchadnezzar.  Daniel recognized the role that this pagan king played in God’s unfolding drama.  The church’s ability to work with Trump is totally Biblical.

Now, I must clarify something, lest I incur the wrath of Trump supporters.  I am not calling Trump a pagan king—I’m sure he is much more moral than his enemies realize—I am saying that if Daniel could work with the Nebuchadnezzar how much more can we work with the Donald.

I have tried very hard to figure out what causes believers to hate Trump.  Our side won a long overdue and miraculous victory at the polls, and yet these believers choose to aid and abet the other side.  Is it because their favorite “Christian” didn’t win? Is it a case of sour grapes?They didn’t require any President to be a squeaky clean pastor, until Trump.

TOPSHOT – US President Donald Trump looks on before delivering a speech during the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting on January 26, 2018 in Davos, eastern Switzerland. / AFP PHOTO / Fabrice COFFRINI (Photo credit should read FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

Yes, his tweets can be a bit much.  And okay, President Trump is not as smooth as Reagan…but, we don’t need smooth right now.

Here is something else that is really strange, (hypocritical is more like it): why didn’t these guardians of morality speak out against Obama?  Franklin Graham was attacked for questioning Obama’s Christian Faith.  They told him not to judge a brother.  Hold that thought as we explore another question…

How could you not question Obama’s Christianity?  Obama begged the question by dropping the Christian-card whenever it suited him (something Trump never does).   Meanwhile, Barack fought for same sex marriage, late term abortion, gave billions to Iran, and was the most Biblically hostile President in our history.

Click on this link to see a list of 89 acts of hostility toward Christians:  

So why do so many Christian leaders—who said it was wrong to judge Obama—judge Trump?

Trump is not a pastor.  He is a businessman who loves America.  As far as his faith?  I am not qualified to determine his spiritual depth, since I’ve never had the chance to meet the man. But there are many photos of Christian leaders laying hands on the President, praying for him, and he is cooperating.

“He is like Hitler and the church is being fooled,” said another comment.  At this time, those of you who are wearing tinfoil hats, please remove them, and listen.  Hitler never had 98% of the media against him.  Trump has never called for a new constitution.  Hitler never tried to protect Israel.  I could go on and on.

Maybe if Trump had addressed the March for Life.  Maybe if he had chosen an on fire born-again Vice President.  Maybe if he had rescinded executive orders that banned federal funds from Christian organizations.  Maybe if he overruled the Johnson Amendment that banned the free speech of pastors.  Maybe if he had moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem, and shown himself to be a true supporter of Israel.  Maybe if he had put someone on the Supreme Court who helped Christian bakers to exercise their right to freedom of religion.  Maybe then you would support him.  Oh wait…he did all those things…

God has done a miracle and the enemy wants to make short work of the amazing breakthroughs we are witnessing by dividing the church.  Instead of being a religious outlier you should be thanking God, praying for and supporting the President. And voting for righteousness, and against the enemies of freedom.

1 I exhort therefore, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all men, 2 for kings and all who are in high office, that we may lead a quiet and tranquil life in all devotion and dedication (to God). 3 This (is) good and acceptable before God our Savior, 4 Who wishes all men to be saved and to come to a full knowledge of (the) Truth. – 1 Timothy 2:1-4


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  1. Thank You So Much For These Words Of Wisdom. I to have wondered how a person could say they are a Christian and support the Democratic Party??? Marilyn Nichols~~ We in our house do pray for and support our God Given President. Sent from my iPad


  2. Indeed ..this is a true exhortation of the truth of the matter …and nothing matters more than waking up to the reality of what has been propagandized in our own country and embarrassingly witnessed by the world as folly at best and as sheep led astray by a perversion of what is right vs wrong to where there is now a plethora of lukewarm churches and so called tolerance to what the Word of God clearly calls out as a generation of vipers that are destroying from within by deception and deplorable behaviors Not tolerated a few short years ago!!!
    Thank you MARIO for continuing in your God given mission to herald the truth over and above the madding crowd. God bless our President with more and more Wisdom with more years to lead us on in it and keep him safe Lord as you keep America safe in Jesus Name …amen

  3. I’ll bet, Mario, if you really tried, you could answer your own question concerning Christians who hate our President Trump, yet made no comments concerning President Obama. So many in the “church world” are filled to the brim with deceit and false doctrines. The leaders of many of these churches have pastors that were part of President Obama’s Pastors Counsel to talk their congregants into disarming and going to fema camps, if Marshal Law was called; I have read they also were to turn in the names of people in their churches that were too committed to the Lord, or the Holy Scriptures. I am heart broken over all the wolves in sheep’s clothing, and many in the congregations that fall in line with them.

