Kanye West

I find it quite ironic: Kanye West has turned his concerts into a mission while the church has turned its mission into a concert. He is winning souls, but getting criticized by believers who won’t win souls.

Is Kanye’s conversion real? Are his motives pure? Does he really know Christ? One honest look at the American church makes these questions seem bizarre. These are the very questions the American church should be asking itself, not Kanye.

It reminds me of the time the disciples got all territorial about anyone outside their group doing ministry:  “John answered Him, saying, ‘Teacher, we saw someone who does not follow us casting out demons in Your name, and we forbade him because he does not follow us.’ But Jesus said, ‘Do not forbid him, for no one who works a miracle in My name can soon afterward speak evil of Me. For he who is not against us is on our side.’” (Mark 9:38-40)

America is littered with religious centers that have permitted masses to worship without repenting—to believe they are saved without being converted.  Whole congregations are living in outright sin but they are hearing from the pulpit: “if you confess your sins, you offend God’s grace.” And we are worried about Mr. West?

Some are wondering if Kanye is building an empire in the name of Jesus for personal gain.  Whoa!  That question could be leveled at many celebrity preachers…maybe even your favorite.  We are surrounded by Carnal Christian Centers built entirely on marketing, smoke and mirrors, who want to question Kanye’s substance.

But the excuse for fearing Kanye West’s potential insincerity is dismissed by Paul the Apostle himself: 15, “Some indeed preach Christ even from envy and strife, and some also from goodwill: 16 The former preach Christ from selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my chains; 17 but the latter out of love, knowing that I am appointed for the defense of the gospel.  18 What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is preached; and in this I rejoice, yes, and will rejoice.” (Phil. 1:15-18)

Any soul that sincerely reaches out to Christ in these rallies will be touched by salvation. Christ is being preached!  Woodrow Wilson said, “The proof that the Gospel is divine is the preaching it has survived.” And it will most certainly survive this.

Now I want to address one final danger: the danger of rejecting a modern Saul of Tarsus. The early church made that mistake, but thank God they recovered before it was too late. I am not so sure the American church knows what is good for it.  Just look at how many Christians refused to vote for Donald Trump even as he was fiercely battling on behalf of Christians and supporting Israel.

Jesus said, “You did not know the hour of your visitation.” Another translation said, “You did not know when God came to help you.” What if God is sending help, but we keep hypocritically sniffing at His help?  When Jerusalem rejected Paul, the result was a disaster.

God keeps on placing strange packages at our door. This is because when God saves America from self-destructing, no one else will get the glory.  I for one welcome God’s help, and that of everyone He sends.

62 thoughts on “Kanye West

  1. Great word sir.
    I’m a piano and guitar player, who does worship music in a few different churches.
    The Lord told me he desires worship.
    So I’ve been playing strictly worship music.
    I sing as well. Sir, I’m broken hearted by seem strange fire sang from the pulpit.
    Worldly songs but the words have been changed to Christian songs. Those songs were lifted up to Satan and became hits.
    I’m broken hearted by what’s going on in churches today. But I’m following what the Lord told me to do. God bless you sir.

    1. The important fact is, are people coming to salvation? As a new Believer, Kanye is excited and doing what he knows best. He will change as he grows. I remember when I accepted CHRIST over 40 years ago. I ran around sharing. It didn’t matter if people wanted to hear from me or not. As I matured in CHRIST my approach changed. We never know who God is going to choose to use.

    2. If what you are doing glorifies God, honors God and brings you joy because you are obedient then keep on doing it. He will bless you in your obedience. If your’e concerned for the “strange fire song” then pray for them and continue to be the testimony that Papa wants in this hour!!!

    3. Kanye needs the body of Christ to pray for him. Period. I can only imagine the target the enemy has put on him. I will not let it be said J helped him.

  2. Hallelujah! Well spoken……
    Go GOD GO!
    It may not look like what we thought
    But lets rejoice in this Amazing Grace
    God has wrought
    Influencers will help bring in
    the many who were trapped in sin
    John 3:16-17 says it well
    JESUS came to save from hell!
    Rejoice and for these pray
    That Our HOLY GOD will have HIS WAY!

