America did not just happen. From the first flickering flame in the first heart that yearned to breathe free…God was in the mix. He set the wheels in motion for a band of farmers to unseat the greatest military power in the world. He, not we, are the source of our nation’s greatness.

At this moment blood is running in our streets, and madness reigns in our media, universities and much of the seats of political power. They are desecrating statues and paintings, renaming products, censoring people who won’t surrender to them. They are reeling in the fever of a false righteous indignation.

To the God-haters of America: there will be no peace, truth or justice at the end of your rampage. You are not erasing the blood of the past. You are smearing a fresh coat of it with your own bloody brush. You are adding new shame to the old shame. One tyranny intends to erase the other. One racial prejudice is being replaced with another.

Aiding and abetting you, are religious leaders—the very ones who should be standing up to you. Men who parade their cowardice as if it were purity. They kowtow to villains in order to appear holy. Trampling on all the vows they made to God, in exchange for an unholy truce.

Google, Facebook and Twitter abuse their power to silence millions—especially the work of God. Will it succeed?

BEWARE! He who guards America’s destiny does not sleep or slumber. He is laughing at your plans. He knows who has hijacked the ideals and innocence of the young and made them pawns in a wicked scheme. The Holy One knows you lust for a weakened America so that you can enforce your dream of world domination.

But God holds a surprise. A surprise for His children and a surprise for His enemies. His plan cannot be resisted. It cannot be defeated. Any and all sophisticated arguments against it will disintegrate. No counsel formed against the Lord will succeed. America’s supernatural origin guarantees there will be an intervention.

Gamaliel’s warning, found in Acts 5:38-39, holds true for the enemies of God in America: “And now I say to you, keep away from these men and let them alone; for if this plan or this work is of men, it will come to nothing; but if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it—lest you even be found to fight against God.”

I solemnly warn you. Take your hands of the church. Take your hands off the Bill of Rights. So far you have contended with fearful politicians and confused preachers, but the Holy God of heaven is stirring Himself. He will not let America go down without a fight. And Gamaliel was correct—you will find yourself fighting against God Himself.

To the discouraged child of God, to the disheartened preacher, and to the remnant of God in America, O you His little ones, He intends to give you the Kingdom.  At this hour, God is separating, training, emboldening, infusing, indwelling, empowering, and instructing the special weapons of love that are uniquely equipped for this battle for the soul of America.

God has sent His signal. Let all who Name His Name depart from evil and prepare for battle. We have no option. Spurgeon wrote, “We must never dream of terms or truce with evil. To suppose that we can let him alone, and all will be well, is a deadly error. We must fight or perish: evil will slay us if we do not slay it. Our only safety will lie in a determined, vigorous opposition to sin, whatever shape it assumes, whatever it may threaten, whatever it may promise. The Holy Ghost alone can maintain in us this enmity to sin.”

The Holy Spirit is roaring out to every soldier of Christ who dwells in America: Take courage! Do not be dismayed. Nothing about this rain of evil that has fallen since the day Trump became President is a surprise to God—or a threat to God.

The Body of Christ in America is like Paul the Apostle on the island of Miletus. A viper sank its fangs and injected lethal venom into Paul. The islanders thought he must be a criminal who justice had caught up with, and that he would die. But Paul merely shook the serpent off into the fire.

Child of God! Shake off your fears into the fire. Shake off your discouragement into the fire. Shake off every last lie that exalts itself against your destiny. The American Church of Jesus Christ—the real church: Wake up! Behold, there are infinitely more on our side than there are on their side.

The Gospel shall yet be honored in America. Miracles will flow like a river. The fact that Satan is screaming just the opposite in your ear—that is proof that what I am telling you is true.

Now, I want you to get up on your feet. I want you to raise holy hands to God and give Him your doubt. Give Him your fear. The mighty God—the awesome God—the everlasting God is about to give you the very miracle that He has given to chosen vessels throughout history. He is about to turn you into a warrior—a warrior who will cause demons not only to tremble but to let loose of lost souls and remove their grip from a dying nation!




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  1. So, so true! Thank you Father God for the encouragement! In the name of Jesus Christ we raise a victory flag! Thank you Holy Spirit for hovering over America!God bless the President! Bless you Mario Murillo!

    1. “America’s supernatural origin GUARANTEES there will be an intervention.” 1000% AGREE. Let all those who claim there are no guarantees in life to take heed, as unto a light that shines in a dark place.

