I am not writing this to be negative. I am writing this to provoke you because you have the power to make a difference. There is still time to prevent the destruction of America. There is still time for you to do the right thing.

But sometimes doing the right thing means you have to come to a conclusion that is disturbing, repugnant, and perhaps too horrible to admit. To do the right thing means that you have to face truth no matter how terrifying and enraging it may be. Then and only then, will we muster the right level of outrage and take the drastic action that is justified.

I thought I understood evil. Then one day I reread the following verses recorded in Mark 3:5-6: “And when (Jesus) had looked around at them with anger, being grieved by the hardness of their hearts, He said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” And he stretched it out, and his hand was restored as whole as the other. Then the Pharisees went out and immediately plotted with the Herodians against Him, how they might destroy Him.”

Consider this: the Pharisees are watching a withered hand transformed back to normal right in front of their eyes. Such a wonder will overwhelm the heart of even blatant sinners, but to the special evil that resides in the heart of men in a position of political power, it was cause for rage and murder.

I am not comparing Trump to Jesus, but I am comparing certain Democrat leaders to those Pharisees. Nothing is wonderful enough to change their mind about Trump, nor is anything too evil to use to destroy him. Destroying the hopes of millions of people and even causing unnecessary deaths is not off limits to them.

100,000 small businesses have been permanently destroyed. We will never know the number of lives that have been lost to despair and addiction. The Pharisees destroyed people in the name of serving God. In true pharisaic form, Democrat leaders claim they are doing “good” with their criminal use of panic and despotism.

Gavin Newsom showed us what Democrat evil looks like: “Grandstanding Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom reportedly wants to close a 200-resident veterans nursing home in a budget-cutting measure while at the same time enthusiastically handing out about $75 million in direct cash benefits to illegal aliens living in the state.” –Business and Politics Review.

If, as we approach November, we see Democrats campaigning with claims that Trump wrecked the economy—it just proves they are wrecking the economy to get Trump. That is a simple fact. And it is the modus operandi of Democrat leaders.

One of the high crimes Jesus levelled at the Pharisees was hypocrisy. Simply stated, they did the very thing they accused others of doing. Democrat leaders take hypocrisy to another level. Not only do they accuse others of their own sins—they do it to innocent people.

We are trying to wrap our minds around the fact that Obama ran a spy ring at the FBI, but rather than face their wicked lawlessness, they accuse others of spying. General Michael Flynn has been proven innocent, but his ordeal continues because a judge loyal to Obama is persecuting him illegally.

Hillary Clinton bought and paid for a dossier from the Russians and she and her cohorts used it first to try and stop Trump’s election. Having failed at that, they moved on to using it in the bogus Mueller investigation and finally in the hopelessly disgraceful impeachment attempt.

I wonder if Adam Schiff could watch Jesus miraculously heal a withered hand and still go after Him if it threatened his Party? Schiff knew Biden is guilty of withholding money from the Ukraine in order to pressure them into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company Joe’s son, Hunter, was making huge profits from. That was precisely the false charge they brought against Trump when they impeached him.

Now we come to the most hideous behavior of all. Are Democrats deliberately keeping the economy closed: destroying businesses, small churches, and people’s lives, just to create a campaign talking point to use against Trump in the upcoming election?

Georgia and Florida reopened amid a firestorm of criticism from Democrat leaders. They faked outrage. They were only concerned that their cover had been blown—that there would be no new outbreak, and it would expose their ‘monkey science.’

The clear evidence that we can open safely has not stopped Democrat governors from crushing people. The State of Oregon sent Child Protective Services to the home of a woman who opened her hair salon in order to survive. They forced her out of the room in order to interrogate her 6-year-old daughter.

If Democrats campaign on the lie that Trump wrecked the economy—it proves they are wrecking the economy to get Trump. That is a simple fact. But you can’t wait to act until they do this.

It is now beyond question what our duty is. The Democrat Party must be stopped. Their crimes against the Constitution, our way of life, our freedoms of religion and free speech are all being trampled. There was a time when ministers should not talk the way I am talking now. But now is the time when ministers should only be talking the way I am talking now.

Unless we obey God and rally every believer in America to the unquestioned cause of righteousness and freedom, a moral winter is coming to America that will make the coronavirus look like a mild cold.

Psalm 94:16: “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?”




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  1. Here we go again. Mario is breaking up the fallow ground . Mario is not the painless preacher. He simply preaches the whole counsel of God, and let’s the truth of God’s word do the work. If Christians are not moved by this message, then they deserve to go into captivity. We must hate what God hates and love what God loves. The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.

  2. Yesterday I was listening to a Christian teaching on YouTube and a commercial by Joe Biden came on. He said that the “soul of the nation is at stake” and other things like that. Had you heard the ad?

