With the level of scrutiny and manipulation that is being used on President Trump, Mr. Rogers could be impeached.  Trump has done nothing to deserve impeachment—nothing to deserve censure—nothing to be indicted for.  Literally: They have nothing. SADLY, THE HOUSE IS GOING TO VOTE TO IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT.

As the evidence gets thinner, Adam Schiff gets louder and screechier.

World powers greater than you can imagine are salivating at the prospect of removing Trump from office. Their greatest frustration is that, although they have all the money on earth with which to find it, they have not been able to pin any crime on Trump.

Franklin Graham is right to say that the war against Trump is demonic. Hell is convulsing to get Trump.

Why must they remove him? The answer is that a free and powerful America is a firewall against their dreams of global domination. But they have carefully repackaged it as a noble cause.

At this moment the youth of America are being duped on a scale unprecedented in history. Hitler told the youth of Germany that he was their real father and in order to have the new world that he promised, they must be willing to betray their parents to the Gestapo.

The mind manipulation that is being practiced on the youth of America is even beyond that. If it weren’t so tragic, it would be hilarious to watch university students who hate capitalism find out that they are the pawns of the worst capitalists ever. In the Bernie-bin, Socialism can sound feasible. In the wacky world of AOC, you feel the lure of socialism. None of them have seen how gazillionaires who hate American exceptionalism are pulling the strings of their idealism.

Dear young people: they are using your noble heart for very, very dark and selfish ends. Socialism is the ultimate Ponzi scheme. It’s where the poor gleefully accept government assistance, never realizing that it is only available while supplies last. In the end, it always elevates a small group of elite leaders to a position of power and wealth that cannot be brought down or even questioned.  


Is it just me, or is George Soros’ appearance morphing into that of Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars?  It makes sense to me.

True capitalism is economic justice, in that it fairly rewards hard work with prosperity. Trump was the first to directly threaten the deep state agenda to bring America into line with all the rest of the client states of the globalists. That is the only crime Trump has committed: He interrupted their tyranny.

In order to prove my next point, I am very tempted to allow you to see all the insane comments that are going to be generated by this blog. Remember I told you: they have nothing on Trump. So how do you advance from nothing, to impeachment? You appeal to a kind of emotional group-think so completely that a rational argument is no longer required.

The current mindset of the Left is to utterly abandon reason and give themselves over to Trump Derangement Syndrome. The mongers of domination are behind this. They want to stir emotions into a roaring flame of mindless hatred where facts no longer count. Their viewpoint is total emotion.

As I said, that is why I am tempted to post the comments a blog like this will generate. They will blast Trump, but make no point. They will drop F-bombs, unaided by logic or truth. They will kick up enough dust to disguise their Marxist revolution agenda. They will rant and rave, but they are incapable of a solitary salient point.

Thomas Paine said, “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.”

In their alternate universe, they can be guilty of a complete lack of logic.  They can make arguments that completely contradict what they just said a moment ago.  A single example is when you hear the leftist fake news pundits scream about how Trump’s behavior is unconstitutional (it’s not) and then they will blast the constitution as a flawed document written by old white men who were slave owners.

It is a miracle that Trump has done nothing to give them grounds to remove him. Let me say that again…he has broken no law, and done nothing that is unconstitutional. But they will vote to impeach him. Not because Trump has done anything wrong but because they have been paid to impeach him.

No weapon formed against him will prosper, and those who have set snares to destroy him, will be caught in the very snares they have set for him.

And, because God has placed Donald Trump in the Oval Office, the Democrats have set themselves up for the ultimate embarrassment.


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26 thoughts on “THEY’VE GOT NOTHING

  1. They will indeed find themselves in the middle of embarrassment, left with red faces and stammering lips. What they are doing to President Trump will boomerang back at them. Their evil plans are being exposed right and left. “Yet will I set my king upon my holy hill”. Ps. 2:6 That is a prophecy of the Messiah, I know, but it is also a principle. God chooses whom He will choose, the enemy is about to see another defeat.