    1. I don’t hate trump I love him and voted for him. I am not for either imfor Jesus. But I have questions He blasphemy God name and even the Christians cheered I can’t be apart of Christians who do that. I understand God can use a pagan to run this country that’s not my problem my problem is is God really wanting him. I done some research something alott of Christians don’t do. Trump is into Judaism and Judaism and Christian are not the same thing. Not that that matters or does it what I’m trying to say is I feel America is turning from a Christian nation to a Jewish nation I’m not talking about the Jews I love the Jews. I’m talking about Judaism! It’s bad enough that we are already are far gone with God in America now we are changing the very nature of America from Christianity to Judaism . Judaism is an occult read the Kabbalah you will see that they hate Jesus they blasphemy Jesus they say it’s okay to rape children. This is our leader who is supporting this that goes against Jesus. This is not a hate comment. I pray for our leaders but I feel Christians need to be informed. And not just go on the word of someone. I love all people no hate towards anyone. But where is this country leading if Judaism takes over we will be attack for the name of Jesus! This is real and serious ! Think about it before you get mad at me. God bless you all love in Christ Jesus ♥️

      1. Judaism is not the occult, and the Qabalah does not encourage rape.
        Though these religious studies are not Christian in doctrine they aren’t as you have interpreted them.
        President Trump has continuously stated his belief in Jesus Christ as The Savior of humanity. He cannot stop his ‘adult’ daughter from becoming Jewish in order to match up with her husband and his side of family.

      2. Acts 16:16-18 (ESV)

        As we (Paul & Silas) were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a slave girl who had a spirit of divination and brought her owners much gain by fortune-telling. 17 She followed Paul and us, crying out, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who are proclaiming to you “The Way of Salvation.” 18 And this she kept doing for many days. Paul, having become greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit, “INDWELLING HER” “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to “Come out of her.” And it came out that very hour. James addresses Christians saying this: You believe that God is one; · you do well. Even the demons believe, and shudder. My point is NOT All who say He is Lord even Christ are His followers as we can only Know experientially those who are His by the Spiritual Fruit of His indwelling Life that we/ they are to be producing from within to without or whats in the Cup so the cup also can become a Clean vessel used for His Honor Amen.

      3. Jesus speaking here in the Unveiling of Himself called Revelation saying this to “Christians”
        I know your · affliction and your poverty (but in reality you are rich), and I also know of the slander they speak against you by those who call themselves Jews as today’s Christians and are NOT, but they are a synagogue of Satan.
        Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who claim to be Jews as do Christians today and are not, but LIE—I will make them come and bow down before · your feet and understand that I have loved you.
        But a person is a Jew who is one INWARDLY by the Spirit, · and circumcision is a matter of the heart, once again done by the Indwelling Spirit of Christ Jesus Himself and “NOT” by the written code. That person’s · praise comes “NOT” Yes NOT from man but from · God. For that person is not a Jew who is one outwardly, · nor is · circumcision that which is outward · in the flesh. These are the true Seed of Abraham Faith as in God in Christ In you our only eternal Living Hope of Glory Amen

      4. It appears you’re attempting to quote the Revelation to the church of Philadelphia. That revelation to the mission driven, enduring, limited strength church is very specific in prophetic context. Caution.
        According to AP-Paul there is no Greek nor Jew, nor Barbarian, Slave nor free person(s) for all are one who are IN Christ Jesus. Though ALL the Hebrew people may not “yet” be completed IN Christ Jesus as their Messiah, it is not by an “experience” that they will come into their ultimate new Covenant Salvation with Him but through His Sovereign Will and timing to open their door.
        The circumcision discussion was strictly used for teaching ‘the obvious’ to the primitive masculine Hebrew church, regarding outward expressions of inward conditions.
        Christians in effect literally have nothing to do with being in or out of Judaism, they have a New Covenant, and a sincere believing Christian simply cannot lie about being what they really already are.
        That understanding is the glaring difference between believing you are saving yourself through one’s own experiential efforts, or apprehending with open embrace the fact that God IN Christ is doing the saving of you, for you, with you, and anyone else HE choses.
        Human experiential puny efforts & pontification about divine Salvation is irrelevant to The Omnipresent Lord God. It is clear Donald Trump knows that, and most devout Jewish people do also.
        For the true Christian it is Christ Jesus’s experience only that is effectual, righteous, satisfactory and accomplishes to the uttermost.
        Anything else is pure pride & ego.

      5. Yes I agree
        The state of our mental and physical health is much more affected by the things we use to feed our soul than by the things we use to feed our body. All that manifests in the physical realm has a spiritual origin.

        Our life is generated by the spirit that is in union with our soul. The nature of the spirit is communicated to the soul where it is then conceived and brought to birth in our mental and physical health, our way of thinking, all we allow, all we consent to, say, do. The spirit that is one with our soul affects all of these things because the soul feeds upon the life of the spirit that is in union with it, and it can be no other way.

        The spirit of this world has the nature of pride, lust, envy, and wrath. This spirit is united with the soul of fallen man and is the source, or root, of the sin nature. The wrath produced within fallen angels and fallen man is the direct result of the disorder within them, which is present because they have departed from their original, right state of being in God. This wrath is spiritual inflammation which gives birth to physical inflammation within the body of man. The inflammation then produces infirmities within the body. Anti-inflammatory foods and supplements are now very popular because medical science has found this to be so in the recent past.

