Portland Public Schools

Public schools in Portland, Oregon are teaching children that Thanksgiving is about genocide and racism. Mary Grabar reports, “Pity the poor child in Portland, Oregon schools. While many still think of Thanksgiving as a time to come together with family and friends to celebrate our multicultural heritage over a festive meal, eighth-graders in the Antifa epicenter have the notion drummed into them that Thanksgiving really is a celebration of the genocide of the Indians by greedy capitalist Europeans.”

We as Americans have a disheartening way of draining the meaning from holidays. Our culture has made Christmas and Easter totally secular.  July 4th is all about booze and loud noises, and we can no longer tell the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

For the offended ‘Woke’ folk to go after the few trace amounts of thankfulness left in the Thanksgiving holiday, is truly evil.

As Mary Grabar pointed out, what these children have had “drummed” into their heads is a lie. This is not enlightenment—it is darkness.  As Jesus warned us, “Beware that the light which is in you is not darkness.” (Luke 11:35)  This is especially egregious, because school is supposed to be about learning, not about lies. And teachers should care enough about children not to lie to them.

How and why should Christians defend Thanksgiving?  That we cannot immediately answer how and why, speaks to our present condition before God.  And, are we surprised that we can’t answer them?

The steady diet of ‘feel good’ sermons being preached in most churches, have not equipped us to push back against the tide of wickedness. We were caught flat-footed when marriage was destroyed and the death culture of abortion took the land.

The concept of Thanksgiving is very biblical: the word thanksgiving occurs 29 times in the Bible, and the concept of giving thanks is found in 93 additional verses.  Most of us know Psalm 100 by heart, especially verse 4: “Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name!” So, it is small wonder those who serve the powers of darkness and who have plans for evil, hate the spirit of gratitude behind Thanksgiving.

There are epic reasons to defend Thanksgiving: The oxygen of freedom is gratitude. Any day that forces us to stop, take a deep breath and thank God, adds to our national lifespan. What the Socialism- promoting teachers in Portland, Oregon are doing, is sowing seeds to bring about an early death for America.

If there are such things as ‘big fat lies,’ this one is morbidly obese.  In fact, the origin of Thanksgiving is, in itself, the very rebuke all those teachers in Portland need.  Far from genocide and greed, Thanksgiving came to us out of the purest motivation possible.

Cheryl Magness wrote, “Sarah Josepha Hale, the author of the children’s song “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” has historically received much of the credit for the establishment of Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Pilgrim Hall, a museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts, dedicated to preserving and passing down the history and stories of the Pilgrims, calls Hale the “godmother of Thanksgiving.”

Hale was an established poet and writer, when in 1837, she began writing a series of editorials advocating for a national Thanksgiving holiday. George Washington, John Adams, and James Madison had issued Thanksgiving proclamations in the early years of the nation, but after Madison’s 1799 proclamation, the practice had ceased.

As the Civil War approached and the nation became increasingly divided, Hale saw a national Thanksgiving observance as a means of bridging the divide. On September 28, 1863, just under three months after the Battle of Gettysburg, she wrote a letter to President Abraham Lincoln entreating him to call for a national celebration of Thanksgiving. On October 3rd of that year, he did so.

Thanksgiving Should Bridge Divides and Cultivate Unity

A review of Hale’s campaign to make Thanksgiving a national holiday is a good way to remember what Thanksgiving is about. In her writings, Hale emphasized our identity as Americans, our need for community, and our dependence on God — the very things we too often forget in our own observances.

In 1860, Hale wrote:

“Everything that contributes to bind us in one vast empire together, to quicken the sympathy that makes us feel, from the icy North to the sunny South, that we are one family, each a member of a great and free Nation, not merely the unit of a remote locality, is worthy of being cherished. We have sought to reawaken and increase this sympathy, believing that the fine filaments of the affections are stronger than laws to keep the Union of our States sacred in the hearts of our people… We believe our Thanksgiving Day, if fixed and perpetuated, will be a great and sanctifying promoter of this national spirit.”

To make something beautiful into something ugly, to exalt the vile above the sublime, seems to be the stock in trade of the modern Left, composed of American Communists bent on destroying this nation. They must not be allowed to get away with their lies…especially not their lies to children.

I say it as much with a fervent prayer as a greeting, HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!






