Let me bid a fond farewell to some of you who will read this. Because after some of you read this, you will not read anything I write, again.

Also,  there will be many who will comment that “no one is asking anyone to repent of being white.” I was in a large stadium in front of tens of thousands of young people when a preacher said this, “I know none of you ever owned slaves. I know that none of you were around for segregation. But I want you to know, I FORGIVE YOU!” What else could he be forgiving them for except that they were white? In many other forms, some more subtle repenting of whiteness is precisely what they demand. And many, out of guilt, are glad to oblige.

There is no doubt that the actions of one police officer were heinous. There is no question that we should all be outraged at anyone who believes in murdering someone, simply because of the color of their skin. As a nation we must stand together to rid ourselves of the scourge of hatred.

But will the way we are going about it make any difference? And why are Christians acting weird?

Something strange is in the neighborhood: Christians and preachers who have yet to repent before God for a. grieving the Holy Spirit; b. for preaching an artificial Gospel; or c. for their silence on abortion and sexual sin are, instead, repenting for being white.

They are reading a script handed them from the Left. They are not repenting of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow Laws, or racist cops. They are repenting of whiteness.

Asking someone to apologize for being white is as odious as asking a black person to repent for being black. The color of one’s skin does not make them racist. I will go so far as to say that believing racism comes from the color of someone’s skin, is itself racist—the very worst kind of racism.

Nazi’s hated Jews, not because of anything they had done, but merely for being Jews. How is this emerging idea about the crime of ‘whiteness’ any different? I don’t care who you are, do you want to sow that seed into the heart of your child? And where will it end?

This tactic is not new. Some years ago, feminist scientists decided that testosterone was evil. In other words, manhood is intrinsically evil. They actually had a plan for eradicating your husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, and grandfathers. The current term is ‘toxic masculinity’.

Does someone need to explain Marxism to you again? Leftists need to incite blind rage. Everywhere a Communist revolution has taken place, it was fueled by hate. It identified certain groups as deserving any and all punishment. Again, not for what they had ever done, but simply because of who they were.

Chinese Communism identified Christians as evil and slaughtered them. In other countries they slaughtered Buddhists. At this hour, a great horror is unfolding in India where hundreds of Churches are being burned and Christians are being forced to engage in animism.

How many ways can I tell you that leftists do not really care about you? They need you, as Americans, to be in such a blind rage, that you will not see what they are doing behind your back. For decades Democrats have had unquestioned power over our inner cities. You want to talk about supremacy? That is supremacy! And what have they done for those citizens? What became of the trillions of dollars sent to those places to improve them? Show me a city run by Democrats for decades, and I will show you a city in decay.

On the same weekend that we honored George Floyd, 28 murders in the black sections of Chicago went unnoticed. Do black lives really matter to the media?

The Left, like locusts, move on to a new field after they have consumed the old field. Right now, the Left has set its sights on Latinos. That’s because there are more of us. Next, they will get us angry and grieved. They want Latino children to feel like victims. They will leave the Black community behind as soon as their votes don’t matter anymore.

What does all this anger and rage do to us? It causes inner city children to waste time—time they could use to build a future. Villains have forced them to put their lives on hold—to make them feel victimized—to enrage them to do acts of violence. And when that crime is permanently on their record, and when that moment of rage has ruined their chances for a career…do you think any of these Marxists are going to come around and fix their family?

Shame on these Christians who won’t pray right or repent correctly. What an offense to a heart-broken God Who is trying to save our nation, that you would engage in Pharisaical grandstanding, just to look ‘woke’ in the eyes of those we should never try to impress.

But it is not too late! You can turn that pseudo-repentance into true repentance. God can expose the Left, the evil they are doing, and their long-term goals. Right now, America is sick of the division and the hatred—and they do not care anymore where that hatred is coming from. Americans do not want to replace old hate with new hate, or old racism for new racism.

The only force that is able to save America is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The only love that can stop the crushing cycle of oppression and hatred is the love of God. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, now that you realize your need for repenting…for God’s sake, don’t repent for being white, repent for sinning against the Lord.






