From Sesame Street back to Azusa Street

The cry of my heart is that men and women of God, who are cooped up, will get fed up. My hope is that vessels of God, who are locked down, will get fired up. I am asking God to ruin them for anything other than His work!

I am hoping that God will hit them with a combination punch.  A straight jab that will awaken anger over the spirit of death and despair that is suffocating the greatest nation on earth. Followed by a right hook that will disgust them into admitting they have been living in fear of what people think.

I want you to see Satan yelling, “Yo’ Mamma!” right at you. Pastors, I want you to burn all your books on church growth, and start praying against the sorry guru who suckered you into using their putrefying programs.

Get sick! Not with a virus, but with yourself. Sick for letting boards and deacons scare you. Sick because you continually fretted over who might get offended. Sick because you stare out at the parking lot, counting cars, instead of looking up to heaven. And sick of the sermons that seem as if they were designed for Big Bird and the Cookie Monster.

Yeah, I’ll say it: My cry is that when the doors of Spirit-filled churches reopen, they will leave Sesame Street and run back to Azusa Street.

Nothing in this blog is radical. Nothing in this blog is negative or divisive. The problem with me is that I have been around too long and have seen too much. There is nothing more dangerous than an individual who understands why they are a Pentecostal. There is no one more unstoppable than the person who has been baptized in the Holy Spirit and who has experienced the tongues of fire.

I want you to rage against limp-wristed preaching, fog machines, romantic lighting, and that atmosphere that’s about as life giving as the waiting room at a DMV.

A scourge from hell has attacked our nation! That is why we need heroes! Thank God for the first responders, the courageous nurses, and the doctors. Thank God for our President who has been valiantly battling the swamp creatures.  But it is time for a new group of heroes to appear: Christians who are full of the fire of God!

The testimony of Azusa Street needs to hit us like a Mack Truck.  William Seymour, who oversaw the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the turn of the century, had none of our advantages, but we have none of his results. The glory and presence of God turned a rundown hall into a magnet for the entire world.  Today, that movement is 650 million strong.

Modern experts have tried to teach us how to trick people into coming to church, but at Azusa Street, they stampeded to the altar, drawn by God alone—without any tricks. Brother Seymour began the most powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit in modern history in an old rented building that was once a stable. It was so primitive that many times he would pray with his head hidden between two wooden milk crates that served as his pulpit. Then heaven would burst open and the presence of God would fall on those present. It wasn’t a choreographed meeting. It wasn’t a slick presentation. It was raw glory.

Don’t be the fool who says modern society is too sophisticated for Pentecost. “The weapons of our warfare are not physical [weapons of flesh and blood]. Our weapons are divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses. We are destroying sophisticated arguments and every exalted and proud thing that sets itself up against the [true] knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought and purpose captive to the obedience of Christ…” (2 Corinthians 10:4,5 AMPLIFIED, 1974 ed.)

I love that translation! Destroying sophisticated arguments! Nothing new has come down the pike that can withstand the conviction of the Holy Spirit. The devil can’t form a weapon that will prosper against a truly Spirit-filled army.

Oh God, let it be! Let frustration build like magma in a volcano! Let the silliness of our human designs task us. Let our old sermon notes torture us. Awaken, O Lord, the greatest sleeping giant in the world—The American Spirit-filled church of Jesus Christ!

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23 thoughts on “From Sesame Street back to Azusa Street

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    I have some good news for you. You can stand against racial inequality without embracing the entire platform of Black Lives Matter. You can oppose racism without making Al Sharpton your spokesman. You can decry police brutality without calling for the defunding of the police. You can stand for what is right while rejecting what you feel is wrong. Put another way, there’s no reason to let the extreme voices push you way from the real issues.

    Separating the Value of Black Lives from Black Lives Matter

    An increasing number of conservatives (including prominent white conservatives) recognize that something is broken in our American system. They understand that something is deeply wrong, and they want to right that wrong. But how? What will it take? What questions need to be asked in order to come up with the right answers?

    Then they hear some radical leftist voice on cable TV, allegedly speaking for the oppressed classes of America. Or they listen to a speech delivered by an extremist leader from Black Lives Matter. Or they read some inane, mindless tweet from a woke Hollywood celebrity, and they recoil.

    That’s why, on August 31, 2016 I wrote the article, “Separating the Value of Black Lives From the Black Lives Matter Movement.”