  2. May God, who created man to be a reasoning being, restore reason to His body before it is too late.
    Please open up shipping your book to Canada by allowing addresses other than American to be entered. Canada needs God’s message that He has entrusted you with Mario. God bless you.

    1. An unabashed expose’ Mario! Righteous right on.
      News reports have called it a “Coup”, I have called it a “Coup” for 10 months, Political analysts call it a “Coup”, some Military specialists have called it a “Coup”, so what’s a Coup? Well it is defined as;
      a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government: a seizure of power, overthrow, takeover, ousting, deposition, rebellion, insurrection, mutiny, insurgence, insurgency, rising, rioting, riot.
      Now what’s really revealing is what the French call it…a coup d’état, meaning…literally a ‘blow of the state’.
      So what we’re seeing here in these United States of America today is literally a blow of the government itself, performing an illegal violent seizure of power to overthrow our rightful election decision & process, of this American President Donald J Trump, due to a rebellion within certain branches of government who’ve created a mutiny against the very Presidential Office itself. In order to oust Donald Trump and render POTUS impotent now & in future.
      And why?…for power, money and position, because in their puny minds they (a very few elitists) actually believe they know what’s best for everybody else!
      YOU, me, the guy next door, the # women who complain, the actress/actors in Hollywood, the Doctors in Hospitals, the Preachers in church houses, the janitors in schools, the Professors in universities, the Chef in your favorite restaurant, people in other nations (you get the idea) EVERYBODY.
      Simply put…They want to RULE the world & over EVERYBODY collectively.
      And they will not stop until they can.
      It doesn’t’ get anymore demonic than that.😔

  3. I get the sense that even the impeachiecons in Congress, up to and including Adam Schiff, are starting to feel the vibes out here that their little gotcha game is turning off the body politic. Schiff was interviewed by Jake Tapper yesterday, and he was stumbling around ‘talking to my colleagues and constituents’ over the holiday break about how they view the impeachment charade. New polling suggests support for the process has dropped ten points since last week.

  4. My husband and I have been following your ministry since the 80s and have always respected your strong (many times unpopular) stance for God! Time for all Christians to be led by the Holy Spirit and take a strong against the schemes of the devil.

  5. Evangelist Mario, please pray for our pastor, Glen Berteau, Modesto CA. He had a major heart attack last night. We are praying as a whole church, in faith, for healing. First 24 hours critical, and we covet your prayers. We know revival is coming, and this is an attack. Please pray.

  6. Faith Hope and Love. God’s soldiers don’t get involved in civilian affairs. Fight the good fight of faith. Faith works by love. God loves inner beauty.

    1. Sally, so when they (the liberal civilian hoard of atheistic leftist DC leadership) come to your local church and your personal bank account, by way of legislation, to take away not only your money, by severe taxation, for their global agenda, but also your rights and your church and Pastor’s rights to preach the Gospel of Christ freely. Will that be when God’s soldiers might want to be involved in civilian affairs?? Wait a minute…it’ll be far too late by then!!🤨
      The God I know, love and serve, sent His only begotten Son to a horrifying crucifixion, to die, a horrifying death, in front of horrifying evil people, for your sake & mine & everyone that would come to Him in repentance. So how does a Lord God such as this not let and get involved in civilian affairs using His Own people to do so when necessary? If HE didn’t get involved up close & personal with all things credible and incredible then Jesus Christ The Messiah would never have come in the first place. So God loves outward expressions of His idea of beauty.
      PS…Faith operates by the Grace and Mercy of God, our flawed ideas of love have little to do with that – that’s why AP-Paul called it the good “fight” of Faith. Inner beauty is also worthless without actions to back it up. It takes a whole lot of Faith to continue to fight for what is good, right, just and true.🙁

