I have seen blind eyes opened, and paralyzed limbs healed, but for me this is the greatest healing I have ever seen. Let me tell you the story.

(Editors Note: This testimony was first shared on July 24th 2019.  It is reposted because she is still cancer free and for another reason we will explain at the end.)

It all began with a devastating phone call. The woman on the other end told me a tragic story. She raised eight children in the ghetto. She endured unspeakable trials. She had faithfully served Christ and prayed diligently for each of her children. What she could not give them in material things, she more than made up for with her love.

She cleared her throat, and haltingly told me of the doctor’s report.  It sounded like a death sentence. They had found cancer in her chest which had also spread to her back and her lymph nodes.

She faced a terrible choice.  Chemotherapy would be utterly horrible because she was so thin and she is in her late 80s. But, without chemo, she faced a slow, agonizing, and certain death by cancer.

I was aware of her condition from the very beginning of her ordeal. This call hit me so hard that I could feel my knees buckle. Why you ask? This call was from my mother Cristina Murillo.

All of her sons, daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were grief stricken. We all knew that her death would leave a crater of sorrow for all of us that would be beyond words.

Something rose up in me. My mom and I began praying over the phone. I felt a holy rage, like I had never known, rising within my spirit. My words were not just forceful, they were volcanic. I knew that Satan was challenging my family and that fear was trying to consume us.

I came to Jesus on behalf of my mom. Then I spoke to her and went through the Word of God declaring her healing. I felt bold to tell her to resist the devil and rebuke the cancer. I told her she would be tested, but to stand strong on the promises of God.  Heaven overshadowed us, and the presence of God was undeniable.

Something happened to her. Her fear vanished. Her sense of focus and determination was super-human.

The next few weeks were a trial by fire, but she was amazing—confessing the Word, rebuking every negative thought, and standing strong.

Then came that fateful day when she went to see her doctor. The doctor ran the routine tests to monitor the size of the cancer. Later that day, I got her call.

My mother told me that when the doctor came back with the results, it was shocking. The red-faced doctor said, “I can’t find any cancer. None at all.” My mom smiled at the doctor, and explained what had happened.  Then my mom witnessed to her about the healing power of Christ.

Our family is overcome by the goodness and mercy of God. No one else gets the credit or the glory for this astonishing miracle.

Editor’s post script: I reposted this testimony because we are about to open a miracle tent crusade in Hanford, CA. We will have the tent up and are asking the Body of Christ to bring those that need miracles to the tent.  As part of my celebration of this great miracle, I want your prayer requests. Just because we are celebrating does not mean we have forgotten the many who are warring against sickness. We want to pray for you and for those you love to receive a healing miracle.  Please leave a prayer request in the comments section. We will pray!





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  1. Praise God! God is good! BLess you brother!

    On Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 12:35 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “I have seen blind eyes opened, and > paralyzed limbs healed, but for me this is the greatest healing I have ever > seen. Let me tell you the story. (Editors Note: This testimony was first > shared on July 24th 2019. It is reposted because she is still cance” >

    1. Please pray that my son will come back to the Lord!!
      I have tinnitus, please pray.
      Thank you and I will join you in praying for the Lords amazing healing power, grace and favor!!!

    2. May God continue to bless your Mom with Gods strength and joy. May Holy perseverance continue to lead and strengthen you Mario. For myself, my husband and all our blood line a holy perseverance to love God and his people. Thank you Jesus for your blood that makes it so!!!!!

    3. Praise the Lord for your mom’s healing. I also have a Godly mom in her late 80’s in need of a healing miracle. Your description of your mom is so similar to my mom, the only difference being that my mom raised 9 children.

  2. Need a physical healing and miracle in my life and family. It’s been a long time and I am believing for the power of God to bring complete freedom.

    1. I praise God for increasing the faith in you both to see God’s promises. Praise God for His love in your Mom.

      I was healed of colon cancer but bc of The surgery I was left with a very large surgical hernia.

      1. Hallelujah glory to God, for your Momma Mario, and for the on going strengthening & continuation of your positive health Mario!
        1) I ask for complete healing and strength within my Husbands heart and related heart arteries.
        2) I ask for complete healing and clearing for the Scleroderma that has invaded over my body and for my chronic Colon and Lower Back issues.
        3) I ask for utter healing and deliverance for my brother’s stroke related disabilities and his alcoholism.
        4) I ask for my 86 year old Mother’s Glaucoma to be healed and the sight restored to her left eye,
        in Jesus Name.

  3. Please pray for salvation for our grandchildren and sons-in-law. And healing for our grandson, Aaron, who has an eye condition called nystagmus. Thank you so much. We believe in miracles!

  4. Praise God for your mom’s healing! Jesus is so good!

    Thank you for taking prayer requests. I’ve had recurrent multi-day migraines w/ vomiting for over three years, and want to be healed. This illness seems tied to my mindset/focus/faith. Am thanking God for what he’s building in me during this time, but I am weary. Thank you for praying.

    My husband’s co-worker has stage 4 lung cancer, and desperately needs Jesus as well. His name is Eric.

    BLESSING. Thank you for speaking the truth, and for all of those who work with you behind the scenes.
    Amy in Alaska

  5. I have uterine cancer. I also have heart issues that are stoppjng me in getting treatment at this time. I need the healing power of God. I have been a believer for over 55 years. I have been a pastor’s wife for 30 years. I need a miracle. Thank you.