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  1. Why..Why..Why do people believe they are colors? You are not the earth suit of clay you live in. There is only one human race created in the image and likeness of God. This color fixation is a delusion. Jesus did not come to save skinners. He did come to save sinners. That would be all who have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The only thing God commands all people to repent of is their sin, which is rebellion against the Most High God. The Gospel that Jesus preached gave only two roads: Repent or Perish. Looking for scapegoats to blame is a deception that leads to destruction.

  2. mario it seems as people are wanting people to apoligize for the blessings they have received for walking with the lifestyle of GOd and receiving his blessings Sin causes death and there is alot of sin in the low income areas cause partly mal nutrition and the teaching of allways fighting the devil instead of magnifying … alot of our churches such as Bethel allways pointing to Jesus not fighting a spirit that can only be overcome by walking closely to Jesus …i feel some of this is partly due to the nature of mans buisness techniqes in the churchs… and this has come due to the world system insurance rules.. EXAMPLE MAN GETS SAVED WANTS TO GET INVOLVEDED IN CHURCH STUFF.. 1ST THING IS DONE IS JESUS FORGIVNESS OF SIN THROUGHN OUT WITH BACKGROUND CHECKS so forgiven really means nothing unless they sit on the bench and be quite …another one we really want to get to know you first,,,, ive allways said that thats like a car falling on a man and we want to get to know him before we help him lift the car off him … its the same as using the gifts of the spirit you ever heard use em or loose em Jesus starteded that saying with the tallents in order to over come where we are we are going to have to loose the color issue cause we never spoke like that before george floyd wich i dont beleive was a color issue him and the cop workeded in the same night club this is what really needs to be brought to the light they musta allready had a problem with each other before that day wich is bad in its self david wilkerson starteded teen challange by showing mercy to the guilty of a murder and this has lookeded like the way they use to hang people they want to restart it they use to do witches like that allso REALLY THE JUSTICE THAT THESE PEOPLE NEED TO RECEIVE IS TO HAVE YWAM LIKE TEACHINGS AND BETHEL STYLE CHURCHES AND EVERYTHING ELSE HIGHER INCOME PEOPLE GET WHEN IT COMES TO THE THINGS OF GOD,,,AND TO REMOVE THE DECEPTION THE ALLWAYS FIGHTING THE god OF THE UNSAVEDED IS SPIRITUAL AND POINT THESE PEOPLE TO THE PROMISES OF GOD BLESSED STUFF

  3. well amen,

    WE all need to do as Daniel did and repent for our nation. But being white is not one of the reasons. SIN! is the only reason. Sin of Murder of 60 million babies as the Blood of them Cry out for Justice unto the Lord God.
    Sin! of Idol worship that has in many ways has griped the church. Luke warmness, 2Tim 3:5 “having a form of godliness but deny the POWER thereof: From such turn away.”

    in the first verse it says :

    2 Tim3:1-4
    This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
    For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy.
    Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    it is not politically correct to say sin anymore ” That is a moral issue ” we were told not too long ago in the 80’s. Then we were called intolerant because we dared to say Jesus is the ONLY WAY! And gave in to Homosexuality and saw it a ” Love”. We gave more protection to a group of people with a sexual addiction, cognitive dilemma , and abandonment of reality. That is sound science ?.
    The same people would tell a church Pastor ” Don’t put a guilt- trip on me man.” Are now bowing and repenting for the physical body God created.

    These so-called leaders who are over taken by demonic forces of unassertive, persuadable, and spineless deceptiveness; for only one reason. They hate.
    BUT Now, the new “Moral authority” with help of the lying media are establishing their false righteousness. I have never before seen such delusion. Jesus did say LOOK OUT! Don’t be deceived Matthew 24:4.

    Jesus and revival is our only help. WE must be empowered by the Holy Spirit, and confront this as did Elijah did and those after him. AS our Lord did and the Apostles. You are correct Brother Mario. The sad thing is many are not.