    1. Amen🙌‼️God will use whomever He chooses, imperfect people, imperfect churches, imperfect leaders and Kings and Presidents because His ways are not our ways!!! Open our hearts, O God, to every “new thing” that YOU DO! We are your hands and feet, so move us all, HOLY SPIRIT, into your John 14:11-14 action in the world, “so the whole world will know that you are God…”! And may LOVE unite us as Jesus prayed in John 17💞🙏

  3. Fantastic article! To God be the glory! I have books on my shelf that I have removed forever due to the utter IGNORANCE of rejecting Donald Trump as our president. Men and women who I have watched on tv teach/preach the gospel and I have bought their books and supported them —only to find out what SHALLOW thinkers they actually are—and completely out of touch with the working of the Holy Spirit! Donald Trump represents the true love of God working through a flawed human being! All of us are flawed and yet God chose us in all our imperfections to REPRESENT HIM! What an awesome, loving, forgiving ABBA FATHER❣️

  4. Oh AMEN Mario!!!!!
    What a boon Kanye West is to this addled society today.
    Mark 9:38-40, is the very scripture that my Husband & I have quoted to others and used for insight for years to explain the mysterious workings of our LORD!
    It has been our experience that our Savior Jesus Christ was of all persons’ very practical. One way we view this is by the miracle of God’s economy in the multiplication of loaves and fishes thereby feeding thousands & thousands who Jesus said He knew were hungry and He didn’t want them to faint along the way. While Jesus instructed them to collect up all the remains of the feast so that nothing was wasted.
    Mr West in our opinion is another useful instrument within God’s economy, where nothing is ever wasted, where people & things are not meant to be missing or lacking.
    To us the problem is…religiosity which is very impractical, it often throws away much more than it uses, yet in Divine Righteousness nothing and no one is wasted, hence people like Mr Kanye West become gainfully employed by The King of Everything King Yeshua, in order to be useful to The Master and His Master plan. Those who are more religious than spiritual cannot partake of this practical understanding & bountiful way of our Savior, due to the nature of their own religious affliction.

  5. Thank you, as usual, for your bold truth, Mario. We who see Jehovah’s movement applaud your comment. He is using the foolish things (the unexpected) to confound the wise. It will be interesting to see if Kanye is able to present a salvation message at Osteen’s church today. He is a guest there.

  6. We welcome Kanye to the family 👪 of Jesus Christ.
    Kanye, please bring Madonna and Nancy Pelosy, and all,,,, to the family.

  7. Totally agree, Mario. I am excited to see who God will call out of darkness into His marvellous light next!!!! Bring them in, Jesus!!

  8. I totally agree,too, Mario! I’m excited about what God is doing in surprising ways! For instance, revival among inmates at our county prison! I’m disappointed with comments I hear from some Christians who are doubting Kanye’s conversion, etc. (playing Holy Spirit) I remind them that God alone knows his heart…..and I agree with Aaron’s prayers!

  9. Amen to all the above. Lord we lift Kanye West up for great protection from all harm and from lying tongues. Thank You for his salvation and that he has a mentor that is solidly rooted in You and Your Word.

  10. praise the Lord for moving on individuals whether they religiously attend church or not. God is in control and may He continue to work through Kanye and our great President to the saving of souls and saving our great, although broken country.

  11. You would think Christians would be rejoicing instead of judging and becoming jealous. Could this be the Great revival before the coming of Jesus? !!! I sure pray so

  12. Reblogged this on free73735 and commented:
    Wow! You hit the nail on the head “big time” Mr Murillo. Jesus has used those to use those who are willing to be used for Christ. He didn’t indicate to anyone to check out if they had a “christian pedigree” 1st & then declare them ‘really’ saved. We catch the fish, Jesus does the sorting if any is needed .

  13. Praise God, brother Mario, for your common sense doctrine! Thank you for recognizing that the Word of God is good for exhortation, teaching, and doctrine. (1 Tim 4:13) It is my understanding that young people are leaving “the church” in droves because of the watered-down drivel that they’ve been hearing for so long. We, as the Church are called to be holy – separate from the world, instead of trying to be just like them! I am excited and stirred within my spirit to hear the reports from all over the world about young people coming to a real relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior! “In the last days I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh” and that is exactly what He’s doing! Thank you for your willingness and strength of character to present the unadulterated Word of God to this nation! It may be a hard message to hear, but it is also much needed!

