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  1. Dear Mario, I saw you the first time 2 weeks ago with Sid Roth, you both are messengers of God. We are with you and with President Trump, we won this election and the Truth will come clear pretty soon. I can feel it. We need to be together in prayer to our Father He is listening. God Bless You.

  2. Mario, the Lord showed me this morning that this is our Red Sea moment. The Israelites cried and whined and blamed Moses for bringing them to the Red Sea. The Egyptian Pharaoh and his armies were on their heels and it looked like the end of the people! BUT GOD!! The same applies here and I eagerly wait to see what He is going to do because it will be awesome and supernatural. Even those who don’t know Him will say a miracle took place!!

  3. Thank you. My heart aches when having to see such EVIL being done to our President and the amazing gift from God, our country the USA. However, my prayers and faith in GOD will NEVER stop. Hence, with a cool head and smarts, I will continuously pray and do my duty to GOD and await for HIS guidance. I am without doubt that our BELOVED Father will protect us, our president TRUMP and the USA.

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