George Soros Christians

I want to show you a nasty comment someone posted concerning one of my blogs: “I honestly don’t understand how God-fearing Christians can defend this repugnant, amoral, adulterous, whoremonger, toddler of a President. Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick, told His followers not to judge. And Trump’s cruelty knows no bounds. Locate your moral compass. It’s failing you right now.”

Let me point out how hypocritical it is for this person to say Jesus’ followers are “not to judge,” while this person proceeds to judge, condemn, and speak evil of the leader of our nation!

Here’s another nasty comment, “Total lies. Any real Christian would not support the evils and sins of this current President. Mario, you and your Fake ministry are all about the money, the root of the devil. You have sold your soul.”

These two comments were written by people who are infiltrators, who go on social media and pose as Christians. The reason they are doing this, is because the church is slowly and finally awakening. More and more believers including Black Americans and Hispanics are realizing that God has put Donald Trump in power for this very hour.

I promise you, those who made these comments are not believers, but infiltrators, who know some church lingo. Their goal is to rattle impressionable Christians. Don’t buy it!  The Left is struggling to gain support among Christians. That is why they have resorted to these tactics.  Their chief narrative is to bring up President Trump’s past.

Recently, I had a message passed on to me from a pastor. The note was from a concerned woman who eloquently, (a little too eloquently), described how dismayed she was by the lack of love among Trump supporters, and she added that the people of God had been fooled for following such a wicked leader. I don’t have space or time to show you how subtle and deceptive her message was. It shook some who read it.

Later, it was revealed that she was not a believer at all, but an activist from a local Islamic and Leftist consortium.  She and others were being trained to insinuate their way into churches and social media, in order to spread anti-Trump lies.

It’s obvious that this is one of many attempts at creating distraction. They are trying to distract the church away from the nation-killing evil that is at the door. If we let voices like these fool us by shaming our faith, it spells doom for America. Trump, like him or hate him, is virtually the last firewall against the Satan inspired villainous policies of the Left.

Another even more subtle approach of these posers is to spread apathy by telling believers that political involvement shows they are guilty of not trusting God.  Some of these deceivers say, “It’s all in God’s hands. Don’t interfere in His work”

Don’t believe them!  And don’t you say you believe it is all in God’s hands while at the same time you oppose the solution He has sent. Trump isn’t our pastor, don’t ask him to do the job of the church.  He is the wrecking ball sent to destroy those ideas that promote hatred for God, Israel, you, and your children.

Just look at the headlines. The Democrat controlled House voted to remove the phrase, “so help me God” from the oath taken by those sworn in to testify. New York legalized killing an unborn child right up to the moment of birth. Kamala Harris, presidential candidate for the Democrat Party, said she would abolish all private health insurance. According to Kaiser, that would wipe out coverage for 49% of Americans…not to mention throwing 500,000 people out of work. Ms. Harris, along with Corey Booker and every single Democrat candidate, also hates your God given right to defend yourself, and would abolish the Second Amendment of the Constitution, leaving an unarmed populace at the mercy of criminals and an all-powerful government.  And by the way, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says, “The world is going to end in 12 years.”

The enemy doesn’t want you to see the disaster that is right now at our door. Satan wants you to fixate on Trump’s past so he can destroy your children’s future. The demonic engine that drives the Left, hides the Socialist world they want for your children and grandchildren.

They don’t want you to see how their Marxist-socialism will tax us into oblivion. Most of all, they don’t want you to see that they are everything they claim they are against.

Here’s how lies become truth: you call in “experts.” You speak your lie with a straight face. Devoid of facts, you command the audience to believe you.  This is all easier when the media never challenges anything you say.

Trump is the racist? Take a deep breath and prepare for what history is going to conclude about many things in our time. They will say the events that excluded whites on campus were racist. That terms like ‘white privilege’—like any other categorical statement that includes a color—is itself racist. They will ask how a nation that elected a black man to its highest office for 8 eight years can be accused of being “systemically racist.”

By the way, this charge of racism is coming to you from the Party that owned all the slaves and that started the Klu Klux Klan.

