We kept our promise. We were obedient to the Godly Dream

I spoke one Sunday morning in Stockton, and that afternoon I took a nap before the evening rally. God gave me a dream. He told me that California Highway 99, from Red Bluff to Arvin, would be a raging river of healing and salvation. When I woke up I had no idea I was to have any involvement in fulfilling this prophetic dream. I assumed it was for the audience in Stockton, where I was going to preach that night.

Five years later, Rick Wiles gave us a beautiful new 8,000 square foot tent and 1,000 chairs. We suddenly knew that the dream I had in Stockton was a mandate for us. God had called us to take His miracle power down the full length of Highway 99.

At the same time we were given that tent, without our knowing about it, Frank Saldana and Inner City Action felt led to study how tents are erected, and were learning how to use them in ministry.  God was putting a team together.

At the same time, God was forming a close friendship between our ministry and that of Jim and Kristine Carpenter from The Bridge in Marysville. We knew Marysville would be our first stop on the Highway 99 corridor of Glory.

God made it very clear: no matter how little support you have—no matter how much resistance you face—no matter how impossible it looks, keep moving forward to set up the tent where the Spirit directs you, and don’t stop.

There was a reason God exhorted us in this way. Our journey always looked impossible. There was an amazing amount of resistance. We had to rely on support that came from shockingly unexpected sources. We had to repeatedly pick ourselves up, after many setbacks.

We learned the hard way that a great portion of the Body of Christ is not interested in winning souls—especially not in dangerous locations.

Marysville proved that our calling was truly supernatural. We had to fit our tent onto a parking lot that barely fit our tent. The weather turned cold and wet, and still, crowds came from everywhere. We saw the dream become reality when the river of healing and salvation broke out in Marysville. Thank God we were able to move the tent to a professional baseball stadium.  We closed out that first crusade in constant rain, and then the temperature dropped down to 40 degrees. But, in spite of this, it was packed!

We had no idea where the tent was supposed to go next. All of this was so sudden that we never had the luxury of advanced planning.

Then the Lord told us our next stop was to be Paradise, California. I protested, ‘Paradise is burned to the ground. There is no electricity or water there. Most of all, there are no people there.’  So I placed it back in God’s hands and said that, if we get a call to come to Paradise in the next week, we will go.

Seven days later we received that phone call, and during our time in Paradise we witnessed the power of God to save, to heal, and to bind up the many broken-hearted who had lost loved ones in the fire.

Our next tent crusade was in Stockton and was our most dangerous yet. We were shouted down. The fire department would not let us put on the sides to our tent, leaving us wide open to a park filled with addicts, the homeless, and gangsters. We were literally sitting ducks.  Yet again, we saw God overrule the powers of darkness as the openness worked to our advantage, and He gave us souls and miracles.

When we arrived in Dinuba, we proved the power of God in a way we had not seen in any other crusade. The entire town was aware of the tent sitting on the bare ground where the new Dinuba High School would soon be built. And, it was in Dinuba that we first encountered crowds that overflowed the tent.

The report of healing miracles spread across town, and the stories about how wounded souls were being transformed got out into the community, and it soon became clear that the entire city knew God was at work.

And finally, toward the end of November, the last tent crusade of 2019 took place in Hanford. It was the most powerful on every level. The unity among the pastors there was the best we had seen. The excitement level was greater than anywhere else. The altars were crowded every night with souls seeking Jesus. God did wonderful and undeniable healing miracles.

Thousands upon thousands were reached by Christ in this tour on Highway 99. Local churches have been fired up and equipped to expand and continue the revival.

Paul wrote in Acts 26:19 that he “was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.” And:


To all who gave so sacrificially to make this tour possible—to all who prayed, worked and battled alongside us—to all who stood with us in the face of unimaginable resistance, both from inside and outside the church—to all of you I give my deepest thanks, and I am praying that God will richly bless all of you!

Now we come to the most astonishing news. Our momentum is carrying us forward into 2020. We are able to announce that we are going to continue down Highway 99 once again in the coming New Year. The Lord has directed us to reach 5 cities in 2020, and these dates are locked in:

March 15th-18th  ̶  The Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, Chico, CA

April 19th-22nd  ̶  Placer County Fairgrounds, Roseville, CA

May 17th-20th  ̶  Modesto, CA (the site is in negotiations and will be confirmed soon).

June 21st-24th  ̶  Fresno Fairgrounds, in Fresno, CA

September 13th-16th  ̶  Bakersfield, CA (the site is in negotiations and will be confirmed soon).

Everything in me is telling me these meetings will be bigger, more powerful and more effective than any tent crusades we have held so far. God is taking us from reaching thousands to reaching tens of thousands. We very strongly desire your prayers. We need your church to back these outreaches. We are praying the Lord of the Harvest to send the needed workers.

And so, dear friends, by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, and with your continued support, the river rages on!

18 thoughts on “2020

  1. Iam in South Africa am really blessed to read this news hope your Faith explodes to trust God for great things I hope to hear major break through s in the future God Blessing on seen the Lost been saved Elwin Kimmel.

  2. Thank you

    Our vision: Planting Churches around the nations of the world as we minister to people who have no hope.