        However, anti-inflammatory foods, and supplements, or medicines used to treat disease, can only have a limited measure of affect upon the physical inflammation. They can do nothing to extinguish the spiritual inflammation that is producing the physical inflammation.

        Self-less love, meekness, long-suffering, and total resignation to God are the spiritual properties of the Divine nature. This is the nature of Jesus and all other heavenly creatures. It was also the nature of Adam before the fall occurred. There is no wrath in the Divine nature because there is no disorder in it.

        Sickness and disease had no place in man until the Divine nature was extinguished in Adam and his soul was united with the spirit and nature of pride, lust, envy, and wrath. Now, through the gospel of Jesus Christ, the soul of man can be freed from its union with the spirit and nature of pride, lust, envy, and wrath and be re-united with the Spirit and Divine nature of self-less love, meekness, long-suffering and total resignation to God.

        When a person truly repents, believes the gospel, and begins to be under the sole influence of the Divine nature, wholly giving themselves up to the will and working of God within their heart, and their outward life, the disorder within their soul is corrected, all wrath is put to rest, and their whole life reflects it, including their mental and physical health.

        Learn whatever you will from men and books, but apart from a life generated by the Divine nature, you will remain in that barren wilderness where no water of Life can be found. Jesus, with His power to save our soul and heal our infirmities, is nowhere but in the spiritual elements of self-less love, meekness, long-suffering, and total resignation to God. Wherever they are, He is there in His fullness. Let this be the Jesus you follow and you will escape all the religious delusions that are in the world as well as the delusions of your own selfish heart.

      6. Much spiritual wisdom to those that can hear whats being said here as I also understand why our Father put Donald Trump in office as He did Obama and all those previous to him. Nobody sneaks up on God without His approval Yes if there is DESTRUCTION in the city did I not do it is a deep spiritual question that each Soul MUST Come to grips (Jesus) with Amen. Man is so very blind and Christians are doubly blind to Spiritual realities as God alone sets the stage for His eternal Sons to appear on earth as it is in in in as WITHIN Heaven…Even so Come yes Come Lord Jesus with and in your Holy Ones Amen. May God continue to bless you and strengthen you with the POWER in His Presence In your INNER Man where Christ Himself is and is Coming until He Himself FULLY Manifests His Glory in His Holy Ones Amen

      7. Lisa, I would highly recommend that you study the letter to the Romans written in your New Testament Bible.
        Apostle Paul wrote exhaustively regarding the Jewish people and the place they hold in God’s Own heart, the ancient Covenant God executed in behalf of them and how we as past pagan Gentiles are now a grafted in branch into the great tree of God’s perfect will for His Covenant Believers due to His use of them through history. If it were not for Judaism’s adherence to God and His precepts you & I would be lost to this day, God Almighty revealed HimSelf through the Hebrew people over thousands of years, our own beloved Christ Jesus came to the world through the Hebraic roots.
        With antisemitism so sharply on the rise, be careful to make proper use of your words and thoughts regarding the Jewish people and how you view their religion. The dividing wall between Gentiles and Jews was torn down because of Jesus’s sacrifice, many, many, Jews now believe in Yeshua/Jesus as Lord and Messiah, and many, many, more will one day also… don’t forget that.

      8. Since being saved I have slipped up in my words,,,,havent you? Ive let words slip I had to repent for,,,,He’s a baby Christian under tremendous pressure,,,give him a break !!!! Sounds like your view of supporting Isreal is a bit strange,,,, Trump isnt supporting Judaism,,he is supporting Isreal like the Bible commands. It sounds like you are a follower of TRUNEWS which in my opnion has fallen off the track.

      9. If you have a problem with Trump having Jewish family did you have a problem with Obama having Muslim family (ie: his Kenyan father?). The answer should be yes both or no, neither. Any other answer is hypocritical and a tremendous double standard.

      10. Sheer stupidity! Who cares if you think 🤔 does God want trump ! He appoints whom he chooses & because he’s used Gods name in vain that disqualifies him ! & this assine belief that Judaism is contrary to Christianity ,seriously & that we Christians are ill informed what arrogance that’s exactly what the high priest practiced which is RELIGIOUS !WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE GUILTY OF you are blind to your own self righteous as were the high priest that crucified Jesus

      11. I saw your response to Lisa. And, you are so right, most Christians are so ill informed about God’s People.

        We were grafted into a Holy Root, and that root is Jewish whether we like it our not! 🙂

        Also, the Jews didn’t kill Jesus our sins did! It was for our sins that He died…

        As for Trump, I see a man who is wealthy in the things of this world beyond any of our imaginations, humbling himself before men of God, and in so doing shows a humble and repentant heart.

        There was no earthly reason for him to “need” salvation, repentance or anything spiritual, yet he willingly sought men of God out to pray for himself and stand with him.

