Richmond Virginia Police Chief Will Smith became very emotional when discussing an incident that happened on Saturday night. He says that rioters set fire to a few buildings, including a multi-family residence that was occupied by a child. He repeatedly had to stop, in order to compose himself, as he detailed how some rioters blocked the fire department from responding.

Satan has launched a weapon. It’s overrunning our streets. It is fueled by demons—spirits of mindless violence and destruction.  The human puppet “protesters” don’t care about anything or anyone. They go to George Soros.com to get paid. Not only don’t these social justice warriors care about your rights or your safety, they also do not care about George Floyd. He was just the excuse—the match that lit their fuse.

We are in the time that Jesus foretold: “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12).

Likewise, Paul predicted, “BUT UNDERSTAND this, that in the last days will come perilous times of great stress and trouble. For people will be lovers of self and [utterly] self-centered, lovers of money and aroused by an inordinate [greedy] desire for wealth, proud and arrogant and contemptuous boasters. They will be abusive (blasphemous, scoffing), disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy and profane. [They will be] without natural [human] affection (callous and inhuman), relentless (admitting of no truce or appeasement); [they will be] slanderers (false accusers, troublemakers), intemperate and loose in morals and conduct, uncontrolled and fierce, haters of good. [They will be] treacherous [betrayers], rash, [and] inflated with self-conceit. [They will be] lovers of sensual pleasures and vain amusements more than lovers of God. For [although] they hold a form of (true religion); they deny and reject and are strangers to the power of it. Avoid [all] such people [turn away from them]” (2 Timothy 3:1-3 Amplified 1974).

When hell is released, what can the church do? It is shocking that so many Christians can’t answer that question. This generation of believers has not been prepared or equipped to discern and defeat evil. In many cases they have no understanding of evil. The preaching they sat under failed to teach them about the importance of the weapons of our warfare.

The kinds of sermons that could and should have told us what to do—the preaching with authority over Satan—was withheld. In the sunshine of “normal” American life, many celebrity preachers put forth the myth of a warless Christianity, thinking that spiritual warfare might be too offensive for sensitive ears.

This is how the true warrior of God is described in the Revelation: Revelation 12:11, “And they overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives unto death.” My passion is that it can also be said of us: “they overcame him!”

But sadly, for us, The Blood of Jesus is relegated to consolation, and to feeling forgiven. It was not preached as what it is: the weapon of choice for overcoming evil. The sword of the spirit has been treated the same way as a man might buy a decorative sword to mount on his wall. Occasionally, he might take it down to show a guest its gold-plated hilt. He says, “Feel how sharp the blade is,” and then puts it back up on the wall.

What we are watching happen all across this nation is nothing less than an act of war. Do you really believe these riots were just spontaneous?  Pallets of bricks ‘just showed up’ in strategic locations in dozens of cities?  Pre-printed flyers instructing protesters how to follow the plan, ‘just appeared’ out of nowhere? Big city Democrats, who so brutally kept innocent citizens trapped in their homes, are now looking the other way and allowing mass riots.

Can the church do anything about this mayhem in our streets? Can we do anything about the billionaire leftists behind both this and the hijacking of the pandemic in their plan to force a one-world dictatorship? The fact that we can’t answer that questions is the final proof of how deeply modern preaching has failed us.

Not only can we deal with this satanic flood— but because of its supernatural origin—we are the only ones who can. And not only can we deal with it, it is our duty to do so. Charles Spurgeon said, “WHEREVER evil appears it is to be fought with by the children of God in the name of Jesus, and in the power of the Holy Ghost. When evil appeared in an angel, straightway there was war in heaven. Evil in mortal men is to be striven against by all regenerate men.”

Christian, wake up! In every generation, hell unleashes a weapon of mass damnation, but heaven is not passive. Heaven forges the master weapon. Heaven seeks someone who will rise up in the Name of Jesus and thrust that weapon of God into the heart of darkness. Maybe it is you? Maybe you are the one that God has been waiting for. Maybe you will be the one who will fully and finally pay the price to drive back the evil. What I do know, is that we are running out of time to save this nation—and the church is the key.

So, what do we do? The steps are clear and undeniable!