History will ask the same thing about hate and violence.  An agitated feminist told a black man to take off his MAGA hat “because it makes us fearful.” That’s a statement in search of a fact. You don’t see roving gangs of youth donning MAGA hats and assaulting people in the streets. What you do see is violent Antifa thugs wearing masks and assaulting those who wear those hats.

In fact, you see Nick Sandmann and the young men from Covington High school terrorized and falsely accused because they wore MAGA hats. The lives of these boys have been changed forever. They have been vilified. Their families have received death threats. They’ve been forced to hire an attorney to protect themselves from further slander. The Left is having a veritable field day of violence… and you are worried about Trump’s past?

Ponder the breathtaking hypocrisy and cruelty of Mueller and Comey. How they blatantly ignored the mountain of evidence of treason and obstruction against Hillary Clinton, but nit-pick trivia about Trump and the Russians. The crimes they claim Trump did—but that the Mueller Report proves he didn’t do—are the very ones Hillary did do. It is absolutely mindboggling!

Future thinkers will scratch their head at Leftists who excoriated Trump falsely and accused him of separating children from their parents at our borders, even as these evil liars celebrate that new law I mentioned above that allows a woman to dismember her child in the womb, and even kill her baby at the point of birth.

Questions burn in me:

The noise, smoke and mirrors of today’s propaganda machine, amazes me on so many levels.  The Democrat Party’s hard left turn promises massive new spending. All the free stuff they intend to force on you will bankrupt a nation already drowning in massive debt. When the beast starts eating, do you really believe only the rich will be taxed? Your children will give up most of what they earn to the socialist machine that will hand it over to those who earn nothing. Why wouldn’t we try to stop this?

They know robots will soon replace millions of jobs. Why are they anxious to open our borders to millions of unskilled laborers?  Is it because they need more potential Democrat voters?

In Iran, they just hung a person for being homosexual, but in the Leftist universe it is the Christians, not the radical Muslims, are the real moral bigots. And you worry about standing with Trump?

I could go on forever, and no doubt you could throw in some real zingers I have overlooked. But I need to get to the point I wish to make: you need to take a look at the Left—they can destroy America—and if they are allowed to go on unopposed, they will. What do you think Trump is trying to stop?

We must not look the other way and ignore the doom the Left spells for all we hold sacred. Don’t ignore the changes that have occurred in this man since he began running for President. Most of all don’t let infiltrators posing as Christians dredge up Trump’s past. It is evident to many who knew him that he is not the same man.  Don’t join those who hate him—continue to pray for him! (1 Tim. 2:2).

Your children’s future is far more important than Trump’s past.






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40 thoughts on “George Soros Christians

  1. Democrats bring up Trump’s past while they demonstrate present conduct that is worse than animals? How many more times does Mario have to state the obvious? Only those who choose not to think for themselves will be swept away with the Democratic Sewer, where the biggest chunks come to the top first. The stench is unprecedented.

    1. Ephesians 6:12 is So prevalent right now!!!!! We need to rise up in the body of Christ and fight this in prayer and peaceful demonstrations and movements to make our voices be heard!!!!! 🙏🏼🕊♥️🔥✝️

  2. This is very powerful. Unfortunately the truth is that these events that are currently taking place in our nation and in our world are for the purpose of separating the true bride of Christ from the false imitation bride. These are the beginning of birth pains. True believers know that they should be in prayer for President Trump and all our elected officials daily. Those that continue to point a negative finger and make negative remarks about the President do not have the things of God in mind nor at heart. It’s truly sad watching the separation of the wheat and tares but I know God’s will must be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  3. Mario thank you for yours empowering voice of truth re President.Did you know his mother’s family in Scotland did the revival on island of Lewis. He is going to be a praying President.

  4. Good day, my friend wants to subscribe to your Ministry but we can’t find where to request this. Can you let me know please? Thank you Sincerely Lynette Ferguson

    1. In the email subscription you can click on the Blue underlined title of the blog post and it will take you to the Word Press Blog on-line, send them that link and they can follow/subscribe from there.