        He is not what he was, and thankfully neither are we, even those of us who were raised in church have a few skeletons in our closets. 🙂

        If you really want to blow some minds, remind them that Paul said, All Israel will be saved! 🙂

      12. Lisa, Trump never “blasphemed” God’s holy name. Now if you are referring to the President using God’s name to damn something, of course, he should learn to refrain from such vain usage. However he never blasphemed God directly, not by any means. On the contrary, he uses words of reverence when he speaks of our Lord, so let’s set that straight.

      13. Christianity has it’s roots in Judaism; The Jews are God’s chosen people since God chose Abraham and his son Isaac. God promised Abraham that He would bless him and multiply his seed. God also said that whoever will bless this nation would be blessed and whoever curses this nation will be cursed. Jesus Christ was born a Jew and He Is King of the Jews, and there is coming a day When Jesus Christ will sit on the throne in Jerusalem. Judaism is not a cult; They are a peaceful people unlike the Muslims who want to kill everyone who will not accept their religion. Most Americans are neither accepting Judaism or Christianinty. America is becoming more paganistic and atheistic. Donald Trump Ii pro life and he believes that Jesus Christ is Lord and I am pleased at how he run the USA. The Jews have not recognized Jesus as the true Mesiah, but they are still God’s chosen people. You say you have done your research; well evidently you have not read your Bible.

      14. I really don’t want to start a war here… But… Mario Murrillo Ministries really needs to research links posted in the comments… The YouTube link, above is from a Judaizers group.

        [The organization (119Ministries) you referenced does speak of the Trinity, but they promote significant errors in their Statement of Faith. They speak of multiple judgments before God and a literal 1,000-year reign of Christ on earth. I found no mention of the sacraments in their Statement of Faith. Their misunderstanding of Old Testament ceremonial laws is evident in this statement: “All Scripture (Word) is still true and nothing has been abolished.” The ceremonial laws have been abolished. The tearing of the temple curtain on Good Friday illustrated that (Matthew 27:51).] &,120836

        It is one thing to acknowledge we have been grafted into a Holy Root and that root is Hebrew and His Name in Jesus, it is quite another thing to violate the Jerusalem Counsel’s, Galatians and a host of other New Testament references and become tied down with a host of Old Testament Mosaic Regulations.

        Celebrate Feasts and Special days if you *WANT* to, but when it becomes a *have to* you have left grace and put yourself under the law and must obey each and every 600+ regulations.

      15. Lmao… SMH* have you ever heard of Messianic Judaism? Look it up, and research the different forms of Judaism. Not all Jewish ppl follow the same beliefs. Your also bashing Judaism calling them rapists and also saying you love Jews. Like Jews is a race or somthing. Lol so funny. I busted out laughing at your ignorance.

      16. I pray that you garner a lot more information and understanding about this subject before you continue to talk about it; Judaism is clearly not the problem you need to concern yourself with.
        WOW, just wow.

      17. My friend attended the same Christian Protestant Church that Donald Trump, Sr. attended many years ago. In fact, she got his attention and asked his advice about something. HE IS A CHRISTIAN. HE IS DEVOTED TO OUR COUNTRY.

    1. I concur with and embrace this article too!!!

      This that you wrote is a true fact Mario, “Trump has never called for a new constitution. Hitler never tried to protect Israel. I could go on and on.”

      It boggles the mind to hear and read the views of others who claim Christ as Lord, yet who cannot wrap their minds around the fact the only people who demand a change to the sovereign Constitution of these United States are the Democrats and liberal left squad(s).
      These are the only ones who have been trying to “fundamentally change” America starting from the previous 8 year presidential administration. And their ideals are rife with utter contempt toward anything that would actually improve this nation through sincere morals. Not to even mention their obvious lack of intellectual ability to discern the appropriate way to guard and run a country of this size and magnitude.
      ‘For anyone’ who just does not get the mess liberals have created, then take a good look at the streets of Orange County (LA) & San Fransisco California, which have become a literal hot bed for pandemic disease to spread through rank homelessness and filth. This sad and sorry condition is said to soon be the next condition of New York City!
      There is an acute decline of new recruit medical students entering medical schools to become Doctors all over this country indicating a frightening shortage of Doctors for America, as well as a complete lack of new recruits into service as Police officers in every state.
      PEOPLE can you not figure out why??
      It certainly is NOT because of Donald Trump, that’s lazy thinking.
      To those “woke snowflakes”……..WAKE UP and buck up!
      To those faith based Trump haters…….WAKE UP the shake up is here!🤨

  4. Thank you Mario for all your emails. They are very encouraging as I know you are speaking the truth regarding Donald Trump. We need these emails as it is so hard to listen to all the adverse things that are said about him. I do defend him whenever I can but when people’s hearts are closed they won’t listen. I pray for these people that the Lord will open their eyes to truth and I always pray for the protection of the Trump family. Keep up the good work – we are listening!

