The Miracle Has Already Started

This is going on right now on the streets. We are hours away from the tent going up in Hanford and the outreach is no joke. The young revivalists from Inner City Action are spreading the Gospel and sharing with so many hungry souls. We have no doubt that a harvest of souls is coming in the next few days both on the streets and in the tent.

Everywhere in Hanford there is an openness to the Gospel. These soldiers from Inner City Action are finding that many are ready to repent and follow Christ.
Hanford has been saturated with prayer. Churches have open their hearts and their buildings to contain the miracle that is coming their way. Electric expectation is in the air.
In this time of violence, perversion, despair and gross darkness the Gospel shines even brighter. These pictures tell a story the media doesn’t want you to see. Far from being angry toward God Californians are hungry, open and grateful for prayer. The power of hope is amazing.

The reports keep coming back that people want a miracle. They want to be prayed for. They want God!
This is ominous for the devil because it indicates a statewide hunger for Christ. The ground is rumbling and a blessing is coming! But it also shows that diluting the Gospel is both foolish and unnecessary.

We at Mario Murillo Ministries violently, totally, and utterly disagree with the notion that we should ‘tone down’ the Gospel in America.  There are millions of innocent bystanders who have not rejected Christ.  They are simply caught in the middle between haters telling lies and the misfiring sermons of voices that are too timid to tell the truth.  We must take our message to these millions who are trapped in the middle. This is why the answer is not to ‘tone it down’ but to turn it up!

We take a stand because we belong in the national conversation.  America has a drug, divorce, suicide, anger, and atheism problem.  Our voice needs to be heard because we carry the most immediate and effective cure for everything that is hurting America.
The tent is going up in Hanford and everything is pointing to a harvest of souls and divine healing miracles. And last but not least our prettiest worker.
I am praying for this tent crusade to be our greatest impact ever! Come and bring someone if you can. But everyone pray!

14 thoughts on “The Miracle Has Already Started

  1. Hallelujah!! I’ve been following your posts through CA. I’m from a small full gospel church in rural western North Carolina. We too are experiencing the fullness of God, many have been healed and have been expecting a nationwide revival. We’ve been praying Ezekiel 37, as so many churches are dry.

  2. Fervent prayers for Hanford. For souls and signs and wonders and miracles. I cant wait to hear the report of what Almighty God does.

  3. Fervent prayers for Hanford. For souls and signs and wonders and miracles. I can’t wait to hear what Almighty God does.

  4. I love Hanford. I used to live there many years ago and the Lord blessed me so much there. Thankful to see the people of Hanford being blessed by God!

  5. God Bless You Mario, God Bless the Inner City Action Group, God Bless MMM Team, God Bless this Gospel Movement, God Bless the people of Hanford, God Bless the Tent of Christ and its going up and its going down, God Bless the California landscape of lost and dying souls, God Bless this Divine effort in every-way Conceivable!!!!…in Jesus Name, AMEN🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Praise the LOrd. Keep going, the finish line is in sight. The Lord God reigns!!!!! God be glorified in every way, even here in Houston ,Texas as my husband shall declare his miracle. All things are possible with God and His desire is for all to KNOW HIM and love HIM. HHe makes a way where there SEEMS to no way. Let God arise and HIS enemies be scattered.

  7. Hosanna Hosanna in the highest! Praise be to God from which such blessings flow! Thank you Father for the outpouring of your Spirit. May those flames be continually stoked and fed by the prayers of your Saints until you come again! Thank you for your hands and feet and for ministries that are open to hear, to go, to do and obey. Hallelujah!

  8. Let the souls come pouring in…to the Kingdom of God! In Jesus name healings, miracles, breakthroughs of all kinds come forth!

    The Lord God bless, protect, and record in heaven these great works done in excellence and love for God and the people.

    May Mario and all harvest workers see great rewards,

    Love & Blessings

  9. – so thankful for your ministry.
    I am a self supporting missionary in the Philippines. – teaching ukulele with Christian music and prayer. When I return to California, I hope to see your ministry in action. My heart goes out to those suffering from a lack of Christ in their lives. Lord,at this courageous and uplifting ministry bring Jesus to thousands upon thousands of lost souls – that they may have Life in the Son! Thank you Mario and all who are part of your ministry! God bless you all!

  10. Sad the problem with churches having an ‘anti -Trump” problem, is they also have a “anti-deplorable” problem. Verbiage has changed, but this issue is ancient. However, the great news is, the cure unadulterated Jesus, is also ancient and very much alive and well through Mario Murillo’s Ministries!

  11. We Praise God for you Brother Mario Murillo. I have a Praise Report. I live in So Cal. I was born in a small town in the Central Valley, Selma, one of the cities where you have to take the 99 Highway. My heart is overwhelmed with the goodness of God. I have been Praying over Selma for the past 12 years and the Central Valley. I love the Central Valley. Growing Up I would spend my summer vacations in Selma with my Grandma, Family. Brother Mario, the Lord had given me the scripture Ezekiel 37 – Valley of Dry Bones. I have called my family in Selma and encouraged , letting them know of the importance of attending and bringing many as possible. Selma has been experiencing many shootings, with lives being taken. Prayers , Intercession have been going out for this City. We will continue to stand and Pray and Not give up. I know you have your schedules and agenda regarding your Ministry, however, I would love to hear that God would speak and assign you to raise your Tent in Selma. There is so much more I can share on how God is using you to answer my cries & Prayers. God Bless you and all your Staff and all ministry workers. Thank you!!

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