Last night in Tulsa, the most improbable tables were turned. Never has a man stood up to speak, who had more going against him. Even the most casual observer would have to admit that Trump faced a juggernaut, in order to even hold this rally. Only God knows what he had to overcome, in order to finally gather people together.

The nation desperately needed to see the excitement coming from the people who love her. America needed to feel, yet again, the atmosphere that only a Trump rally can create. Donald Trump did not just give a speech—he threw down a gauntlet before his enemies that will damage them for months.

Above all, there are three reasons why this was the speech of his life.

1. It forces Biden to start campaigning. Oh no! He has to come out of his basement. Biden must campaign or die. Trump raised too many questions—scored too many hits—subjected too many of Biden’s deranged ideas to the jackhammer of logic. And then the President laid outrage after outrage at the doorstep of the Democrat Party.

You could feel a national collective cringe when many Americans found out for the first time that Beto O’Rourke would advise Biden on taking away your guns, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez would be in charge of his environmental policies, and Ilhan Omar would be in charge of, er, um, whatever…

As horrible as Biden is in front of people, as diminished as he will seem in a debate debating, well, anyone…tonight has forced his hand. Trump’s speech did the impossible—it made ‘not campaigning’ actually worse than campaigning.


2. It broke the digital iron curtain. Google, Facebook, Twitter and NBC have freely censored thousands of tweets, posts, videos and blogs. Tonight, that digital iron curtain was shattered, giving millions of Americans the opportunity to hear the other side of the story.  We heard how we got this pandemic. How Biden and Pelosi were against shutting down flights from China in January. We heard a leader challenge the Orwellian thought-police, and we heard Trump tell the truth about our churches being persecuted, small businesses being deliberately destroyed, and we heard about all of the Democrat lies, lies, and more lies.

At one point, Trump looked right at us, like a fiery preacher, and delivered a devastating warning. He painted an indelible picture of what America would be like, under Biden. How Sleepy Joe would totally capitulate to radicals and utterly, and permanently, ruin our nation. A chill went down the spine of America—and it will not soon be forgotten.

3. Trump forced the Democrat Party to take ownership of their lunacy. They own the riots, the looting, the hatred of law and the police, and the terrible divisions they have caused that are tearing us apart. Democrats are running the cities that were burned and destroyed. Trump landed blow after blow on the full litany of leftist excuses. He left no room for doubt about who was inciting and encouraging the mobs, and who was making it possible for them to continue, unopposed.

Most of all, he nailed the Democrat double-standard. Democrats called for vast crowds to demonstrate, standing shoulder to shoulder, during a pandemic. No one missed the point. No one walked away unaware that churchgoers—who were likely to vote for Trump—were forced to stay home, while demonstrators, looters, and rioters were free to run wild, destroying property and innocent people’s lives.

Tonight, Trump reassured his base that the warrior was alive and well, and ready to battle to keep America strong and free. Democrats were branded, and rightly so. The whole discombobulated, dysfunctional glob, which is held together—not by morals, ideals, convictions or values—but by a mindless, irrational, hatred for Donald Trump, was held up for all to see.

Of course, the fake news and the Socialist social-media giants’ information mill will no doubt be running full bore for the next week, trying to rebut the damage President Trump caused to their plans tonight. Sadly, many of the uncommitted will have that moment of recognition, when they realize they are being manipulated. But it will pass, and soon, they will return to the fold.

Abraham Lincoln explained it when he said, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

And Jesus told us, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Never in American history has information been manipulated in such a wholesale fashion. Never have so few controlled the information of so many. That is what makes Trump’s speech such a miracle. Last night, President Trump proved that even the combined propaganda machine, composed of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, Google, Facebook, Twitter, The Washington Post, and the New York Times, cannot fool all the people all the time.





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  1. O YES, Biden has to come out of his outhouse now. The only thing Biden has to offer now is a honey wagon.

  2. Glory to God Almighty! The Truth will set America free! Followers of Jesus Christ, having done it all, then stand!! Stand firm against the evil ones. Young adults prepare to take the baton! God bless America! God bless the President!

    1. It’s hard to believe citizens who live near our historical monuments are not placing citizen armed guards to protect them. Our history is too important to let anarchists destroy them. Where are our brave men? Where are our patriots?

  3. Amen.

    On Sun, Jun 21, 2020, 2:45 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Last night in Tulsa, the most improbable > tables were turned. Never has a man stood up to speak, who had more going > against him. Even the most casual observer would have to admit that Trump > faced a juggernaut, in order to even hold this rally. Only God kno” >

  4. It is so exciting to watch God work so so dramatically in front of our eyes to expose evil, to strengthen our nation, to use a Mighty Man strong enough to stand up against demonic opposition and keep fighting to fix years of damage to America. Rough edges and all, President Trump is God’s weapon of choice for this hour, for upholding our constitution, for educating and calling to arms the sleeping average American.