  5. I will say this again…
    If you vote for a candidate that espouses abortion on demand, you are complicit in their sin and in a position to become hated of Jehovah! Proverbs 6:16-19

    If you turn away from a candidate who has repented of their sins, requests your prayers and loves Israel you are turning away a fellow believer, cursed Israel by proxy and made yourself a stranger to Christ.

  6. I keep thinking about a portion of scripture And it reads ” even the very elect” there are People with the Christian tag that either are not Christians in reality or are in the process of being deceived.

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  7. I copy these Words of Immense Warning to those who have His ears to both See and His ears to Hear what “The Commander” Jesus is saying TODAY to us Amen

    Joshua 5:13-15
    The Commander of the Lord’s Army Is Jesus ] When Joshua was by Jericho, he LIFTED UP his eyes and looked, and behold, a man was standing before him with his drawn sword in his hand. And Joshua went to him and said to him, “Are you for us, (as in Trump) or for our adversaries?” (though they be many) And he said, “No; (can you hear this beloved? NO-NO-NO!! I’m NOT) but I am the Commander of the Army of the Lord. Now I have come.” And Joshua fell on his face to the earth (this is where we ALL need to be) and he worshiped and said to him, (the Him was Jesus the Living Word) “What does my lord say to his servant?” And the commander of the Lord’s army said to Joshua, “Take off your sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy.” And Joshua did so.

    Revelation 20:6 Blessed and Holy-Holy-Holy!! is the one who has a part in the first Resurrection! · Over such the second death (WHICH IS THE LAKE OF FIRE WITHIN) has no power, but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and they will reign with him for a thousand years WHICH with God IS THAT ONE PERFECT DAY Amen

    1. Philippians 3:20
      But our · citizenship is in heaven,’Glory” and it is from there · that we Eagerly YES Eagerly await as we are looking continually WITHIN for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, So then you/we are NO longer strangers and aliens to this reality but you/WE are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God as is His Kingdom comes Amen

  8. Thank you Jesus for this man of faith – Mario Murillo! I bless the day I first heard of your ministry. Your words give me hope in the midst of all the hate around us in reference to our President! May God protect you and your family always.

  9. Barack Obama called himself a Christian but also said that the most beautiful sound in the earth is the Islamic call to prayer. To a born again Christian, that is not a beautiful sound. Only God can judge the heart but we can certainly discern the type of fruit a tree produces. Wake up Church. Remember Jesus is not only the Lamb, He is the Lion! The Lion is roaring through His prophets. He is both Mercy and Justice. He did not ask us for our “approval” of those He has chosen to sound the Trumpet. But we must hear the Voice in the sound and tune our instruments to harmonize. “My sheep hear My Voice and no other voice will they follow.”

    1. Yes I agree, Spiritual Fruit inspectors NOT the fruit of the feigned flesh.

      Jesus is speaking to Today’s Christians Woe unto you, as were the scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup (external flesh mortal corruptible) and of the platter, but Within (as in Ones own Soul immortal incorruptible where Christ is to be Reigning) they were as so many of you are FULL of extortion and excess. REPENT!! I SAY REPENT! Why? Revelation 3:17 Because you say, ‘I am rich and have prospered; · I need nothing,’ but “DO NOT REALIZE” Yes realize that you are · wretched, · miserable, · poor, · blind, and spiritually naked, I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by FIRE so you can be rich; and White garments to clothe yourself “WHICH IS YOUR SOULS”so your shameful nakedness will NOT be exposed; · · and that Anointing of my presence within ones soul as salve to put on · your eyes so you can See!

      1. Mackeysback: Really appreciate you and your diligence and Bible here. In regards to Carolina: Paul said he kept the traditions of men in regards to the Word or his issues on women researched in Matthew Henry’s Commentary and have a great friend who is a researcher and Scholar WHAT DID THE BIBLE REALLY MEAN since come at it having learned NOTHING in any and or all the inane demonations grew up in sorry to say was totally lied to which was the quest for truth vs. lies as again: Ten Lies Church Tells Women/Lies Men Believe by J. Lee Grady based on my former regime that miss represented the Bible for their growth/gain. Another exposure of lies is “when women were priest” by Karen Jo Torjeson along with and pulpit and the pen exposing lies and dogma.
        Lisa: God didn’t use perfect people, throughout the Bible scores of examples and my life as well, sorry to say was a self-righteous, pious Christian had a rude awakening. Trump is going after the satanist and the pedophiles; again the occult doesn’t live in truth, hides sin, sweeps sin (John 8:44 & John 10:10) under the carpet very sorry to say it was all the evil regimes and movements grew up in that professed to know God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and speak for him but NO FRUIT in what they were doing worse didn’t even get the Bible except those verses they utilized to keep $ (money) into their coffers. Research what all Presidents have done great and or evil. I do NOT worship Trump, but one fruit is his Family and what is he doing great and good for America and people vs. all those who want to destroy and tear down America; people call it communism which is actually satanism, so we are seeing who is for God=LIFE, vs. satan-kill, steal and destroy period! Example: when church leaders hide sin or lies, teaches half-truths they’re behaving like their father the devil.
        Note: Friendly Atheist believes in abortion: bumper sticker: “most people in favor of abortion, have already been born”, meaning if his mother had aborted him the Friendly Athesist wouldn’t have a voice or a Blog etc.,

  10. Thank you Mario for speaking the TRUTH,,,,sadly too many pulpits are silent. Letting the sheep fall in the ditch. It is REFRESHING to see someone outspoken for God’s truths…God Bless you!