  5. I am an Aussie , born again believer , who prays continually for President Trump . Your president is not holding back the vile evil of the Left there , but also in other nations that are clinging to our christian roots . No more President Trump and we will all be at the Left’s mercy .

    1. Blessed are you who weep now, because you will laugh. Blessed are you when people hate you, when they exclude you, insult you, and slander your name as evil, because of the Son of Man. “Rejoice in that day and leap for joy! Take note — your reward is great in heaven, because this is the way their ancestors used to treat the prophets. But woe to you who are rich, because you have received your comfort. Woe to you who are full now, because you will be hungry. Woe to you who are laughing now, because you will mourn and weep. Woe to you when all people speak well of you, because this is the way their ancestors used to treat the false prophets.

      ( Quote from Jesus Christ – Luke’s Gospel chapter 6 :22-26)

      1. You quote a scripture but do not address to whom you are quoting it to,

        There are televangelists I consider to be false prophets. But, I do *NOT* consider Mario as a false prophet because he speaks the Truth, gives rebukes and direction just like a True Old Testament Prophet of God. So, I hope you weren’t addressing Mario. Were you?

        As a staunch supporter of Conservative, Constitutional, Patriotic Christianity I fully support President Trump.

        But, I am not laughing at the enemies of This Republic called America (you will note I did not say Democracy) because I know the spirit within them and they are evil to their core.

      2. Mr Druckenmiller,

        I am addressing this blessed scripture from our Lord to *all* who are weeping now at the obvious critical mess the American landscape is in.
        To *all* of us who know we are hated because of the Lord’s Name sake and our beliefs.
        To *all* of us who were excluded from effectiveness within the wrote routine mindlessness that mainstream church houses had become.
        To *all* of us who’ve been endlessly insulted by complacent, compromised people calling themselves Christians,
        To *all* who’ve been slandered by robotic social media attacks and journalistic opinions against our intentions and character,
        And to *all* of us lovers of Christ Jesus called evil by liberal left political employees of we the very people who gave them that job in the 1st place in Washington DC.

        Christ is encouraging those of us who suffer these slings and arrows daily here on earth, that in heaven our reward will be so great it’ll be worth laughing and leaping with joy as we rejoice forever.
        There’s sure not much down here on planet earth to rejoice over these days.

        I too believe Mario is prophetic and like one crying out in the wilderness, just as Jesus said,
        his reward also will be great in heaven as is the ancient prophets before him.


        Never stop looking up!

    2. Thank you Angie, for your prayers they are greatly appreciated. I’m praying for Australia as well, as I know the globalist agenda is far reaching.

  6. Nailing the point home! Great write Mario. Even some of my children are buying into some of the leftist agenda 😕 I won’t let that separate us though…steady and sure steps. Keep writing.


  7. Mario, I posted to my Facebook… Then, I added another post which included this:

    To Forgive is Divine.
    Impossible without desire.
    Impossible without God’s Help!

    And, followed up with this…

    Today’s Mario Murillo post got me thinking about an article I wrote many years ago: which can probably be summed up with a comment I made there.

    Remember satan condemns, never forgets your past and offers no forgiveness…

    The Holy Spirit convicts, offers forgiveness and then removes your offenses as far as the East is from the West..

    Hereby you will know your enemy…

    So, I have to ask which Spiritual Head are you emulating?

    BTW: The article I wrote won’t make sense until the end. 🙂

  8. Thank you for speaking the truth. We are praying in the Spirit. Betty Arthurs

    On Thu, May 28, 2020, 11:41 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “I want to show you a nasty comment someone > posted concerning one of my blogs: “I honestly don’t understand how > God-fearing Christians can defend this repugnant, amoral, adulterous, > whoremonger, toddler of a President. Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick” >

  9. I posted this to my Facebook, probably be banned…

    I have a question, was everyone in Sodom gay?

    I doubt it, but they were tolerant of sin.

    So, I will ask this question, if they were not all gay (which we generally presume was the wickedness that condemned the city) why couldn’t the angels find eight “good” men?

    So, then, what was the wickedness that angered God so much that He rained fire and brimstone on the cities of the plains?

