Mega Church Pastor who Abandoned Christ

In the last days people will be so open-minded that their brains will fall out.

Joshua Harris, betrayed Christ and shattered the trust of thousands of youth who looked to him as as pastor. Now he worries that Trump may damage the church and the Gospel? How rich is this? He has graduated from mere traitor to mind-boggling hypocrite.

At first, I thought I was reading a satire from the Babylon Bee when I came across an article which said, “Former mega-church pastor and evangelical author Joshua Harris said in a recent interview that he believes some of the massive support President Trump has enjoyed from the evangelical community has been “incredibly damaging to the Gospel and to the church.”

And, by the way, the only reason he got this interview is because HBO hates Trump. They did this ‘hit piece’ featuring Harris for the purpose of shaming Christians into abandoning Trump. Not only that, they hope to fan the flames of persecution against believers in America by reinforcing the lie that Christians are despicable.

Worst of all, they insulted the intelligence of Christians: “Harris, (was) an influential evangelical teacher and writer during the late 1990s, and up until he announced he’d abandoned his faith earlier this year (and is divorcing his wife of twenty years), added that having “a leader like Trump I think is in itself part of the indictment” of Christians.”

Do you feel the sting of Harris’ indictment?  No, you do not. Why?  Because who listens to a traitor? Certainly not those who have been betrayed. It can only be his arrogance as a “woke former Christian pastor” that makes him think anyone cares what he thinks.  All the media attention, approval, and sympathy he is receiving is temporary.

1. Besides rejecting Christianity, he has also rejected America, and he now lives in Vancouver, B.C., so he isn’t even in America anymore, which makes his opinion irrelevant.

2. Not being a Christian any longer, why does he care about our President’s affect on the gospel, which he has rejected?

3. “But Jesus said…, ‘No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”’ [Luke 6:62]

He is a fallen brother and we should pray for him, but he also warrants the rebuke of the church for his absurd behavior.

Harris also needs to heed the warning which I give to married people when they are tempted to commit adultery. I say to them, “Anyone who will cheat with you will eventually cheat on you.” Mr. Harris, you cheated on your faith to get with HBO and eventually they are going to turn against you.

Mr. Harris, the Left finds nothing noble or intelligent about you. You are not a respected source of truth to anyone anymore. In exchange for your ongoing prostitution of your integrity, you are a mere pawn being used by the devil and by his followers to get at Trump. Your 15 minutes of fame are almost over. You will be cast aside as soon as their dirty work is done.

And finally, you are not going to parlay your betrayal of Jesus into a lucrative new career.  The Church and the Gospel, on the other hand, will go on and triumph in the end.

Your fear of the damage President Trump is doing to the Church and the Gospel should be focused rather on your own soul and the damage you are causing.

Remember what Jesus said, “…whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” [Matthew 18:6]

Jesus, when speaking of the confession that Peter had just made: “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  Jesus replied, “You are Peter, and on this Rock (on this statement of faith) I will build My church, and the Gates of Hell will not prevail against it!” [see Matthew 16]

I am praying for you, Joshua Harris: that you will repent of your apostasy, escape from the snare of the devil, and return to your first love.

34 thoughts on “Mega Church Pastor who Abandoned Christ

  1. Yes.praying for him.He can run but he can not hide from God or His love and mercy.May His goodness cause this man to repent.

  2. When praying that God would convict a friend of her sin He nudged my heart and said wouldn’t it be better if you prayed for Me to convict her of my love for her ?
    That was a real game changer.
    “Gods love and value for us is the reason for His grace and mercy toward us”.

    1. Roman’s 11:22 speaks of the goodness and severity of God. Both are necessary…His grace and His wrath. Asking for His discernment and wisdom in this is of utmost importance. His nature has both sides. He never cuts us off…we make our own choices. My heart cries out for this young man….however he needs the truth as spoken to wake out of his slumber and once again walk in the light and fellowship with God and others. We all need to return to what the Word says and not try and make the Word fit our own comfortable gospel of grace without the severity.

      1. I totally agree up to the last statement. I was in no way selling greasy grace. If you closely examine what what I wrote, the point that He made to me, is in full line with His heart.

    2. May the Lord really forgive him,he has been taken by evil desire, abandoning the true faith of the Lord. God will punish him if he Doe’s not come back to Christ.

    1. Michael Keith, that’s what Apostle John taught, called that blaspheming The Holy Spirit & said that it was the unforgivable sin that it was a sin that he did not suggest anyone should pray for.