  11. Well, well said, as always. I praise God that you are not afraid of the backlash every time you print undeniable truth, somebody has to say it. I believe Christians are finally waking up to speak God’s truth no matter what the consequences. We’ve allowed everyone else to portray untruths, and it’s about time that God’s truth be spoken at whatever cost. God bless you, your posts always stir me up to stand up for what is right.


    On Fri, Aug 30, 2019, 1:40 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “There are Christians who hate Trump. > Let’s call it for what it is: hate. It is their hate—which is very strange > for those who name the name of Jesus—that dulls their ability to see the > inaccuracy of their comments and their myopic views. One sanctimo” >

  13. When I pray and ask God what He thinks about a candidate and who He wants, that is enough for me. I did that. He was very specific about Donald Trump. I listened and obeyed. God showed me what would happen if I hadn’t obeyed. I’m sure glad I did! Obedience is better than sacrifice.
    I prayed when Obama was up for election in 2008. The Lord let me know about him, all about him; even his stance about Israel, though my landlord in Israel didn’t believe that. The Lord told me then that He would give the US Obama because they loved Mammon more than Him. I did not vote for Obama, ever. I’m sure glad I didn’t!

  14. Part of the problem they have mixed up hate with love, especially most who did the screaming, when the Lord told me Mr. Trump was his man, from that moment on they have tried to destroy me, [ they have made my life a living hell, sending their demonic forces through there witchcraft, and doing everything they can, to destroy my name, you name it, I went against there man and them, and you don’t do that, they rule the church] why Trump spoiled the enemies plans, so much of the church today, is for the enemies plan, I Told You There In The Church Deep and they are, that man has done more for this nation and the Church than anyone ever has, so why is he so hated, HE IS SPOILING THE ENEMIES PLANS FOR AMERICA AND THE CHURCH, and they’re ticked. That other pres. even wrote a book about destroying America, and he did what he wrote, every unGodly thing he could he stood for, some think it was because he was black, is why some of us detest him, black had nothing to do with it, its what he was inside, The Color of a man’s skin does not make a man, it’s what inside of him and what he stands for, and anyone out to destroy this nation I am strong against, I don’t care if there yellow pink and pok-a-dot. a man shows what he is, and what’s in him by what he stands for and backs, and O. was sure against everything of God. People are blinded by the enemy and can’t see the good, remember these leader that said Cruz was Gods man, they Hate me too with a passion, Why because God is calling his Church back to him, out of the hands of man and a manly system, Christ is the Head of the Church and the Holy Spirit the leader, we best start looking at what the President has done for God and this country since he has been in office, for we couldn’t say Jesus any more, some bible replace his name with “him” we couldn’t say under God, we no longer honored the flag, we were having to submit to there form of Christianty or die as some put it, our heads were about to roll and some couldn’t even see it, and still can’t, I don’t know whats deep down inside of a man, but God sure does, but I do see who has brought the Jobs back over here, and who is doing the best they can to save this country and our way of life and freedom, which they were taking and still trying to, but he is doing his best to stop them, and he needs and deserves our fervent prayers, because we were gone down a road there was no coming back from, but God heard a praying people, and he answered, and we better back that man, and quit trying to Judge him, for with out him we would be underground completely if we didn’t compromise, I know fb jumped me one morning about 3:00 and told me what I was going to do, and I must conform to there ways, of christianity, and preach what they say I could preach, that didn’t go over to well with me, I told them no man tells me what to preach, the Lord does, they ask me if I was going to start a Revolution, I said I was born in a time we didn’t tell the enemy our plans, we attacked and then they knew, well so fb gives me a rough time now, so we either stand or we are not warriors, and we are in a time of war, and we better back this President, he is not a politican and can’t be bought, or bullied, and folks that matter’s big time right now, everything I have tried to tell you the Lord has showed me, from Radical Islm. being over the head leadership of the Dems, to all the evil in the church, and its bad, but I can’t make you see and hear, only he can do that, I just have to do as he says and shows, and we can’t see to deep looking from natural eyes we have to go to the one who see’s all, lets pray like never before because there already trying to fix and rig this next election, one state has voted to let the ballots over rule the electoral votes, why so illegal votes will over ride, the electoral, so we must pray hard and fervently, the enemy will do anything to stop another four years of his plans from being interrupted, you may think I am crazy for some of the things I say, but I am trying to tell you the truth as the Lord shows me, and if it wasn’t him, I wouldn’t do it, because I have to pay a high price every time I reveal something to you about his evil plans, remember he doesn’t fight the ones who don’t bother him, lets bother him a lot and get hehind the President all the way. Be Blessed

