The virus and the mass protests have shutdown American culture. The drastic changes have shocked many into stunned disbelief. This was not supposed to happen. We are being told that the America we once knew is gone forever.

For a moment there, we were teased into thinking things would return back to normal. Then riots, looting, and anarchy took over our streets. And the spike in the virus gave Democrat Governors the excuse they yearned for, so that they might abuse power. This made the changes even more cruel.

Millions of Christians in all walks of life are trying to cope with changes they never even imagined. They, too, feel that something wonderful is gone for good. Satan wants us to give way to despair—he wants us to believe he has nailed shut the door to our dreams, visions and plans.

Do you know who understood that feeling perfectly? Paul the Apostle. When he heard the jail cell door slam behind him, the devil told Paul all the same things he is trying to tell American Christians now. The enemy told him his ministry was over. Paul was seeing epic miracles. Vibrant churches were being established, and then the door slammed in his face. This was beyond a shock, and made zero sense to the man who had seen the heavenly vision. That very same feeling of shock is eating away at many believers right now.


Now comes my first major lesson for you in this letter: Quit wasting time staring at the door that has closed. God is opening a better one. God is not done with you—or with America.

Paul got over the shock. He stopped staring at the closed door. Rather, he looked for the open door, and he found it. I thank God every day that Paul began to write letters. Letters that have blessed and encouraged you and me countless times. Letters that would touch billions of people for thousands of years. How could he have ever imagined the secret advantage of being imprisoned?

And you and I can’t imagine the door God is opening to us right now. Here is how Paul described the miracle of his new open door: “I want to report to you, friends, that my imprisonment here has had the opposite of its intended effect. Instead of being squelched, the Message has actually prospered. All the soldiers here, and everyone else, too, found out that I’m in jail because of this Messiah. That piqued their curiosity, and now they’ve learned all about Him. Not only that, but most of the followers of Jesus here have become far more sure of themselves in the faith than ever, speaking out fearlessly about God, and about the Messiah” (Philippians 1:14-15).

Look at that phrase: “the opposite of its intended effect.” God is forever taking Satan’s tactics and throwing them back in his face. Call it a backfire or a boomerang, no matter what you call it, the impact is a glorious breakthrough in impossible situations.

You need to be seeking and preparing for that new door. It will come out of nowhere. It will irradiate you with hope and creativity.

Let me tell you my story in this pandemic and chaos. Like you, I had to deal with the sudden and shocking change brought about by the coronavirus quarantine and the ensuing anarchy. There are many who are going through things far worse than I am. But what I went through was still pretty bad.

I felt as if I had lost everything. The coronavirus scare closed down our tent crusades. For me and for our team it was a devastating loss. I am not exaggerating: I truly collapsed before God from sheer sorrow.

Then I slowly began to feel the Lord stirring something new in me—the very thing I want this letter to do for you.  Many of you who are reading this are faithful partners of our ministry, and have been for years. I was bewildered and almost embarrassed to write you about what Mario Murillo Ministries was doing during this down time.

What makes my next statement so amazing, is the fact that what I was told to do next is the very same thing that many others were told to do. The Holy Spirit said, “Write what I tell you to write and record only the videos I tell you to record.”

Next, we took the energy and resources reserved for the tent and applied it to God-given tactics on the internet. Anyone can make a video and anyone can write a blog. That is not what happened. What happened was a divine revelation of what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and whom to say it to.

For me it was a crash course in social media and internet technology. So, we dismantled much of our structure and walked through the new open door. Then, slowly at first, something began to unfold. A new audience and a new impact arrived for Mario Murillo Ministries.

Listen carefully, going on the internet does not explain what we did. Making videos does not explain what is happening here among us. What does explain it is this: in the last 30 days one million people have responded online to the things God told us to do. That is far more than we could have ever reached in our tent crusades.

Take our transformed blog for example. By recalibrating it according the changes the Holy Spirit ordered, something astounding happened. We know that at least 2,000 Christian leaders a day read the blog. But the real story is not that they read the blog, but that they download it, study it and then use the ammunition in their preaching.  We had nowhere near that impact before the pandemic.