The war is first won in the heavenlies. James 5:16, “Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

The kind of intercession needed in this hour must be cleansed from the diluted and ineffective versions we have popularized. Too often, intercession has become the domain of mystics, and not true warriors. Many love to be known as intercessors, and proudly wear the badge, but they do not carry the authority. They shuttle in and out of Christian circles bearing stolen valor. True intercession is not going into a trance—it is going into the trenches!

The intercession needed today is wrestling, and open-ended agony. The devil must feel your determination to fight to the death. He must tremble at the thought that you have entered the war room and you aren’t coming out until God the father releases angels to the target, and brings conviction upon the wicked.

David Brainerd prayed in the snow. He stained the snow with his blood and melted it with heat of his crying out to God. He rose up and walked into the village of the Delaware Indians, and they immediately fell under the blast of converting conviction.

When Hitler began the battle of Britain, Rees-Howells and the students in his Bible College locked themselves away in prayer. He hung, body and soul, suspended between heaven and earth. His praying turned him inside out. Historians still can’t explain why Hitler suddenly stopped an attack that would most certainly have taken England—but we know.

Again, Spurgeon exhorts us: “You must first overcome in the heavenly places before the throne; and when you have been thus triumphant with God in prayer, you will have grace to go forth to service and to defeat evil among your fellow-men.”

Will anyone who is reading this, please begin exercising the prayer power needed to save America?


What we win in prayer must be enforced on earth. Acting without prayer, is presumption. Refusing to act on what you won in prayer, is disobedience. I guarantee that your God-given actions to save America will cost you friends—lukewarm, uninformed, weak-willed friends. Many still don’t get it, that God sent Trump. They seek to look upon the bright side of total blackness. They refuse to face the fact that injustice, deception and violence must be called out.

So, now that I have answered the question:


How will you enforce the victory of Christ on earth? You will receive your instructions from prayer, but it is urgent that you know what to expect. What will your instructions look like? Will you act on them?

To the preacher, it may require a 180 degree turning of your preaching. It is time for you to distance yourself from the leftist lies and the myth of neutrality being taught by some of your brothers and sisters in ministry. You must also leave the company of those cowards who have elected not to speak out, and who use the fear of losing their 501c3 tax exempt status as an excuse.

To those who are believers, it may mean educating yourself about who your local representatives are and letting them know your opinion on how these riots are being handled.

It may mean that we all recognize that even though there are bad cops, the overwhelming majority are doing a great job and are risking their lives for you and me. We need to tell them we support them. Your kindness may make all the difference in the life of a peace officer.

We must openly obliterate the lie that America is a white supremacist nation.  This is the grand myth that these anarchists hide behind. It is upon this that they are hanging their entire effort to stop Trump. If America were truly a white supremacist nation, Obama would never have been elected and reelected.

To further prove my point, can you imagine a white supremacist group trying to stage riots in the streets the way these people have? They would have been squashed like a bug.

Prayer will strip away the power from these demons of violence. Obedience will enforce that victory in the soul of America!


  1. Amen!!! Thank You !! Thankfully our Preacher has taught us !! We meet every Friday night to pray for our President and our country!! Lionheart Fellowship/ Mike McClung Alcoa,Tn He’s on Facebook He is a warrior like you!!!! God bless you and keep you!!♥️🙏🏻♥️

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Ps 2. God is going to bring justice and righteousness in 2020. People like Soros have their days numbered.

  3. Mario, Thank you for these words and direction to stand against these blazing arrows of the evil one.
    I’m praying for God’s America to prevail.

  4. If Antifa has been declared a terrorist organization and being funded by George Soros, when will the FBI raid Open Society Foundations and arrest them all? According to their website they are headquartered in, get ready for it, NEW YORK CITY!! May true justice be brought upon all evildoers!! And may the Church repent from the heart and not just in pretense and push this evil back to the pit of hell where it came from!!

    “Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one according to his ways,” says the Lord God. Repent, and turn from all your transgressions, so that iniquity will not be your ruin. Cast away from you all the transgressions which you have committed, and get yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. For why should you die, O house of Israel? For I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies,” says the Lord God. “Therefore turn and live!”-Ezekiel 18:30-32

    1. We need every available Spirit-filled, Spirit-baptized believer praying & warring in the Spirit in their prayer closets (because That is where it Begins), prayer walking neighborhoods, and turning Bible study groups into Spiritual Commando Units!