    And I started by saying, “Did you know that if you support the Black Lives Matter movement — as in the official, website — you are not only standing with black Americans but also standing with a radical social agenda including queer and transgender activism along with the disrupting of the nuclear family?”

    Obviously, this radical social agenda is totally off-putting to conservatives, and if standing with black Americans means standing with Black Lives Matter – the political agenda as published on their official website, then we have a problem.

    And so I wrote that 2016 article “with the goal of standing with my African-American brothers and sisters for true and full equality in America while encouraging them to distance themselves from leaders and movements who do as much harm (if not much more harm) than good.”

    In the same way, you can stand against systemic racial inequality in America without embracing critical race theory or intersectionality.

    Is There Systemic Injustice?

    Other conservatives, however, are troubled by the facts — at least, as they understand the facts.

    They will point to articles by Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, and Matt Walsh, a conservative Catholic, questioning whether there is systemic injustice in America and whether blacks are hunted down by cops.

    They will point to well-researched books like Heather Mac Donald’s The War on Cops and say, “A higher percentage of whites are killed each year by cops than blacks.”


    So, these same conservatives, who want to be sympathetic to the plight of their black fellow-Americans, are afraid that they are getting duped by the leftwing media.

    They feel terrible about the killing of George Floyd. But they agree with Rush Limbaugh’s claim during an interview on Charlemagne tha God’s show that if Floyd had been a white man killed by a cop, no one would have noticed.

    As Yourselves These Questions

    To my fellow-conservatives stuck in this place today, wanting to do what is right but not wanting to be a tool of a radical leftist agenda, ask yourself these questions.

    First, do you believe that millions of black Americans have also bought into a lie about systemic injustice? That their anger and pain and frustration are manufactured? That they have all tacitly agreed on the same false narrative?

    Really now, do you honestly think they have they all been brainwashed? Do you genuinely think they are making all this up?

    Second, do you agree that most people tend to perceive things through the lens of their own experience? So, if my childhood and upbringing was blissful and secure, I tend to assume that this was the experience of others (until I find out that this was not the case with everyone). In that light, can you see how Drew Brees’ perception of the American flag is different than the perception of some of his black teammates?

    Fellow New Orleans Saint Malcolm Jenkins explained that when his grandfathers returned from serving in World War II, they were not greeted as heroes, the way Brees’s grandfathers were. They had to return to a segregated country where they could get into trouble for wearing their military uniforms in public.

    And speaking of New Orleans, a 2015 report indicated that, “African American households in New Orleans lag across multiple measures of financial security. Median income among African American households is only $25,806, compared to $64,377 for white households, and there are six times as many African American households living in income poverty than white households.

    Moreover, African American workers are three times more likely to be unemployed than white workers (15.3% and 5.1%, respectively), and a full 71% of African-American households are liquid asset poor, meaning they lack the savings necessary to live above the poverty level for just three months if they lose a job, face a medical crisis or suffer another income disruption.”

    I am neither an economist nor a sociologist, and I have never investigated the root causes of these large disparities. But I don’t have to buy into all the talking points about “white supremacy” or “white privilege” to agree that something is terribly wrong with this picture.

    And, as a follower of Jesus who believes that racism is sinful and that the gospel brings a message of reconciliation, I must be determined to pursue justice while ignoring the radical voices.

    Pursuing Justice With My Own Voice

    The fact is, we do this all the time with causes that are important to us.

    If we support President Trump but his son Donald Jr. posts a mean-spirited, juvenile tweet, we say, “I didn’t vote for Donald Jr.”

    If the president himself says something we find offensive, we reply, “I don’t like that either, but I appreciate all the good he is doing.”

    Why, then, can’t we do the same when it comes to issues of racial equality in America?

    It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach and that somehow supporting one side of the issue means we are against everything else.

    Calling for social justice is good. Calling for the defunding of the police is not.

    Emphasizing that black lives matter is praiseworthy, but not everything Black Lives Matter stands for is praiseworthy.

    Peaceful protests can be important vehicles of social change. Rioting and looting and vandalizing cannot.

    Al Sharpton may speak for others. He doesn’t speak for me.

    At the same time, I will not be silent. You better believe I will speak for myself.

    Originally published at – reposted with permission.

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    1. First of all a simple link to Dr Brown’s website for the above article would’ve been enough.
      This is Mario Murillo’s website Blog and his words of exhortation are the focus here.

      Mario you’re words of truth are so effectual my husband and I laughed out loud at this comment…
      “I want you to rage against limp-wristed preaching, fog machines, romantic lighting, and that atmosphere that’s about as life giving as the waiting room at a DMV.”

