Without a miracle, in 1 short year, the America you have always known and loved will be gone forever. Who is leading the charge on impeachment and every other destructive movement in America? California.

Here is what we are going to do about it.

In 1972, I stood in the rain outside the Pauley Ballroom at UC Berkeley. Inside, Jane Fonda led a thousand students in a chorus of obscenities.  They were cursing God and America. Instinctively, I raised my Bible and pointed it at the Ballroom and I vowed that one day I would lead an even bigger and louder crowd to shout praises to God and to pray for His blessing on America.

In less than three years I saw my vow fulfilled in vivid detail as the Jesus Movement changed the mood of the nation.

Today I am pointing my Bible again—but this time toward California and all the devils from hell that are behind the same leftist agenda and anti-God spirit which is again screaming and cursing our nation. And once again, I am expecting a miracle!

Part one:  Face the facts.

Fact: Right now, those who are the best equipped to win young Californian hearts are wealthy leftist politicians, atheists, media moguls, singers and actors.  They have the biggest stage, the loudest microphones, and the largest bankroll.

Fact: They all have this in common: They despise Jesus Christ, the Bible, America, Donald Trump, Israel, and you.

Fact:  Those on the Left are pawns of Satan. They want a world without the traditional family or any restraints on abortion, drugs, pornography or pedophiles. Here’s the unvarnished truth: the current leftist regime in California sees no future for Christianity in the state. They have made it their mission to drive true believers out of what they consider “their” state.

Fact:  Their ideology thrives on policies that divide and destroy.  They see chaos as a good thing because it destroys the old order to make way for the new order.  Prolonged economic depression, brainwashing, riots, and even cop killings are permissible for the “greater good.” That explains the deliberate destruction of California’s prosperity and civil order.

Fact:  They are ahead of schedule.  Without a miracle, in 1 short year, the America you have always known and loved will be gone forever.  The unified efforts of the God-haters are paying off in a big way, and California is the leader of this national coup.

This land of opportunity, this nation under God, this firewall against tyranny, this lighthouse for the Gospel is gasping for air beneath an avalanche of wickedness that is spewing out of California.

So what is Mario Murillo Ministries going to do?  We are beginning our second year of soul winning along Highway 99 in California. 

Our tent crusades have proven the hunger for Christ among the masses of people in this state. We begin with profound soberness and immovable resolve. Even though we have had results, they are nowhere near the results we seek, and nowhere near the results we know God will give us.

Part two:  Here is what we are going to do in 2020, step by step.

Step1:  Pray:  “Now, Lord, look on their threats, and grant to your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word, by stretching out Your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus” [Acts 4: 29, 30].

We are going to pray.  And not just any prayer, but the specific prayer that Peter prayed after the church was threatened.  He did not pray to escape—but to confront.  Peter wanted boldness.  He wanted power.  He wanted signs and wonders to prove the message of Christ.  We find ourselves in that exact same situation.  We must emulate his prayer and look for the same result.

Step 2: Plan:  Any plan devised by man is doomed, but no plan that comes through the agency of prayer will fail.  The plan that we seek will put us among lost souls and put lost souls in our events. The Holy Spirit will infuse us with a strategy that neutralizes the resistance to the Gospel.

Step 3: Prove:  Living Proof must not be a symbolic title.  It must be reality.  Whatever we have to do, whatever it takes to free the Holy Spirit to work in our tent meetings, we will do it.  We must come, saturated with prayer and expecting supernatural manifestations.  Our unambiguous goal must be to remove our flesh from the equation so that God will cause hardened hearts to fall before Him in utter amazement and surrender.

God must stretch His hand over an angry culture, perform supernatural healings, and overrule the agenda of man. It’s what we do in the tent.

Step 4: Plant:  Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” We must pray for the Lord to bring together churches of like heart to join us.  We must give converts the greatest chance of success by planting them in churches that believe as we do: in revival, the gifts of power, and the integrity of Scripture.

In conclusion:  To make a difference, we must see the threat.  To retake our nation, we must call on God.  We must speak out loud and clear.  We must provoke the lukewarm to action, and the lost to redemption.

As I said in the beginning: today I am pointing my Bible again.  This time I am pointing it at the heart of an evil regime that is calling evil good and good evil.  And I refuse to be afraid.  I refuse to back down.  And I refuse to think small or let up on our assault on the powers of darkness in California.

Please continue to pray without ceasing for our final tent crusade of 2019 in Hanford, California.  Pray as if the future of America depends on it! Now for this special video invitation.


