One thought on “Dinuba 3

  1. I am Canadian. I have lead others to Christ. At age 11, I signed a new testament bible statement to become a Christian. I didn’t have Christian parents. On my knees, I prayed,” God, there’s something wrong with my family. Please teach me how to help my family and other people. One at a time, God told me specific days that they would get saved.
    God has done many other miracles for me and around me. I have given up going to church because of the persecution that I get from Christians.
    I watched you and other prophets speaking and felt the Holy Spirit. I have been praying for USA during this time. I have been praying that the evil groups will start to fracture because of the fear of God.
    I believe that this is an attack on all freedom and democracy.
    God lead me to look up the meaning of Donald John Trump’s name. Donald means ” a world leader” John means ” a gift from God” and Trump means ” trumpeter”. I believe that this is prophetic.
    I also had a dream where I was at Mount Rushmore. I was weeping because the faces of the presidents were fading. I kept weeping and I wrapped my arms around the monument. The faces completely disappeared. As I wept, they reappeared.
    I believe the church needs to repent-starting with me. I believe God allowed this to give us 20/20 vision. We need to wake up. A great divide is happening. Christ said,” he who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters abroad.” Christ also said, “many who say to me Lord, Lord…and I will say to them depart from me. I never knew you.” We need to be more afraid of God than we are of man.
    I am watching and praying for you all.
    Your sister in Christ,

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