We Christians no longer have equal protection under the law. We are officially second-class citizens in the United States. How else can you explain the total double-standard that exists: one standard for protesters and another for churches?

I thought we were in the midst of a pandemic so dangerous that everyone had to stay home? I thought that churches couldn’t meet because of the threat of spreading the virus? Weren’t police taking down license plate numbers of people at drive-in church services?

Why then, are tens of thousands of people standing shoulder to shoulder and protesting across America? Why is there no attempt whatsoever to stop them with the self-same zeal with which they have shut down the church?

Look at the picture of the protest in front of the California State Capital building. This is absolutely bizarre. Weeks ago, on that very spot, Christians staged a public rally. Suddenly, their permit to assemble was revoked. A pastor was arrested for giving a speech. They were told their rally was a great danger to the public.

Saturday, on that same exact site, there was a rally, but this time the “organizers didn’t have time to get a permit” we were told. Apparently they didn’t need one. Their crowd was several times larger than the church crowd, much louder, and more likely to get out of control. Not everyone was wearing a mask, and many other “guidelines” were blatantly ignored.

The only voice at the Christian rally, was one pastor, and he was arrested. Yet at the protest, as many angry people as wanted to speak were granted free access and protection.

At the same time as America is being looted, burned and assaulted by thugs, the leftist Governors are putting the screws to the local church. They are so blindly anti-Christian that they don’t care how blatant their double-standard is.

They see us as passive. The see us as apathetic. They see us as compliant. And, sadly, for the most part, they are right.

Here, in the middle of widespread lawlessness, and massive crowds pushing against each other, are the rules for the local churches in California to reopen: “Attendance must be limited to 25% of building capacity or a maximum of 100 people, whichever is lower. The limitations will remain in places for 21 days after approval. After the initial three weeks, the California Department of Public Health will work with county public health officials to review the impact of in-person gatherings at Houses of Worship and provide further direction for future services.”

Now get this: at the very same time that all restraint has been removed, allowing thousands to protest, draconian rules are being reinforced against the church. How is this possible? Since they have proven by their actions that they don’t believe the protesters pose a public health risk, there is only one conclusion to be drawn: This is not about the virus—it is about silencing the church.

Look at those rules again. Are you kidding me? If you have a 5,000-seat sanctuary and 10,000 members, only 100 get to go to church? Have your ever heard of anything crazier? In Colorado Springs, for example, New Life Church, with 10.000 members has had to go to six services on Sunday!

Worse still, is the subtle language. What we have here is not a phase, but a test. The language is ominous: “The California Department of Public Health will work with county public health officials to review the impact of in-person gatherings at Houses of Worship and provide further direction for future services.”

Yeah, sure. Reviewed by leftists with out and out antipathy toward the church. Officials can manipulate statistics to draw their own conclusions. It happened today:

L.A. reported a spike in the number of Coronavirus infections. Turns out it wasn’t a spike; it was slow record keeping.  500 people who were infected long ago, and who never made it onto the current count were added, so it just looked like a spike.

Do you really believe they can’t play games with numbers and tell the church: “Oh well, the number of infections are up, so we can’t let you have more than a hundred people, sitting 6 feet apart.”

How can any official—in the face of what they are allowing out in the streets—read those rules out loud with a straight face? Gavin Newsom tacitly approves overwhelming numbers of people in the streets behaving recklessly, but goes to extremes to squelch the church.

He is not alone. In every state where a Democrat is governor, similar madness toward the church is reigning.

Ridiculous rules that choke the life out of local churches could become permanent. Lukewarm preachers who want acceptance are traitors to us. They appear on network news and mouth the very propaganda being spewed by these blue states.

Men and women of God are at a critical point of decision. There will soon come a time when the rules will no longer make sense on any level. Soon, you must choose whether or not you will obey the order of your state’s governor to ‘kindly drop dead.’

The hour is upon us when we must rise up with one voice and cast off these chains they want to put on all of us. Are you ready for the day when you must obey God, rather than men?








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  1. Every time You mention this satanic pawn named Gavin Newsom The Nuisance, I want to throw up. He reminds me of a Sewer Rat. I want to beat him up once a week just for recreation, so he knows how it feels to be bullied just like he bullies the church. The word for Gavin and all those other Demo-rats is this: It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God, who is a consuming fire. Gavin is actually attacking Jesus when he attacks the church. Only an empty headed fool would do that.