Then the Lord gave me video messages in a distinct format. Just 2 of them have over 150,000 views each.

Every Sunday night on Facebook live, tens of thousands join Robbie Dawkins and me for the strangest mega church in America. It’s simply called Sunday Night Church. We have a conversation that the church desperately needs. We have an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that is releasing divine healing in all directions. Each Sunday Night we touch more people with the power of Jesus than we could in a year of tent crusades. Think of that.

Oh, and yes, our tent crusades are coming back. Only this time they will be broadcast from the tent in such a way that millions will not only see undeniable miracles—they will be healed right in their homes. Hallelujah!

That is how the devil’s attacks on Mario Murillo Ministries has backfired. Now it is your turn to see a door blast open. Now is not the time to fear, regret or mourn the loss of the old days. It is time for you to stop staring at the door that has closed and instead find the door that God has blasted open.





P.S. A Special message to all of our friends from Mario Murillo Ministries

Why do we offer you books? It is certainly not to blunt the impact of the message you just read. In fact, these books reinforce the message we are trying to spread. More on that in a moment.  So, why do we offer them to you?
When the pandemic closed our tent crusades, church meetings and rallies, the Holy Spirit commanded Mario to keep our staff on at full salary, and trust Him. He obeyed and God has provided. But another thing the Holy Spirit grants are wise ideas. And we needed one. That is when the War Chest Collection was born.
If you look at the page you will see no advertising. And there never will be. And if you get our newsletter you will see that we have stopped raising money for projects we can’t do right now. But even that was not good enough for us.
In this pandemic we needed something that was truly a win-win situation. We prayed for something that would help the people, and us, that was not a garish fund raiser.
Then, we remembered how John Wesley taught his young preachers to always bring books with them that would help the people. Why not then, at a time when people have time to read, offer them something that will empower them and at the same time keep us strong and ready to go as soon as the door reopens?  
We are amazed at the impact of Vessels of Fire and Glory. That book is not just blessing people—it has started a movement! Critical Mass remains required reading in many Christian schools and has never stopped influencing people who pray for revival. Edgewise offers wisdom for living in the last days. Together they provide you with solid, hard-hitting and encouraging truth. Not a bad thing just now.
The War Chest Collection has handed the enemy a double defeat by empowering God’s people and keeping us strong and ready.
Thank you for listening and get your War Chest Collection today. Turn your summer read into equipping, encouragement, and fire! We are all going to come out of this mightier than ever!   -Mario Murillo Ministries

The War Chest Collection. This is now the bestselling compilation in our entire history! You get a signed copy of Mario’s newest book Vessels of Fire and Glory, plus the acclaimed classic on revival Critical Mass, and Mario’s book about living in the last days Edgewise. A $40 value for $27. Not only that, but all proceeds go to the Living Proof Tent Crusades. Order right now for free shipping.   ttps://




  1. Hallelujah!! That’s awesome. SO thrilled to hear all this Mario. Thank you for being so obedient and flexible. God is SO magnificent and beyond description brilliant. Praise His Holy Name. We lag behind you here in UK but you are an exemplar for us. I love USA and am joining The Fire Wall prayer plan. God bless America.

    1. The Lord has and is judging the mainstream church for being prayer less, and silent.

      My friends, God is pushing people into homes! The revival is going to be in the home church!

  2. “UNDENIABLE. MIRACLES”. I like that. When the gospel is preached miracles happen today. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Jesus said, “O fools and slow of heart to believe ALL that the prophets have spoken”Luke 24:25.The supernatural signs and wonders have not ceased. God is still confirming His word with signs following. Heb. 2:4.