      1. This person could not be more right i was trying to remember the last time i heard a message on spiritual warfare and it has been years.

    2. Mario your words today and scriptures quoted are EXACTLY what my husband and I have been reading in Bible and discussing since late last week.👏🏻
      Lawlessness is their weapon, violence is their drug of choice. They have no love within them. These professional anarchists are high on their drug called violence. It is so much stronger than any Opioid, Heroin or natural emotional anger, it is completely enveloping their soul and minds. These are willing to do anything to anybody while on their high. These anarchists aren’t actually desirous for loot or pillage that is merely a tactic they are trained to use at first. The violence will not cease until a form of Martial Law is instituted. The anarchist plan is to now move to suburban American streets and neighborhoods all over this country invading homes and tiny strip malls with their violence.
      I know it’s hard for President Trump to enact the Military within this nation. And citizen patriots are rightly concerned about that type of engagement. Yet he must!… and he must do it quickly!!!! Trump has the right as the President to enact the Military federally within this nation, in order to restore lawful order to society and in order to give the other Federal and local Law agencies the focus needed to strategically engage the insane culprits of the Leftist funded government over throw. We here have said we trust this President, well then may our trust be rightly applied in this case in the Name of Jesus.
      The State Governors aren’t going to utilize the National Guard effectively enough, they’ve proven that. With a form of Martial Law instituted nationally, that then gives the local authorities (Police, Fire, National Guard, local FBI) a chance to operate and work to rout out the true culprits and financial funders of this satanic coup d’é·tat.
      We must not be deceived or lulled, this is a satanically inspired and funded plan issued from the panels and tribunes of darkness in the Left to completely over throw America as we have known it. Human casualties are a part of their media covered currency.
      I pray the eyes of all willing hearts will be opened for it is now time to tell the TRUTH, no matter how ugly and frightening the Truth may be. We have had Grace expounded on for the last decade, now it is time for TRUTH to be revealed.
      “The Word became flesh and took up residence among us, we observed His glory the glory as the One and Only from The Father, full of Grace and Truth.” (John 1: 14)
      God help us and God please bless America again.🇺🇸

  5. The Loonie Left is super threatened. The Lord takes the wise in their own craftiness. God frustrates the plans of the wicked. He turns the way of the wicked upside down. “Now as Jannes and Jambres (Magicians: Poor, bitter, afflicted, rebels) withstood Moses, so do these (Leftists) also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith. BUT THEY SHALL PROCEED NO FURTHER: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was.” 2 Tim. 3:8-9. Doctrinal theories will not decide the outcome of this war. It’s who has the power of Almighty God that will decide the outcome. The kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.

  6. God has prepared a remnant for a time as this and they are preparing for battle.
    This is a spiritual battle we are entering unlike any we have known. All of those whom He has called have jobs to do.
    Be prepared with a repentant spirit for new wine is about to overflow.
    Amen 🙏

  7. I was asleep but am awake now ! I have been seeking the Lord and crying out to a Him Over what is happening to our Nation , the people of America . But when I pray about what is happening all the riots , the hate , the racism all I end up doing is cry , I will continue to press into the a Lord bc I know He’s Faithful . Please be encouraged Brother Mario your posts are making a difference , it has in my life and was an instrument to wake me up and open my eyes !!
    In Christ Tina

  8. Thank you so much for this very well written article you are welcome to join us in prayer Monday through Friday we are in our 4th year and the Holy Spirit rules brings strategy and releases his angels to displace darkness and advances his Kingdom. We are with you brother Mario on the front lines of this fight that we pledged to continue and has been won by our Lord and savior and his precious blood and Holy Spirit.
    Denise Edwards

  9. Excellent article and excellent instructions for pastors and prayer warriors! You are correct as this isn’t about George Floyd! These pastors who are criticizing our president? Whose side are they on? That is very disappointing! These protesters are getting too much sympathy as they kill, loot, and destroy. The president sent a message by holding up the Bible. He was saying the Bible is our answer and any spiritual person could see that. Again he was criticized. That Bishop expected him to say a prayer or preach? Our president isn’t a preacher!