    1. that is why we keep trusting God AND praying to expose them and remove them from office AND ask and vote for God’s men and women to be called to run for office AND make sure Donald John Trump gets reelected, praying for even more Wisdom and Power of Christ to fill his soul and spirit to lead America forward in biblical values, a republic under God, indivisible from God with freedom, liberty and justice of God, not of this world or google or artificial intelligence or their programming and determinations of “fairness” causing them to censor conservative, biblical voices

  2. The church should have refused to cease to have gatherings in the first place. At Wheatland Worship Center wedid not ‘close’ our doors at all, in defiance of Government and Denominational requests. The Word of God is the higher authority in this matter.

    And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. Hebrews 10:24‭-‬25 KJV

    1. The church along with many other institutions didn’t have enough information at the time of the newly discovered pandemic loosed here in America during January, February, March, 2020.
      Not nearly enough information in order to refute or refuse medical social distancing civil mandates and not adhere to them. It would have been woefully wrong to do that at that time of the initial virus spread.
      How do I know?
      I’ve been in the trenches everyday during this entire pandemic as a care giver going out there everyday, and running to empty grocery stores, empty pharmacies, packed hospitals, all over my large metro city, to nursing homes, Senior Community, where people are most vulnerable and some dying like flies.

      There is still the insanity of ignoring the obvious.
      Mario is right regarding these so-called protesting crowds where there is blatant stupidity.
      Very few masks only a minimum ‘bare few’ decide to be intelligent enough to wear one. Screaming and spewing their own bodily fluids on everyone next to them, these exhibit a death wish and are most probably going to carry & spread a new spike in COVID-19 infections across America. What of the fall months, when vulnerable children are hoping to go back to schools??

      Intimidated imbeciles are pretending to Govern these liberal states where they encourage these insane actions and by so doing are found complicit with the eradication of potentially millions of American citizens and destroyed cities.
      Why would these ignoramuses care about re-opening the local Christian churches? When they eagerly support those who tried to burn down the the St. John’s church at Lafayette Square in Wash. DC? And stood by quiet as the President of these (no longer) United States, had to rush to go into the White House bunker to protect his life from domestic terrorists. 😣
      No 😞 right now what Christians must face & confront within their souls is the FACT that there are more than enough mentally disturbed and just plain recalcitrant arrogant people living within America today, in order to destroy it.

      We must face the horrific Truth (which can be really sad and frightening) the Truth that we’re living not only in the last days…which have been around since the original 12 Apostles established the early church.
      But that Truth which stings, that Truth which causes weeping, that Truth which can leave us facing grim results and sadness. The Jews call it “end of days.”
      NO we don’t know the day or the hour when Christ The King will return, but we must be READY, WILLING, ABLE, ALERT, WAITING, STEADFAST and PRAYING with great anticipation, to be counted worthy by The One who redeemed us way back on Mt. Calvary.

      That does not mean that we are to stop working, serving, trying to be who we are called to be! And it does not mean we are to go ahead and act as shabby as the others by aggressing against those who are lost and without God in this world.
      But we must face UP to what message is being sent from heaven, we already know what message is being sent to us right here on the earth.
      Gee and what is that message 🤔…if they hated Jesus Christ, they’re gonna hate you if you love Him! HE told us that HimSelf over 2000 years ago.
      This world is NOT our home, too many American Christians forgot that, and forgot that it never was. That is the message sent from heaven don’t ignore it.

  3. The church should have refused to cease to have gatherings in the first place. At Wheatland Worship Center wedid not ‘close’ our doors at all, in defiance of Government and Denominational requests. The Word of God is the higher authority in this matter.

    And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. Hebrews 10:24‭-‬25 KJV

    1. Agree! He is Jehovah Rapha.He alone is able to keep us. We should all be living in Ps.91. We are seeing the socialist agenda right in front of our eyes. There is much information on the UN website. development

  4. There are times for attacking. Paul attacked Elymas the sorcerer with a pronouncement of divine judgment. See Acts 13: 8-11

    1. Read Nehemiah 13. You will be shocked at how he attacked ungodliness among his own people. Read about how Jesus attacked the moneychangers in the Gospels. Our vote is a weapon of attack to stop wicked people from having seats in our government.

