9 thoughts on “War Chest Collection art

  1. Mario,
    God bless your soul, I am with you please don’t get discouraged with these kind of comments on your social media you’re doing and taking the true is wonderful that people are talking about worry if no one complained you are touching hearts💛💙💚 please don’t stop God is with you and I will pray for you.

  2. Mario. Thankyou for all the encouragement your emails bring us who are praying for America. God Bless you and keep you. May He cause His face to shine on you and give you peace.

  3. I feel you pain, I know what we have been going through these 4 years. I am so frustrated, for as a Canadian I cannot vote for this beloved man chosen for a time like this. I do not know anybody in USA either. How can I help?
    Our church in Canada is asleep as well. I would love to infuse some sense into them but it wont make a difference for November. I pray for Pres. Trump and pray against all the enemies surrounding him
    I will pray for the upcoming tent ministry in California that many Christians will wake up and gratefully see Gods Grace with their ability to vote for him. Those around me who are awake will pray as well. Hopefully the Lord will regard those from abroad as well. I will make a donation with Lexi.

  4. Another BRAVO HALLELUJAH to you for today’s blog. I’m believing with all other supporters that our Lord Jesus intends for the tent revivals to invade enemy territory in God’s chosen time! He WILL do it!! (Side note: as I looked at the images of the “Unholy Triangle”, I noticed how much the facial features of Bill Gates resemble those of George Soros.)

  5. Thank you for standing up Mario and speaking the Word of God unaltered opposed to other pastors and ministers only to what the masses want their itching ears to heal. I’ve just partnered with your ministry since a long time friend showed me your videos from facebook. When I lived in California I used to appreciate seeing you at times when you visited Jubilee in San Jose whichI found Out is no longer there by Paster Dick Bernal. I now live in AZ. The churches are dead and not even allowed to have service. I recently came across this post (I’m sure you seen) But what love to know your discernment regarding it. It has really concerned me.

    God Bless You Mario for staying true to the Word and committed to fight back the lies and media are doing.

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