    @ Carolina: “Those who are more religious than spiritual cannot partake of this practical understanding & bountiful way of our Savior, due to the nature of their own religious affliction.”

    Amen! I love the way you worded this!

    God Bless His remnant who continues in prayer and studying/rightly dividing the Word of God!


  14. Hello Donna!

    Wow…..I thought this was a powerful point made by a man whom I respect greatly. Mario is the man who pitches tents up and down Highway 99 in California winning souls to Christ.


  15. So appreciated, so exactly my thoughts. Very troubling about the church world. Praying for Kanye, that Our God will continually fill and draw him. Cause him to obey from the heart the truth that’s been delivered to him. That even if he don’t fully understand, that he will go against the grain of the modern church world and fully surrender to and love Christ!

    Sent from my iPhone


  16. I lived in Hanford and that area about 35 years. Constants sharing the gospel and praying for the whole valley and way beyond.. have prayed much for and listened to you over the decades. Live on central coast now and don’t want to be here, has to be a purpose, learning waiting. Love you bless you

    Sent from my iPhone


  17. Good word bro,
    It’s a bit like how Jesus was treated and received “by the church”. He too was a radical, non stereotypical image of what they thought the Messiah should be like..

  18. True when people are incarcerated they have had time to clean up from alchohol and drug addiction. This makes for hungry hearts, leading to many true conversions. Many will be released being spiritfilled and with a bornagain attitude.

    Everyone that is bornagain knows the felling that takes place within there heart. Kenye is a babe in Christ, it’s like tasting something good, and wanting everyone to taste it.

    Many of were the same way, we began witnessing and winning souls when we couldn’t even quote a scripture.

    May God have His will be done in this unquestionable end times harvest…

  19. Amen, Amen, Pastor Mario. Like our guest speaker said this morning…”Some Christians are doubting Kanye’s sincerity while he is at a prison, singing and praying, and inmates have their arms raised in worship with tears rolling down their face…when was the last time you went to a jail and preached Jesus? Let’s repent of this spirit of criticism.”

  20. Mario, you told your supporters through this very blog that you knew that God would very soon be using people for His glory of which much of the church would not understand nor even approve of. Kanye West fits that description to a ‘T’ and so does Donald Trump, and ironically they are both friends!

  21. I agree to a point, but it would have been better to say: “Kanye West has turned his concerts into worship while the church has turned its worship into a concert.”

    Honestly, it’s one thing to hold an evangelistic outreach concert to win souls, which is totally acceptable, but another to have a big show on Sunday morning that only distracts us from worshiping God! All our TV-perfect Sunday meetings do little to change lives.

    So, the problem is not having concerts, the problem is often WHERE we have them. There’s nothing wrong with a concert in the right setting. But it’s definitely not in place of our worship. Make sense?

  22. I have rejoiced from the first moment I heard Kanye sing and Preach. He needs us praying for him not criticizing him. His walk is with Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Judge not us. I feel this alines even with what our conversation on Fri/Sat about loving. I have so much to learn and grow in. Thanking God for His Mercy. He is a baby believer he has done more to win souls then I ever have. What a platform to shine for Jesus. He reminds me of Johnny Cash’s story. God is a Redeeming God. I believe this is just the beginning of more radical conversions. Bring it on Jesus Father Draw all the influential money making people to Your Son Jesus Christ!!! Protect what You have begun in Kanye and keep Him surrounded by sound doctrine, sound people, plugged into the word and lead by pure obedience to Your Holy Voice. Hallelujah Sent from my iPhone


  23. Many labor for years, so much so that they have deceived themselves into thinking their labors are of some worth. Another comes along, deciding to pick up the cross too, one who only labors for a short time and his actions make waves throughout the kingdom. The prior begin to become jealous saying, “Who is this person who thinks he can labor? Who is his authority to do this?” The prior does not like the later because the later is only focused on the King. The prior have turned their focus inward, only upon themselves.