    1. There are a lot more Satanists who have infiltrated major churches than anyone realizes. And they are masters at influencing other susceptible people who are clueless about how deep this spiritual and cultural warfare goes. I used to be kind of squeamish about those times in the OT where God ordered the Israelites to kill every member of a certain city or group… seemed unfair. But when you understand that there are generational families, local secret covens of worshipers of Satan/Lucifer who literally kill children to strengthen their occult ties to demonic forces, you realize that sometimes there is no other way. Listen to this stunning video:

      1. amen brother I youse to didn’t understand that, but people don’t understand there are seeds of satan, reprobates, we are not to even pray for, but you can’t make people see that today, there is a pure evil you don’t even pray for. but you need discernment to know it.

  15. God bless you Mario Murillo.

    On Fri, Aug 30, 2019, 1:34 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “There are Christians who hate Trump. > Let’s call it for what it is: hate. It is their hate—which is very strange > for those who name the name of Jesus—that dulls their ability to see the > inaccuracy of their comments and their myopic views. One sanctimo” >

  16. Excellent article by Pastor Murillo, touching many of the good things that President Trump has done. Well done President Trump. God Bless you and disregard all the negative articles written about you.

  17. Amen, and thank you, Pastor Mario. I can’t imagine how bad the mess would be if Hillary he’d won. Any discerning Christian should be able to see that Trump was chosen for this hour and should be praying for him instead of condemning him. There is no excuse for the spiritually blind. They’ve made up their minds and think they know better than almighty God does about what is best for this country needs.

  18. I can’t tell you how many times I have thanked God for you Mario Murillo.  It is an honor to support your ministry and interceed for you.  You are always right on point.  I really wonder about the validity of one’s salvation when they hate Pres, Trump.  Those that are led by the Spirit of God are sons if God,  It is so clear that God has answered our prayers through Trump.  This whole blog is total truth.  THANK YOU 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  19. Well put, Mario. There is much turmoil among us Christians who support our President , and those who would choose to go by the wayside. Trump was put in place by God, for a time as this. As I have stated in the past, we did not elect a Pastor, but rather, one whose policies we embrace. Woe to those who would yearn for the, “Good old days,” as the Jews did when they exited Egypt. Time for the so called Christians to wake up to reality, and determine whom they will follow, God, or Mammon. Political Correctness does not belong in the Church. God Bless you Mario.

  20. President Trump is a brash, extremely wealthy, New York Queens raised real estate mogul, award winning and by Hollywood standards a bigly successful television star. That’s his personality, and he brings elements of all of those to his Presidency, his tweets and press conferences. He has demonstrated many many times his love of this country and promised to do everything in his power to repair the damage caused by 8 yrs of divisive, America hating, puppet Obama. He’s done that, and kept his promises to put American’s interests first at home and abroad. HE meets with evangelical leaders and shows up unannounced at churches for prayer. Let him be loud, obnoxious and even offensive with his words to the haters of America and our Constitution. Compared to a Hillary Clinton Presidency, his is a gift from Heaven and a blessing to the church and to God’s kingdom in this country and the world for this chapter of our history.

  21. Fascinating to read so many of these answers by self-styled theologians. The simple matter is, despite his flaws, what does Trump support? What’s his stand on moral issues like abortion and same-sex marriage? What’s his stand in Israeli issues? Compare that to Obama. How’s the economy doing? How’s the national unemployment situation? So he takes a different approach to North Korea and Russia. Previous administrations from both sides made zero progress with their approaches. No president in recent memory has been more favourably disposed toward Christians. Ot the nation of USA. Something wrong with that? It seems to me that Trump hater have one underlying problem: They spend way too much time watching main-stream media (msm). Msm distorts, twists, misquotes, quotes out of context, misrepresents, are openly hostile and unbalanced, and outright lies about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Trump-related. And people still watch theses networks. Like the article demonstrates, no president has behaved more “Christian” than Trump, but some Christians insist on manufacturing an anti-Trump stand. Don’t get it.

  22. One of the “Qanon” drops was a reminder that Putin stated: “The New World Order worships Satan.” In other words, many well known public figures are in fact closet Satanists, who use socialist/communist ideology as fake compassion to justify control, theft, and coercion as we see now in social media and and calls to “shun” Trump supporters. And that is the key to understanding Trump. Lead by God, he has decided to strike against the international elite’s drug and human and child sex trafficking networks on an unprecedented level–the very same high-margin cash black markets that fund a lot of deep state, globalist programs and banking families. There are tens of thousands of sealed dockets sitting in the PACER Federal Court system, cases that have been seen by grand juries, and are waiting to be unsealed and executed (indictments, arrests). Epstein is likely in protective custody singing like a canary about the pedophile blackmail operations he was such a key player in (compromise and control at the highest levels, controlled and protected by CIA etc.).

