This letter may be the single most insulting and threatening letter ever written to Christians in America.

It is signed by 1,288 self-proclaimed public health professionals, infectious diseases professionals, and undefined “community stakeholders.” It declares that anti-racist protests “must be supported and should not be constrained by authorities due to COVID-19.”

Jennifer Nuzzo, a Johns Hopkins epidemiologist, tweeted on Tuesday, “In this moment the public health risks of not protesting to demand an end to systemic racism greatly exceed the harms of the virus.”

Look at it again: “the public health risksgreatly exceed the harms of the virus.” These same “healthcare professionals” screamed at us to stay in our homes, lock down every church, and kill over 100,000 small businesses. Now, according to them, we must get out of our homes—take to the streets—and throw social-distancing-caution to the winds, because preventing protests is a greater harm than the virus. But wait, they are saying that there is only one kind of mass-demonstration that will be allowed. Everyone else must stay locked down.

Systemic racism is the only thing we are allowed to protest, and “to hell with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution!” But wait—is America systemically racist? The election and reelection of Barack Obama to the highest office in that system, proves we are not.

Thus, to say that the protests are so vital that the virus no longer counts, is wicked enough— but they want to ban every other kind of demonstration and protest. The letter goes on to say, “protests for lifting stay at home orders and reopening small businesses should not be allowed.” Because, and get this: “they are rooted in white nationalism that runs contrary to respect for Black lives.”

There is only one reason you want to do a mass Christian Rally. There is only one reason you want to reopen your business. There is only one reason you want to have church: it is because you are a White Nationalist Racist!

They are telling you which lives matter. They are telling you that house arrest and social distancing are only for their political enemies.

Honestly, it does not matter in this hour what they think. It only matters what you, as the Church of Jesus Christ, think. They are demanding that you shut up, and stay home. They have just proven that the shutdown of the church was never a health measure, but an act of political violence.

They are calling you names. Let me tell this: it does not matter what names you are called. It only matters what names you answer to. We should not let them label us as racists. We should not let them treat us by a different standard than our civil rights as Americans.

Who are we anyway? We are not irresponsible rebels—we are God-fearing Americans! Let me make this as plain as possible. We must realize who we are.

Of course, there is racism in America, but it is not, and I repeat, NOT systemic racism. The death of George Floyd is a towering tragedy that the nation must mourn. But the ministry of the church is vital to the healing of our nation.

To healthcare zealots, these protests are vital because of a perceived danger. And while national systemic racism can’t be proven, widespread addiction, suicide, despair, and hatred are undeniable. The answer to these real dangers—nation-killing dangers—is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the healing ministry of the Church.

The misguided signers of this disastrous letter may never get it. But again, that is not the issue. It is the church—it is you and me who need to get it.

I know there are some ‘ethereal’ believers who will say the real church doesn’t need to meet in a building, but they are wrong, and they couldn’t be more wrong. I believe that since those churches that are on-fire for God quit meeting together, demonic activity has run wild in neighborhoods across America. I believe the lawlessness we are seeing is a result of closing down the churches that God was using to touch lives.

Now, as I come to the end of my blog, I must risk it all to say what must be said. We must challenge the false imprisonment of the church. We need to stage a mass rally for all the world to see the love, courage and truth of the Body of Christ. We also need to push the envelope and get back to having regular services. I believe God is telling me to tell you, that at this point the lockdown is not because of them. It is self-imposed.







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  1. This ruling by so-called healthcare experts reveals their actual agenda…. it’s not about our health.. since when has being engaged in protests which morph into violence and vandalism been important for health? Whose health? What health?


  2. Mario, I totally agree with your post. I don’t live in America but will support your call through prayer and take heart from what God said in the O.Testament “The Battle is mine” our God Reigns!

  3. Looks like they want to increase the risk of the virus spreading and infecting/killing thousands more people.

    Tony, from Dublin.

    1. Tony, That’s exactly what I am thinking. It’s time for the church to take a stand and declare who we are!

    1. Apostle James said ‘a double minded person is unstable in all their ways.’

      It is far worse than a draconian measure, to encourage social distancing for “some” and not for “everybody”! That is pure prejudice.

      The fear that the medical community at large has created by all these social distancing measures taken over the last 4 months is bad enough for the health and welfare of people, but the economical loss included with the distancing measures when families have loved one’s in hospital for whatever reason, COVID-19 or not, by where relatives cannot see or attend to their family member in stark medical crisis.
      BUT now…these same medical pros will tell us its a “good thing” to gather by the thousands clucked closely together with people who don’t even know each other screaming, yelling, spitting and projecting their potentially infected salvia all over the place is UBSURD STUPIDITY!!😱🥴🤪

      My brother was dying on a ventilator in the hospital a mere 4 weeks ago and all we could get was a ‘Memory Video’ of his suffering and pain (non COVID related) with a bunch of nurses and doctors telling us to prepare for his death.
      HE was alone, and we were desperate to be there to hold his hand.

