One thought on “God is revealing

  1. Grateful for this True message. My Relationship with the Living Jesus Of Acts 2 began at age 16 at Bethany Bible College Santa Cruz CA 1960. Baptism by FIRE! At Bethany I observed —
    The most Anointed Powerful Effective teachers – the ones that could deeply touch our hearts as well as our minds -had been through the most difficult life experiences.
    I thought, what have I gotten myself into. I found out, but I would not trade my life for any others for it has been and is that in the very worst of times of pain, suffering and loss, that as Deliverer, ever present affair of the heart tender compassionate Love, surprising Humor, HE Delivered me instantly from horrible adrenaline surges of PTSD,
    Said, With a smile, “Oh your Clean!” When I was amongst the beloved Jewish Orthodox in Jerusalem. +++ daughter said to me, Mama you have been through such horrible things, Why would I want to follow Jesus if that is what happens to people who follow Him?
    My answer, Because with each trial, loss, and heartache
    HE comes into the midst of it,
    When I repent and cry out to HIM — and HIS LOVE is more Healing, Beautiful, Peace imparting and Pure than any other love that I have ever known.
    He truly does give us “Beauty for ashes.”
    Reminds me of Sidney Cartons’ “It was the worst of times, and it was the Best If Times.”
    If we are not taught that He will walk through the Fire with us and because He walks through the Fire with us —
    He then takes us into deeper and deeper chambers of His heart.”
    “When you walk through the Fire I will be with you.”
    Then you know that you KNOW and no one can take that away from you.
    “ In the world you WILL have tribulation. But fear not for I have overcome the world.”

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