    “And if Satan is casting out Satan, he is divided and fighting against himself. His own … So if Satan fights against himself, how can his kingdom last?” (JESUS – Matt 12:26). Anyone who thinks Trump is doing the devil’s work is an idiot. The luciferian, crypto-communist deep state–Satan’s Littler Helpers– are not fighting against themselves, they are fighting TRUMP. HELLO. Yes, the Kingdom is a separate entity, not wedded to any earthly political party, but God does at key junctures elect champions, sometimes unlikely characters, to work his will through. The “Paradigm” concept from Jonathan Cahn will blow your mind: Watch the other videos in his series, posted on dates close to the linked video.

  23. Dear Dir:
    I have never had the privilege of hearing about you or reading any of your works until I read this well-written true account of how many view our President. I never agreed with President Obama, but I prayed for him because he held the highest office in this land, and he made important decisions that affected us daily…

    I totally agree with all you have written and researched. I have many friends…most agree with me politically, but I do have some very close to me who defend the Democrat positions…I, too, grew up as a Democrat, but have NEVER voted for anyone in that party for President, etc. when I saw for myself how disrespectful and despicable Nancy Pelosi and here parade of House snd Senators treated Kavanaugh, William Barr, etc….I marched myself down to the courthouse and changed my party affiliation (although I rarely voted the Democrat ticket…I just did NOT want to be affiliated with that self righteous bunch!)

    Thank you for writing this. I would like to be able to forward this very truthful account to my friends.

  24. I live in Africa and wish we had a President like Donald Trump in South Africa. This country is going down the tubes so very quickly…. rapes and murders, looting, you name it. We have experienced the most horrendous murders of mostly white farmers where, before they are killed they are tortured and raped in awful, barbaric ways I plead with anyone who reads this, would you please put South Africa on your prayer list and ask your church leaders to have prayer days for this nation.We need all the prayer we can get. We are too old to leave and pray every day for the safety of ourselves and our friends and family. Thank you

  25. The only thing I will say, but do you vote for democrats?

    Before you answer please reread Proverbs 6:16-19 and consider the complicity in sin of voting for people who favor and support for those that shed innocent blood for lust, fun, profit and convenience…

    Yes we need REVIVAL! No question. But, will we survive to have revival if the socialists, anarchist and other civility haters are in office. Ones that booed God at their convention? Of recently passed a resolution condemning people of Faith.

    Trump has sought out men and women of Faith to pray for him. How many of the left have done so.

    Please don’t reject a man who has put so much of his past behind him, and sought God’s Help to lead our nation.

  26. I had a christain at church tell me.God would never annoit a person like Trump.After all he a womanizer and said grab her blank..I said Did God annoit David?..after all he was a murderer and not mention a womanizer too.Went on and said if thats n o t clear enough..Did God annoint Solomon?After all He slepted with 3 different women nighty.After all this the only conclusion one can come to is they do not read the Bible..Totally ignorant.Meaning we have alot of work to do..Pray and pray some more..Specially for my beloved president.Pray for Samsons strength and Solomon’s wisdom..Amen

    1. Mark, probably the most important thing about *ALL* of these men of God, Including Trump, is that they repented!

      One point to be made to those that disregard Our Sovereigns Love for Trump is that if we fail to forgive those God has forgiven, He will remember our sins, again.

      They will ask how do we know Trump has repented, he still tweets snarky comments. And, I ask, “and your Social Media is blameless????”

      Trump has surrounded himself with men and women of God who are daily praying for him and who have access to him. Do you know how rare it is for a US President to have (basically) an open door policy for evangelicals??? EXACTLY!

  27. The ship of state is at the point of careening out of control. Please remember to pray fervently for Trump, our country, and our fellow Christians. Thank-you.

  28. I think the bottom line to remember here is that according to the Bible (Psalms, Daniel, Romans and elsewhere) God says that He raises up the leaders for His purposes and He takes them down. And to resist them, whether they fit our moral requirements or not, is to resist God. As a Christian, I laughed when I heard Trump was running. I thought the whole idea was ridiculous. But the more I set my prejudices aside and really listened to what he was saying about his goals for our country, my laughter turned to amazement. Was I really hearing what I thought I was? Did he really want to do such good things? Could God use this very unlikely candidate to do His bidding? Then he got elected and I had my answers. Yes, for whatever reason, God had chosen to use Trump to lead our country. And according to the Bible, it was now my job to get on board and not resist the man that God wanted to use. And that is the job of anyone who calls themselves a Christian. Our job is not to just believe the Bible, not to just go to church and hear it preached, but to live it out everyday, even if it’s hard. That’s the mark of a true Christian. If we are resisting the man God raised up, we are not living out what the Bible says. Period.

  29. One sanctimonious ranting Christian said, “There’s nothing Biblical about Trump.” Actually, there’s nothing Biblical about that statement.

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