  10. How do we bring victory against Satan. The body of Christ must be united. No battle is won when an army or people are disunited. As with the Israelites going into battle many times and for any group of people to secure victory in whatever they do, unity is the key.

    Again as Jesus said, “A house divided can not stand”, and as he also prayed for his followers to be one. John 17:20-23.

    Pentecost came and went. The success or fruit of that will be decided by how much we united together in heart, and how much we repented. We can’t commemorate or celebrate such an event with just ritualistic observance. It has to be an experience.

    The body of Christ must unite if even symbolically by bringing together the leaders of various Christian denominations.

    Christians must understand that they are and have been disobeying Jesus, going against his prayer and his heart, as someone who desired ‘to gather together his people as a hen her brood’, by there being so many different and divided churches.

    How does that make any sense?

    Christians must also unite behind the Word of God as the Israelites did entering Canaan with the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant ahead of them, as Adam and Eve should have done, honouring God’s Word.

    Let’s make it simple. Jesus said that all the Law and the Prophets hang on these Two Great Commandments; Love God, love your neighbour.

    That is a strong cornerstone to build unity upon given that Jesus is the embodiment of the Word and is that cornerstone.

    From there Christians can work together to support President Trump to ensure he is re-elected as a man of God himself, who stood out side the Church of St John with a bible in hand indicating his reverence and support for the bible and Christianity.

    He also visited a Catholic site or shrine to pay respect to the founding church of Christ and the largest church in Christendom. The symbolism of both these visits can not be missed.

    Unfortunately the prelates of both these venues spat the dummy and had a hissy fit, not recognising the solidarity President Trump was wanting to show with them.

    ‘Blessed is he who takes no offence at President Trump’, except the religious leadership of course. That sounds familiar.

    Husbands and wives need to be united, so too parents and children, brothers and sisters and so it goes on.

    The Kingdom of Heaven is unity personified in all relationships, as God’s creation is so united in its purpose to support all life, and provide the physical environment for all the things we need to sustain and enjoy our lives.

    Can you imagine if water and air decided to break their molecular bonds, ‘get a divorce’, what would happen to all life on planet earth.

    When we are disunited, we are in a state of sin, as much as when we are disunited with and disobeying God’s Laws.

    Sin is a state or act where we violate or ‘break’ Heavenly Law, and as a result we are separated from the love of God.

    Therefore to love God and love our neighbour means we can not break our relationship and our bond of love with either. That is why Jesus said to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, as that is what it takes, as we fight our sinful nature.

    Rom 7:21 “So I find it to be a law that when I want to do right, evil lies close at hand. 22 For I delight in the law of God, in my inmost self, 23 but I see in my members another law at war with the law of my mind and making me captive to the law of sin which dwells in my members. 24 Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?”

    Christianity must unite with itself centring on God, and then with President Trump.

    God is seeking His Kingdom, so that means governance. President Trump who is also a Christian and would surely count himself as one, is the gateway for that governance to come about. He is God’s Trump card.

    If you haven’t already, watch Kim Clements words and prophesy: Trump 2020 // Prophet Kim Clement Prophecy (on You Tube)

  11. The Lord did call me to intercede. Last year I had an evangelist pray over me and say that’s what the Lord wants me to do. However, I’ve had so many health issues since I started interceding that it’s really difficult for me to get into the throne room and stay there and not be sidetracked. Please pray for me and I want to do God’s will. Thank you 🙏 Sent from my iPhone


  12. AW Tozer said, “Prayer will become effective when we stop using it as a substitute for obedience.”

  13. Yesterday morning on my way to work I decided to take a different route through town to survey the damage caused by the rioters. As I approached the town square where the protests had been staged I felt the Holy Spirit instruct me to stop and pray.

    As I exited my vehicle the Holy Spirit fell upon me. I was alone in the flesh but not in the spirit as I have never felt so empowered as I walked into the square. I first prayed for protection for our city and our Police Officers and Fire Fighters. I asked the lord to dispatch his angels into the square and on each street corner in the area as a hedge of protection.