    1. Please google Essiac tea. I felt the Lord led me to this & I found a company in CO that brews it fresh everyday & has been in operation for 27 years. I only drink 2 oz. a day. A nurse in Canada who died in 1975 was treating people free of charge in her home & they were being healed of all kinds of cancers, even stage 4 cancers. It’s an all natural herbal tea. The tea name is her name spelled backwards. The testimonies are awesome. I, too had uterine cancer & had a complete hysterectomy. They found cancer in 1 pelvic lymph node out of 4 they removed during surgery & suggested I do radiation b/c there was a 50/50 chance the cancer would reoccur elsewhere & be incurable. I don’t operate out of fear. I’m a WARRIOR, not a worrier, so I chose to do the herbal route b/c I felt the Lord led me to that. HE made the land to heal our bodies. I stand in agreement w/you over your total healing & have prayed in agreement over each post on this thread & called each one out individually. I replied to yours since I’d dealt w/the same issue & I know how the enemy can put fear in the minds of those who feel like they have no option available to deal w/it due to other health issues too. Prayer is POWERFUL, unity & agreement brings POWER, so in Jesus Name, I’m in agreement for your healing to manifest my friend & sister in the Lord. Amen & Amen.

  6. Healing request.
    1. Allergies! I’ve suffered with allergies for about 50 years! Did the injections and meds.
    2. Debt release. I’ve been working a lot of overtime to get out of debt before I retire within next 2 years. Hubby wants me to retire with him next year, but I dont think that’s possible. Thank you

  7. Rejoicing with you !
    Thank you Jesus for healing this precious woman !!!
    I need Restoration in my relationship with my kids..divorce has torn us. Lies, deceit. Slander..have come against me .
    I need Resurrection in my much loss.
    I need my hope restored
    Faith awakened
    Life to return to my soul.
    Breakthroughs in my
    Family Finances Faith

  8. 1. My mum is 78, has been diagnosed with dementia (6 years ago), pray for her complete healing and restoration of her brain and mind. Thank you.

    2. I’m 52, I’m praying and declaring for healing from severe osteoarthritis in both my hips. Thank you.

    In Jesus name, AMEN.

  9. I need prayer for my back to be healed. They are saying I may be needing surgery on my neck within just a few days!! I had a heart attack one year ago so I am praying for a new heart too! Thank you for your prayers!!!
    I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear about your dear mothers healing! I had the privilege of knowing her when she went to our little church! She was a real inspiration to me! I love her dearly!!God bless your ministry and your whole family!!!

  10. I you have ALOT of prayer request but pray for my daughter’s heart and pancreas and her spirit . She needs YaHoVah to heal and set her free from stress. Her heart is diseased and unable to pump blood as it should. Her pancreas is not producing insulin either. Thank you for your prayers. Praises to Yahshua for healing her

    On Wed, Nov 13, 2019, 1:33 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “I have seen blind eyes opened, and > paralyzed limbs healed, but for me this is the greatest healing I have ever > seen. Let me tell you the story. (Editors Note: This testimony was first > shared on July 24th 2019. It is reposted because she is still cance” >

  11. Praise Jesus for your mother’s miracle!

    I need a miracle…I’ve had tinnitus/vertigo for 15 years…it’s getting worse…praying, believing, declaring COMPLETE healing!

    I believe in miracles!

  12. Thank you for opening up for prayer requests.
    Please pray for my son, Henrik (24), with a complicated mental disease. He quit school in his early teens and is terrified leaving our home. His life amounts to nothing, he says, and has several times talked about ending his life. I constantly tell him that the good Lord has a loving plan for his life and that the best is yet to come.

    Trond in Norway

  13. My husband has severe low back pain and diabetes. He’s due for fusion surgery mid January. He’s had multiple surgeries for it and lives on pain killers & wears a back brace just to sleep.

  14. My mother needs healing for her esophagus, eyes, ears, heart, kidneys and lungs.

    My husband needs healing for heart, joints.

    My sister needs healing for facial malformation.
    My daughter needs healing for Lyme disease and deteriorating jaw bone.
    My son needs healing from alcohol and substance abuse, low self esteem and hernia.

  15. Asking for a manifested miracle for a family friend, Robbie, who has been given up on by the doctor’s b/c of a body they say is ravaged by cancer. We choose to BELIEVE HIS WORD & decree he is healed & whole & totally clean of any disease in Jesus Name b/c of 39 stripes He took on our behalf & ask you all to agree w/us.

  16. Praise the Lord for the miraculous healing of your mother! I’ve seen God’s miracles in my own life, too. I live in Seattle and can’t attend your crusade, but I ask for prayers for my husband, age 78, who came down with Parkinson’s Disease about 3 years ago. The change was overnight and dramatic. The very next day he had to quit his job of 50+ years. He lost his concentration, focus, memory, and comprehension. All his engineering skill was gone. It is heartbreaking to see this disease progressively destroy my husband’s mind. I can see his grief and frustration from knowing how much he has lost. He is physically eroding; he’s lost 50 lbs and can barely walk more than 10 feet. I am his caregiver, and I am losing my husband, my partner, my mate, of 25 years, and I hate to see him suffer so much. Please pray for a miraculous healing for my husband, Roy. Thank you very much. Praise the Lord!

    Diane Gilbert

  17. I need pray for healing in my lungs and my liver pls. I thank you for being so truthful in your blogsSent from my Bell Samsung device over Canada’s largest network.

  18. Please pray for the healing of my body from an unspecified autoimmune issue, for healing of my emotions from a difficult marriage, and financial challenges. Thank you!

  19. Praise God for His healing and the powerful, living breathing testimony that your mother was and is to the medical staff. The healing for my family is the stranglehold of homosexuality that is taking the life out of members of our family. Thank you for your ministry and the uplifting and truthful words on your emails.

  20. “They” have found a lump on my thyroid. I have struggled with exhaustion, confusion, weight gain, hair loss, pain just to name a few things. I do not have health insurance so the finances are not great either. My prayer group is standing with me through this. Key phrase is through. But I really need a miracle as I feel like I am just wearing down. This is NOT the plan of the Lord for my life!!
    Thank you in advance for your prayers. I have been following your emails for almost a year now. Thank you for taking a stand and challenging the status quo in the church!!!
    Blessings and protection of the Lord!! We are in the midst of a great fight but also the beginning of a greater outpouring then we can imagine!!
    Thank you again!!