  2. This is the Shift I felt in prayer this week! I am warring, roaring, repenting, etc, but I started remembering WHO created this nation, the purpose of this nation. That call has not changed! My battle went from the offensive to “under my feet” . He is victorious! I shifted into declarations. my heart cries mercy and salvation to those who will be abandoned by their demons as they flee from the face of the Lord.
    He is removing the blinders, exposing the enemies agenda
    We must stay faithful to our posts for this season, but the roar, the dust and of the army is on the horizon. I hear the hooves of the of the angelic host! The remnant has broken through. Out of the ashes God’s church will arise.

    1. Oh Mario I could hear the sound of heaven’s horse hoofs, I can see their nostrils flexing for endurance, prepared for the angelic arrival!

      Saints Alive listen to the sound of heaven’s armies coming to help us for this battle,

      Lift up your heads, you gates! Rise up, ancient doors!
      Then the King of glory will come in.
      Who is this King of glory? The Lord, strong and mighty,
      THE LORD MIGHTY IN BATTLE, Lift up your heads, oh you gates!
      Rise up, ancient doors! Then the King of glory will come in.
      Who is He, This King of glory?
      The Lord of Hosts, He is the King of glory!👑⚔️
      (Psalm 24)

  3. Great word of encouragement!!

    Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows that the battle lines have been drawn and that passivity will not win the day.

    “The LORD has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all. Praise the LORD , you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding, who obey his word. Praise the LORD, all his heavenly hosts, you his servants who do his will, Praise the LORD, all his works everywhere in his dominion. Praise the LORD, O my soul. -Psalm 103:19-22 NIV

    “Do not be afraid,” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” And Elisha prayed, “O LORD, open his eyes so he may see.” Then the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. -2 Kings 6:16-17 NIV

  4. So good Mario,

    God has done it before he will do it again! Let us raise up an army for the Lord. Real Christians and patriots. God is in it and we shall be too. Let’s defeat evil in our great nation, and never turnback. Let’s back up President Trump (God has been using him at this moment in time for his purpose) and God-fearing local politicians also. We know the alternative is very bad. We only have a few months, faith has legs we need to pray, ask for mercy, repent, vote, and do anything else we can to take back our country! Our God reigns!

  5. AMEN AMEN and AMEN. Thank you Mario!

    On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 1:38 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “America did not just happen. From the > first flickering flame in the first heart that yearned to breathe free…God > was in the mix. He set the wheels in motion for a band of farmers to unseat > the greatest military power in the world. He, not we, are the sour” >

  6. Good Morning, Mario! I look forward to your messages every morning. Do you send them to the President? I think you should. My heart is broken over what is happening and tears come everyday because of all that is happening. I lifted my hands to Jesus, prayed in the Spirit for my miracle – to take away the discouragement and change me to a warrior for God. Thank you for all you are doing.

  7. This is a wonderful word, Pastor Mario. Thank you for it. I needed this word this morning, and I know many others did also. I will send it to all my list. There are saints out there who have been wearying in the battle. Some have taken their eyes off of the Lord and are looking daily at the battle instead of at Him. So, thank you for helping us get back to straightening our spiritual spines. God Bless you & your family & crew.

  8. Your greatest article yet Mario.

    With man this is impossible but WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!

    Army of God put on the whole armor of God and move forward in spiritual warfare prayer taking and holding ground for the Kingdom of God.

  9. We raise our bibles! the Word and Spirit of God will not be silenced! We proclaim the Word of God and rivers of God’s Holy Spirit flow from our innermost spiritual hearts, covering America from sea to shining sea with the glory of Christ Jesus!!!

  10. This is a Holy Reckoning, in the church, in the nation, in Washington DC, in families, individuals, across this Nation as well as all the nations of the world. A Reckoning the world has not seen since the cross. It is a time to listen and obey.

  11. Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! This is just the message aI needed to hear! Thank you, Mario, faithful warrior!

    Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________

  12. This message and all the comments I have read this morning has filled me with the strength to continue going forward. We have an awesome God and we need to stay strong in the word🙏🙏❤️

  13. Mario,

    I thank my God for this word delivered through you.

    Mark the date! July 19 6pm God has laid it upon my heart to organize a one hour shout of praise to pierce the darkness!!

    If I gave you more detail would you possibly be interested in helping me get the word out to all Christians?

    Thanks so much for letting God use my you as He will.

    Teressa Hatfield

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