7 thoughts on “new signature

  1. I’ve been aware of you since Christian life center days in the mid-1970s. I currently live in Fairfield,Ca. And I am a fast pitch softball pitching coach working with girls between mostly eight years old and 18, many of whom get college scholarships.
    I appreciate your ministry and zeal for The Lord!

  2. Only a few states are high risk which perhaps can delay opening but most states are minimally impacted, they should re-open.

  3. Hi Mario,
    I would love to be a part of a peaceful protest for the opening of the churches but how can we get one started, who will put it together for it to be all over the country I would help but i haven’t got a clue what needs to be done.

  4. i wish i could sit under a ministry like yours we need this kind of preaching i agree with everything. you have said and love the fire of your words. God bless and protect you

  5. God had a remnant in every state. Alone we are like one raindrop, together we can be a hurricane and do permanent damage to the enemy and his demons. Been reading your books. I played the piano in tje late 70s at your crusade in Calgary. Thanks for leading us in the fight. We will Fight darkness and overcome with His Light, because in Him is no darkness.

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