  21. My Nephew, Zach who is 22 yrs old has 3 different types of cancer and is in the final stages. He is very depressed and discouraged. He needs a miracle desperately. Please, pray for his complete and total healing!

  22. Standing against hashimotos disease, tinnutis (hearing loss), vitiligo and irregular heart beat. Thank you for your prayers.

  23. The optic nerve in my right eye was destroyed almost two years ago due to
    diabetic issues. I heard in my ear…the nerve is not dead it will live. I wait for my suddenly!
    Thank you for your encouraging testimony. I believe. Healing is my portion. Ava

    1. Thank you Brother Murillo and Praise God for the miracle healing of your mom!
      Prayer requests for my two brothers in their 50s who have Parkinson’s.
      My cousin with heart issues and a bad back.
      For myself to have my vision restored and my hair restored that has been thinning at an alarming rate, doctor can’t determine why.
      Thank you and God bless! I pray that this tent meeting is amazing and our Lord gets the glory!

  24. As a believing grandmother I want to lift my 7 yr old grandson who is dealing with autism to God. Also his mom as she deals with him and her own issues. Both need a heavenly touch…

  25. For my shorterm memory to be totally restored and for what I need to be there when I speak. For good sleep to be restored. Husband John immunity system to be restored. No more breathlessness. To come into the Kingdom of God and a broken heart healed. Thank you

  26. Please pray for my dear friend Sharon Waters who has metastatic cancer in her lungs and liver. We are praying for God to heal her. God bless you and your minestry. I am blessed by your emails.

  27. Deliverance from after effects of anorexia, laxative abuse. Healing/resurrection power in digestive tract, and a clear revelation to this person of Father’s love, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.
    Revelation of Jesus as their Messiah to Jewish family members. May God be gloried in all these prayers requests.

  28. Prayer for my healing from a stroke and vertigo. Prayer for my son Geoff for total healing from the top of his head to his feet including his eyesight

  29. Healing prayers desired for my left hand. The ring and middle finger are still slightly crooked due to a broken wrist over a year ago. The knuckles are a little tight and enlarged, too. I am thanking God daily for “total healing!” Thank you! (P.S. Your new book recently arrived. Looking forward to reading it!)

  30. My dear wife, Linda and daughter Rebecca, have endured major heart issues for nearly 20 years. We give thanks to the Lord our God for their extended days. We give thanks to the doctors who have provided health care and all those who continue to pray for my family members. A desire of my heart is that they may both live out their days without the need of constant meds and medical care. That they be made whole by the healing touch of Jesus. Amen Len Wisniewski

  31. My grandson, Carl Yoder 16 yr. has been suffering excruciating headaches most of his life. I have been believing for his healing many years but the manifestation is still not there. He was finally put on mind altering drugs to help him live somewhat above the pain. It is so hard to understand why he is still not healed.

  32. Amen praise God what a beautiful testimony of His love & power🙌
    I’m believing for healing in my body, in chronic pain diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and severeosteoarthritis in both hands. I’m only 59 and have much service unto our King, I believe and thank you for your prayers.
    Shalom blessings

  33. All praise and worship to our merciful Lord. May He continue to bless you and your family!
    I humbly ask for prayers of salvation for my family members: my husband, my parents and my sisters & brothers in law!
    All glory honor and praise to the one and only true living GOD!
    In the powerful and mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen!

  34. Praise God!
    Please pray for my family-the King and Crumley family, the salvation of my children, and the healing of my step-dad from Alheizmer’s.
    Thank you!

  35. I thank and praise God for your mother’s healing. Please pray for my mother (Katie) to be healed from emotional and physical abuse and to be delivered from debilitating arthritis and back/leg pain. Please pray that my husband will be completely healed from diabetes and have normal blood sugar levels without the use of meds. Please pray for my sister and brother and their children to get saved and be on fire for God. Thank you for your prayers!

  36. Thank you for that awesome testimony! I would like prayer and healing for IBS which I have been dealing with for years. Thank you!

  37. Glory to God ,for your mom’s healing.May her strength equal her days!
    We need prayers for a health issue my husband is facing .
    Thank you

  38. My mother Jean Johnson needs her hearing restored.
    My husband Nick needs to be healed of severe Vertigo and ringing in his ears.
    My son Patrick needs salvaton and deverlince from gay lifestyle. He’s married to another man.
    My daughter is a drug addict. I’m raising her 2 daughters that are so precious but need their mother. Their dad. Ben is in prison on 2 life sentences but he’s truly innoncent.
    My son Chris loves God but is bound up in anger and porn. He was abused as a child from my ex husband. Thank you for your ministry. I was at your meeting in Warrior, Al last week and it was awesome!!! Blessings on you and your team. We are reading your new book!!

  39. My wife and I have been warring against a persistant theif called adenocarcinoma. We have the Lord’s rhema word (“she will be made well”). Wrestling has been exhausting for 5+ years. We are pressing in, warring, waiting, hoping that this sifting will end.

  40. I have copd and the latest scans show multiple lesions in my lungs..I am 78 yrs old, standing on the Word of God, praising Him in the midst..thank you for serving God , loving people..God bless you!

  41. I need a healing! I know this isn’t life threatening but it’s a constant problem. Now I have built up a resistance to the antibiotics that use to give me relief. I know bladder infections aren’t a big deal, but when I am on floor in pain in the middle of the night it’s a big deal to me. I would be so grateful for prayer.