    2. US billionaires got $434 billion richer since coronavirus pandemic began.
      And now they want you to stand in line for their bogus shots so they can even get richer! And tag us like dogs to go to slaughter, because that is the agenda, kill off the population especially confessed Christians!
      Absolutely true, this is NO JOKE, There is so much Evil in the world right now it is hard to count the Guilty but this One is Absolute Evil and He believes He is Untouchable! Lord, Right now I Declare Bill Gates is History Forgotten because you Lord are Lord of Lords and will squish him like a bug! Remember the little king who called himself God you struck him with worms and he died.
      Post Has Been Removed
      The post or object that you were commenting has been removed by its owner and can no longer be commented on.
      Too Late Bill God Hear it!

  5. They think we’re dangerous? Our God has known them from before the foundations of the earth, but they must not know Him. The Pharaohs thought they were in control too.


  6. Pray like never before and Christians make your voices hear! We live in a free country.
    Use it or lose it! Pray for our great president and our leaders for this craziness to stop.
    By the way, don’t you think that there would be a lot fewer rioters (expect for Soro paid rioters) if these people were working and not
    unemployed because of the Wuhan flu and the because of the radical leftist agenda to oust our president? This election is about a cultural war between good and evil driven by Satan.
    Our God reigns, so stand up for him!

  7. This is why it is so important for Christians to unite as one body now, and make their voices heard as one, and especially recognise the Godsend we have in Donald Trump. The President supports Christians even if individual governors, mayors, and congresspeople don’t.

    By supporting President Trump we will be supporting ourselves, our own cause. His first four years in office have been a bloody battle ‘against the principalities’, against the powers, and against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places’.

    He has been trying to restore the economy and America’s pride in itself, and at the same time find his feet whilst being wrong footed all the time.

    Just as Satan’s goal was to overthrow Adam by going through Eve, having played the sympathy card, now today the Deep State with all its accomplices has been trying to overthrow President Trump, because he too is an Adamic figure in God’s Providence.

    The Archangel is hopping mad as he feels threatened and challenged by President Trump as is evidenced by what has been happening recently in the US, inclusive of Covid – 19 being released as a bio-weapon.

    President Trump is someone uniquely called by God to fulfil a certain role in His Providence, and Satan knows it, hence he is trying to get rid of him.

    Christian leaders must come together in support of President Trump and no longer expect the ‘quarterback’ to win the game by himself. This is a common mistake people make believing their ‘man’ is invincible. Not so!

    God also gave us a rational mind and intellect to work things out as well. That is part of our responsibility to use those abilities God gave us.

    We must now build God’s Kingdom at this time in history. Christians are a majority of America’s population so it should not be a problem if we lend ourselves to this purpose. If we don’t, Satan’s Kingdom will continue to expand and that will spell disaster for Christians.

    The season is upon us and we must act, or the harvest will go to waste becoming overripe and then rotting on the vine.

    Minimally Christians must vote for Donald Trump.

  8. Did anyone watch Tucker Carlson last night?
    Its deeply alarming what’s going on.
    The video of the people apologizing for being white?
    That effeminate male voice leading them?🤢

    1. This scripture comes to mind… “nor effeminate”

      1Co_6:9-10  Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor cheats (swindlers and thieves), nor greedy graspers, nor drunkards, nor foulmouthed revilers and slanderers, nor extortioners and robbers will inherit or have any share in the kingdom of God.

    2. Aaron,
      My husband and I watched it and Tucker was absolutely correct. Making statements of reality and asking questions that contained the Truth, which can be alarming and disturbing.
      Life right now on earth is like this:
      1st comes challenge, then difficulty, then tough times, and then it gets hard.
      4 stages by which are too 1st overcome and 2nd to conquer.
      We are currently in the 4th stage now it’s gotten hard.
      Meaning things become impenetrable, too rigid to become bendable, requiring a great deal of endurance, too difficult to understand quickly, difficult to bear, harsh and unpleasant to the senses. Like trying to penetrate a block wall with a toothpick.

      1. Jesus is The Lion of The Tribe of Judah.He destroyed all the works of the devil for us. And that same overcoming Spirit lives in us.

