Someone caught on video the moment that Jesus healed a man’s legs, and not only could he walk, he ran!  Others witnessed sickness leaving bodies all over the tent. Indeed, in some cases God revealed the name of the illnesses and even how long people had suffered with them.

This abundance of healings is the kind of thing that Spirit-filled believers love to hear about. Many would love to hear about the prophetic words that zeroed in on people with laser accuracy, leaving them stunned and rejoicing.

These are the kinds of things we should want to know about.  Signs and wonders are a vital tool in winning souls and igniting the church to revival. Not only that, but Jesus was wounded and bore the stripes of scourging so these dear people could be healed and set free.

But, have we as a church become so dazzled by signs and wonders that we have forgotten that our priority should be saving souls?  Has our fascination with signs and wonders become a distraction from the Great Commission?  God forbid!

The bottom line is that the Holy Spirit wants soul-winning and miracles to work together, following the pattern set by the ministry of Jesus and by those in the early church.  That is the story of the tent—and that is all you need to know.

Nevertheless, such reports do not do justice to what is happening in these meetings. Nor does it reveal the important implication of this harvest.

People are turning to Jesus in large numbers with a deep conviction.  They are not merely turning over a new leaf—they are being converted. Conversion is a word that has almost dropped out of church language. That souls are being converted is all you need to know about these tent meetings.  Winning lost souls is what it is all about. This is why Jesus went to the Cross.

However, this surge of souls in our tent in Hanford speaks to a much larger phenomenon, and that is that Satan has overplayed his hand in California.  Not being content with just introducing pornography, filth, and evil, he must also pour forth a flood of sexual perversion on the school children of this state. He is saturating classrooms with gender-bending propaganda. Why does the frenzied Left feel they must rush children into sexual identities? Why is Planned Parenthood grooming children to become sexually active? Why this war on innocent childhood?

The devil is attempting to submerge all of America in a spirit of hatred, division and violence.  He is pouring out a spirit of despair and is subsuming America in a cold-blooded atmosphere that is creating so much misery. Why is the enemy doing these things, since he knows that every single time he has done it in the past, people have been driven to Jesus? The answer is he can’t help himself. He is blinded by his unbridled hatred of God.  Satan wants to strike back at God by humiliating all of mankind, and putting men, women and children in bondages of perversion.

During the past two nights of ministry, we have seen young and old alike responding to an unapologetic call to commit their lives to Christ.

Last night a nine-year-old boy named Jozion Nunez was truly born again. He joined hundreds of others who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb! They represent the miracle that is still to come in the Highway 99 Corridor of Glory.  Watch for it, beloved! The harvest is here!

Special note: Tonight, November 19th and tomorrow night November 20th at 7 p.m. will be the last two Living Proof Crusade meetings of 2019.  Please be in intercessory prayer and, if at all possible, come and join us!

13 thoughts on “ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

  1. Awesome is these Prayers & Healing Sessions, 🛐held by Mario Murillo in Hanford, Ca. And at The Revival tents going up, in the cities of many counties. Making room to seat and fit many many more people in one place as they come for prayer. 🙏 Through Hwy 99 in the Central Valley, From the North to the South! South to the north on Hwy 99! Los Angeles, Marysville, Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno, Dinuba and Currently Hanford, California. The Tears of Healing and Joy! Through God the Father and his Son Jesus! In our presence like a beaming light and warm fire of the Lord…in his Glorious
    & Powerful healing hands upon us. 🕊🌬🌟🌠☁️. My Aunt from Hanford healed from pain in her body! Which she has suffered and lived with, for over 20 years. 👏👏and many others healed from Diabetes, High blood pressure, Cancer, and many more illness or circumstance in their lives! Plus many a People, and Families, who come out for Prayer & Hope for oneselfe, and for their Children, Have been Set free! Free from pain n torment of whats happening in their Life! And many Healed…Body, Soul & Mind by the Holy Spirit! 🕊Which Remove and Replace with peace, love, healing & blessing! In Jesus Name☺ ! Prayers Answered 👐🙏of many peoples request! The Prescence of God is such a Glory & Fire amongst us all…filled with Peace, Love, and the Joy of the Lord Jesus healings🙌! For Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit!,🕊🕊🕊 as soon as you walk in this Place… an overwhelming peace of the Holy Spirit is upon us! And we are on fire for the Lord Jesus..thank you Jesus and thank you for using Mario Murrillo as one of your Vessels for your Glory!🛐🌠🔥🌬☁️🌝🌞🌟⭐Amen. GOD IS GOOD!

  2. I think God for your commitment I don’t miss reading what you post this is awesome I continually pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and your meetings thank God hallelujah

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  3. PRECIOUS ETERNAL SOULS that is what Jesus died for, AMEN Mario… ✝︎ ✝︎ ✝︎ ✝︎

    Seized, bound & helpless against the powers of this present darkness is how the enemy desires to hold, block and keep back far from God these many people.

    But those same powers are rendered limp and ineffective with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached in their ears, as the anointing takes charge it makes all the difference.

    Well done faithful servant Mario Murillo and Team.

  4. I have said that the one big reason that we do not see more signs and wonders is the lack of believing. If someone were to be raised from the dead there would 50 more funerals as everyone would fall over in shock and heart attacks!

  5. Praying for a great harvest of souls as you conclude the 2019 portion of your ministry in California. 2020 will be an even greater year of harvest and miracles, in Jesus name!

  6. Fervent prayers for Highway 99 corridor and our nation. The enemy always overplays his hand with chaos and division.We must stay on the offense,push back the darkness and shut the lion’s mouth.We have to remember the authority He has given us to bind and loose,to declare on earth as it is in heaven.Come on church,rise up in Him and be the giant slayers we were created to be.The price He paid for us and what He has given us is everything we need.

  7. You can count on our prayers brother! They have been with you this entire mission! Thank you for this encouraging report! We don’t know in full but we certainly know in part the nature of this battle between the devil and our wonderful God. No where in scripture is it more clearly depicted as in John chapter 14, 15 and 16. These were the last hours that Jesus had with his disciples before he was arrested. Satan himself was at the last supper. He was marshaling his entire evil army against what our Lord and Savior was called to do. There is no time in history where there was greater turmoil than then. And yet what did our Lord command his disciples in John 14 verse one? “Let not your heart be troubled.“ he repeated this command later in the same chapter. That is a sound word for us today! No matter what we see no matter what we hear, the words of our Lord are to not be troubled! My prayer for you, for California, for this nation, is what the Lord taught us to pray “thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven“. I believe with all of my heart that what is in heaven is invading this earth. There is no evil, there is no perversion, greater than the grace and love and mercy and provision of our heavenly father! He is at work, He has A plan and our job is to trust him and agree with him and see the glory of the Lord! Blessings and peace and comfort be with you all! You have started a fire in California and I am expecting to see it spread across this great land. God’s peace, Diane and Earl Z.

  8. I will be on the White House tour sat at 12 noon eastern time.
    Should I take my signed copy of the new book V,O,F,G?

  9. Some lovely comments here. And what a thrilling testimony, Pastor Mario. I will definitely be in prayer for the meetings.

  10. Mario, you are playing a blinder. Jesus must be very proud of you and rightly so. Keep up the good work. We are are praying for you and would love to be there – if we lived in America!!!!

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