  42. I have an almost 33 year old son who has suffered from major anxiety and ADHD since he was 13. In the past 2 years he began having psychotic attacks that are clearly demonic. He is talking about chasing demons for reward money and “Gaia” and says he is being controlled. I would pray that you could all pray for his FULL deliverance from his demonic possession and from his anxiety and mental illness. I am so scared for him and know that only our mightly Lord Jesus Christ can heal him. His name is Joshua James Brown. Thank you so much and God Bless all of you for the work that you are doing in the Kingdom. Susan Richardson

  43. Dr. Says I have diabetes, also knee sore and hurting. Hard to walk. God bless you. Stay strong. U r an inspiration. I’m claiming my healing by Gods word. Love to all

    On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “I have seen blind eyes opened, and > paralyzed limbs healed, but for me this is the greatest healing I have ever > seen. Let me tell you the story. (Editors Note: This testimony was first > shared on July 24th 2019. It is reposted because she is still cance” >

  44. Please pray for me. I have been diagnosed with compression on my spinal chord, in my neck. They say its life threatening and I need surgery. Also have osteoporosis and i have carpal tunnel and arthritis in my rught hand. Very painful.
    Thank you

  45. Thank you Mario for that wonderful testimony; i have been standing in faith for my left knee; two doctors say I need a new knee; I know Jesus took my infirmities and diseases in His own body on the tree, and by His stripes, I am healed; and, we don’t play just nine-innings, but we play till we win; thank you for standing in faith with me; I’m 82 years young. Marilyn

  46. Salvation for children, Dustin & Jen, Ashley & AJ, Ariana & Zach.
    Healing from multiple myeloma for Dempsey Baslee
    Healing from degenerative disk for Myriam Freepons
    Thank you!


  48. I need healing for neuralgia , trigeminal neuralgia, and myalgia. This was nerve damage caused from routine surgery. Have not found a drug that helps the pain and one my body ca handle because the side effects are not good.
    I stand in agreement with you Mario and believe in my healing and those you will be praying for in that day. I am an intercessor and seer. Shalom

  49. I praise the Lord our God for His Faithfulness to your mother & your family in touching her & healing her‼️‼️‼️✝️✝️✝️I truly believe when it’s time to leave here, we don’t have to do so by means of sickness & disease: just check out!
    I have need of healing in my left shoulder as arthritis is causing me much pain & trouble🤪Thank you for standing w/me.
    In Him I remain,
    Kathleen McIver

  50. Pray for my son Robert Morse who is not on the streets. Drugs and gay life style has robbed him of 51 years. I’m standing on the promises of deliverance of the BLOOD of Jesus the Christ. “I will restore the years the locust ate, canker worm, Caterpillar. Palmer worm. Redeemed from the curse of the law”.

  51. Please pray for my healing from schizoaffective-bipolar liver damage high blood pressure and for a small hole in my right frontal lobe.

  52. Pray for Samantha, she is the survivor of an abusive marriage and relationship. She lives here in the South Bay area with her immediate family and they are being evicted. They need a place to stay and they need deliverance from an addiction issue that plagues their family.
    I also have broken 3 ribs in an accident and I need prayer for healing. My name is Jerry.

  53. I rejoice with you and your mother for her healing, Brother Mario. Blessed be the name of the our Lord and Savior! I will be in prayer for your crusade asking the Lord to move in a mighty way in people’s lives. I stand in need of prayer from those who will agree with me for the healing virtue of our Lord to be poured into my life & body, which has been limited by severe back issues for more than a decade. It is getting worse and my mobility continues to decline. But I know that God is still in the healing business—Jesus paid for it all at the Cross of Calvary!

  54. God bless you and your family! Thank you Mario for sharing this powerful testimony! We would love for you to pray for us. Several in our family (like many believing families) have health issues that have been prayed for many times. Several of us intercede for others and see wonderful results through the power of Jesus. My oldest brother was just told he has aggressive prostate cancer and is to begin radiation then chemo on Nov 18. He also suffers with a GI tract disorder. He is a believer. His wife is a believer and a survivor of cancer but after bone marrow transplant developed graft vs host disease and suffers greatly. My husband and I both are believing for the manifestation of our own healing in our bodies especially for serious back injuries for days without pain. My sister needs her thyroid back. My nephew suffered a serious brain injury while serving in the military. We believe Mario. This is a family of many believers, 2 ordained ministers and missionaries and teachers and youth leaders. Several are weary in the battle. There is no King but Jesus for us. We want to thrive, not just survive. Thank you for praying for each household our family’s whole health restored spirit soul and body.

  55. Believing God that my husband and my youth is renewed like the eagle. We are 83 and 80 and are believing for healing from the top of our head to the tips of our toes. God has more for us to do in the kingdom!

  56. pray that:
    God will heal both my knees. 2 years ago I was scheduled to have one knee replaced. Three days before surgery the procedure was canceled due to a heart irregularity. Now I can barely get around and am depending on God to give me new knees. I am asking God to restore my heart too.

  57. Mario. You prayed for me at the Battle for Canada Edmonton, in May 2019.
    You then called my husband and I up to the front. (I was the lady 4 rows down, white sweater). I contended for that healing for the month of June and have been declaring and contending since. I believe God healed me when you prayed but I still have residue from the neurological illness.
    I would appreciate further prayer. Thank you so much.

  58. I have severe scoliosis that leaves in in constant pain and immobility. My husband and I are believing for a miracle and opted out of suggested rods put in my back.

  59. We have a young mother of three that is in desperate need of a new healed heart. She is on the list for a heart transplant, but we are believing for a healed heart. Within the last year the Lord has healed her of cancer which recent scans have proved of the Lord’s healing power. With her testimony she has led many Dr.’s and nurses to faith. Now she needs her new heart!!
    Thank you for your leadership in demonstrating signs and miracles today.

  60. I would love prayers for my special needs daughter to be fully restored. She is 22, full of joy, but at a toddlers intelligence level with many cognitive and motor issues. She’s also mute but we know she has so much to say because she’s often frustrated that people don’t understand her. She loves Jesus and loves people. She’s extremely compassionate but completely misunderstood by people and this breaks my heart. I know God has an amazing plan for her life!