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    1. Judy Bauman, I’ve seen and heard Biden’s ad campaigns including that one, he blames EVERYTHING on PR-Trump and the people who vote for Trump.

      ANY thing, any city, any hamlet, any state, any institution, any civil authority, any personal property, any useful agency, any branch of service, any public office, ANY thing, the Socialist Left human ascendancy Democrat progressives touch,🤏🏻 will ultimately be decimated.
      Where they’re involved, prepare for the worst expect nothing less.

      1. Biden is the modern day Haman. The gallows he is building for President Trump with his campaign Ads, is the gallows Beastly Biden will hang on. Haman was a descendent of Agag, the king of the Amalekites who are antichrists. This spirit is doomed and damned by God. Biden is under the curse of the Amalekites. Unless he repents…well you know the rest of the story.

      2. And don’t forget megagenius how the Amalekites always attacked the weak and the stragglers during Exodus 17. As well as decending from Esau who sold out his inheritance for a bowl of pottage.

  3. I pray this message reaches every last soul and pastor in the world! Time is of the essence! God Bless you and your Ministry.

  4. Amen brother. The time is now. All of them are in the mighty hand of God now. Those who oppose God will enjoy no more victories in this land.

    On Tue, Jun 16, 2020, 2:32 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “I am not writing this to be negative. I am > writing this to provoke you because you have the power to make a > difference. There is still time to prevent the destruction of America. > There is still time for you to do the right thing. But sometimes doing th” >

  5. Yes, the Dem’s and the left will try anything to bring down President Trump again in 2020, (sad)
    He has done so much good for the American people and the world, For Christians , Isreal, and the unborn, etc. God is using him and Satan is using the Dem’s and the left. Choose which side you want to be on.

  6. The church is asleep Mario! The church is blind! Wake up church! Get out and vote! True spiritual people have known and seen what is going on for way too long. Many pastors are against President Trump and why is the question we should be asking ourselves! I had to distance myself from carnal Christians who are in church every Sunday and believe in abortion! It is so obvious. Don’t watch the negative news. They are trying to control us with negativity! Too much negativity destroys DNA! Too many people/Christians are being controlled by FAKE news! They can make us believe what they want us to believe with it! The Demoncrats want to destroy our country. They want open borders and they have supported the illegals! Anything to bankrupt our country! Some states have issued driver’s licenses to illegals (if true what I read for voting purposes). They took the true Bible out of swearing in and yet allow swearing in on the Muslim Bible. They will do anything to break down our country so the rich can rule with socialism/communism. When Hillary was running she said Christians belong in camps? I heard her say that. Over one million pastors have signed up to help the government put Christians (their congregations) in camps. Some have come forward and revealed this along with their instruction manuals. I thought everyone knew that? Who do we trust? God is the answer! Seek His face! He wants us to seek His face! He wants us to trust Him! Pray! Pray! Don’t lose the faith! Don’t have one foot in the world and one foot in the church! We have the power! We don’t worship Him like we should and we don’t worship him like we could! He should be the main attraction in our lives! We need to repent of anything worldly holding us back and rededicate ourselves to Him! We need to examine ourselves like never before! If anyone votes Demoncrat they are voting for abortion, same sex marriage, and the demise of our country. God is still in control! His word is repent! Thank you Mario! God Bless You!

  7. There was a report this morning that Biden may lose the black vote, but, if I understood it correctly, the reason is because they don’t think he’s radical enough. But I am betting that there are many sensible blacks now who will vote for Trump. One report said Trump will win by a landslide. We’ve seen the Left do enough evil that we don’t know what they may have up their sleeve. Bolton has turned out to be a turncoat, the Obama generals, of course, are also. Even Trump’s niece is writing a slanderous book set to release two weeks before the election, supposedly telling family secrets. Her motive is to harm her uncle over an inheritance she thought she should have had. Greed, the love of money, causes people to sell their reputations, their family’s well-being, and their souls. No one cares what happened decades ago amongst the Trump family. We care what he’s doing for the country today, and just think what he could do if he was not constantly harassed and lied about by evil people.