  24. I remember when the Jesus people found their way to the local churches in Seattle, during the 70’s, and shock waves went through the congregation. Also, no one in the Idaho’s churches were ready for them either, but they came just as they were barefoot and dirty some came out of the woods
    crawling with lice. Saved,delivered and set free in need of love, guidance and mercy. The church wasn’t ready but they learned and stepped up. Pastors that had never casted out a demon learned how out of necessity. Most important Yeshua Ben Elohim, Jesus son of the Most High got all the glory.
    I am so excited! I have waited and prayed since 1985, to see this glorious move and at 74, I am going to see it!!!

  25. Love it, great article. Thank you. Really good points, we, I think we need to pray for Kanye. Thank you for good article.

  26. On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 3:02 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “I find it quite ironic: Kanye West has > turned his concerts into a mission while the church has turned its mission > into a concert. He is winning souls, but getting criticized by believers > who won’t win souls. Is Kanye’s conversion real? Are his motives ” >

  27. I agree, I remembering being told that a time would come that the saved would not have time to get out of there grave clothes, they would be preaching right away. We don’t have time to waste, Jesus is coming soon, He will use any one who will reach the lost. God bless all who are not offended and get out there and reach the lost!

  28. I find it absolutely Stunning that the Body of Christ has chosen to disparage this man. I don’t know him. I don’t know his music. All I see is his absolutely wonderful efforts to win the lost. So what if you don’t like who has decided to “use” him for their own advancement. Who cares? He has put himself out there. He is getting trashed by his old fans (and the media) and now is getting trashed by Believers!? God always uses the Unexpected! I am appalled at the way Believers are responding to this. I told one group on Facebook, that unless they had witnessed to ANYONE that week, they needed to shut their mouths. And no one responded….either way. He is going into prisons, he admits his life failures, he is honest and he is Loud and Clear. And he is seeing results! My prayer is he will surround himself with wise mentors, he will growand that Almighty God will use him in a most fantastic way that will shut everyone’s mouth! We supposedly want to see the world won to Christ Jesus, and then when someone is won, it’s the Believers who have the hardest time with it. I’ve known many high profile people personally, who go silent for this very reason. So sad. And SO NOT what Jesus would do. It is heartbreaking. Father God, hide hm in the shelter of your wing. Thank you Mario for addressing this.

  29. Kanye needs discipling and discernment. He needs lots of prayer. He has the in road to thousands of young people who need the saving grace of Jesus Christ. They do not flock into churches but they do to his concerts. Help him grow in his Christian walk just like all that have gone before him had to do. He will make mistakes, learn those who are to be trusted and those who are not. Time is getting short folks!

  30. all I can say is I’m praying for Kanye the God will keep his arms around him that he will continue to grow in the world and in his relationship with God and it will all he’s doing that he’ll get the wisdom of God to not only leave those young people to Christ but they leave them to good home churches as he connect with different pastors and that he does have discernment to send them to the right house a house that will help them grow and mature in a relationship with God that is my prayer for Kanye.
    Pastor IB Sharp

  31. I am so excited as I believe this is just the beginning of powerful demonstrations of the great move of God we are praying to happen. My job as a Pastor is to support all who comes to Jesus. Kanye has my love and prayer. We are praying as to what we must do to enlarge the moves if God. Many Channels. one Lord

  32. Wow. Well said!
    God is in control.
    God is using Kanye for the Great Commission.

    You know whats really ironic now is how did the modern so called “Christians” became the “Modern Pharisees”. Too judgemental.

    If Kanye is leading thousands of people to accept Jesus as their personal Savior and emphasize to read the Bible, we should ALL REJOICE!

  33. AMEN and AMEN and AMEN!!! Glory Hallelujah Jesus! It is time to praise the Lord! To rejoice that God is doing great and mighty things! We are witnesses to the Truth of His Testimonies! Jesus IS King! And every knee WILL bow before Him! If a rock praised the Lord, would there have been a bigger surprise? A gate of hell falls down and we try to put it back up?! Have those with sight become blind? Father, bring those voices to shame that they may repent! The angels are rejoicing and I’m joining in!

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