    1. You are right on.. the word sent directly from the Holy Spirit!!! Will be ordering the books this weekend! God bless!

  3. I thank God for you!!!! Keep it coming. I will join you on Facebook. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 4:42 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “The virus and the mass protests have > shutdown American culture. The drastic changes have shocked many into > stunned disbelief. This was not supposed to happen. We are being told that > the America we once knew is gone forever. For a moment there, we were ” >

  4. Thanks Mario. I do believe that our God is an Awesome God. I can hear in the Spirit, WILL THE REAL CHURCH, SONS OF GOD, DAUGHTERS OF GOD, MEN OF GOD STAND UP. All the fake sit down. All the man made ministries sit down. All the churches with nothing but fluff and stuff sit down. In the Scriptural reference below, Jesus was and is MANIFESTED TO DESTROY. Destroy has the thought of to undo the scheme of Satan, to unravel his plans. Just as it happened to the army of Pharaoh when our great God took the wheels off of their chariots. Our God is doing it again. Amen Mario. Wilson Hembree
    1 John 3:8 (KJV)
    He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.
    Manifested> make actual and visible, realised.
    Destroy> undo, dissolve, anything bound.

    1. I received several as well. Wasn’t sure what was happening.

      This must be an extremely important message!!!!!!

  5. YES! our god is very able to turn what the adversary does into a blessing.

    We have to be flexible. We have to adapt. We need to repent of being comfortable and seek being out of our comfort zone. We need to take risks, do things that are strange to us. All that keeps the adversary from trapping us.

    We need to build personal support groups made of family and like minded believers. A community to replace what going to church was to us. We got too comfortable with going to church. Now we are being forced to adapt.

    In the end the result will be a spiritual revolution through the world. And a spiritual renaissance within us and the body of the messiah.

  6. I read your message every day. What an inspiration and comfort you bring. God bless you. I send your message around to my list of friends.

    God continue to bless this nation while we repent. Be aware, faithful, and strong.

  7. Our obstacles are our opportunities

    I received healing of my right shoulder (which also affected my neck and back) while listening to the prayer at the end the Sunday night church.

    Thank you for doing that ! K

  8. YES!!! First thing I thought of today was ‘what are we doing today Lord’. And this email is confirmation that He WILL get things done through those who are willing. Thank you for being obedient to our Father Mario. And for really ‘seeing’. Praise God!!!!! Blessings all through your day! Karen


  9. I would like to see the videos and take part in your online church but I am no longer on facebook.

  10. Satan has been trying to kill the message for 2,000-plus years. He hasn’t succeeded, he will not succeed, and adversity only makes it stronger. Satan makes plans, God laughs.

  11. Thank you for this encouraging message! Happy tears for what God is doing in your ministry and you, in turn are doing for the Body of Christ!

  12. Yes, I am one of those who have taken your comments and turned them into messages for preaching from the pulpit. This morning I just completed preaching what I entitled “Separating the Precious from the Worthless” from Jer. 15:19 to the Longmont Christian Men’s Fellowship. Last week I preached this “Wake Up” message in my Church. God is opening up doors and the word is going forth.
    God bless you for your obedience! You prayed for us many years ago when we started the ministry from Boulder, CO.
    Love in Jesus,
    Rev. Jo Ann (Dehon) Atherton
    Sunrise Ministries International

  13. Thanks so much for these encouraging word during this difficult time most have not experienced in their lifetime. I just ordered your books, look forward to reading them. Posted your discussion with Lance Wallnau on my church Facebook page. Excellent, I am committed to pray for you and you mother here in Santa Rosa.

  14. Saturday Night Church – had not heard of it. Thanks for all you do. Will be excited to join you for Saturday Night Church. LORD bless.

      1. The Lord called me out over twenty two years ago. Thought I was alone with the new. Needed to hear I was not alone in what I have been hearing.
        She’s a mess alright but no one can tell her that. She sleeps in a Luke warm vapor. It’s time now. The Lord is gathering His. The ones who have wanted nothing else but soul change and growth and His presence. He unlocked that corral gate for us. It had a Roman lock on it.

  15. God is always an on time God , his timing is definitely PERFECT , God gave me 7 words to bring me back to him when I was 33 yrs. old , I am now 72 and loving him , serving him even more, Amen. I love this Mighty Man Of God Mario and so blessed to be strengthened by his spirit to my spirit from Christ Spirit, Amen! These seven words ( my brother Mario I pray God gives you a message of these words… “You Are Wasting More Than Just Time “ these words were on a billboard in Florida and when I read this, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me and I surrendered and gave my heart back to God, and a day later they finished the billboard and it was a advertisement for selling homes at a special interest bank, but God used it for me to come back to him with his 7 words, Glory to God !