  5. The Media will Focus on the very top bleachers that didn’t get filled because thousands of supporters were barred from entry from BLM protestors.. They also blocked highways all over Tulsa preventing people from coming into Tulsa for the event.. They will Brag about those empty seats all week while they fail to mention Biden hasn’t drawn a thousand heads to his Rally’s.. In fact they won’t even Make that connection because their lust for blaming Trump has blinded their ability to reason and they will once again look the fools when everyone points that out….No wonder they hate Trump, they need someone to blame for their own short sighted Hypocrisy… If there is a rock Bottom, I hope the media hits it soon, then perhaps there would be a chance they could actually start telling the truth again.. One can always hope..

    1. Mario EXCELLENT!..let those who have ears to hear listen to what The Spirit is saying to the churches!!
      Mike DeWitt, thank you for drawing out the facts of those Black Lives Matter protesters, who purposely went there to block, confuse and encourage chaos against the arrival, access and attendance of those true American Patriots who desired to attend this Trump rally.

      1. Beastly Lives With Black Hearts Don’t Ever Matter. WHAT PR. TRUMP PROCLAIMED DID MATTER.

  6. Mario, my heart cries for the lost.

    I believe Jesus will be here in August, or shortly there after.

    I’m tired of so much hate, and rejection!

    I live 80 miles from Tulsa, and I wanted to go to the rally so bad, but I didn’t because he has my vote, and I think rallies are for the undecided. I didn’t know seats would be empty.

    This has been an emotional rollercoaster!

  7. Thank you for such a good word! Love our President and it was wonderful to hear from him. Praying for our nation and love the books I ordered from you. You are an inspiration and I’m sharing and speaking to many others of what we need to be doing. God Bless your ministry and may God continue to.put the fire of the Holy Spirit in you.

    On Sun, Jun 21, 2020, 2:32 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Last night in Tulsa, the most improbable > tables were turned. Never has a man stood up to speak, who had more going > against him. Even the most casual observer would have to admit that Trump > faced a juggernaut, in order to even hold this rally. Only God kno” >

  8. Amazing write-up. Thank you for following up Mario!!! I hear so many people repeating what they’ve heard in the news…they actually believe that stuff. When I speak out, they just look at me like I’m a leftist…it’s a battlefield of the mind.


  9. Thank you for sharing why the rally had empty seats. I heard on the news over a million people had wanted to attend the meeting. It’s a very sad thing that one group of people stands up and says we are more important than anyone else in this nation. Martin Luther King had it right protesting quietly and peacefully he changed this nation. It was established by our Almighty God as one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for ALL!! If you love this country you need to pray Luke 8:17 over it and not only vote, but make sure others know the truth and vote. And above all pray for a shield and hedge of protection around about our President, his family, those standing with him, our nation and our cities to freed from the Democrat party’s leadership. God Bless American to be free again.

  10. AMEN to that Mario. I loved what he said through the whole speech. The President spoke the truth. I think the best point was when he told the West Point story and what the fake news said about him. People and yes sad to say some Christians need towake up to the fake news, he did get that point across in his speech. I wonder if Biden has the courage to face Trump in debates? It will be interesting to see if that will happen. Awesome speech from the President.

  11. I will have to go against the flow a bit here. I was, for the most part, left uninspired by the event last night in Tulsa. My hope is that the Campaign focuses on First Term Results. I have said as much on the official Campaign Website when I respond to surveys. Don’t give the lying Media the time of day. They will never change their tune because they are bought and paid for by their puppet masters who at work to destroy the Republic. Focus on results and policy that has benefited the People over the past 3 plus years and how a Biden win would undo all the progress that has been made. Focus on the Founding Principles of the nation, which began with faith in God, and how we can build upon them to make this a more perfect Union. Yes, there is still much work to be done but that is what gives us purpose and inspiration.

    I don’t know why the event wasn’t packed out last night and the outdoor overflow crowd event was cancelled because of small numbers. The loony Left is already clapping with glee this morning and saying the whole thing was a flop and this is the beginning of the end as the President is losing his base. I say, “Not so fast!” Judgment day is still months away and your lying polls mean nothing now!

      1. Megagenius, thanks for your response. My comments were based on my own response as I watched the Rally with my own eyes and heard with my own ears. My main take away was that the President should get away from all the negativity of his numerous opponents. They refuse to see the world, and especially the nation, as he does. To me it is uninspiring and a waste of time and energy to focus on their words and actions and that the President should focus on the real results of his First Term in spite of all the opposition he has gotten from the other two branches of government, the deep state players in the Executive Branch and, of course, the Press. To me that is the best case for re-election. Just one man’s response. People are moved in different ways.