    I suddenly felt such a burden to pray for these young rioters. I asked the lord to change their lives. To give them purpose, hope and a future. I prayed that the spirit of the Lord would be so strong and powerful that the anger of the protesters would be calmed and their lives would be changed.

    Shortly after leaving the square while driving to my work, another vehicle full of young men passed by me. For some reason they had singled me out and showed much anger towards me as I thought they were going to start an altercation with me.

    Nothing happened and I ended up getting to work safely, but I immediately recognized that the enemy was feeling threatened. You are correct Mario, our battle is in the spirit!

  14. The Word, the two-edged, sharp Sword of the Spirit comes first to divide and separate believers from the lies, deceptions, works of the devil, and traditions of men and demons; then unites us in Christ Himself, the Way, the Truth and the Life, the only Way to God our Father’s Throne of grace and glory.
    Unity is only by and in the Holy One, Christ Himself and the Holy Spirit he prayed the Father to send to us; unity is only in the bond of the Peace that is found in the Words of Jesus, the Words his Father gave him.
    Abba Father, I pray for unity with Your Spirit and Your Word, repentance, and return to biblical values, and everyone holding up their bibles as a sign of union with God’s Holy Righteous Pure Word and Spirit!

  15. Hi  Is it ok to share this on social media so important  Thank you Mary Bess

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  16. Your words are fuel to my spirit.These devils may think they have us backed into a corner with no hope but they have sorely underestimated the spirit filled believer who is backed by all of heaven’s authority.Blinders are coming off,the fear of the Lord will be restored and Love is spreading across this nation and our world. Revival is in the air,you can just feel it.

  17. Dear Mario:You are 100% accurate! 100%!! I also, know the truth… ie: George Soro funded rioters, etc. I also, am an intense intercessor and belong to an intense intercessory group devoted to America. I have read Reese Howells book multiple times… Yes, he and his group of intercessors Stopped Hitlers drive on England. Only thru our Tears and Intercession…. will we see the raising up of true soldiers… to defeat this insurgency. This is not a new group of crazies…. but a stronghold dedicated to the removal of Jesus Christ from the Earth… HA! Thank God for His True Bridal Company…I am Speaking The Truth. I have Lost much… almost everything…. you are considered crazy talk… but slowly… very slowly, I am seeing others waking up. We need the outpouring of the Lord… to Justify the True Spoken Word. So many of my christian friends are given not even milk in their churches. It sickens me. They hold on to…” Jesus is Coming” and by that, they mean… The Rapture is going to wisk them away …. the closer the battle gets… the more they retreat in this lie. It totally sickens me. I am now asking them, ” What if you are called to endure this? Will your faith survive?” They are absolutely stunned… They have no reply. This has never even entered their minds… oh, well…. I continue to weep and press in.So, BLESS YOU! You are NOT ALONE!! You will be rewarded w a Revival of Souls to many to count. It will be a Holy Thing that He will allow you to partake of. All these years… you have waited, sowed and believed. And the grey hairs keep coming…. BUT He will fulfill His Promise and your eyes will behold it.You were left, and given, to this generation. Love,Theresa in AZ

  18. As always thank you Mario; God has kept you all these years and continues to use you mightily because you share truth and live in His presence. A mouthpiece for the Body of Christ; you are speaking to prepare those of us who will stand on His word and take the action by being in the position of prayer until God moves in Jesus Name. God watch over and protect Mario and all those around him; that in You he is covered so that the message and words of encouragement will roll out for us who are listening; for those praying diligently; to those seeking Your face and hand of justice upon the Earth. Amen!!