      1. FAITH without WORKS is dead. The apostles stood against the government saying, “we must serve our Heavenly Father, before government”. We are here to be Salt and Light. Salt stings but purifies. Light exposes Truth. We must NOT wink at the apostasy, perversion, murder of innocents, blasphemy, filth and lies of our culture. Romans 1, Isaiah 59, Psalm 37. We must speak TRUTH in LOVE. Not be silent. “If we don’t tell them, how will they know?” You can Love someone all day long, but if we don’t TELL them HIS Truth…”we are but clanging symbols”. “We are neither Hot nor Cold”. We are winking at sin, and according to scripture, He will spew us out of His mouth. “Indeed Truth is lacking” (Is 59) but We must FIGHT the Good FIGHT….and endure to the end to receive the Crown of Life. And bring LOTS of people with us.

  7. Just a thought as I ponder all the madness of this hour. If the puppetmasters succeed and their stooge wins the Presidential election, I see their insane agenda bringing about all out anarchy when their evil system completely fails. Once anarchy reigns it will pave the way for the man with all the answers. Namely, the one scripture calls, “the man of sin” when lawlessness abounds. America is being groomed by the deceiver of the whole world-Satan. The only thing standing in his way are the Saints who possess the Holy Spirit! I believe we are the restraining force, spoken of by Paul, in II Thessalonians. It is interesting to note that Paul and the Thessalonians knew exactlly who the “restrainer” was but today it is a source of controversy, even among Theologians. I hope I am wrong about all this but the Anti-Christ will appear according to Scripture. How he comes to power and the circumstances surrounding his rising is not so clear but I can see how all the chaos we currently are experiencing could bring about the Seventh Head of the Beast that the Apostle John wrote of in Revelation and Daniel’s vision of the end time empire.

  8. I appreciate what you have written about the efforts to impeach President Trump. I have been fervently praying that the impeachment process will be stopped. I have also contacted the office of Mrs. Nancy Pelosi since I live in the district she represents in Congress. I voiced my opposition to the impeachment of President Trump. I stated that she should not assume that everyone in San Francisco is in favor of impeachment. In making these comments, I was polite but firm.

  9. They never had the slightest hope of removing him from office. Even if they push a vote on articles in the house, they can’t get it through the Senate and they know that. Even now they are wavering because the polling data shows that independants are souring on the idea. Even now Shifty is saying he wants to consult his constutuants….Translation …he’s seen the polling data. They hope to throw enough dirt to hurt him in 2020, between that and cheating on the election is their only hope

  10. Thanks Mario. Your blogs are always awesome.Thankyou for standing up for President Trump!

    On Mon, Nov 25, 2019, 8:06 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “With the level of scrutiny and > manipulation that is being used on President Trump, Mr. Rogers could be > impeached. Trump has done nothing to deserve impeachment—nothing to > deserve censure—nothing to be indicted for. Literally: They have nothing. > SADLY, T” >

  11. There could be another angle at play here. I believe the time is ripe for Antichrist to appear.
    We know that there will be a treaty between 10 “kings” (heads of state) but see in Rev. 12:3 that the dragon only has 7 heads. He is forced to create an alliance with a man to gain the other 3 heads.
    Once the dragon gives his power, his throne, and great authority to the beast, now there are all 10 heads. In Rev 17:12 We see 10 heads who rule with the beast; they give their power and authority to the beast.

    Satan needs men in power who will work with him and the Antichrist/beast. Trump and Netanyahu need to be gone for Satan to gain his power. So, yes Mario, this situation is quite demonic. The church needs to pray, and pray hard, that God’s men will remain in power until they complete God’s purposes.

    I discuss all this in detail in my book, ANTICHRIST The 666 Man is Here. If you give me your address, I will be happy to mail you a complimentary copy.
    Caroline Christie

  12. Enlightening commentary as usual. Unabashed statements that relate to truth and validity. We have too many wishy washy people in ministry today that are more interested in “patty-cake” than truth and reality. Keep up the telling of truth and “time proves all things” TPAT.
    San Jose

  13. I think I know you through old school Did u attended St Mary s School for the Deaf If not pardon me cuz I know ur name are same….ok Nice to meet you anyway,,

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