What do you call it, when States want 8-year-olds to have the option to postpone puberty by providing them with pills? When the cities with the most murder, want the least police? When a protester argues in court that he has a First Amendment right to throw a fire bomb? When every major university is a ‘hate America’ factory. When every last one of the major news outlets black out opposing views? When the Democrat candidate for President wants radical abortion, radical socialism, and is an empty vessel whose campaign consists of saying that we should vote for him, because he is not Trump…

What do you call it when the American Church is largely unfazed by these alarming facts? When its leaders can’t even call for national prayer and repentance? When high profile pastors are on the wrong side of these issues. What’s worse, they can’t even take a stand, either to leave their church doors open or to sing worship songs.


Sorry, but the virtual church will never match a live and in-person church service. The most powerful videos are always the ones taken from a live service with fiery preaching and documented signs and wonders.

I know that I will get blasted for what I am about to say, but I can’t hold back the fire in my bones. Listen to how Andy Stanley justified his decision to keep his church closed until January 1, 2021:

“One of the things that I love about our churches is that we attract all kinds of people with all kinds of opinions and persuasions,” he said. “So, for some of you, this makes perfect sense and you may even be relieved. For others of you, this seems like an unnecessary precaution, perhaps a lack of faith on my part. You might even interpret this decision through a political filter. And honestly, I get all of that.”

Well, no, he doesn’t get it at all.

I am certain that his announcement plays well to the ‘woke’ crowd, but it is not consistent with the facts. First of all, people are dying because the churches are closed. And a wrecked economy is killing more people than the virus, by far. Lives depend on economic activity. When you stop that, you kill people. Suicide has reached record levels. So has addiction, despair and rage. Closed churches allow the devil free rein. The mental health epidemic of loneliness is the greatest in our history. The welcoming open door of a church is more of an essential lifeline now, than ever.

I am all for taking every precaution to prevent infections, but I will never agree to Democrat governors and mayors demanding that churches remain closed, while allowing thousands to mingle in public protest. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a public gathering that is 100% risk-free, and there never will be. 

What if the conditions next year are the same as now? Will Stanley’s church remain closed permanently? The leftist media will do everything they can to give us that impression. Unless of course Biden wins, in which case, I guess the virus will just suddenly vanish.

Furthermore, many of the so-called ‘spikes’ are the result of dubious tests. At some test sites in Florida, 100% of those tested came back positive for the virus. Give me a break! Real Christians can recognize demonic deception. Real believers understand when a lie is killing their freedom.

The half cures, the compromises and head-scratching conclusions reached by Pastor Stanley remind me of someone else: Beto O’Rourke.

I was once advised never to attack someone who has not first attacked me, but the sentiment of Stanley and other ‘woke’ pastors is a direct attack on you and me. By preaching around the issues and avoiding the repentance that God requires, they leave the sheep unprotected. By denying the real danger that is greater than the danger from the virus, they attempt to dilute the urgency of the Holy Spirit.

And isn’t it odd how the same churches that don’t mind being closed, are the same ones that won’t endorse Trump or oppose the impending disaster of a Joe Biden presidency?

Not only is the lifesaving repentance ignored—it is dismissed and even ridiculed by some of these leaders. By postponing the national repentance that is so desperately needed, they are helping sign America’s death warrant.

So, what will happen if the American Church continues to refuse to repent? That is a horror I do not even want to describe to you.

Isaiah wrote about a similar crisis that parallels what is happening in our streets: “Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood; their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths. The way of peace they have not known, and there is no justice in their ways…” (Isaiah 59:7-8)

The current looting, fires and destruction are not the product of a civil rights movement. There is zero justice coming out of their rampage.

The Bible then describes how bad things became because of the God-haters: “Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. So, truth fails, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey” (Isaiah 59:14-15a).

Beloved, this is what we are seeing today! Antifa, social-media-cancel-culture, and the oppression of believers who dare to speak out are clearly shown in these verses. The righteous even make themselves a prey in the ‘modern’ church!

So how did God react? Isaiah 59:15b-16a tells us, “…Then the Lord saw it, and it displeased Him that there was no justice. He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor.”

The Lord was stunned that no one rose up to speak truth! God is as shocked today as He was then. Shocked that the very leaders He raised up to call America back to Himself, refuse to do it!

But, Mario, is there hope? The greatest hope is that you will see what God is about to do! “Therefore, His own arm brought salvation for Him; and His own righteousness sustained Him. For He put on righteousness as a breastplate, and a helmet of salvation upon His head; He put on the garments of vengeance for clothing, and was clad with zeal as a cloak. According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay, fury to His adversaries, recompense to His enemies; the coastlands He will fully repay. So, shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun; when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him” (Isaiah 59:16b-19).

God is not waiting for the ‘woke’ pastors to wake up! He has decided that when it comes to America, He will take matters into His own hands—He is looking at you, you who are His body on earth. He is rising up within a remnant. Special power, special words, special miracles and special courage. We need to become the prayer of repentance, the voice of repentance, and the force of God against the flood of evil before it is too late!




P.S. A Special message to all of our friends from Mario Murillo Ministries

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  1. It’s a funny thing about Mario, he does not claim to be a prophet, yet Christ the prophet in Mario keeps roaring through Mario. Christ the mighty lion of the tribe of Judah is burning down the wood, hay, and stubble in the church with the bold rebukes coming out of Mario’s mouth. This is some serious stuff. Those who love the truth will not be offended. They will rejoice.

  2. (What if the church doesn’t repent?)

    The (final) end time will be ushered in, complete with The Beginning of Sorrows, a Great Persecution and then the Rapture.

