2 thoughts on “run

  1. Jesus said……I will build my church, the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!

  2. Mario, You are right. I know why they want to defund the police. The Progressive left needs to transfer local police money to a new socialist state policing model. As an elected school board member, Biola University Trustee, inner city non profit founder and candidate for Congress, I have studied Community Oriented Policing or Community Watch. On each community flier it states, “We report all suspicious persons and activity to the police Dept.” This is like the KGB, “neighbors telling on neighbors.” This is a federal program from the Office of Community Policing in the DOJ, Department of Justice in DC.

    Now they want State policing through contact tracing. Social workers come to your home, force you to test, check your contacts and they have the right to remove you from your home. This is done in the name of fighting the virus. Just like COP is brought to fight crime. Once both systems are in place all dissenters can be removed for re-education or worse. CA plans to hire hundreds, thousands at $60,000 a year. They are transferring local city police funds to state and federal policing, the new policing model. Next Door is Community Watch. “The state is watching you”. Mario can you write about this to your audience? The left no longer believed in “retributive justice,” Crime and punishment because they don’t believe in truth or good and bad. They believe in “restorative justice” or “distributive justice.” They believe in the Common Good, what the Central Committee or elites say is good for the world.

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