    We can see from the narrative in Genesis 19, that they were not only tolerant of sin, they were enabling it (through inaction against it) and when confronted with it defended it. (The city and its way of life.)

    Even Lot, the head of household, had become so thick skinned to the sin and so comfortable in his surroundings that the angels had to force him out of the city!

    Lot’s wife was obedient to her husband and left with them but her longing for the comfort of her former lifestyle was too much and she looked back.

    We are given this warning in Luke 17:32 in context of the last days, “Remember Lot’s wife!”

    I have to wonder how many of modern Christians will be obedient to the trumpet call only to fall out of the sky because they longingly looked back?

    Oh, as an observant melancholy I’ll have a high level of curiosity, but I will not long for what I am leaving.

    Now reread this substituting “The Church” for “Lot”… Where do you stand? Where is your heart?

    Are you like the men of the city who enable sin and therefore are complicit in their sins by your vote and by your silence. Remember when it was crunch time, they defended their way of life and did not heed the Angels call…

    We have a True Prophet (whether he likes the moniker or not) in Mario Murillo.

    The church needs to listen!

  10. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for this eye opening expose. Mario. We live in an upside down world that the Lord is placing back in the upright position!
    You know, though many question the validity of Q, one thing he [they] did for me is to WAKE ME UP!!! Of all things, Roseanne Barr getting fired for a tweet she made got me to go to her page one day and I saw that she was thanking Praying Medic for sharing Q posts. I knew who Praying Medic was but when I read that I said “Q who?” Checking out his twitter page, I was fascinated. I am now “red pilled” to quote their Matrix jargon.

    Now, I marvel at the shrewd handling of the media by our wonderful President as he gets the opposition to publicize his tweets for the whole world to see by misspelling a word or two. He toys with them but he gets past their barricade of lies so that all the world can really see what he’s saying.

    Read his tweets daily, and those from other patriots, and you will start to be able to tell who are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. They can be very subtle but they will show their origins given enough time.

    We Christians need to recognize that God has used some rough personalities like Elijah and Jehu and Samson and John The Baptist, to name a few, to get the job done. Donald J Trump IS God’s leader for the free world at this time and we in the Body of Christ should thank Him over and over for it a million times a day. We are getting another chance.
    Many blessings to you and your family, Mario Murillo. ♥

  11. I think it would fair to say that even if we assume Trump is called and anointed by God he is some sort of strange bastardization of what he could have been had he walked in obedience his whole life. All of us are.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean these same people would like him any better.

  12. God does not use perfect men. Trump is the greatest president in american history. Those who hate this nation and work for foreign powers and the new world order will do anything to destroy him and this nation. We are one nation under God. Period. I stand with our president and pray that God cast these evil men and women out of our country and restores his glory in our land.

    We recognize no sovereign but God and no King but Jesus.

    John Adams and John Hancock
    Founding fathers

    April 18, 1775

  13. Let’s hold hands in the spirit across this great nation to show honor and respect for president Donald J. Trump and the greatest God given nation on earth.

    Let this spiritual holding of hands be seen by our lord in heaven as a sign that we are thankful and love this Christian nation and stand on his promises, our bibles and our founding principles. We will not give in. We will not stand down. We will not be defeated in Jesus name.

    Thank you lord for your mercy and amazing grace. Heal our nation. Jesus we give our nation back to you.


    Mission: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

    We recognize no sovereign but God and no King but Jesus.

    John Adams and John Hancock
    Founding fathers

    April 18, 1775

    “Without God, there could be no American form of government, nor an American way of life.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

  14. Mario, God bless you!!! Keep speaking Truth!!! You are a blessing to the Body of Christ!!!

  15. There is so much deception in our world today. No wonder Jesus warned us not to be deceived.In the spirit of Pentecost I pray for a fresh out pouring of the Holy Spirit.We desperately need it.