  4. I believe this is a re-post, not sure, it may be a rewrite…

    But, this is such a touchy subject.

    If Jesus *really* is Lord of my life, repenting for how He created me makes a mockery of His Divinity, Messiahship and Lordship.

    Nuff said!

    1. The Bible tell us in Psa. and Jer. that God knew us before we were formed in our mother womb or form in secret. God FORMED man from the dust of the ground. Then HE MADE a woman from the man. This means we were MAKE in OUR IMAGE. It also tells us that HE (God) made he (THEM MALE AND FEMAN) in His IMAGE and what is His IMAGE it is a SPIRIT. God created our SPIRIT first then MADE man from the dust of the ground, then form woman from man. There was only one color for man. It was not WHITE, BLACK, RED or YELLOW. Man caused their skin to change over time because of the tower they try to build to heaven, God destroyed the tower and scattered the people and confound their language. Before and after the flood we all talked the same and looked the same. Nothing changed until man built the tower then everything changed.

  5. what they mean when they say we know you arent of that generatin they abused people of color like the natural american indians that i am part of …but were repenting means were the Bible speaks of the sins of the forefathers visiting new generations…kinda like that is what is ment by them statements people have allways told me that other peoples sin dosent affect us but ive allways felt how could it not in we dont repent to all low income familys by offering them the good stuff like we get in or at church WE MUST COME OUT OF THE NATURAL FIGHTING MODE AND TEACH THE PEOPLE LIKE MARIO ALLWAYS DEFENDED THE POOR AND SPOKE LIFE INTO THEM SPEAK TO ALL PEOPLE THAT WAY MARIO THE WAY YOU ALLWAYS HAVE AND IT WILL BRING PEACE ITS THE WORDS JOB TO NOT RETURN VOID AND TOO PROFORM WHAT IT WAS SENT OUT TO PROFORM mini sermons by blessed stuff learned from the tv show on TBN TOUGHT BY MARIO MURILLO armed and dangerous LIKE AA ACOHOLIC ANOMOUIS SAYS THE BOOK WORKS WHEN YOU WORK IT BLESSED STUFF

    1. The curse of generational sins was done away with on The Cross of Calvary. This doctrine is blasphemes heresy.

      But, it was also, spoken of in the Old Testament in Deuteronomy 24:16; 2 Kings 14:6; 2 Chronicles 25:4; Jeremiah 31:30

      If the Cross does not make us completely new creations erasing the past as far as the East is from the West then Christ died in vain.

      Of course the secular law may still come after us. 🙂

      1. AMEN Michael Drunkenmiller‼️

        Too many throughout Christendom have been force feed a lie, that Christ Jesus Messiah’s arrival and sacrifice just wasn’t enough. That the Cross of horror He endured didn’t take away everything? 😤 HERASY.
        They turn their heads and close their spiritual eyes from Christ’s fulfilled finished work ✟,
        so they can teach and reach a broader audience, sell more books, DVD’s, CD’s and prophecies on how to break curses.
        They ignore what Apostle Paul taught throughout his epistles letters, by endlessly trying to restore warmed over Judaism, the Mosaic Levitical Law, and anything else that would draw people away from the TRUTH which is found in Christ Jesus alone. Through Faith in HIM we are saved, cleansed, regenerated, propitiated, reborn anew, . Invigorating the fact that we are likened to Abraham’s offspring because it was by Faith only that he was moved to his promised land, and was visited by 3 Father, Son & Holy Spirit, from heaven.
        These same keep pushing the on going narrative that more needs to be done than Jesus Christ did and attempting to remake God’s chosen plan of salvation through Grace and Jesus new command to “LOVE one another” as HE has loved us 💙.

        Keep telling it like it is.👍🏻👍🏻

  6. I am African American and agree TOTALLY with everything you are saying my brother. A HEART CHANGE IS DESPERATELY NEEDED. Thanks so much.

    Dr. M. Ruth Thomas


  7. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Thank you for standing up for righteousness. I wish there were more pastors like you. Fearless. Thank God for you!!

