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  1. I am amazed how God uses Mario and the annointing he carries. He tells it straight to the people. CA is in dire straights and will take miracles to deliver these people. For such a time as this.
    I pray the spiritual eyes and ears of people would be opened.

  2. I have a daughter and family in Auburn. I want to come from Canada and am praying I can come to the Roseville tent meeting with her preferably. Please pray for Mary Jane Power and her family.

  3. My father was killed in Modesto in 1946, so the city is special to me, as my life after this was totally changed. Afterward, my Godly Mom had us in church, where I was saved & later enabled by Jesus’s forgiveness of me, to forgive my father for his alcoholism abuse. He was a believer so I anticipate fellowship with him in Glory. This was an awesome miracle of God to me! Later, God in His faithfulness gave me the desire to be a missionary & gave me a Godly Bible teaching husband that had the same desire! This desire was fulfilled over 67 yrs., so I have learned (& still am), we can trust God for our lives! So, I pray many come to “know Jesus” in the ministry there. Phil. 3:10.
    Praying for ministry to Calif., bless you,
    Novella Anderson Hawk

  4. Good Morning Mario, I first heard of you, your cassettes, books, etc., in the 1970’s you have been a stabilizing force for the Lord for years. One of our daughters sent me info about you and your blog in January this year and between you, Lance Wallnau and what is going on here in our community where there was a great move of God in the late 1960’s and 1970, my head has been spinning.
    I had felt like I was seeing some of the same signs that I saw in the late 1960’s / early 1970’s and now with great insight from you and Lance, plus Bob Jones’s word about the Super Bowl and Kansas City Chiefs, I too feel like we are on the verge of big things happening here in Midland, Tx. as well as across the USA.
    I hope to get out to one of your tent meeting on Hwy 99 this year, however a 87, I don’t move quiet as fast as I once did. Thanks for continuing to bring hope and encouragement to the body of Christ.
    Your Brother in Christ

    1. Brother Mario, Since I saw your first announcement of this year’s tent crusades, I have been praying for the effective outpouring and provision of the Holy Spirit in and through these meetings and for yourself and your ministers. But I have been praying especially for the crusade in Roseville because I have a very personal interest in it: I have a daughter, Victoria Pacheco, 52, living in Roseville, who is greatly in need of spiritual healing, salvation, knowledge of Jesus, Savior and Lord, and of Holy Spirit infilling. I have children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews all up and down the west coast, from Fountain Valley to Vancouver who are likewise in need of the new life in Him, but this daughter lives in Modesto, and I continually pray that one of them will be the one to be the opening to the Spirit that will allow the Spirit of God to break through the dam of the enemy’s deception and wash away all the lies and deceptions like a flood. This is my prayer for the course of the crusades, for all those in the vicinity of each meeting, and for California. I forwarded the first announcement of the Roseville event to her, but only received a negative rejection, “Don’t send me any more news about false apostles.” I covet your prayers for her as I pray in agreement with you.

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