  16. They are on Christian and secular sites on a regular basis. These hypocritical infiltrators who pretend to be Christians with the authority to rebuke actual Christians for supporting Trump. Ask them how they can continue to condemn him for his past, when they belong to the party of the Kennedys, Clintons, and Planned Parenthood, and you get…crickets…That’s when you know they are atheists, lgbt’s, and/or any of the other myriad of leftists who are doing all they can to bring America as we know it to its knees. Thank you, once again, Pastor Mario, for exposing the left for their lies. You’d think they would know better than to think they could get the best of you, but that’s the left…they continue to make the same mistakes over, and over, and over again…thinking they will get a different result. If nothing else proved to us that liberalism is a mental disorder, that surely should.

  17. One of the worse comment sections I’ve seen with these trolls is on Charisma Magazine. Unbelievable.

  18. I would say to them the same thing they said to me when Obama was President. Well God put him there that’s right and God put Trump there too! And these are the same HYPOCRITES who said NARY a word against Obama as he almost destroyed the country!

  19. A steady diet of the Word of God and continual filling and fellowship with Holy Spirit is the antidote to the Anti-Christ spirit at work within the wolves moving amongst the flock of God. Yes, they are slick and sly, just like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, but eventually they are known by their fruit!

  20. At this point, due to your passion for the Deep Truth as well as the Highest Truth in our Lord, I am not raddled, so happy for your shouting it out! It has woken me up in many ways and I appreciate you immensely! I have as I go on in the Lord’s work even been called, Satan, because I was preaching the gospel at a bus stop. Ugly is Ugly and Death is always Death and I see you scaring the Devil with Truth! I see all this as Victory! These people only have paper guns and lies as bullets! The only ones believing it are the ones already sold out, because they have no personal relationship with Jesus. The Lord convinced me personally that Donald Trump was His man. Trust me, I needed more speaking about it from the Lord and God won me over. I am nobody special; I believe if anyone has a heart for God they will hear the same speaking! Bye the way, got your Book Vessels of Fire & Glory looking fore ward to reading it!

  21. Ok Mario….. I believe you and agree with you in what your write and what you say. I know you have the words and the right thinking, I know you have the heart and courage to be what this nation needs and make The rally cry From the Spirit.

    Why have you canceled your five city crusade? I was ready to attend with my sons.

    So……Will you persuade men to worship GOD CONTRARY to the law? Acts 18:13

    Be the Moses America needs Mario. If you choose not to then You are no different than the Shepard’s of America paralyzed by the comfort, safety and convenience of online preaching.

    Let’s have Church or a crusade or even better a revival in America.
    GOD bless and take care…..

    1. Israel, if you read Mario’s blogs from that time frame, Mario was going to continue on in faith knowing that God would deliver those who attended from the virus. He was forced out…he was never going to stop just because of some virus.

  22. This reply was posted as Murillo ministries responding to Murillo ministries?

    “Respectfully, let me first ask you a couple of questions: what is your opinion on abortion and same sex marriage from a Bible perspective? Furthermore, at no point did I say that those who disagree with Trump are automatically George Soros Christians. And, “This one has a terrible history with black people” is not an argument. And finally, what about the terrible history of the Democrat Party with black people? Do you believe Joe Biden be good for black people?”

    If I were to answer for myself, I’d have to say Jehovah is the God who changes not, the morals and ethics He exposed of Himself in the Old testament remain true.

    When He states that the shedding of innocent blood is an abomination, then abortion is an abomination.

    The same can be said of same sex unions…

    As for the rest the one you were responding to, probably got some of my responses mixed in their head with yours.

    I firmly believe that our votes are an indication of “The Stand” of our hearts and makes us complicit in the sins of the politicians we enabled or disable by our votes.

    And, as abortion is an abomination, I believe that to be the greater sin.

    The dnc has been race baiting for its entire history and will not change.

    As for joe joe, he is senile and would destroy not only blacks hopes of a future, but America as well.

    Votes have consequences as does Christian who sit on their hands and refuse to vote for imperfect candidates. In my firm opinion not to vote is a vote.

  23. If Soros is targeting us, then why don’t we target him? It is GOD who gave him resources and GOD who can take them away! Time to pray and not be stupid!

    1. He probably is being targeting, but he may not live in US. And by your standards we should just stand by and wait for God to take away his resources? We already tried something like that Pam. Pres Clinton was was offered Bin Laden 3 times and he turned him down. 911 was the result of that!

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