  8. IF we repent for being white, or male, or poor, or Americans, or blue eyed or hard of hearing, we are criticizing God for how He created us. God has told us over and over to Love One Another. When we miss the fact that our hearts need true connection with The Lord Himself we then have an opportunity to repent and allow the Lord to build a new heart within us. We sure need Him. Thank you for your ministry! Most Sincerely, Bob Kirkeeide


  9. Amen and amen!

    Keep the fire lit for Jesus! He’s the only true hope for America and the world!

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  10. Amen and Amen! What part of that do Christians not understand! Shame on you Christians that are not being convicted by the Holy Spirit! I would then have to question if you are a Spirit filled Christian? Get baptized by the Holy Spirit and open your eyes and open your heart Christian brothers and sisters who are not receptive to this message! God Bless you Mario for calling out the truth of true repentance!

  11. On Wed, 01 Jul 2020, 09:22 Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Let me bid a fond farewell to some of you > who will read this. Because after some of you read this, you will not read > anything I write, again. Also, there will be many who will comment that > “no one is asking anyone to repent of being white.” I was in a” >

  12. This is what the Chinese communists used to do. Confess to cultural crimes. During the Great Leap Forward (Cultural Revolution) just being a college professor could put you into a re-education camp for decades.

    BTW did anyone see the older Catholics being beaten in St Louis for praying next to the statue of St Louis? The left is acting like the Taliban.

  13. America is not a racist nation anymore as the MSM would like us to believe. BLM is a crock and also I will never take a knee accept to the Lord Jesus. My goodness, I was born in South Dakota and we were proud of Mt. Rushmore. (They also have a statue for (Crazy Horse). Now to the MSM and other’s Mt. Rushmore is
    White Supremacy? No, it is honoring our great presidents! How crazy can you get leftist?

  14. I was moved by the Spirit to form PETRA SLM. “PETRA” from Matthew 16:18. “SLM” meaning “Spirit Life Matters.” I was told that today’s Christian Church is so divided (33k denominations in the US alone) that it cannot be the Bride of Christ, the true Bride is the Spirit of the People of Faith, and Christ will not come to a divided Church to secure His Bride.
    PETRA SLM seeks to unite all believers in a Triune God to secure His Power. PETRA SLM will gather people to:
    • We must love all Christians, all 33,000 parts, and show that love to the world.
    • We can never apologize for anything in the Bible.
    • We must accept the miracles of the Bible as true and real events.
    • We must profess that our love is unconditional to all peoples.
    • We must not judge any of God’s People – and ALL are God’s PEOPLE.
    • We must subordinate personal opinions about others to God’s love of those other people and convey love.
    • We must return the mocker’s scorn and ridicule with love and prayerful concern and seek the Holy Spirits help to reach their heart.
    • Each of us must make our Church, our denomination, extend itself to every other Church and affirm our common purpose to be like Christ, to be His disciple, and to go forth and preach His gospel, arm in arm, hand in hand.
    I am one man, with two friends helping me as they can. I need help in planning and executing this Mission.
    I am beginning to reach out to ministries where the ego in the ministers’ of churches will be set aside and lead their congregation to Christ.
    Can you help?

    Geoffrey Webster
    614-571-6168 cell
    Bee Cave, Texas

  15. That last paragraph 💥💥💥!!!
    Thank you for being faithful to the LORD and standing for Him Mario! As another one of my favorite preachers says, “ We don’t have a skin problem. We have a SIN problem.” God bless you!

  16. My Dear Fellow Minister, Thanks for telling the TRUTH about all this “Stupid” apologizing for being the skin color Almighty GOD has made us. YES, I will continue to stand with you and honor you as a ‘True Man of GOD.” Keep telling it like it is. I just recently got put in face… timeout for calling out media lies. Stay strong in the Lord My Brother.

  17. You have spoken God’s heart for all His people, I believe. Thank you!

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  18. Excellent email, as always!!!! Spot on!!! Who in the world would argue with anything you just said. Christians seriously have me perplexed right now. Praying they are shaken out of their hypnotic state and WAKE UP!!! Appreciate you immensely Mario!