  61. Bring it to Sacramento. I will raise money for you. Love in Christ, Ruben *Ruben Dominguez* *Broker/Owner* *NextHome American Dream* *2069 Arena Blvd. Suite 120* *Sacramento, CA 95835* *916-431-8300 Office* *831-809-9494 Direct* *916-274-4695 Fax* *DRE#00605724* * m* * *

    On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 10:35 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “I have seen blind eyes opened, and > paralyzed limbs healed, but for me this is the greatest healing I have ever > seen. Let me tell you the story. (Editors Note: This testimony was first > shared on July 24th 2019. It is reposted because she is still cance” >

  62. Such a beautiful story of hope to all and a testimony of faith ❤️ Blessed be the name of our Lord forever and ever 🔥🔥🥰

  63. Praise God for healing your Mother. Pray with me for a creative miracle for kidneys and eyesight. Also, healing of Fibromyalgia for my daughter. Healing of Lupus for my Daughter in law. Prayer for lost loved ones, God bless you and your Ministry.

  64. Our Church family has stuck together as a remnant of God should, through all the years we watched the children become parents and Our Pastor and His wife become grandparents, 11 times over now. Our Pastor had a heart attack 4 years ago, and another blessed woman also had a heart attack, though our Pastor had no damage through Jesus, Donna does have damage along with diabetes, one older woman, just yesterday had a knee replacement, and there are many suffering with various back and physical ailments, Satan has all ways attacked, and we stand our ground, but I ask you to pray for our whole congregation, and for a true revival. We will stand strong in Jesus Amen.

  65. God is so good and mighty to save and heal. Thank you for sharing. Please stand in agreement with me for my nephew Keith. As he has all the symptoms of Huntington’s disease. Which his mother past away from. I know and I believe that our precious Lord is healing him. Amen.

  66. Please pray for a dear friend, Father Dave, who has inoperable brain cancer For y daughter-in-law who has severe depression and for me. I have had sinus congestion for over two years. We think it is allergy related but have not been able to clear it up. Thank you, Jessie Cooper

  67. Iam so very blessed by your dear Mothers healing and pray she is free of all diseases for many many years God continue to bless you and all your family Carol Judith

    Sent from my iPhone


  68. Please pray for my son Andy for complete healing and restoration of both of his knees so he can return to full duty as a police officer.

  69. Have Lung cancer and it has spread to other areas of my body. I am a believer. Jesus is my LORD. Please pray that He will completely heal me. Thank you!
    Praise God for your mother’s healing!
    MARJIE Garcia 🙏

  70. Long-standing diabetes and heart disease as well as thyroid issues. Eye damage from diabetes means not being able to drive or even see well. I’m a believer.

  71. I am worshiping you and praising you in advance merciful and compassionate Lord for healing for my friend and brother in the Lord Roy Roberson and for God to renew the strength of his dear wife Mary Frances that is caring for him. Thank you awesome Lord. I worship you and sing praise to Your Holy Name!

  72. That’s awesome to hear about your mother! I would ask that you all please pray for my wife, Alicia. She has suffered for over 30 years because of Lyme Disease and related treatments. She has had multiple surgeries, almost died twice, and has become resistant/allergic to most antibiotics.

  73. Praise God for this wonderful miracle!! It gives me great hope to know God healed her in her advanced age and that He still has a plan and purpose for her life! I need a miracle in my spine! I have been diagnosed with scoliosis, stenosis and arthritis with several bulging discs. I had a back injury a few years ago, had surgery which has not helped. Some days the pain is debilitating but I keep clinging to the promises of God! I am 71 but know that God is not a respecter of persons. Age means nothing to Him. Please pray for me!! If I could come to your miracle services I would but I live in Alabama so it isn’t possible. I thank God for you and your ministry! May the Lord bless and keep you!

  74. Please pray for my brother who has AIDs, my sister who has an ulcer on her leg that will not go away and one of my other sisters who has heart problems. God has blessed us in many ways and I know satan can’t stand families being together and loving each other – he is working overtime to break us all up- we are a hot mess and need prayer. Thank you and God Bless!

  75. Tremendous testimony on the healing power of our mighty God. He is so good. Please pray that my children and grandchildren receive the ultimate healing of salvation. They know of God, but they don’t know him personally. Praying for their salvation. God bless you Mario

  76. Thank you for sharing your Mom’s story of healing. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of this year, had a mastectomy in February and tests showed it was not in the lymph nodes and the margins were excellent and clear. Praise God. In my most recent exam, the oncologist noticed a lump on the other side. I am awaiting an MRI and more tests this coming week and meet with the surgeon next week. No cancer – in Jesus name. I have been feeling good so this came as a complete shock to me. I am asking for prayer for complete healing – both emotional and physical. Thank you! Bless you!

  77. Thank you, Lord, for Mario’s mother’s healing! Please pray for George who has cancer and is in heart failure. He does not know Jesus. Also please pray for Bailey that she would know the Lord and would be a protective, vigilant, loving mother.

  78. Praise God for his healing touch and your mom’s miracle! Pray for my son-in law and daughter’s salvation. My husband is a pastor–pray for our church to be revived and to be a beacon to our community! Please pray for me also…I need healing for severe degenerative disc disease, rashes, and arthritis. God is able! May He bless the Hanford meetings in a mighty way!!

  79. Please pray for deliverance for my son he has mental illness and he uses marijuana as self-medication and he needs Deliverance and also for my daughter who’s hooked on opiates because of neck injury she needs Deliverance and help with the pain in her neck healing I pray for complete salvation for my family time is short thank you

  80. What a wonderful testimony. I have been praying for your tent crusades. That God will send the right ones with ears to hear and that it will be good seed on good ground that will bring forth the fruits of repentance in their lives. Please pray for Michael. He has been diagnosed with dementia and prostate cancer. He’s only 63 and I am praying for his healing. I have been suddenly attacked with arthritis. I had a hip replacement after standing for 2 years believing for a miracle. My knees, my other hip , my shoulders and now my back are in pain. I still feel this is an attack of the enemy but I need help from others to believe with me. My husband and I both basically have incurable diseases and need miracles just like your Mom. Thank you so much. God bless.