      Parsing out edicts for “some” while allowing “anything goes” for others is definitive prejudice and discrimination without compromise and without a doubt.
      The very terminology “White supremacy” and “White privilege” is as its best racial discrimination leveled at all Caucasians and at its worst is utter hypocrisy.
      I pray my black American friends and members within the Body of Christ completely reject that attitude and language against any race of human beings in the Name of Jesus‼️

      AMERICA STOP wasting valuable time protesting something that was cleared up back in the 60’s and 70’s, & get back to productive work before we lose this nation due to shear laziness and lack of focus‼️
      Idle hands are the devils workshop.

  4. Who are the Church’s in Michigan that are bringing 10’s of thousands of believers together in an outdoor meeting? Where and when will this be held?
    I hear nothing but complaining…

    1. I would like to know that about Michigan as well! I am from there, but I’m living in Florida and am attending “The Stand” at the River Church in Tampa Florida, Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne. We are having outdoor services daily rain or shine through the month of June and possibly longer to declare Jesus is King!

  5. If racism is a sin then we should gather in numbers inside and out to protest it. Dwell in unity!!!!!
    The enemy comes to kill and destroy. Jesus came to bring life! See you in church, on the street and at the polls!!!

  6. I feel like I am in Babylon! And the church in America is Daniel in the lion’s den! Another comparison is We are in Germany 1933 and the Nazi party and Hitler just took over! We are the Jewish people! I’m not liking what is going on in America. Everyday we’re are the churches. We’re is the Americans church leaders. Why are they silent. Why don’t the speck up. What are they waiting for.

  7. What can I do? I am also SO sick of hearing my church leaders (this is a big influential church) apologize for our white supremacy and we are still not meeting face to face.

  8. The forces of Satan are dangling the yoke of bondage before us and demanding we as Christians obligingly thrust our heads therein. If we do so, we deserve whatever consequences then befall. Personally, I’m an American nationalist because only under our Constitution are we guaranteed the freedom of worship that has been crushed in so many other countries. Demands that I willingly trash that and other God-given freedoms under law almost cause my head to explode! ‘Onward, Christian soldiers’ — this IS war!

  9. Look at the numbers on the virus!  It is .01% .  We have viruses all the time and 99% live.  There was more deaths last year than this year from the flu.  We just went through another flu season. The MEDIA LIES!!!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  10. Keep it up, Mario! I never thought I would see America cower down like this. Where has our backbone gone? A Holy Ghost awakening is needed now! Christians must stand!!!

  11. I’ll be posting this. How can a church ‘alive’ not see this!???


    1. I agree 100% We need to get out there and have the biggest rally this nation has ever seen. On our knees in worship in prayer to Jesus Christ our Lord.

  12. I sent this to my pastor imploring him to call a church-wide prayer and fasting assembly, something we have never done. Thank you for spreading the truth. We won’t march but we can pray and fast for God’s Will be done. *Marci* <

    On Mon, Jun 8, 2020 at 3:25 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “This letter may be the single most > insulting and threatening letter ever written to Christians in America. It > is signed by 1,288 self-proclaimed public health professionals, infectious > diseases professionals, and undefined “community stakeholders.” It ” >

  13. Yes, I would agree brother Mario, but how do we go about this? I know Jonathan Chan is holding an event in October in Washington D.C., but this can’t wait that long.

  14. We need to see lawsuits against the states and cities that refuse to allow religious services but do allow protests. This effects observant Jews as well as evangelicals.

    Also we need to plan to have massive (like over 100,000 individuals) prayer rallies all across the US. Every city. And even a few huge rallies of over a million.

  15. At this point it is all about politics and a grab to regain power. It is time for the world to see where the true power resides. “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”-Acts 1:8

    Only the blessed Godhead can bring about the unity that is elusive to the world. In fact, the supposed unity the world calls for is but a deception. It will only bring about greater bondage because the one behind it can only kill, steal, and destroy! -John 17:14-26

  16. Thank you for posting this. The SJW infection has gone crazy. I am in the mental health field and have trained extensively in dealing with behavioral and mental issues. I am good at what I do. I serve all people in my community. I am credentialled with an accreditation agency that is the finest in the nation. But, I believe it has just been infected with the social justice narrative. I recently received a letter, similar in tone to your letter. In it, I was to make available to myself any training or education on racial issues related to minorities. Nevermind the fact that this was addressed in my education. I am no longer to address counseling from the modalities of my training. But, I am not to see the problems of minorities in light of the social injustices of the past and present. Imagine treating someone for depression and trauma, but now I have to put it in the context of social justice constructs and twist it into some race related issue. There are certainly cultural issues to be addressed as with any client, but have to be told this by my state licensing board is intrusive and ridiculous. Do they think I got my training and degree from McDonald’s? Anyway, it’s my rant and I won’t budge on what I believe is best for my clients, especially when this current mental illness is creating more problems than solving.