  3. I am a Divorce Recovery Specialist of 33 years…He may have been wrong in his book on Dating in the last century…However, sadly, his marital problems, has accentuated his lack of relevance as a once sought after Author, Speaker and Pastor, and in the whirlwind emotions of separation and divorce, I sense he may be trying to regain his voice and authority by unwisely speaking out against President Trump, instead of being quiet, doing more healing and moving forward with his life…

    I will be praying for him, his former wife, their families and friends from Sydney, Australia…

    Colin Murdoch
    Mr Singles
    1986 Founder & Pioneer: Singles for Christ Australia…

  4. Mario a stunning revealing. You know this is a tough one for me. Many thoughts circulate in my mind about why a fella such as Joshua Harris would or could actually defect from Faith in Jesus Christ.
    It could be blamed on his background due to what he spear headed within the Christian community for premarital Christian “purity” and his tiny little dating book successes.
    I could say that purity movement along with homeschooling garnered a form of staunch legalism that caused an after affect to this fellas life that was unexpected. Because legalism never saved anybody and creates an atmosphere for carnal thinking needing to ultimately be fulfilled.
    I could also conjecture that he’s from the generation of those who are inclined to embrace the utter nonsense of societal sexual aberrations found in todays modern world and that – that may be the cause of his defection from Christ and His people.
    I could also summize that Mr Harris is just another cog in the wheel of a failed mainstream Christianity mechanism that got broken and now possibly is lost by that break.
    Yet unlike the rest of the bloggers here today, one thing I cannot do is pray for this fella. Because when I read and see what he has done to mar and alter others potential Faith in Jesus Christ by defecting from everything he priorly taught, was taught and supposedly lived for.
    With all that reality I cannot see anything left but a Judas who never really loved The Lord Jesus, who not only betrayed our Lord and Savior but sold Jesus out for a few pieces of silver tossed his way. Is this sad, I guess so, but it bears the mark of all that the Apostles said would come in the last days. As for this guys divorce, that’s small potatoes compared to his radical public statements and feigning public apology to the entire homosexual community of alphabet people. I’m remembering Jude who said…”have mercy on some with fear, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh”…🤔

  5. 1) never heard of this “mega” and 2) Satan’s minions come in sheep’s clothing and once they have claimed enough souls they release the works of the evil one himself. To deceive then fill their minds with lies and doubt, divide and conquer.
    I pray that those who have been left confused find the light and if it were not the light of Christ they knew, that God will reveal himself mightily to them and they will know His voice and will doubt no more!

  6. Here’s Harris’s abominable statements to Axios falling completely in lock step with the liberal left narrative. And who within the Beloved Household of Faith would take as credible ‘anything’ that this heretic would say about The Gospel of Our Lord?? Mr Harris is doing exactly what the new Socialist Dem party believes about us who voted for Mr Trump in 2016, reporting that Christians are aberrant revealed in their choice for President…instead of putting the onus on the obvious on going national aberrant behavior by the Socialistic Left. I’ll bet Mr Harris didn’t find a thing wrong with Mr Obama’s policies.
    Again the Judas spirit of betrayal in action.

    1. See it as so many elder Pastor’s groom young men like this to bring money into their coffers without STRONG FOUNDATIONS in and on the WORD, PRAYER, FASTING, PRAYING rather than preying on the people; humility is key and an INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP with the Father thus this is the fruit and end result. Big problem with worshipping men/women (type of King Saul) over God period. Grew up in this Dogma very sad to say. So many dead men in Pulpits speaking to the dead audience that do not live in truth or want to know the TRUTH!

  7. the adversary, as with the left, seduces you then when you are no longer needed, abandons you. He has lost all of his support groups: family, friends, faith. If he stays on this path he will die lonely and bitter.

    The adversary comes to steal, to kill then destroy.

  8. From the summary it sounds like his book should have been entitled, “I kissed the Holy Spirit Goodbye”. At least he is right that it was total garbage and he was a false teacher leading many astray. He was trying to be the Holy Spirit. God certainly uses dating and only the Holy Spirit can navigate that mine field.

  9. Yes I saw this…oh boy we need to stay so close to Christ… I agree with Mario and I agree with his prayer.

    Sent from my iPhone


  10. I’m not familiar with this person, but this is the typical story. These continue to pop up from time to time. Stories of a fallen preacher, whose personal life falls apart and so he turns away from the Lord, and takes as many sheep down with him as he possibly can. Amazing that he thinks he is somehow better than Trump. This is laughable. At least Trump is true to himself. He is not a hypocrite. He is what and who he is, unapologetically. I’m not sure what homeschooling has to do with it though, as someone suggested. I’ve never heard of homeschooling leading to legalism. With the mess that is now in public schools, we need all children in private and home schools and out of these public indoctrination centers called public schools.. Also, we are supposed to continue to pray for the fallen. But yes, he is doing much damage and is right now basking in his new-found “celeb” status with liberals. His house of cards will collapse. it’s one thing to backslide and to find one’s way back to Christ years later.. Praise God for the Hound of Heaven. ..but it’s another to consciously turn one’s back away from Him and deny Him. 1 jOHN 2:19 New International Version
    “They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us.”