  81. Please pray for me. I have had diarrhea for over 20 years and no cure. I also have osteoporosis, a row of bones taken out of each wrist and no bending, my left thumb is bending backwards and I can’t even open a ziplock bag (and I’m a professional artist who is left handed). I have been in 5 majors car accidents and my neck, shoulders, hip and knee are in constant pain. I have sleep apnea and have chronic pain all night. I also just lost my husband to a sudden heart attack last May. Thank you.

  82. If it can happen to your mom it can happen to my wife.
    She is in pain 24/7. She can’t take pain pills without a reaction. So the only time she is without pain is when she is sleeping. This is on going for several years. It is beyond doctors help. The Lord is our only answer and hope. She has been a very busy person and loves the Lord with all of heart. She is a pastors daughter and served the Lord all of her life. She will be 83 this month. Your prayers will be a blessing to her and me. God bless you for what the Lord has called you to do.

  83. Praising God for your mother’s healing! What a precious gift. I have afib and congestive heart failure caused from damage to my heart from rheumatic fever at age 9. Please pray for my heart to be healed and my strength be restored for all that God has for me. Please pray for the salvation of my three children, their spouses and my eight grandchildren. Thank you, Mario.

  84. Praising God for your Mother’s healing.

    Please pray for our son, Ben. He is a 40-year-old alcoholic and when he was younger, he asked a demon, Bezazel, into him. We have tried deliverance, but he won’t really let go? He is divorced and has gone through many women and can’t even support himself. He needs Jesus’ touch. Thank you for your prayers!!

  85. My husband has been through some frightening physical problems. A heart attack, followed by a helicopter ride and a nine-way bypass; a serious car accident causing eight months of treatment with little improvement; and removal of his prostate because of aggressive prostate cancer . These happened in the past 3 1/2 years. He still has cancer in the prostate area which will be treated with radiation and is still receiving treatment following the car accident. I am praying for complete healing of the remaining cancer and healing of the pain and incapacity caused by the accident.

  86. Please pray for my feet and legs. Doctors don’t seem to know what is wrong. It is hard to walk. The pad under my feet is almost gone and the nerves seem to be dying. I need my feet and am trusting God for a miracle. My ankles are tight and feels like something wrong inside. Thank you. God bless you.

  87. Please pray for my sister Cindy. She was diagnosed with colorectal cancer that has metastasized to her liver and one spot in her lung. She is 46 years old. There is a large tumor partially blocking her rectum which resulted in her getting an ostomy bag. I am a believer, Cindy was raised in church but hasn’t gone for several years. The Lord told me he is going to heal her I just don’t know when. During worship I was praying for her and I asked the Lord Why she had cancer. He said, Peggy, without the diagnosis, they can’t see my Glory.
    She has a lot of fear and anxiety. I loved the testimony of your Mom. I felt the same way you did when told my sister had cancer. I had an anger in my bones for what the enemy was attempting to do in my family. Please be in prayer and agreement for Cindy’s total healing including a reversal of the ostomy bag so it is not permanent. Thank you.

  88. How wonderful to hear of your mom’s healing. God is so wonderful. I’d like to request prayer for concentration and focus, some memory problems. Also, please pray for the son of a friend who was severely injured in an auto accident years ago and is unable to speak or walk. Also, salvation for that entire family.

  89. Please pray for my husband’s total healing from residual bowl issues after colon cancer surgery, and that his healing will lead to his salvation.

  90. We had an exchange student from Italy about 10 years ago, a beautiful girl named Gloria. She is now a young mother and the doctors have found cancer in her thyroid and lymph nodes. They did a very extensive surgery last Monday and she will have to undergo much chemo and radiation therapy. Please agree with me for total healing for our Gloria. I sent her a prayer cloth and scriptures and she knows we believe in healing and are praying.

  91. Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace and love and healing!
    Please pray for my sister. She had spinal surgery 3 times, once to put in titanium rods,bolts and screws all along her spinal column to correct severe scoliosis. She then went through 2 more surgeries to correct the damage done when some of the titanium bolts and screws broke and also breaking two discs. Now she is suffering greatly with horrible pain as both of the titanium rods that extend the entire length of her spine have broken. One in one place and the other in 2 places. This has loosened bolts and screws as well. She needs a 4th surgery but has to wait until December 3rd to see a new spine surgeon because the other one says this is too hard for him to repair. We don’t know why titanium medical parts would fail like this. She is 66 years old and is asking the Lord to take her home because the pain is so bad. She needs prayers badly. Please pray. Thank you for your prayers for her.

  92. Healing for my husband – both emotionally and physically. Emotionally, he is dealing with caring for his dying mother and physically he has a degenerative back problem which makes him in pain every day. Asking the Lord for His total healing for his back and that his story of miraculous healing will be a witness to others and reminder of just how great and immense our Papa God’s love is for His children.

    Healing for our pastor and wisdom for his doctors. He has had breathing issues (asthma, allergies, doctors aren’t too sure) since the summer and recently a burst cyst in his kidney which has caused him to have low hemoglobin readings, needing blood transfusions, and a lot of pain. He is scheduled for surgery on Nov. 22nd which will be exploratory but the word cancer has been said as a possibility. Praying for renewed strength, peace, and complete and total healing for his body.

  93. My husband has been hit with one major health issue after another for many years. I have diligently sought the Lord for his healing and for our destiny to be fulfilled. We must have this victory. We must!

  94. My husband is in need of a touch from God. He’s a diabetic paraplegic. In the last 15 months he’s had 2 surgeries for pressure ulcers and he currently has pressure ulcers on both heels. For 15 months he was either in the hospital or a nursing home. We recently brought him home at the Lord’s request and his strength is beginning to improve and I know the Lord is working in his body. Please pray for complete healing for him so he can rise up out of his hospital bed. Thank you.

  95. Praises for your mom’s healing! Thanks for sharing and for the encouragement. Thank your for taking prayer requests.

    I am 75 years old, and I have two types of scoliosis and a pinched nerve between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae. I also have IBS and diverticulosis. Thank you in advance for praying for me.