  12. Amen to all. Even more, he was hilarious. He was self deprecating in a Reaganesque manner, making fun of his Parkinson moments at West Point. It felt so good to laugh uproariously (Psalm 2).
    May you soon be in front of the people the Lord wants to send you to as well.

  13. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    What Mario speaks is centered in truth concerning our present times.
    It is like a breath of fresh air after experiencing the bad breath of
    the leftist political hacks that includes mainstream media.
    Our country can be lost or regained in the upcoming election.
    Pray for our president and those who stand for our country!

  14. My only modification to your essay would be to change who you attribute the quote to. The quote about fooling people has traditionally been attributed to, P T Barnum. It’s still true nonetheless.

  15. I really like your post. Maybe, both, Lance Walnau and yourself should connect. This morning, I listened to Lance Walnau speaking on President Donald J Trump’s speech. Both of you are vocal and we need more voices like this in the Body of Christ.

  16. I didn’t realize till I turned on NBC for local news and weather last night, that there were empty seats. I was totally surprised since there had been over a million requests for tickets. Of course, they blamed it on fear of the virus. If that’s what it was, those people would not have applied for tickets in the first place. They were not about to admit it was the maddened crowds of protestors who kept people from getting in. What a shame that they were able to succeed in keeping people out. Trump said several times that there were some very bad people outside. I didn’t watch the preliminal coverage, so I didn’t see what the mob was doing. Of course, our wicket media will defend their nefarious actions and activities. But our President still shone.

  17. Opposition folks had a hand in the smaller crowd; others didn’t attend because of too close proximity seating; still others got news whether true or false that a spike was happening in that area. And who knows what else. But the President got a huge viewership of supporters via media, regardless.

  18. That rally was a ‘stone in the head’ for Goliath. Now we just have to move to ‘cut the head’ off.

    As the Israelites rallied around David to rout the Philistines, America must now rally around President Trump to rout America’s enemies, the ‘Left-hand thief’.

    This is a battle that can only be won if everyone does their part, even just to vote for Trump and encourage others to do the same.

    Also pray together for him, and for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

  19. On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 3:42 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Last night in Tulsa, the most improbable > tables were turned. Never has a man stood up to speak, who had more going > against him. Even the most casual observer would have to admit that Trump > faced a juggernaut, in order to even hold this rally. Only God kno” >

  20. Thankyou so much Mario. Those of us who don’t live in America need you to let us know what the mainstream media won’t tell us. It encourages us in our prayers for you all and let’s us know what to pray. God bless you.

  21. Brother Mario, you’re exactly right on all counts. I watched the debate and loved it, but you pulled it apart like a fresh cooked pork butt and got right down to the sweet meat. You have been a great inspiration to me for many years. I used to see you on TBN and other networks. I was always glad when you were a guest. My wife Miss Sharon and I both are reading Fire and Glory!! It’s stunning work and revelation. You’re the only man in America that could write this book. You come from that world as far as a pastor, but you’re not in that world. But God is calling you to be Elijah to the church today. “ how long will you halt between two opinions? If Baal be god then serve him, but if God be God then serve Him.”

    We’re starting a list of people that has got to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth of this book. What an indictment on the church. And we all wonder why these things have come upon us? Just know we love you and pray for you often. I want to know if you are coming to the National Day Of Repentance on the Mall in Washington DC on September 26th? I’m working with Kevin Jessip on this event. If you haven’t had an invitation to speak, I’m gonna talk to Kevin. You need to bring the Fire and Glory message there and then pray your guts out for our Nation with hundreds of thousands and millions by streaming around the world.

    My email address is: Thanks again dear brother. Our greatest days are ahead. Ricky Skaggs

    You Can’t Shake Jesus!


  22. What we need is a revival, Christians to protest and make a stand for our Republic. It is of no use to post in places like this and then do nothing.. If all we can do is give $ for Pres. Trump reelection, then do that, we need to be in call centers, take whatever hits we must, put flags up in our homes, and if we dare most a Trump sign in our yards. The question is.. what are we doing, and is it good enough to get him reelected as our freedom depends on it folks. Blessings, Cher NC

  23. Your are such an inspiration Mario……Praying the the spirit of the living God will continue to hover over everything you do and continue to PREACH THE WORD and grant you continual WISDOM! God bless you. Yolie Y. Ortiz from Whittier, Ca

  24. We are proud of you Mario, standing strong in our Lord and giving voice to Truth. Praying for you and the ministry.
    In His Steps,
    Woody and Carolyn Bryan

  25. Mario Murillo: Why are our leaders allowing the destruction of our statues?  What has happened to the people that live where this is happening?  What have we become?  Just sitters and watchers?  Why don’t we fight?  This is no way to live – watching animals in clothes (some not so much) destroy our history.  There has to be something we can do.

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