      2. Yes Darlene,
        1st we overcome which is defined as; to succeed in dealing with a problem.
        Then when it gets really hard, like it is getting right now in America, we who are Christians are called to conquer. Based in Latin the word conquer means to gain and to win, in biblical Greek it means to have victory.
        That doesn’t make it any less “hard” for us to do in the here and now.
        Yes, Apostle John spoke of ‘The Son of God who came to destroy the works of the devil,’ regarding the practice of those in on going sin. (1 John 3: 8-10).

  9. No they don’t because they sold themselves to the government thru the 501c3 pact and now the government owns them and can tell them what to do. An official said he didn’t understand them going 501c3 when they already had their freedom in the constitution. Well l don’t understand why the churches turned away from Yahovah Yahshua Jesus Christ in the first place except for greed. When the churches said they would no longer allow the Holy Spirit into their congregations they lost YaHoVah Yahshua Jesus Christ. So how can they have his protection??? Without the Holy Spirit how they gonna have the Blood of Yahshua applied to them for protection ??? Shaloam, Nancy Brashaw

    On Thu, Jun 4, 2020, 3:18 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Outrage is justified over the killing of > George Floyd. I am not saying otherwise. However, I must risk whatever > favor I have earned with you. I must put everything on the line in order to > make an urgent point. A great evil that is coming against the churc” >

    1. Truth.When I first heard about 501c3 I didn’t think much of it.Now it is clear that they have (maybe unknowingly) made a covenant with the government all for money. There are websites available to assist them in getting out but it seems most don’t realize what they have done.

  10. several things will happen. One is that believers will unite against this attack. The Adversary was hoping to divide us, to demoralize us. Rather it has resulted in believers taking stronger stands. Being more grounded in their faith. Persecution does that.

    The other thing will be a massive number of lawsuits in these states. Not just for reversal of the ruling but for damages and legal fees. If these leftists have two sets of rules then the courts will go against them.

    The other thing is to build determination among believers to resist, to vote, to reach others.

    1. We now have an uphill battle since the SC sided with the Gov’s regarding the churches. You can once again thank John Roberts for that. But that does not mean it cannot be reversed. We must keep praying and we must speak out together in solidarity.

  11. I am with you and I want to let you know… as long as the chruch doenst step out of the Nonprofit orgs ( ALSO IN GERMANY and EUROPE ) and get rid of the teachings of DRABY and SCOFIELD and put CHRIST in there center of their lifes. GOD will alow this all happen to the “Church!! I am a German and I am “angry” at all this Pst who are only looking for themself and preach false gospels, and now we have the mess and GOD will NOT do anything until this brethren and sisters REPENT of Setting ISRAEL first and NOT CHRIST! Now you can judge me.. BUT I know I am right! Love to all of you Hanna

  12. Let’s be blunt. How can any other explanation be given for the State, County, and City Officials of California than that they are demon possessed. Are you going to listen to a demon? Social distancing doesn’t matter if they like your politics!!

  13. Mario, I totally agree with you but this is really a spiritual battle. We have to pray for all these people who are being targeted by satan and his cohorts to thwart The Lord’s plans for us. Jesus would want us to because He wants everyone in Heaven with Him. He said Himself that the best prayer we can say for anyone is to ask Him to help them open their hearts to Him so He can give them the grace they need to do this otherwise He can’t help them.

  14. I thank God for you Mario—you are always RIGHT ON!!!!
    Don’t worry about risking your favor with your readers. Those that are led by the Spirit will be right along side of you.

  15. Totally agree.  We need the power of Prayer more than ever to protect Christians and our great Nation.  From day one I’ve not fell for their Virus Plandemic.  Pray up on God’s suit of armor, and continue with life.  Have several of your teachings and love them all.  God Bless you.