11 thoughts on “Portland Public Schools

  1. Thank You Mario Murillo for revealing Ms Hale’s words to us. I never knew of this that she said and did finally through President Lincoln.
    If anyone is confused regarding how terribly far down the path of hate and division the liberal Left has brought American school children, Oregon is one example as also yesterday in Baltimore, Maryland is another! Our BEST First Lady Melania Trump went to an Opioid summit speaking to middle school kids about the importance of being informed and not getting addicted to Opioids. She was greeted with massive BOO’S and yelling against her. Every First Lady clear back to Nancy Regan has been given the task of addressing our national issue of Drug abuse & addition. But these young one’s in Baltimore have been taught to be hard core, disrespectful, and filled with rancor because of the liberal dead policies of Leftist Democrat thinkers. Baltimore streets and housing are proof of how neglected, forgotten and defiled Baltimore leadership has been toward them. Soooo sad.🥺

    1. Yes, Carolina, and the teachers and principal did absolutely nothing to stop them, either, from what I understand! How pitifully outrageous! (These are the folks we allow to “teach” our kids!) What are they learning? How to be disrespectful, disobedient, dishonoring, and dystopic! As parents, and especially believing parents, we have handed over our responsibility to raise our kids to the leftists who are undoing every ounce of integrity and fear of God that we, at home, are trying to instill in them! America, WAKE UP!!

  2. Stop funding public schools. give that money to charter or Christian schools that teach the three R’s plus love of God, country and family. The parents have no responsibility to teach their children, many are only interested in the government check that comes with a baby. Take the check and build group homes for the children, and PRAY PRAY PRAY. GOD knows of the situation in this world and HE won’t let it go on much longer.

  3. The church and pastors again have the answer for this. Once upon a time, the church house was also the school house. Christian schools in America today are only for the super rich. Pastors should be ashamed that the kids who attend are all the sons and daughters of doctors, lawyers, accountants, business owners, and professionals. The poor are left out. It is NOT a “ministry,” it is an extreme profit maker. I only know of one pastor who said, “Support our church with your full tithe, and we will provide a place of education for your children, you pay only for curriculum and materials they need.” This man had a true heart for the world, and they had a great school, and a church full of happy people! How many large church facilities are vacant for 6 days between Sundays!! Use them to save our kids! If public school attendance drops, state funding to the school drops. Money talks. The evil they propagate would be ended. Satan has taken over the public schools by design of the left. Let God and God’s people rise, His enemies be scattered. Will the church act or just bellyache and do nothing, when they hold in their hands the easy answer. Educate your own kids! (And no, it is not for the lazy looking for the easy, comfortable way. The leftists and satan are willing to fight.)

  4. These many demonic decisions will prove to be their downfall. How will the sleeping “giants” in the church and America at large wake up? How will those dry bones come together?
    These attacks on the truth are the wake up calls that will work…. and, in God’s hands, it is working! I have met some families recently who really never considered Christ till now — as the lies become evident and the freedoms we all considered to be a normal part of life are being stripped away — wanting to know what GOD has to say about it. The harvest is ripe and we must be determined to press into God, launch out into the deep and bring them in! I am doing my little part and gaining confidence to do more through the power of the Holy Spirit!

    BTW I have been praying for historians to arise who know, or can find, the truth and clean up this educational mess.

  5. Hi. This is Jenny in Australia.

    We celebrate Australia in January every year but there is a great move here being generated against this celebration. It’s using our indigenous people to call to ban the celebrations. Australia day celebrates our history of diversity and all the different peoples who have made Australia great. The move against Australia day is inciting our indigenous aboriginal people demand its ban and rename it “invasion day”. Some council (like counties) in Australia have actually banned the Australia day celebrations in response without consultation with the people. It’s our problem here in Australia also.

    On Wed, 27 Nov. 2019, 19:46 Mario Murillo Ministries, wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Public schools in Portland, Oregon are > teaching children that Thanksgiving is about genocide and racism. Mary > Grabar reports, “Pity the poor child in Portland, Oregon schools. While > many still think of Thanksgiving as a time to come together with family a” >

    1. Jenny, I’m so sorry to hear that. It seems obvious that our sister country Australia is enduring radical Left rebellions also.😔🇦🇺🇺🇸

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