Beloved Child of God do not fear or be alarmed by the frightening images you are seeing every night. Do not fret at the occupiers of Chaz in Seattle, violent protestors, nor the wrangling of Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio, Antifa, or any of the screeching voices that are calling for America’s destruction.

I wrote that weeks ago and as you can see Mayors and Governors can’t keep a straight face anymore defending the occupy wackos. They are shutting them down.

Their ideals—their revolutionary rhetoric—their brazen acts—got their fifteen minutes of fame. And it would have been over sooner, but for the hatred of the media for Trump. It is only because of that hate that they have cast all reason to the wind in order to defend the angry occupiers. They will ensure anarchists get the best coverage and the best cosmetic-filters available to defend their absurd actions. Alas, it will be in vain. Because they are merely putting lipstick on a pig.

The radical actions of anarchists will fail. Their ‘revolution’ will collapse under the weight of its own stupidity. Let me give you the reasons why:

1. They are insincere about racial injustice—or any form of justice for that matter. The true protesters who marched sincerely to raise their voice against injustice have been hijacked. The graffiti, fire bombs and looting come from common criminals who have been poisoned by Marxism. They came in like burglars and vandalized what might otherwise have been movements for peace and equality. They want none of those things. They need chaos.   

2. Millions are in the middle who want rational answers. The greatest enemy of these hooligans is the return of reason and common sense. When you set fire to a building and smash windows, thereby demonstrating the urgent need for law and order, and then you call for the police to be disbanded—that is the definition of stupid. The kind of stupid that sinks a movement. 

3. Your extremes are now a political liability. The Democrats will run from you, because associating with you will guarantee a Trump victory. Already Biden is back-peddling so fast, he is pulling his hammies. What will you do when both Democrats and Republicans repudiate you?

Soon you will see many coming to the table, people who will be eager to talk frankly and openly about healing the nation. When that happens these “freedom fighters” will, in the minds of millions, be transformed back into what they really are: violent street punks.

You are wasting your time fearing these people. But there is very real cause for major concern in America, and that concern is the church.  The real danger would come from letting our stupidity go unchecked: if we fail to realize, that, because of the Cross of Jesus, we have won a victory against evil. We have authority over the devils that are dividing America. We have power over the lies the Left is telling.

They are not the threat. We are our own worst enemy. If Christian leaders do not dispense with the human programs that have sidelined the church in America’s darkest hour—and yes, I will say it—if we persist in messages and methods that have replaced the Bible and the Holy Spirit, that will be fatal! And that kind of stupidity will do the same thing to us that it is about to do for the mad occupiers. Church incorporated can also collapse under the weight of its own stupidity.

The tantrums of Marxists will not doom America. But a sleeping and disobedient church will. That is why we must take our eyes off of terrifying images and place our unfiltered gaze on Christ—the Mighty Warrior Who stands at the door and knocks—the One Who wants to get back into His church—Who will arm us with power, love and prophetic words for a sin-sick and heartbroken nation!





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  1. 2. Millions are in the middle who want rational answers.

    As it was just before The Jesus Revolution…

    But, is the church in any shape or willingness to give “Rational Answers”…

    (Instead of the easily digestible comforting lukewarm pablum.)

    1. 3. Revelation Answers that flesh and blood can not give. Wisdom from above, even the hidden wisdom, that our Father in heaven imparts to those who are spiritual, enabling them to discern the times and seasons, and to know what to do.

      1. Mario, I always find agreement with your posts and your views but respectfully I have to ask,

        I cannot actually believe that all this MAYHEM in the streets of our cities, the suburbs, on memorial areas and public grounds of our states, began as proper 1st amendment constitutional protest? 🤔
        We’d have to conjure up some existential quantum theory dual reality in order to frame the conversation that this was originally done as a right to PEACEABLY assemble in protest.
        I have a further question to present:

        Can anyone else see and understand that the major SPIKE in “the plague”…”the Wuhan virus”…”the COVID-19″…or as the medical community likes to call it” the coronavirus”… 🥵 is due to these malcontent rioters posing as protesters who SPREAD this disease like wild fire 🔥 without concern for themselves or anyone else‼️
        Gleefully and willingly 🥴 SPREADING the global pandemic to further and higher levels than we had before. ☠️ 🚒 🚑
        Now it is a known fact that the exponential spike is come from within ☞ young adults, ages 22-45.
        No one is realistically discussing this. The new SPIKE in pandemic cases is all their☝︎fault along with the clear and present danger of these radical left legislators in office around this nation.
        We watched the Medical Community actually engage with this national trauma sanctioning it literally signing ✍🏻 their names into histories record that it was ‘essential’ in their eyes 👀 for these violent ne’er do wells to infect themselves and spread this hell storm 😈 of disease on everybody they come in contact with??!!🌡😫

        Evidence supplied, it is my opinion that absolutely ZERO about this mediocre anti-patriot act was either lawful, correct, effective, or constitutional.
        And now, America has the largest amount of infected people per capita on this planet?!🌎

    2. Drunkenmiller, it is the pattern and more excellent way for the church to be effective salt and light as they boldly proclaim the words of life rooted in the gospel of the kingdom. See 1 Chronicles 12:32 and you will get the “point”, or rather the point will get you and anoint you and appoint you to receive the anointed wisdom from above in order to share gospel revelation that changes people’s lives. See Paul’s testimony in Galatians 2:2.

      1. Carolina, It was existential quantum stupidity plunged into a puzzle, in a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, which is trapped in a black hole. Such is the framework of the self referential beasts roaming our streets. They must be executed with the truth. Mario’s Blogs do just that, in a most masterful way.