  16. Hallelujah! How encouraging. I am a 73 year old young woman that discovered your Sunday night videos a few weeks back. I had been having tremendous sciatica pain for the past year. You and Robby started proclaiming healing going out and I decided I was going to claim it for me. No pain in over 2 weeks. Praise the Lord!!! I look forward to reading your blogs each morning. Your inspired words feed my spirit. May God Bless you and your ministry.

  17. This is a confirmation of what I just read in Isa 22:20-24 God appointed a man and he will open doors and no one will be able to shut them and close doors and no one will be able to open them.

  18. Oh my goodness, Mario, this is FABULOUS!!! The Lord has prompted me to fast and pray for 3 days. That is not impressive to many but those who know me know that it is new and wonderful. The power of God has been all over me. This morning I was walking and praying in an open yard. Only completely blue beautiful skies overhead. And I felt rain gently falling all over me. To confirm that I wasn’t missing a logical explanation. later on when I was in my garage it happened again!!! The Holy Spirit is RAINING down. At the “worst of times” we are also in the very BEST OF TIMES ever!

    I am so glad to hear about your new broadcasts … I can hardly wait to be one of the millions participating in them!
    Blessings to you and yours ♥
    Sinea from Rochester NY where the Finney Revival is starting up where it left off EXCEPT bigger, better and never-ending. Amen!

  19. Thank you for this message. After reading it, I thought of Revelation 3:8 which says, “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.”
    We cannot continually be looking into the rear view mirror. It is important to look straight ahead keeping our eyes upon the Lord Jesus. He is the author and finisher of our faith.

  20. Thank you so much for posting this message! I desperately needed to hear this! Thank you Lord Jesus for you and your ministry!!

  21. I’m one of those new to your ministry. I have no idea what you were doing before and so I can’t depend on that as a reason to follow you. I read your blogs and knew in my spirit that you were speaking God’s truth. I have a small group of ladies who meet at my home for Intercessory prayer and we are now reading Vessels of Fire and Glory together. You have stepped into a breach made perfect for your ministry. I’m so glad the Lord led me to you and that I’ve been able to share your writing with others. Blessings on you, Mario. God cover you and protect you in His mighty way. Denise Cressman

  22. I didn’t know about the Sunday Night Church either. I’ll be joining as often as possible. IMO, one of the biggest mistakes we made was doing away with Sunday Night Services in the church. I can see that we need to let God do different things with the Church now, but it still bothers me a lot to be bowing the state’s wishes, especially when we know how much we’ve been manipulated and lied to. They play with the numbers and pretend they are following the science, but they are not. They are following the politics. They had to make the economy worse again before the election, so what better way than allow protests to continue and slam the rest of the economy closed again. These poor restaurants around here were barely managing to get by. If any of them make it now, with being shut down again, it will be a miracle for sure. And the churches were bending over backwards to implement safety measures, only to be slammed shut again. This hurts the outreaches to the community, hurts the very people who need it the most. It’s heartbreaking, but the Enemy will not break the Church, because of faithful soldiers such as Pastor Mario and others. Blessings to all.

  23. Maurice Sklar saw visions of a coordinated plan to take down America.
    July 14, 2020 1:53 PM

    On July 1, 2020, professional violinist Maurice Sklar saw visions of America’s future. He saw, in the next five months, up to the 2020 presidential election, there is a coordinated planned, very deliberate step by step takeover of the United States and an all-out attempt to overthrow the government and stop America as we know it. This unrest has just begun.

    Maurice saw a return or resurgence of the virus with ambulances and hospitals being filled. He saw the virus was part of a man-made coordinated attack. It will be an all-out effort to take America down before the next great awakening. It will shake America to the very core. He also saw foreign troops inside the United States.

    These things are already set in motion and have been planned for a long time. If God does not put up a standard, we will see catastrophic sudden change in America. Maurice saw foreign troops, including the blue helmets of the United Nations, but also foreign militias. He warns, “If we don’t have a miracle, a civil war could break out and this could happen before the election. We must pray for this standard to be raised up.”

