God promised to do something big you.  You see the darkness gathering.  The clouds of wickedness overtake the land. And there you sit, wanting desperately to be used of God.  You want your gifts to be released.  You want your vision to grow and prosper.  Yet, it feels like a glass wall is holding you back.  What can you do?  Avoid these three mistakes:

1. Know the difference: Entitlement versus Expectation.

When Jesus said that one who is faithful over a little will be faithful over much, it is both a warning and a promise.  I believe it warns us about two attitudes: Entitlement and Expectation.  These look alike but they are polar opposites.

Entitlement tells you to wait until you are in a job that is worthy of your talents before you give it your best. When the ‘entitled’ take a position that they feel is ‘beneath’ them, they work as if they are just passing through.  This always backfires because there are always at least two people watching you.  The first one is your current boss. If they sense that you feel ‘entitled’ and deserve more, they are already looking for your replacement.  The other One Who is always watching you is unseen, and has the power to promote you and to bless you.

Zechariah 4:10 asks, “Who has despised the day of small beginnings?” The answer is, the entitled.  Entitlement makes small beginnings sting.  Great works of God start small and require hard work.  Entitlement doubles your load.  You not only face the hard work that always accompanies success, but you are also grieving over results that are probably better than what should have been expected.  The warning in that phrase, ‘he who is faithful over little will be faithful over much,’ is this: if you are not faithful over little, you will never get to be “over much!”

Expectation gives joy and confidence that God’s blessing is inevitable.   The woman with the issue of blood said within herself, “If I may touch His garment I shall be made well.” [Matt. 19:22].  Expectation finds beauty in the smallest task because God is in the task.  Expectation says, “Keep going, I can get there from here!”  Expectation is a bulldozer that plows under the most discouraging mounds of adversity and setbacks. The promise of Jesus is, ‘he who is faithful over little will be faithful over much.’  God will remember those who were faithful.  He will promote them to bigger things.

2. Go out only at the command of God.  This quote is from God Calling, by A. J. Russell: The world has always seen service for Me to be activity.  Only those near to Me have seen that a life apart, of prayer, may, and does so often, accomplish more than all of the service man can offer Me. If man lived apart with Me and only went out to serve at My direct command My Spirit could operate more and accomplish truly mighty things.”

3. Stop human striving in order to do mighty things. Stopping seems foolish until you look closely at the demands of your day and question your motivations.  Why do you do these things?  You will see things that other people are saying you must do.  You will see things that you only think are vital.  You will see things that you are doing that only God can do. Martha complained to Jesus that her sister Mary should be helping her more.  Jesus said, “She has chosen the better part.” Let God’s inspiration take the place of your own aspiration.

The world doesn’t need ‘supermen’—it needs ‘supernatural men.’  It needs people who will persistently refuse to work by Human Effort and, instead, allow Divine Power to work through them.  Do not fear unemployment! God wants to work through you. He always has plenty of work that needs to be done, and He always pays His workers well!


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  1. There are additional perks to working unto the Lord while waiting for something big. I used to think “inheritance” in this scripture was referring to salvation:

    “Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to curry their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord. 23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, 24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:22-24

    I am not equating my plight with a slaves, but I have dug some ditches for God. Many minimum wage jobs. The only way I got through it is by doing it unto the Lord. I went the extra mile and busted my ass because the extra mile infuses more joy into the work.

    A few years ago I had a dream with this scripture and God said to me, “because you did these jobs as unto me and not for the paycheck I am going to pay you.”

    I am still poor, but I figure God is good for it whether in this age or the age to come. Being faithful has some additional benefits, although I can’t tell you what the “inheritance” is yet. If God intends to pay me in a way other than monetary even better.

    Pro tip from a long time ditch-digger, assume every situation is potentially a test. God can make a test out of anything and He doesn’t let you know it is a test or tell you what to do during the test. Some of the strangest tests God let me know qualified me for future big things that I didn’t even know were tests until afterwards. I am sure I have flunked others. Just always obey and keep choosing him and the big things will eventually come to pass.

  2. Such a fruitful article Mario, I know this is true from experience!…Ditchdigger has made some valid points too.
    I remember all the years my dear Husband labored in almost utter obscurity within the Fortune 500 Corp., where he has steadily worked for just under 16 years.
    There were times he was all alone doing what he does best, quietly but diligently doing the job of three people and making a difference for a huge company that nationally has over 800 employees. He worked and worked and worked and kept doing everything in excellence as if he were doing it for King Jesus HimSelf. Never feeling that anyone owed him anything except what he had earned.
    I kept praying on the sidelines, day and night, during times back when Barack Obama was President, where the company had downsizings of magnitude every month people losing their jobs. For the first 4 years we knew it was possible that my Hubby could be next, BUT GOD, kept him there, past each down sizing, until my Husband and 3 other people were the only ones left in the halls of that division. Today total recovery & prosperity has fully taken place within the divisions and my Husband not only got increase but he has his own Department with employees within that large Corp. They continue to look to him & depend on him as a leader and facilitator for their entire Corporations growth. God did miraculous things, supernatural things in answer to our prayers & efforts over many years, too many miracles to list today. The Point is, hard work, great effort, and a kind of selflessness, knowing that Christ is aware and is there to strengthen and supernaturally guide, as He watches your PERSEVERANCE with the small beginnings He gives you at first. His word is HE will Repay, cause He can, and He does, and He honors our commitment to honor Him and others.
    PS…We started out in full time ministry 18 years ago, we went broke and the door to ministry shut hard on us…then the door to the Market-Place opened, we reluctantly walked thru it in prayer and witnessed to others about Christ “right there” to countless numbers of people all these years.
    God knows HIS plans for us, we just need to have Faith in them!!
    Slow and steady wins the race.🐢 🙏 🤗

  3. Mario, many years ago at Charles & Rochelle Neiman’s church in El Paso you called my son Paul out of the audience up on the stage with you. You prophesied that God was going to use him. I did my best to raise Paul in the Lord but when he was a senior in high school he walked away in favor of science. He is now a scientist making money but far from God. I have prayed so many years for him to come back to the Lord. Please pray for him. Pray for me as well as I am very discouraged.

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