  19. I heard that it was posted on facebook this morning that a protest march is beginning this morning in the small town I grew up in. There have been predictions that they would begin to hit the small towns and rural areas due to the lack of curfews, but that it will not go well for them because those people tend to own weapons and know their 2A rights, and are well trained in self-defense. It is disturbing to hear of possible altercations coming to quiet little towns filled with people who just want to raise their families away from big city craziness and are living the American dream with their farms and small businesses, and many of them regular church members. While actual racism is not in the hearts of these kinds of people, the anarchists, and those funding them, along with the media and lying leftist politicians, are causing the resentment to being to stir up against those who have actually been left behind in the pursuance of the American dream and making things worse, because the rioting and anarchy is being organized and driven by those who care about no one and nothing but their radical leftist agenda, and not enough actual, “protestors” are speaking out against these criminals. I was disheartened to hear the head of Defense this morning state that he is not in favor of the Insurrection Act. If trying to bring down the American society, culture, and government, is not insurrection, what in the name of common sense is it? How many people’s lives have to be destroyed and lost before it becomes insurrection? If these anarchists really cared about the plight of the average black, they would not be burning down black businesses that were the dream of decent black people, trying to pursue a decent life for their family. Every democrat and media phony standing up for these criminals needs to face charges, along with worthless celebrities supporting them, and of course, Soros and his cronies. Joe Biden stands up in a church and dares to say that he is not going to fan the flame of division and hatred in this country, and proceeds to do exactly that. Amy Kobachar grandstands at the hearing this morning, attacking Ted Cruz and the President, repeating debunked media lies, in her audition for the VP slot. Could we be a little more transparent here, Amy? She made a fool of herself. The only answer for this country which is teetering on the edge of going into the dustbin of history is for the intercessors actually intercede and not just talk about it, and that includes myself.

  20. Awake O Sleeper! I have heard this call from God for the past 8 years getting stronger every year.

    When the military went into conflicts in the 90s and after, many in their ranks had joined a peacetime force. Often the cry was heard, I didn’t sign up for this. I just wanted a free education.

    Well, now many Christians are also being awakened to what being in the Army of God is all about. I cry out to God to forgive us for clinging to our comfort and not wanting to take up the fight.

    Many have fooled themselves into believing if I leave the enemy alone he won’t bother me. But watching the riots on TV ought to convince you, the enemy hates everyone. Even the ones who serve him. He wants to see us all bleeding, broken and dying. You can’t make a peace treaty with him.

    Time to fight. Great article!

    1. Yes it is time to fight. God had His Generals and sent them to do battle. Look at God chosen people they are still fighting today. We need to quit tell each other what they should due; step out front and say IN THE NAME OF CHRIST THIS WILL STOP. PREACHER JOE

  21. Thank you for being a clear voice of truth right now. I am a brown citizen of this beloved nation. live in Santa Clara surrounded by democrats including my church. I am so saddedned and depressed by pastors like TD Jakes and Pat Robertson and Jentzen Franklin critizing our President and talking about systemic racisism. Am I wrong to think that way about these pastors ? Looking for guidance from any of these pastors. What ever they say regarding right now issue dosen’t make sense or can’t agree with them. I have been praying for our beloved President Trump from the time he first announced to run 2016 election. Lord told me he is the one even in the primary. What the Lord started through President Trump, He will complete and make MAGA and turn back to Him. All glory and honor and praise be to our God.
    Other than praying you said get inot action. I don’t have the courage or just physical strength. Lord help me

    1. We need to get back being Americans. We are not German, English, African, etc. we are one nation under God. Yes we may have come from these country but as a citizen we are AMERICANS. What if people would start saying I’m German American, English American, African American I ask you are you German, English, African or AMERICAN we cant be both.
      Preacher joe

  22. Speak the name of Jesus and the devil will flee . My Pastor has preached Bible truth always. We must be born again by confessing we are sinners and repent . Love God Love neighbor and serve both. Donna O.

  23. On Tue, Jun 2, 2020 at 11:46 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Richmond Virginia Police Chief Will Smith > became very emotional when discussing an incident that happened on Saturday > night. He says that rioters set fire to a few buildings, including a > multi-family residence that was occupied by a child. He repeatedly h” >

  24. Prophetic, informative, timely and anointed. I have printed this blog out and will read it, study it and pray from it several times a day. I have sent it to others and asked them to do the same.

  25. I have been following your comments for some time from your emails and am aghast at whis happening nof only in America but the rest of the world. I feel the urgency of the times and am going out to start street preaching with two other Christian companions. I have a portable, rechargeable speaker and a microphone. I believe I am following God’s call and not man’s. I am praying for souls to be saved with signs and wonders. If I don’t do this then who will? I live in South Auckland and am a friend of Winkie Partney. Bless you Mario and pray for me as I pray for you. Paul Louis Hetet

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