  11. Hello. I am writing to ask for prayer for my husband, Wolfgang. He has been diagnosed with melanoma in the brain and lungs. He is going for radiation treatments beginning the 12th of this month. Our hope is in God, as are our lives, and the Lord gives and the Lord takes away; Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Sincerely in Christ, Mrs. Mueller

    1. Lord Jesus, We all agree for a miracle of healing in this man’s body. We know that by Your stripes we are healed.Let Your healing virtue touch and destroy this cancer and bring life into every part of his body. We ask this in total faith for a supernatural intervention in Wolfgang. Amen

  12. IWhen I wzs young, I professed Christ as my saviour. I became angry and then ran from God and denied His existence for a time. But He chased after me, waited for me, and I finally “came to myself.” This prodigal came home to the father. Pray for him. Many prayed for me, and I am grateful.

  13. This man is delusional, nothing more than a lost ball in high weeds, how dare he be so bold to accuse Trump and Christians that voted for him as hurting the gospel….the hypocrisy is mind boggling!

  14. Reblogged this on free73735 and commented:

    Spiritual Warfare and Sin: Don’t Suffer Shipwreck
    This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare, having faith and a good conscience, which some having rejected, concerning the faith have suffered shipwreck…. —1 Timothy 1:18-19

    Yet the ministry is one of the most perilous of professions. The devil hates the Spirit-filled minister with an intensity second only to that which he feels for Christ Himself. The source of this hatred is not difficult to discover. An effective, Christ-like minister is a constant embarrassment to the devil, a threat to his dominion, a rebuttal of his best arguments and a dogged reminder of his coming overthrow. No wonder he hates him.

    Satan knows that the downfall of a prophet of God is a strategic victory for him, so he rests not day or night devising hidden snares and deadfalls for the ministry. Perhaps a better figure would be the poison dart that only paralyzes its victim, for I think that Satan has little interest in killing the preacher outright. An ineffective, half-alive minister is a better advertisement for hell than a good man dead. So the preacher’s dangers are likely to be spiritual rather than physical, though sometimes the enemy works through bodily weaknesses to get to the preacher’s soul. God Tells the Man Who Cares, 90-91.

    “Lord, the battle is intense and the enemy is strong. I pray for every one of my fellow-servants this morning, especially those who may be close to succumbing. Give Your great grace and victory today. Amen.”

  15. Sadly this just looks like the ‘great falling away’…… expected, but not anticipated.
    The sheep and the goats are getting separated quickly it seems.
    Deception unfortunately can be contagious.
    I pray his words do not continue to encourage the rejection of Christ and his Bride

  16. Thank You, Father for this courageous son of God who dares rise up and Speak out Your Truth which demands not just listening to but Obey it. For the world out there Judges Christianity along with the God we are to obey ourselves and His whole church—sad to say.

    But no matter what is said..we all will be judged for God knows Joshua Harris is Not the only hypocrite going around –there are many more out there. If this is God’s church that is supposed to be and example of all that is righteous and wholesome…what do we expect of the worldly, heathen out there! So they, too have no business mocking God , His church, His Word it is happening out there 10x worse. Lord, have mercy. We are definitely living in endtimes- scenario spoken of in His word for thousands of years.. So No one should be laughing.. but crying and praying for these souls to find their way back to God. Repent, ask forgiveness and be His exemplary role models to this now generation who is in die need of it. Enough pointing fingers at Christians, religion.. for it does not save you.

    Only Jesus Christ if we all cry out unto Him and truly repent.. Get in a Bible-believing church which has Pastors who are Not ashamed to denounce those vows being broken in His house and bring correction and discipline, yes..even rebuke and hold them responsible. Not just go up to altars, make the sign of the cross and continue their sinful ways.. Lord have mercy. When these things happen, instead of just continuing living this sordid life in public or even committing suicide. For sad to say, we have had cases out here who have killed themselves out of shame for being found out. But, we serve a loving, forgiving God who is ready to embrace you and forgive –when one repents truly and Not keep on sinning. Heart-felt sorrow , for the wrong -doing committed and stop bringing shame & sorrow not only to our Heavenly Father but the marriage and family as well. How sad..

    Again, praise God for your boldness & words of courage, to speak out against what is being committed in His house. May He continue using you to be his Mouthpiece, His Shofar blowing loud and clear what the whole World needs to hear. For as we look around, we all can definitely see His word being fulfilled.. To God be the glory. May He continue to use you mightily as He has been doing for sometime now.. sincerely, your sister in Christ, gloria rivera

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