  96. I truly believe that when we believe we will see the glory of God

    Thank you for praying for my mom. I so expect deliverance from this pain for her.

    My mom is 87 and suffers terrible pain from arthritis, scoliosis and osteoporosis. She cannot take pain meds because of her reactions to drugs.

  97. Please pray for my Pastor’s wife who has cancer and has just started chemo treatment. Also, for several church members who are either sick, recovering from surgeries, or waiting for transplants. I have pain in my hip area, and right shoulder both are from displacements earlier in life.

    Thank you so much for the prayers. I will be praying for you in return. God bless you and your ministry. God bring many to your crusade to be healed. Let revival break out across the country and bring many to salvation.

  98. Please pray for me. I’m am facing another knee replacement surgery. Also, I’m having physical therapy on my back for pain. Thank you, Carol

  99. I have a tumor behind my retina in my right eye. It is bleeding profusely and the Dr did a laser treatment to try to help. But i have almost no vision in it. The Dr says it is very uncommon and seems perplexed as to what to do. I am praying and believing for a miracle. I ask for and appreciate your prayers I pray Gods continued blessings and protection on your ministry.

  100. Please pray for healing of breast cancer for Julie also of my intestinal problems. God bless you and your ministry.

  101. What a Glorious and Awesome Testimony regarding our FATHER’s Great Love, Mercy and Grace for HIS Children!!

    I’m asking for Prayer for my dear friend Marjie who has been battling lung cancer and yet has continued to Praise GOD throughout her painful ordeal…and if I may humbly ask for prayers for a lung condition that I was recently diagnosed with that I’ve been advised is not reversible…BUT I know we serve the ULTIMATE PHYSICIAN who can Heal us All and I want to be a Powerful Soldier in HIS Army and for as long as I can!

    And a Very Heartfelt Thank you for this Prayer Request opportunity AND for fighting for California…may GOD continue to Anoint, Bless and Protect you, Brother Mario!!

  102. Hallelujah! Thank you so much for sharing this miracle. We need the encouragement! I’m believing God for complete healing and deliverence from depression, anxiety and for freedom with other struggles. Praise God !

  103. Please pray for Juuso, he is a young man with cancer. Pray for creative miracle as his intestines have been destroyed and removed. Pray also for my husbands workmates son who has leukemia -for complete, full healing.

  104. For Christian my grandsons roommate. His right hand is paralyzed from an industrial accident. He is young, abandoned by his father, no family. Lives in in Manteca with Alec my grandson. They need Jesus!!
    For Robert , my22year old grandson who is in addiction and living in San Francisco, I an lifestyle, fallen away from the Lord.
    Pray they all make their way to the meeting, and to healing!
    Thank you, Linda

  105. Praise the Lord Jesus for His wonderful healing of your Mom.

    Please pray for Andrew Barnes, a 14 year old boy who is dealing with ‘same-sex attraction” and that he will be freed from this attack from the enemy! Pray that he will be healed and that his mind will be renewed and set free to walk in the Spirit of Truth that only Jesus can give. Thank you brother Mario and my the lord Bless all that you do with His mighty power!!!

    Tom Lioy – Elder
    New Life Bible Fellowship Church
    Long Neck, Delaware 19966

  106. I ask prayer for ,Trista, 33 year old mother who had a stroke. I ask for complete healing! I also pray for my grandsons that they will know and serve God with all their heart and our entire family. I agree in prayer for the miracles and salvation in California. May God submerge this nation in revival and stop every hand of darkness.

  107. Please pray for me and my family, my wife, my children, daughter-in-law son-in-law my grandchildren. That God will heal us. give satisfied with long night peace love

  108. Please pray for me and my family that God will give us the desires of our heart satisfies with long black send us a financial blessing and heal our bodies

  109. Please pray for me and my family that God would heal our bodies satisfy us with long life. Give us the desires of our heart help us Financial

  110. My niece, Rebecca, has become an alcoholic. Please pray for her salvation and healing. She is divorced and has a young daughter.

  111. Asking prayer for our son diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He also struggles with phobias, panic attacks & OCD. The medication he takes causes many side effects, but we’re believing God for a miracle. Standing with you in prayer for a miracle in California.

  112. Praise Jesus for your Mom! 💐😄, I’ve been battling an attack in my health with jabbing pain in my shoulders, wrists, arms, elbows and swelling and blisters in my legs . We’re homeless due to a betrayal for rent, living in car. God told me Restoration in August 2019 and that’s what I’m standing on.
    Praying for the Tent and corridor if God’s Glory in California.
    I’ve recently gotten another job but need God’s healing power to manifest so I can work with no pain. Please believe with us for a motorhome to live in for cheaper rent here in Orlando, FL and the ability to “GO” when He says so! 💐😄 Love in Christ Jesus, Kym

  113. This Prayer request is for my Dearest friend Wendy Duhaime.. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease several years ago and the symptoms of this disease have continued to invade her physical body. We have stood in as much faith as we can muster against the symptoms of this hideous illness. It is a thief and has stolen the fullness of many years of her life. We are trusting and believing for complete and total healing of Parkinson’s disease for Wendy. It is time for the manifestation of this miracle with her name on it. I n His grip joyfully Sue Minns

  114. Prayer request: only a supernatural miracle can heal Stephen Clark, he has been in a coma since 8-10-18, he was still 38 years old.
    Was working overtime and 7 days a week. He took something to stay awake and family found him unconscious, reason for coma no oxygen to brain for too long.
    He is grandfather to my great grandson (father to my granddaughter).
    Jesus! By your stripes “Mr” is healed!
    We are expecting a miracle! In Jesus name.