    2019-11-22 11:16 UTC+02:00, Mario Murillo Ministries

  3. Jesus answered and said to them, “Go and tell John the things you have seen and heard: that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, the poor have the gospel preached to them. And blessed is he who is not offended because of Me.”
    (Luke 7:22)
    Now that John is gone but Mario Murillo is here, I would say to all who see and hear of these wonderful reports about the Tent of the Godsend, follow what our LORD Jesus said,
    “Go and tell…the things you have seen and heard”!!!
    Praise The Lord of The Harvest👑

  4. I would love to help out in some of these meetings, how can I participate? Whom can I contact? I will also be praying and sending money to help out with the expenses. My husband and go out to the streets to give God’s love to the homeless, addicts, and lost.

    1. I would like to put my hand to the plow when you come thus direction. Midwest, Michigan, Flint? Let me know. My location is Mid Michigan.

  5. Dear Pastor Murillo,

    Thank you for your frequent, Godly messages, which I share with my circle of friends. God has shown me something last night that I cannot keep to myself but have to share with my brothers and sisters in Christ whom God has separated for Himself. The U.S. Naval Academy has set aside meeting space for satanist midshipmen to meet and propagate their views. And there has been some involvement by at least one West Point cadet who has contacted the Naval Academy. Also, some of our military installations permit satanic clubs and satanists have been given space on military ships and in other places of assembly. Satanist clubs are beginning to penetrate our public school system to counter Child Evangelism Foundation (CEF) Good News Clubs in our public schools and on military installations. I know that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against CEF in the past, a lawsuit brought with the help of Alliance Defending Christian Freedom. But God is in control and His ways are far above anything we can possibly conceive or imagine. So my prayer request is for everyone whom God calls to join us in asking Him to intervene and to stop this satanic onslaught. He will reveal to us the next steps to take if we earnestly seek Him.

    Your brother in Christ,


  6. Numbers 13 and 14 give the story of the 12 spies sent into the promised land. 10 returned and said it was beautiful and bountiful, just as God had told them. But it was impossible to take, because of “giants” in the land. Only Joshua and Caleb gave a good report. V. 30, “But Caleb tried to quiet the people as they stood before Moses. Let’s go at once to take the land, he said. We can certainly conquer it!” V. 31, “But the other men who explored the land with him disagreed.” Some see only the giants, some see that they serve a gigantic God. That with Him we are well able to take what He promised. Only the men who believed God, Joshua and Caleb, would live to enter the promised land receive their inheritance. The other 10 died shortly after they gave the evil report, as “they were struck dead with a plague before the Lord.” (Num. 14:31) I believe someting dies in anyone who rejects God’s calling and promises of future glory. Hope dies, our successful future dies, all God would have accomplished through that person dies, their potential dies, future revelation of God’s glory dies. Unbelief and lack of vision is a FATAL PLAGUE!!! May none of us die today from it! Mario, you have walked amongst the giants of political opposition, of satanic spiritual opposition, of faithless religious opposition wearing only a mask of Christ, of human addictions, homelessness, violence, hopelessness, and on and on. As Joshua and Caleb, you walked into a land posessed by Giants, and you saw God prevail. May 2020 be the “Year of Perfect Vision,” as you see God, His calling, and His glory towering above the giants of the new territories you will invade with Good News where there had only been evil reports before. God bless, and may He supply all your need according to his riches in glory be Christ Jesus!! Amen! (You have our prayers, and I will send another offering for the work!) In Christ, the best is yet to come!

  7. All Wonderful, and the best news of all is this sentence: Local churches have been fired up and equipped to expand and continue the revival. I suspect this very much reflects Mario’s heart.

  8. Blessed and honored to be a part of this ministry even though I do not live in California. I can see the hand of God in my own life as I was connected to this ministry in 2018. I look forward with great anticipation to all that our blessed Saviour, Healer, Baptizer in the Holy Ghost, and soon and coming King will do in 2020!

  9. Hallelujah!!!
    I pastor a small church outside Shafter and we are experiencing the beginnings of revival! Many healings, miracles, souls being saved. Most of all the greatest thing is people coming in off the streets looking for Him, something real and not religion.
    We look forward to you coming our way. God is up to something great in California. There has been a remnant of us that have been cry out for years “ send revival to heal our land”!!! Blessings my brother, our Kingdom Minded house is always open to you!
    Blessings !!!

  10. I am so thrilled about the stops you will be making next year. And all that has been happening in your meetings! It hit me today, that it’s incredible that none of these meetings are covered by the media, there is nothing on any channel that I have seen about a single one. If there was sanity and goodness still remaining in this land, these miracles and healings would be all over the news. But we know the devil is not going to allow that. Not yet, anyway, but I believe it’s coming to the point that even the wicked media we have in this country today will not be able to ignore and scoff at what’s coming. God Bless Pastor Mario, your family, crew, and volunteers.

  11. Good morning everyone🌞
    I am in Norfolk,VA visiting my son who is getting out of the military we are visiting the White House today at 12 noon on a tour that we got cleared for and then we are driving his car back to hemet ,ca.
    I just woke up 1 hour before my alarm 4:15am eastern time to a very disturbing dream about death involving people from differing levels of importance in my life also the dream was in a very significant preachers church from Louisiana, this is very unusual for me.
    The dream was pretty emotional sorry to be so personal on here.
    I’m going to pray right now, I hope this is not selfish but would someone pray for our safe return home and for God to use us on this trip?
    Mario you have no clue how much you have impacted my life I want to thank you.

    1. Aaron,
      Prayed and praying for your safe trip with Angelic covering surrounding you and yours with safe spaces between you & harm, with Christ being your front and rear guard.
      Enjoy the White House!😊

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