    Earlier this year, soon after the COVID quarantines started, Maurice heard the Lord say, “America shall humble themselves before Me and then she will experience the third great awakening.”

  24. Amen..Mario & MMM. I Thank God for your Birthed Calling, Gifting, Anointing, and Appointing for Such a Time As This..Your Delivery of Holy Spirit Revelation and Rhema is always Point On….You and I know the Critical Times at hand..This world, (Our Nation, Israel), (Two Witnesses, Two Olive Trees, Two Lampstands) This Nations Foundational Fabric, Vision, Constitutional Rights, The Morals and Values that have made up the Compass to follow are now under Sabotage and Destruction. The Deepstate is Hell Bent on Removing God from his Creation, Dismantling the Foundation of this Nation “One Nation Under God”, Removing Our Protection and Rights by Attacking and Discrediting Our “Constitution of The United States, They have Attacked, Conspired, Sabotaged, Colluded against a God Appointed-Anointed King, Our Commander In Chief who was brought in from the Outside to Clean House..You cannot touch God’s Anointed, those that do shall pay the price..It is only by the Authority, Power, Grace of God that Trump is Breathing and Walking and carrying out his Kingdom Orders over Our Nation…All this to Pave the Way for One World Order..This Plannedemic is just the Tip of the Iceberg to Paralyze the world and take FEAR to a level never before imagined..WE ARE AT WAR, AND HAVE BEEN SINCE DAY ONE..THIS TIME IT IS OPEN WARFARE, THE GLOVES AND BEHIND DOOR TACTICS ARE NOW OUT IN THE OPEN…THE SLEEPING GIANT CHURCH THAT GOD REVEALED TO ME AROUND 2016 NEEDS TO HAVE THE BLINDERS REMOVED, RESUSCITATED, AND SET ENGULFED WITH FRESH FIRE…I SEE GOD RAISING UP AN ELITE ARMY OF A NEW KIND OF APOSTLES, PROPHETS, TEACHERS, PASTORS, ENVANGELIST (FIVE-FOLD MINISTRY AND STRUCTURE FOR THE CHURCH. EPH. 4:11, 1 CORINTHIANS 12:28) THAT WILL COME TOGETHER LIKE NEVER BEFORE. THEY WILL BE ACTIVATED IN THE SPIRIT OF UNITY TO ACTIVATE THE CHURCH AND THE MASSES..GOD IS USING THIS INTENTIONAL MANMADE VIRUS-BACTERIA (GERM WARFARE) TO SET THE STAGE FOR A GREAT SPIRITUAL CIVIL AWAKENING AND BATTLE..WE ARE TO ADAPT AND OVERCOME JUST THE WAY PAUL DID IN THIS LETTER..I HAVE A PERSONAL TESTIMONY I WOULD LOVE TO SHARE ABOUT WHAT I’M REFERENCING HERE IF YOU WOULD WANT TO HEAR IT CALL ME…LOVE TO SHARE MORE, NOT ANYTHING KNEW FOR YOU…STAY PRESSED IN, RESTED, ON FIRE, WATCHMAN AT THE GATE..BLESSINGS..
    Star of David CHURCH-LOS BANOS

  25. Time for War. Calling all Brethren on Deck..2 Chronicles 7:14..get yourselves Right before the Lord and Ready For Battle. Stay Focused to God’s Leading, Everyone has a Part…Not to Fear, But Prepare..amen..

  26. Thank you, Mario. We have been praying for you and read and share your blogs every day. Lots of people no longer want to be on facebook. Is there some other way we could participate in Sunday Night church? Please?

  27. Thank you for this uplifting word, “Now is not the time to fear, regret or mourn the loss of the old days. It is time for you to stop staring at the door that has closed and instead find the door that God has blasted open.” Yes Lord!

  28. Thanks again Mario! But, Uhhh… I seem to have missed the Facebook Live. Details?


    On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 1:41 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “The virus and the mass protests have > shutdown American culture. The drastic changes have shocked many into > stunned disbelief. This was not supposed to happen. We are being told that > the America we once knew is gone forever. For a moment there, we were ” >

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