    On Mon, Jun 8, 2020 at 4:33 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “This letter may be the single most > insulting and threatening letter ever written to Christians in America. It > is signed by 1,288 self-proclaimed public health professionals, infectious > diseases professionals, and undefined “community stakeholders.” It ” >

  17. We need strong leadership to stand and lead Christians for the right to assemble and pray. The right to enter our churches and worship God.

  18. So in agreement. Thought… if just one Christian in every city could Google every pastor of every church in their city or county, then write a letter asking them directly, “will you lead the charge and activate other pastors in your city to gather their churches and lead a peaceful, bible raised, worship centered cry to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in their streets, I wonder if one would hear and maybe, just maybe choose to do this? It is time… interceding for activation.

  19. I agree with what you said totally and it is total demonic insanity and proves they must know that the virus wasn’t that bad just as many of us thought. They have showed their hand in this move. I’d like to hear your take on the newest insanity of them defunding the police? How can that even be legal? Is there nothing the government can do to stop them doing that? How many innocent people die if there are no police to stop the crime? I can’t believe this is happening and that they are actually going along with it. Next they will want to defund and pull the government down. When will somebody do something?

  20. Some great comments here. I agree in the Spirit. America is in such trouble right now. Defunding and doing away with Police Departments? The insanity of this idea is staggering. What kind of mind even thinks this would work out well? Any decent families still left in in these cities need to start packing and planning their move today. And this outrageous letter from so-called, “health professionals”. These must be the same people who think pot shops on every corner are a good thing. This is meant to be another slap in the face of God-fearing Americans, Christians, churches, practicing Jews. It’s doubtful that the devil could have written a better letter to insult our intelligence. So, the virus won’t infect marchers & rioters, but it will hunt down every person that dares to go to church? Our pastors were addressing the race issues yesterday online and doing a good job, but I gave up and left. I could not tolerate some of the comments in the comment section. Christians, who you would think would know better, were blaming it on Trump. They are adding to the problem. They are the so-called, “Christians”, who watch CNN and believe their lies and then repeat them online. Our church is requiring registering before attending. I will not register to go to church. I will continue to use online and television church. We can see the results of, “registering for church”, ten miles off! Just let one person from our church come down with the virus, and the teams of “testers” will show up at your door, test every person in the house, demand a list of who you have been in contact with, and then show up at their doors too. Unsaved spouses who don’t go to church would just love this! NOT. Pastor Mario, please address this in your next blog. What do you think about churches bowing to the state’s order to make people register for church? I believe it came from the governor. If it’s the pastors’ idea, what are they thinking?

  21. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:
    It’s not about a virus. It’s all about control.  Over you, your life, your property, your loved ones.  Sort of like all that stuff in the Declaration of Independence that explained the need of a revolution against a tyrannical government.

  22. Our church never stopped meeting. We have a small congregation, but our Pastor basically quoted the 1st Amendment to the Constitution at the beginning of each Service on live-stream. We also live-streamed the National Day of Prayer from our sanctuary with on-sight Pray-ers, sitting a few feet next to each other.

  23. Hi Mario,
    I’ve really been blessed during the covid 19 virus to have started receiving your emails. They are right on. I am in NYS, and we are having service ‘in house’ this week. We just found out that we may be having summer school also (I’m a teacher).
    All these changes are coming earlier than usual.
    The governor is finally started to act without as much fear. He let us down politically and morally..but I’m thinking that as he watches other states, he’s no longer able to control the conversation and facts. He is probably being nudged by unions also.
    God’s blessing on you and your ministry.

  24. The Bible tells us to overcome evil with good. Our communities need much love, the love that only Jesus and His church can provide, The church must move outside it’s walls and create ways to minister to the hurting and disadvantaged in their local communities. Way too many pastors are so stuck just trying to keep the few they have happy, that reaching out is not even considered. Since our prison ministry is paused, I am planning in advance for an event in a local city park, in an economically disadvantaged area, as soon as restrictions on outdoor gatherings are eased. Hot food, grocery giveaway, and ministry in music and the Word. Great opportunity is before us in these hurtful times. Thank God Texas is easing these restrictions quickly.

  25. Again a double standard by the left (make it stop) my wife and I are so sick of the protester’s on the news all the time so we change the channel.
    I believe there would be a lot less protesting if these people went back to work and school that have been sitting around since the Wuhan virus scare began. Also, you know President Trump doesn’t have a racist bone in his body nor do I. In the ’70s four blacks (people of color) stopped their car, as I was walking home from Glendale High School in AZ. One guy got out of the car and hit me with a big chunk of ice on the head, bleeding I ran home, my dad took me to the ER It was just a vessel bleeding and I was ok, they never caught them.
    Just a few bad apples with any race of people. I don’t have a racist bone in my body either. In God’s eye, there is one race…..the human race.

  26. ​I’m not a good organizer but if you and/or other influential organizers to “Stand Up for Jesus” call a rally, you can count on my presence.


  27. Right… We need to meet in buildings, tents, gyms, football fields, soccer fields, streets, bowling alleys, parking lots, parks, rural areas… Anywhere we can reach them, win them, deliver and heal them, teach them, train then, equip them, and send them out!

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