2 thoughts on “courage

  1. Praise God Almighty for your distinct unwavering voice in the midst of this perverse generation!
    After repenting in my 3rd year of college, I remember how on fire a young man named Mario Murillo (armed&dangerous program on TBN) was as he unashamedly preached God’s Word along with Dwight Thompson, RW Shambach,and EV Hill !!! I even remember your intro music-who would have ever known (but God)
    that those days would be discipling and equipping a whole generation of believers who would come face to face with the devil himself and his evil spirits ! Those were the glory days of the 80’s but what’s coming is going to KNOCK THE DEVIL’S HORNS OFF-(gonna take some major direct heat from the dehorning iron of the Holy Ghost to begin the process of “crushing the head of serpent”)! HalleluYah!
    Thank God you stood strong and true to the unadulterated good news of God’s Word through the past 30+ years Mario! Many have become compromised by the wiles of the enemy of our souls but you hung on to the Faith once delivered to the Saints! You’re such an encouragement and blessing to hear bc you are NOT afraid to speak TRUTH! I look forward to meeting you someday as we crisscross this country with the sharpest two-edged sword available dividing asunder joints and marrow, soul and spirit and is a discerner of the intents of the heart
    -your fellow servant in the Faith,
    John L. Hostetler

    p.s. Your interview with TRUNEWS was excellent, keep up the good work and lay hold on eternal life!

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