  115. What a wonderful testimony regarding your Mom. When you have your miracle meeting, would you please pray for my multiple spine and joint issues: scoliosis, osteoporosis, bursitis, deteriorated disks, arthritis, Elhers Danilo’s Syndrome. I am 78 years old and would so appreciate your prayers. Sincerely, Martie Rule

    Sent from my iPhone


  116. Prayer for my brother, Larry, that his entire skeletal structure be healed and aligned; ligaments, muscles and nerve connections restored; brain function and eyesight healed; deliverance from addictions and allergies; emotional healing; restored to his right mind as well as his relationship with Jesus. For fulfillment of the Lord’s promise to our mother that upon Larry’s return to Him, He will raise Him up quickly in His ways. Amen and thank you for standing in agreement. L

  117. Mario, What a wonderful God we serve!! I am so thrilled with your beautiful Mother’s healing, for her and all your family!! Please pray for my three siblings, Don, Jean, and Betty, all three are plagued with different forms of dementia/Alzheimer’s. Thank you and may God continue to bless your ministry. D.A.T.

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  118. So happy for your mother! Thank you for your blessed letters about your meetings. I pray for your ministry and souls for JESUS. I would appreciate healing prayer for tinnitus,COPD& asthma and elevated blood pressure. Thank you and God bless your meetings.

  119. A dear sister at our church has been battling leukemia for two years and recently caught the flu. She is having trouble fighting it off with her compromised immune system. Please pray for healing in Jesus’ name!!

  120. Please pray for my mother in law who is a HIV patient. We want her to be completely healed and also please pray she experiences salvation.

  121. Healing for Sandy Frommelt’s cancer on her chest wall. She has a collapsed lung also. She is standing firm on God’s healing promises, declaring healing scriptures over herself. Thank you.

  122. On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 11:43 PM, Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “I have seen blind eyes opened, and > paralyzed limbs healed, but for me this is the greatest healing I have ever > seen. Let me tell you the story. (Editors Note: This testimony was first > shared on July 24th 2019. It is reposted because she is still cance” >

  123. Please pray for my husband to be healed from disabilities (the ability to read and write, vision restored, language restored, no more pain) from a stroke.
    I just had biopsies for cancer. Pray they come back negative.
    Pray for my family to be genuine, obedient and faithful Christians.
    I am standing with you for a great awakening in California!

  124. My husband Paul……Parkinson’s, degenerative disk in his back, bone on bone his hips, neuropathy, memory problems……
    my sister health issues
    my knees and lower back, memory and eyes
    Thank you

  125. Please Pray for a young man named Zion Beck. He was born a twin, but abandoned by his birth family when they discovered he had suffered oxygen deprivation in vitro. His twin, healthy girl, stayed with the family. Autism (pretty severe) and other effects of the brain injury have left him unable to care for himself. He is now a teenager and has been adopted by one of his nurses – a couple saved out of drugs and other sin about 9 or 10 years ago. Social services is discontinuing his health care and it is time for his healing. We have long felt that a creative miracle for him will trigger a great outpouring in our bible belt, calvinistic culture of East Texas. The enemy is trying to overload this family and our church with care and continual warfare. It is time for Zion to receive his healing.

  126. I had a very heavy surgery (22 hours) from a very rare cancer (doctors told me over and over it is very rare) at the back of my tongue, pallete, tonsil and throat…and it was super super super devastating…I had bone xray last week, pleading God for complete healing touch upon me that there is no and there will be no metastasis and that I will be completely set free from cancer…

  127. Thank you Mario for sharing this blog. To God be the glory for your mom’s miracle healing.
    I hope you are still viewing this for prayer requests.
    I grew up hearing that prayer changes things. In the last 3 years, I have experienced first hand that the statement is true. I discovered your blog several months before the issues with your back. I prayed regularly for you, your team, and your tent meetings and continue to do so. I believe that Hanford is going to be spectacular.
    I would appreciate prayers for me and my family. I pray that our minds and spirits will be healed and the issues that each of us have in our physical bodies would also be healed.
    Pray also for a young man named Austin who has brain cancer and needs a miracle.
    I will close for now. I want to go and pray for your Hanford meeting that’s tonight. I encourage others to pray because prayer does change things.

  128. Our friend John Dilday needs healing from a cancer on his neck that just won’t give up. We keep praying and believing Isaiah 53. He and wife Linda are losing hope as they see a losing battle. But God – Thank you for one more voice requesting a MIRACLE, because we are!

  129. Plz pray for my husband. We have been married 46 yrs. He is a very sweet, stubborn man. He is a born again christian, yet refuses to read his bible, pray with me, talk with me in any depth. I am so weary in my waiting. I have prayed, stormed heaven many times. Got a brief break through – once in all these yrs. I am almost 65 yrs old. Is this all there is for my marriage? I would so appreciate your prayers

  130. Reniah Blanco and Moriah Anderson are two of my daughters. They both need Deliverance. Reniah has suffered from ovarian cysts and from ongoing battle with depression. Moriah has unexplainable severe headaches. It must be reversed!

  131. Praise the Lord for His miraculous healing of Cristina! He is faithful.
    I have the privilege to ask you and your team to petition our God for healing of benign prostate hyperplasia. I return to the doctor Jan. 21st for tests and will report back to you (after I have shown myself to the “priests of the church of modern medicine”). Thank you for your prayers!

  132. Hello Mario,
    Been struggling with arthritis in my hip, which had been very uncomfortable to painful. I also have arthritis in my knee which had been helped by cortisone shots for the last 5 or 6 years. I have been confessing the prednisone of God and rebuking the arthritis. Arthritis is a fact but God’s word is true and the truth will change the facts. Without God I need a hip replacement and a knee replacement on the left side. I am good with that ad long ad the surgeon is my Father.
    Thank you and God bless you and your family
    Joe C.

  133. On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 10:37 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “I have seen blind eyes opened, and > paralyzed limbs healed, but for me this is the greatest healing I have ever > seen. Let me tell you the story. (Editors Note: This testimony was first > shared on July 24th 2019. It is reposted because she is still cance” >

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