      2. megagenius,
        Maybe they all stepped into a telephone booth (with Dr🦉 Who..) went back in time to the era when people were still ignorant enough to be taken captive in Communism….and maybe that’s why they live in their alternative universe❓

  2. Thank you I’m so glad to be on your mailing list I appreciate your messages I appreciate your stand I appreciate your Holy Spirit anointed messages thank you again

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Amen, that is so true Mario.

    The MSM helped a lot of people by exposing this mess of the Left. The line is drawn Christian’s and non-believers? Do you want – Rule of law or Mob rule the next four years. Dem’s are lining up with these ungodly people. God wants us to put Trump back in the Whitehouse to
    help save our country. As Mario says America is a miracle from God, and we will not be intimidated by the left. This is the most important election in our lifetime. Vote for good and not evil..

  4. BJ Between you and me, Mario Murillo I believe is a man of constant prayer and constant action

    I used to see him on TBN in the 80’s but they eventually kicked him off because he spoke truth so clearly about gals doctrines and a pure heart for God, that the listener could see how fake the rest of them were

    He went into inner cities and won souls when most wanted a suburban prosperity Gospel. At some point I lost touch with what he was doing.

    Only a few months ago did I think to google his name and I get daily emails from him that are just incredibly pertinent.

    Here and there on FB I lift a paragraph or two and post it, and people recognize the truth being spoken. Sometimes I lift the whole thing and give a link.

    I basically keep my finger on the pulse and that’s why. I saw a groundswell ing begin last week that came up over the weekend.

    Did you see the New York older woman get up in the face of BLM protestors who tried to remove a statue?

    We are the majority We all, every one of us must become extremely vocal now because for every time we do, we encourage ten other silent people to also start speaking boldly and loudly

    It all has to be done at the direction of God but we must be ready at every second

    No more lazy thinking Jesus could come in the night and we’d better not be too tired to go

    Sara We are in Nashville Christian Towers over near Thompson Lane and Murfreesboro Rd


  5. 2 Tim 1:6,7 ESV

    6For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands, 7for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

  6. We live in two worlds the natural and the spiritual what is God saying to us in both worlds? I believe that is what Mario is speaking about. God uses the natural to wake up His people about what’s happening in the spiritual world. There are millions of people in the middle their souls can go either way, heaven or hell. God is trying to wake up His church to see the real problem. COVID-19 and rioting is only on the surface of a much deeper matter, people going to hell for eternity. And we the church are not speaking about it. This is a wake up call For the church to start proclaiming ALL THE GOSPEL.

  7. Jesus is coming soon, and He could come in the night. Or evening, morning, afternoon, or dusk. But He is coming and it is not “laziness” to be looking for Him. There is a crown promised to those who, “love His appearing”. I do, and always will, and no apologies. But we must work, for the “night is coming when no man can work”. It’s those who are aware of this who tend to work the hardest for Him. It was a refreshing sight to see the mayor of Seattle finally wake up and dismantle CHOP. But it took one of the council members taking the mob to her house to cause her to do it. When it came to her own safety and peace of mind, all of a sudden, her, “Summer of Love”, wasn’t so lovely any more. All of a sudden, she cared about the murders of teenagers in CHOP. Watching that hurting father on Hannity’s show, I cried with them. Yet, that man revealed that he had tried his best to remain a good Christian and responsible father. I didn’t catch why he allowed his son to go down to that mess, but sometimes people make wrong choices for unknown reasons, especially young people. Still, I felt that father has much to offer in wisdom to other fathers in the communities of color. I pray that God will use him in some special way, while healing his heart. Of course-he has heard nothing-zerio-from the mayor, governor, msm, or anyone else. No one except Hannity has reached out to him, and Hannity was crying with him. It was a powerful interview. If you can find it on Fox website, watch it. The death of one brought us chaos. May the death of this young man bring us healing.

  8. Much of what is happening in America and the West is a deliberate distraction to take us down meaningless ‘rabbit holes’, when the main focus should be on re-electing Trump, supporting Trump, and using his Presidency to re-build America in God’s image, not fallen man’s.

    Christians need to wake up and support the man God has sent in this hour to deliver America from godless atheism, secular humanism, moral relativism and cultural Marxism. Read his UN speeches for confirmation of that.

    Otherwise America can look forward to its own ‘Gulag Archipelago and Smokestacks’. Either unite with God’s Will or suffer. Those are the options we have. Being Christian won’t save you from a hell on earth as countless Christians are experiencing and have experienced in the past, whether in Armenia, China, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, Africa, even Europe.

    There will be nowhere to hide because you did not know the time of your visitation. There will be no excuse because you were so assured of your own salvation, yet you didn’t heed the warning signs and the signposts. Only when it is too late will you realise, like John the Baptist who after his incarceration sent disciples to Jesus who asked, “Are you he is to come or shall we look for another”…shortly afterwards John was beheaded.

    Too often God’s people have disobeyed God and failed their responsibility, heaping coals upon their own heads.

    “If you want to live”, vote for Trump. He is God’s ‘Terminator’ against Satan at this time. Don’t court the Devil, do not have sympathy for the Devil. Eve just had to say ‘No’ to Lucifer. She didn’t have to get into a debate with him over the ‘fruit’. ‘No’ was sufficient. We just have to say ‘Yes’ to Trump, simple.

    Now we just need everyone else to do the same, and America and the world will have a future, otherwise we will be heading for another Dark Age, worse than before.

    God has sent his prophets to warn and advise us. Take heed. It is all too easy to do the wrong thing, the ‘popular’ thing. To finish:

    Mt 7:13 “Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. 14 For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few.”

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