    On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 2:28 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Let me bid a fond farewell to some of you > who will read this. Because after some of you read this, you will not read > anything I write, again. Also, there will be many who will comment that > “no one is asking anyone to repent of being white.” I was in a” >

  19. I watched the documentary on Azusa street revival on Amazon. The Pastor’s dad was a slave and fought and died as a Union soldier. Azusa started as a house prayer meeting, in a black neighborhood 1906, LA, CA.
    It started in the black community the fruit from this went around the world! The Pastor son of a slave! Everyone one came no problem with the neighborhood, or black and white people seeking together.
    Seven days a week for several years and the people came from all over the world.

    When I got saved in Kent, WA outside of Seattle, there were three people, very old, that got the Baptism at Azusa street. I would get as close to where they praying as I could I wanted what they had. No church now has hour long praying at the alters after each service. The Alter service was 100 times better then the Sunday service was. No one wanted to leave because the power of G-d was all anyone wanted. This was normal Christianity.

  20. May the Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit & Father GOD forgives us for our ungodliness & omission towards our lack of standing for His Righteousness, have Mercy, Grace, Long Suffering towards us, His UnFathomable LOVE & Peace.
    Mario thank you for being our voice, I pray we become courageous in our voice as you are

  21. I don’t understand how those repenting of any racial makeup can make sense of serious reading of Ezekiel 18:

    “19 Yet you may ask, ‘Why shouldn’t the son bear the iniquity of his father?’

    Since the son has done what is just and right, carefully observing all My statutes, he will surely live.

    20 The soul who sins is the one who will die. A son will not bear the iniquity of his father, and a father will not bear the iniquity of his son. The righteousness of the righteous man will fall upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked man will fall upon him. “

  22. I agree with SMZ above. What happened to the prayer services after the services, that went on and on and no one wanted to leave. The power of God fell and people left CHANGED. We should never have stopped Sunday Night Services, IMO. Those were the most powerful services of all. The Holy Spirit moved every time! I hate to say this, but now, we get feel-good sermons, a half-baked, “invitation” where a couple of people who have allowed compromise perhaps go forward to “get saved again” (I am not putting that down, anyone who feels like they need to go forward-needs to go forward), and we leave unchanged. We need worship that gets us into the Throne Room, we need the Holy Spirit to descend on us in His Cloud, we need prayer services where we are taken up to the Garden!! Why are we settling for less? Our pastors a Spirit-filled and talented. It’s time for them to let the sheep awaken! And the last thing we need to be doing is joining in on what the world is doing. If the world is bowing to another human being and running Jesus the King out of our schools and government, does anyone think we should be emulating them? I love all people, don’t care about anyone’s race or ethnicity, but I bow to the Savior. Period.

  23. Just as mental illness knows no color boundary…. sin knows no racial divisions either.
    It’s not a race problem, it’s a sin problem!
    But when we outlawed Jesus in schools and in most of our government,
    we correspondingly outlawed the answer to “race” problems…
    God created the HUMAN RACE in HIS image. That’s ALL of us….
    Only God’s love, the love of Jesus Christ in each of us will stop the insanity we see every day!

  24. Floyd WAS a pscyops!

    On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 8:42 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Let me bid a fond farewell to some of you > who will read this. Because after some of you read this, you will not read > anything I write, again. Also, there will be many who will comment that > “no one is asking anyone to repent of being white.” I was in a” >

  25. Good preaching Sir. I’m saying the same things but not a preacher. Jews are heated because they are Gods chosen people and it’s really because they hate God,Christians are. hated for the same reason and all of this rage and destruction is for the same reason They hate God. All End Times we just need to be ready to leave here without hate in our hearts if we have to stay much longer we may begin to hate. 💙🙏

  26. You may wish to check the George Floyd story some more. The coroner report indicated he had a fatal dose of fentenol(sp). If so, then what the officer was doing was exactly what is done in these cases to prolong life until the medics arrived. Paul Craig Roberts has some very good info on this.

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