      Having just been at the DMV acquiring renewed travelers/drivers ID and with your expert explanation recalling those repetitive musically charged, long, dark, smoky, disco lit, droning services at a church we used to attend, we could definitely relate to the analogy.😆

      1. D roning M ovement V irus with fog machines and religious smog. You have to wear a mask.

    2. This is every bit as much a political issue,motivated by the deep state and fueled by MSM. They want us divided,because then we are weak and they can continue on with this NWO agenda.

    3. Seond of all, Third of all, Fourth of all… a simple link to Mr. Brown’s website for the above article would have been more than enough. We don’t need a flood in here.


    1. I took over a church that split in Jan. 1, 1996. There was 18 people left in that church. We meet in the park until the court let us use the old church building. Jan. of 1997 one year after the church was closed God open the doors again. To make a long story short: in 2002 we had 53 people coming to church; 2006 we had 121 people coming. From 2006 until 2015 three so call men of God came and took 100 people with them. I’m not a Pentecost but I am a Spirit filled man of God. I hope that this is taken the right way. WE ARE NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN, FRENCH AMERICAN, GERMAN AMERICAN,ETC. We are AMERICANS. When we look at the history of the country all Black, Yellow, Red, and White men and women. We need to quick looking at this world; because the Word of God says it will get worse. Remember This is as close as a born again Christian will get to HELL. Look around and see how many this is as close to heaven as they will ever get. We need to start doing as the disciples; they had one leader JESUS we also should have one leader JESUS. He WAS, IS, AND ALWAY WILL BE JESUS.
      Preacher Joe

  3. Mario Murillo you are so right. I have been looking for a church for 5 years that is on fire and teaching the meat of the Gospel, to no avail. Thank you for your bold insight – I look forward to and am encouraged by reading your email everyday.

  4. “And behold, I am sending forth the promise of My Father upon you; but you are to stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.”-Luke 24:49 NASB

    The Holy Spirit is so paramount to the work of God that Jesus in effect said, Do not even think about going into the world until I empower you. The work of God requires the Spirit of God. I likewise pray for a holy dissatisfaction for anything less than a new outpouring and reigniting. I pray for a holy rage against any hindering sin that may be holding back the saints.(Hebrews 12:1-2) The 120 in the upper room were praying for what Jesus promised. It took ten days of concerted, focused prayer before the promise came and when it came, the world was forever changed.

  5. I totally agree Mario. I am sick to death of the fear that is still going on in the churches. Having to continually capitulate to the extremely tiny minority who are still so fearful they are still wearing masks in church and not wanting anyone to come near them while they try to shame the rest of us for not wearing a mask and not social distancing. They refuse to see the double standards these left wing Gov are imposing on them. If the Gov stated that masks and social distancing were to stay in place until Dec 2021 these people would go right along with it and expect the rest of us to do the same.

  6. Sometimes people have to be shown before they will wake up.God appears weak or uninvolved to expose independence and pride in people. Let’s us have our way.Those who see that they are on the wrong path have an opportunity to repent.For those who do not their hearts harden and the shaking continues until there is a breaking.

  7. All I can add to this, I guess, is Yay and Amen. It is the Holy Spirit that will heal this nation, with a mighty, rushing wind, and we need Him to start as soon as He can!

    When will we come to the place that we finally realize, we are all just people? We are all of one blood, as the Bible says. No one race is more or less than another. When we get saved, we are brothers and sisters in Him. Why there has to be all this division and anger, is something that’s difficult for me to understand.

    There is manipulation going on by one of the political parties in this country, who are using this situation to further their agenda. God will take care of them. He Who sits in the Heavens laughs at them. But there are things we are going to go through as a nation before we are healed.

  8. Too many are still in fear of the state. One frown from them and they cave. The rest of us are sounding the warning but it is falling on deaf ears.

  9. satan’s agenda is to divide by external characteristics; our Lord Jesus Christ unites us with God our Father through Himself, through his broken body on the Cross so we can come through his Blood to be blood family with God; red-blooded family of God; has nothing to do with skin color; all who are baptized into Christ’s one Body and one Spirit are no longer of fallen Adam’s race but Christ’s new creation. We bond over baptism into Christ by Water and the fire of his Spirit, not over skin color or race or gender

  10. Christians should speak up not out of rage, but out of righteousness. They should understand that according to Gods Word, being silent on a matter is the same as agreeing with it.

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