  8. Please help a senior citizen [71] white, male, that has been faithfully following the Lord and His ways, to better understand what is being spoken in these blogs. I am in favor with our president and have always believed that our GOD ALLOWS OR BRINGS TO PAST, that which He will. Yes! absolutely in control. May I ask, what is the true motive of this “democratic” party and those who follow in like mindedness ? I fully understand that there is a demonic power behind all of this in our nation. I know that those who do not know God or reject him are BLINDED to the truth. So I ask again, why would anyone living in this country with all it’s benefits and liberties continue to bring about this and their own destruction ? Is it as was with satan, having all the blessings of the the Father and then rebuking Him. Is it as Absolom , David’s son, trying to take away his father’s kingdom?
    Next, so many appear to be in agreement that we “believers” need do something relevant NOW!! What specifically does this look like and what are we to DO!? Pray! I know and agree. As for me, I will wait upon the Lord for a plan to be implimented or for Him to annoint and appoint a person to lead. Amen
    A response would be most greatful, Mario and friends. Len Wisniewski

  9. Following World War 2, Christianity began to lose its spiritual authority in a society leaning heavily towards science, reason and rapidly developing technology that was making life far more comfortable and ‘explicable’ for people, hand in hand with burgeoning economies around the world.

    The relevance of God or at least the ‘church’ was being questioned due to these factors, and the ‘church’, previously relying on people being passively submissive, was beginning to lose its authority.

    Science, reason and logic were displacing the authority of the church. The church was ill prepared to deal with what had begun during the Enlightenment period, and science began to usurp the authority of Christianity that for too long had been stuck in a very literal and slavish attachment to Scripture, rituals, rites and remembrances.

    The church had become a dead body of clergy, trailing empty slogans and platitudes that people could no longer blindly accept.

    Therefore secular humanism rose up to challenge it for the ‘moral high ground’, as we see today with its own brand of ‘truth’ and ‘moral rectitude’. Thus began the ‘long march through the institutions’ and ‘the corridors of power’.

    A highly motivated minority of secular humanists and M@rxi$ts following the model of Lenin and Hitler took over local government, school boards, church trust boards, the Mayors and Governors offices, previous Administrations including Presidents, and put in place a ‘deep state’ of bureaucrats, spies and agent provocateurs who were and are working against the ‘will of the people’, the spirit of the ‘Magna Carta’, the ‘Declaration of Independence’ and the Constitution. These very historic documents’ purpose were to ensure the freedom of the people, as too the nation of America, and the very reason she was founded.

    Overall, the church didn’t have a counter-proposal to these ideas and unfolding events, and due to not being ‘eternally vigilant’ to ensure the ‘price of freedom’, the Trojan horses were moved in, and began to undermine society as we know it.

    Now everyone is beginning to wake up, as the ‘comfortable sauna’ has now become exceedingly and dangerously hot!

    We are now in the throes of setting up a counter offensive and rear guard action, finally realising we have been played and manipulated.

    What we have to have is ‘Governance’, and fortunately we have President Trump in office who like George Washington was right up against it, namely the tyranny of King George and the might of his army.

    Today it is all the Deep State actors and not so Deep State as in the Democrat Party, giving rise to the ‘Washington Swamp’, which like a cancer, is spreading into the rest of America.

    President Trump fundamentally is a Christian, who subscribes to a Christian world view and ideals, not an atheistic, secular humanist worldview being promoted by Globalists and Communists.

    His act of standing outside St John’s Church holding a bible aloft was very symbolic, and demonstrated where his loyalties and more importantly where his heart lies. His support for and inclusiveness of Christianity can not go unnoticed, whether at prayer breakfasts, his Inauguration, meetings with Christian ministers and so on, he has demonstrated his love for God and Christ, as too the First Lady, Melania Trump.

    Christians must rally behind this President to ensure a Godly governance for these next crucial four years, where many injustices must be sorted out, corruption in high places dealt with, and a tilted playing field levelled out to ensure prosperity, justice and equality for all Americans, and from there the world.

    So goes America, so goes the world. America must exert a ‘heavenly gravitational pull’ on the world, so we all line up with God’s Will.

  10. Mr Marrilo your words carry wisdom, can you tell me why at the end of your name there are books 4 sale in letter qudrupel size to sell your books. that makes it appear you are doing the same thing you say other pastors are doing it for the $$$$$$

    1. Lanny, I don’t take a dime from the sales of those books. It is for soul winning. John Wesley told all of young preachers to bring books and make them available to instruct the people. The charge for the books actually serves two purposes, not only to win souls but when there is a value attached to the material, it gets read. We price them to cover cost and a reasonable amount left to win souls. But I see what you mean about the size of the font. Mario

    2. Mr Mosier,
      I would add…what difference does it make?
      It’s admirable for Mario to apply the resources from these books to the ministry effort, however, a man is worth his hire, everyone should be paid back for the labor that they put in to any given work they do.
      Would you expect a construction worker to go to a building site and sweat all day working for nothing? Though many people today in ministry have used the gospel of Christ to create wealth for themselves, Mario Murillo is not one of those kind.

  11. $27 for 3 books including free shipping is a bargain from a Christian writer. Trust me on this! Patiently awaiting my books. I expect to learn something! Thank you Mario for the bargain!

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