12 thoughts on “WHAT WE’LL DO

  1. Dear Mario, your descriptive of who, what and where, ‘they’ are is expert.
    In your 3rd Fact you mentioned the Left being “pawns of satan,” I am also reminded of what Jesus said to certain crowds and Jewish leadership that hated & accused Him, He told them that they were, “of their Father the devil”!
    So people who are actually Christian could safely summarize that The Left ones’ are “the Spawn of satan”, who will also be “left behind”. But what did God reveal to Moses many millennia ago?…Moses said,
    “I will make you the Head and not the tail, you will be above and not beneath”.
    But if Christ followers lose their head & drop the ball in 20/20, they’ll find the tail wagging the dog all over again but this time much more violently than it did in 2008 through 2015.
    Ponder that…🤔…terrifying isn’t it!…😧😓😳😲

  2. Mario, I have just been through a week of being compelled by the Holy Spirit to pray. Michael Savage said we are headed for decades of darkness in the United States. Dems are trying to crucify our President. Hucksters are still saying over the airways to call and give to them NOW so that God can unlock heaven and cancel all their debts, as though God has authorized them only to allow people to be blessed and receive a miracle. Yet after a week of prayer, my soul is flooded with excitement. It all comes from Haggai. The people were focused on themselves. The House of God was neglected and in disrepair. They were cold in spirit. They were perpetually “waiting on God.” Haggai comes and says, ” No, God is waiting on you, and it is time!” The Lord “stirred up the spirit” of Zerubbabel and Joshua and “the remnant.” God has stirred up the spirit of Donald Trump. Of Mario and Lance. Of Samuel Rodriquez and Stephen Furtick. Of Franklin Graham and Anne Graham Lotz. Of Jentzen Franklin and Greg Laurie. And HE STIRRED UP THE SPIRIT OF KANYE WEST????? 17,000 coming each week to his sevices to hear about Jesus in Hiphop???? Thank God, and who will be next? God said through Haggai, “Don’t look to the past, THE BEST IS YET TO COME! The future will be more glorious than any past glory you remember. I am with you, I will provide, be steady, and get the work done! You see ashes. I see the best ever about to arise!” God said not everyone will get aboard, but I just need a faithful “remnant.” How many life changing movements in world history began with one man getting “stirred up” by some cause he believed in? Let God’s people get stirred up for his cause. I am stirred, and hopeful, and believing God that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet, the best is yet to come. God, protect those you have called to preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and let the wicked fall into their own pit they have dug for others. Let God arise, his enemies be scattered.

      1. Love this! I’m in total agreement, The Best is Yet to Come!! 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️

        We serve an Awesome God!!

  3. As a new believer in 1971, I thought the church world was going way to far when they preached against movies. I told them, really “The Sound of Music” is a sin? They said, “Hollywood’s culture and the influence on the youth was demonic” . They were right, and every movie I attended supported and helped promote this cultural mess that is at the foundation of California’s destruction. Hollywood and many television shows have desensitized our culture. But there is coming a move like none of us have imagined.
    In 1965, William Brenham heard this while praying, he said, “God is going to take every move of God in history, and even what we witnessed in bible days, put it all together in one great Holy Ghost bomb and drop it on planet earth. The nations will rock and reel with G-d ‘s power”.
    Mario, your training up workers for the greatest harvest of souls this old world has ever seen.

  4. Two weeks ago while worshipping the Lord at my local church the Lord brought to my heart the words “foursquare church” and that led to thinking on Aimee Semple McPherson and the ministry the Lord gave her. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me ” there is coming to California a healing revival and a revival of faith”! I gave the Word out loud to me congregation. That’s what I’m expecting!!

  5. Reblogged this on free73735 and commented:
    Amazing how this particular connection to Mario( for several months now) is being used by Jesus, to bring much needed confirmation & understanding of the activity, direction, even confusion, occuring in my personal life since 2011.. Thanks!

    1. To free73735, It sounds like the door has been flung wide open for you now…with divine healing and divine retrieval of things that were once thought to be lost and gone forever.
      Blessings cometh!

      1. How to shorten 20 yrs or so..? Starting in the early 2000’s major health issues began. Back & forth, up & down goes the battle on a daily basis. The best diagnosis was fibromyalgia. Was told everything from ” in ur head(psychosomatic),no such thing u hv quack dr, to trying nearly every remedy out to cure it, like the woman in the Bible, who spent all she had. I do know the effects varie in individuals.
        Prayer 4 healing was constant. I was a team member of the healing rooms in my city & we saw many others healed. Ppl who go through events such as death (of family members, close friends etc), divorce, major job loss, moving even create trauma that has serious effects on the body, even psychological. The average time suggested 4 recovery for 1 of these, is 3-5 yrs. I dealt with divorce, 2 kids on drugs with 1 being shot in the head & died (left 5 children, fathered by 5 different fathers behind), move by the co I worked 4, to one of the 2 additional stores purchased by them, my mom & dad died, daughter- in-law chrg with child abuse spent yr in court to prove her innocence, and and and….! This has become a book, need to stop 4 now. Just know a couple of things Mario Murillo mentioned on Sid Roth’s show, were confirmations from Jesus about the direction of the future 4 me at this time. His willingness to fight 4 this nation was the beginning. I cringed everytime I heard a pastor say the “end times” hv arrived so hunker down until Jesus shows up, & don’t try to push back on evil, (especially evil Trump).
        Thanks 4 ur encouragement also!

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