  16. We now have proof positive that we were lied to regarding the virus and the necessity to shut our businesses and schools down totally and hole up in our houses;also, that it was, and is, necessary to spiritually starve Christians and Jews and keep us out of our churches and synagogues. If it is safe for multiple thousands to march arm in arm through the streets, hands all over each other, hugging and hanging on each other, and screaming profanities over and over within a few inches of each other, of store owners, and policemen…then way in the name of all that is sensible are we still being old that in a church that holds 3,000, only a 100 people can come to church at the same time, and they must register before attending? And now we have groups of whites groveling at the feet of thugs, apologizing for their, “whiteness”? They are what God created them to be. This is an offense to Him. I know that racism exists but it is not rampant. Did anyone see Tucker last night? We all know that even one instance of excessive force or brutality is inexcusable, but as always, the Left is making up their own statistics and telling the same lies, over and over again, because they know their low-information followers will not research the facts for themselves and find the actual truth. I detest racism, in all its forms, and I thank God that my parents raised me to respect all people, but I bow to no one but King Jesus. Pastor Mario is right. And, if we do not stand now, as one in Jesus, as His Blood-Bought children and soldiers of the Cross, we can kiss our Christian freedom goodbye in this country. The hour is late, Saints. Choose you this day whom you will serve.

    1. Sorry for the type-o’s..that should read, “..what in the name of all that is sensible, are we being told…”

  17. IMO, they need to do better training of the law-enforcement recruits, and vetting of each and every one. If they show, or have in their background, any evidence of racism in their hearts and personalities, it will show up, and it HAS to render them unfit for a career in law-enforcement. One racist-bent policemen in a group may not be that surprising to find, but four? Something is wrong.

  18. Powerful word, spoken in truth, in love, to wake up the fallen, broken, dark world and thick darkness her people and the “make-believers” (one of my favorite Murillo-ism). Come out of this world system, the dwelling place of demons and haunt of foul spirits; lest you take part in her sins; lest you share in her plagues; lest you are deceived with all the nations by sorcery; lest you take part in shedding innocent blood of people of all races and the most vulnerable unborn babies (Revelation chapter 18). It is time to arise, shine, receiving the light and glory of risen, glorified Christ Jesus, to be salt and light in this present darkness of this world under evil leaders who have aligned with the global luciferian, satanic agenda under the god of this world under the influence of the spirit of error, the spirit of this world. It is time for the real church, those in Christ, to pray for the baptism of Jesus, Holy Spirit and fire, for believers to receive the power of God to do the works of Jesus and even greater, at least more than the world is doing the works of the devil. It is time to Isaiah chapter 60-66; it is time to John chapter 14-20, Romans chapter 8, Galatian 2:20 and Colossians chapter 1-3, actually, it is time to receive every Word of God spoken through Jesus, do it, and become it, the Word and Spirit of glorified Christ made flesh, through the Holy Spirit! Maranatha!

  19. Mario, as usual the Lord has led you to put your finger on weaknesses in the church, I have just finished reading Jeremiah Johnson’s retelling of his vision with a demonic power reprinted by Intercessors For America:

    Wow! The summation of his vision was “greed” which I was still pondering until I read July Fly’s post today on 501c3 and his/her assumption that greed was at the heart of churches adopting this designation from the gov’t.
    If this status is part of the greed to which Jeremiah refers – and I believe it certainly may be – the church needs to immediately act on this, renouncing and repenting for adopting 501c3 status. We may need Godly attorneys to help in this fight but we must break off our complicities in this right now. Maybe we can even use the left’s insistence in our argument that the separation of church and state in the Constitution (I know many, many Christians never believed this to be true; nevertheless, perhaps we could use it to our advantage) should have prevented the church universal from ever applying the status to our ministries!

  20. MIchael Okulski, you want believe it, this is a good Ide. I saw this in Germany when MUSLIMS did this. Laying down their prayercarpets on the parkingplace of IKEA ind a big City and I was wondering…. WHERE ARE THE CHRISTIANS SHOWING UPO IN PUPLIC! Lets pray for THIS! GIVE GLORY TO THE KING outside… its summertime….

  21. We see the Godless leadership in the nation. In fact, ‘criminals’ have taken over the leadership of government from the city to national level and are implementing criminal legislation that violates not only God’s Word but also the Constitution.

    Even the Nuremberg Code for medical experimentation has and is being violated in America.

    God established America fundamentally as a Christian nation, not to be a secular humanist, atheistic hedonistic cult as Rome was.

    Christians and Christian leaders working together with President Trump will be able to take back America.

    Like Moses, President Trump has shown you where he stands with bible in hand outside St John’s church.

    Yet Moses on scolding his fellow Hebrews for fighting and quarrelling amongst themselves following his killing of the Egyptian taskmaster, accused and reviled Moses for what he had done, asking Moses if he was going to kill them as well.

    Rather than recognising that Moses was showing solidarity with them, they only thought of their own skins.

    Compare to the left hand thief who also railed at Jesus. Left hand becoming left wing in this age.

    Two men, two brothers = democracy, but not a Kingdom as Jesus represented, standing between the two thieves representing God’s viewpoint, the Father’s viewpoint, not fallen man’s as these two thieves were and as we are.

    Similarly President Trump was also reviled by the Episcopalian (Anglican) and Catholic Prelates, also ‘two quarrelling brother faiths’, who are responsible historically for the death of millions of people between them. Yet they judge their brother so egregiously, like the left hand thief and the Hebrews.

    This is history repeating itself. Please also note that the reporting of the incident at Lafayette Park re the protesters was false. Go to this news article: /2020/06/02/ media-falsely-claimed-violent-riots-were-peaceful-and-that-tear-gas-was-used-against-rioters

    As the Hebrews with Moses, Christians must unite with this leader President Trump, that God has given to us at this time to get America back on course in order to establish God’s Kingdom.

    Just as the Israelites were ultimately preparing for God’s Kingdom to come, so are Christians, but we must also be ‘building’ it.

    Lk 12:49 “I came to cast fire upon the earth; and would that it were already kindled!” Also note previous verses Lk 12:41-48

    God requires His stewards to tend and maintain His House and keep it in good order for their master’s return as God required the Israelites after returning from Babylon to re-build the temple, reforming themselves centring on the prophet Malachi in preparation for ‘the great and terrible day of the Lord’, their Messiah.

    Christians need to be internally preparing for that reality by taking responsibility externally for their nation, God’s nation. If we do not take care of our nation, God’s temple, what does that say about our own temple?

    Are we just ‘whited sepulchres full of dead man’s bones’? Have we been washing our robes through our actions and the Word of God which is a ‘fire’ and a ‘sword’ to cleanse ourselves?

    Are we truly ready to receive our ‘lord and master’? Have we prepared sufficiently? Would you invite guests over and have your house a pigsty?

    The scriptures are for us, not to live vicariously through as though they don’t pertain to you or I. Each Christian needs to be creating their own “Book of Acts”.

    Again I will conclude with encouraging everyone to watch this video of Kim Clement’s prophecies: Trump 2020 // Prophet Kim Clement Prophecy (You Tube)

    Christians must seize this opportunity God is giving to us to support President Trump, as the Jewish people embraced Cyrus.

    ‘Rome’ is burning and the ‘people’ must rally to save their nation.

    With repentance, everything is possible, that being the ‘sign of Jonah’, the people of Nineveh repented, and the city was spared.

  22. My Heart is Broken. Thank You Jesus for Your Mercy, Grace, Your Long Suffering towards us, Peace and Your Unfailing Love for mankind. I cry out Father God tells what to do, I throw myself down before you, I’ll kneel to other.

  23. Wake up, o’ church, WAKE UP!! Time to arise and shine for God’s light has come and the glory of the Lord has come. Deep darkness is upon the land but WE are responsible for it. We have been lazy. We have been selfish. We have been asleep. Remember those UNWISE VIRGINS? They don’t get to go with the bridegroom when He comes. We must wake up now, press in to God and pray. He promised to hear from heaven and heal our land. But then? No going back to that old business as usual. No way. We stay afire with the Holy Spirit and carry out the gospel like we were supposed to in the first place! [And, I am preaching to myself … formerly taking a nap, but no more!]

  24. My cry as well as His cry is for Justice! We must stand in the God given authority against the darkness because we are Light! Satan would have us believe we are merely lemmings! Watch as God raises up His mighty army!

  25. After reading this latest email I believe we have to change our verbiage! Let’s have a protest! A Sin Protest! Or in my day they called it a Love-Fest! The church needs to stand tall and strong. A famous guy name Joshua was told, you want the land, be strong and courageous!

    Our church in Dinuba, CA is open and the people are coming. Not the young ones but the older folk. The senior seniors who would be considered high risk. Why? They love church! They want to feel the unity, they want to worship together, and they want to hear the Word together! God bless them! They are the Christians that made America great! We are grateful for them!

    Thank you Mario for standing strong! We are grateful for your courage.

    Your N.Y. pizza loving friends,
    Cheryl & Bill Nicolay
    New Beginnings
    Dinuba, CA

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