    But, many will not repent, many will be left behind, many will have to die for their faith.

    But, there won’t be any end time resistance or end time areas of relief. No, the world has not seen satanically gifted intelligence services knowing stuff thought hidden.

    No hiding, no relief except in death…

    1. As John Bevere has said in that offense is breeding grounds for deception.

      As we speak 3 spirit have departed from the pits of hell: Corona virus; a spirit of fear; and a spirit of offense.

      These demons in years last tried to usher in this anti god, globalist moment in various plagues or viruses, but the earth didn’t take the bait. Even in America with Ebola and the swine flu, we didn’t take the bait.

      However, when Trump became president, he was the one who fertilizer and water on the unaddressed iniquity of people’s hearts. This is why the labels labeled to him are inside the enemies both foreign and domestic.
      The trials of God ALWAYS reveal what’s in the hearts of men, and both Trump and Covid showed the hearts of many, including the church.

      Before the lawless one can Coe to the scene, there needs to be one more push of fear, offense and greed. At that point, the cups of iniquity and transgressions will overflow in many. We are witnessing the great rebellion, the great apostasy before he comes to the scene as foretold in the scriptures.

      Around the US they are getting rid of change, which will lead to getting rid of the dollar. We will be cashless soon so they can track your movements. The currencies will be united soon too. The Pope is uniting the world religious leaders for a pact this fall. The United Nations has a website called the “United Nations New World Order” to unite the governments.

      The prophets has proclaimed that a Civil War is coming. It’s iminent, and so is a global persecution on the body of Christ. This is why it’s essential to leave the mainstream churches and meet in homes.

      Repent and intercede for the body of Christ and America.

      The Lords will be done!

  3. Mario read you message and agree. These are some of the same things I have been discussing with my son. It was almost as if you had heard our conversation yesterday. I have been trying to get this message out to people but it always ends up in the support center. I have not been able to do much because I have been going through some really heavy things here. My lower back is all out of wack. The heat level going on in my body has been quite high. My hope is in God Most High and am praying for revival in myself and in America. It’s been wild some of the things going on here. I might have a chance to see Vice President Pence and President Trump. Also may be able to choose a person to speak. I know who I would choose. I will just have to wait and see what God is going to do. I so want everyone in America to have a chance to repent. I heard a word years ago by a minister that everyone would be saved in America. May God bring that word to pass. May God break through hell’s gates and take back every person and thing the enemy has stolen and fulfill all that God has purposed and planned for this nation and the nations. I always seem to be going back to Ps.2 where there is an uproar and confusion of voices. People imagining and meditating upon and devising empty schemes. Let us break their bands or restraint asunder, and cast their cords of control from us. But God sits up in heaven and laughs at them. God is going to have the last laugh! How there is a need for people to be taught the Word of God as He declares it and not how we see it. The Holy Spirit and the Church has always been the conscience of this nation. Where is the Voice of the Lord being heard and declared? So many are lost and confused because the Word of God is not being preached in Truth and with Conviction. People are running here and there without understanding, without shepherds who care and under shepherds who are servants and following and leading to Jesus. May God have Mercy and help us all to rise to the call.

  4. THIS…”We need to become the prayer of repentance, the voice of repentance, and the force of God against the flood of evil before it is too late!” so true and so little teaching/preaching about “becoming” in the church. The difference is sitting in a chair hearing something that never gets applied and true discipleship that creates the context for becoming, because of true and consistent relationship with THE ONE WHO IS! Being created in His image is to become like Him. Be Him in the earth (1 John 4:17). When we quit pointing people to Jesus, instead creating our own followers, people quit becoming like Him and become like us. I believe it’s a subtle deception that happens without most pastors realizing it.

  5. Where is the leadershp that knows what to do after the praying? Has anyone ever heard of Presinct Work? If only praying worked, we would already be healed. Hand-to-hand combat comes next. Spiritual warfare is DESTROYING LIES. That takes action, confrontation, anointed by Holy Spirit boldness. NEW LEADERSHIP WILL BE FORTHCOMING. AMERICA WILL BE SAVED.

  6. I’m fine with the ‘seeker friendly’ churches being closed! They need to close permanently! We now have home group, as well as a ladies Bible study at my home, and it’s been awesome! Last week, one of the ladies repented, got delivered, baptized, and filled with the Holy Spirit! She is on fire and is praying for everyone now! Another lady will be baptized next week. COVID (which I believe is all hype to try to defeat Trump, which will not happen), has forced us to go to our homes for real church! We are seeing the gifts flow like never before and I’m sorry to say probably would not have seen in a church building. We are the church, and I believe God has called us out of the church building, to GO to others in our communities to make fearless, bold, dying to ourselves disciples who love Jesus!

  7. My Church is thinking about closing but we support Trump. We are a closely knit family so if they do, it is only for the betterment of the flock. That’s the only thing I disagree with you about is that all the Churches that want to close are ones that oppose Trump. Also, I like your warrior spirit, but truthfully, each of us are on our own walks. Pertaining to the repentance part, I do believe that repentance needs to be preached, but I was reminded by Pastor Kynan Bridges that we need to cut people some slack during this time due to the fact that this has not before:

    God bless and keep up the good fight of faith!

  8. Please join me in prayer for our Church though because my Grandpa has a tendency to worry a lot and seems to do things without first seeking the Father, which is one thing in spite of all that I’ve said in the first comment that I still disagree with, but I have no room to talk. I’m just as bad. So please pray for all of us that we learn to surrender!

  9. On Sat, Jul 18, 2020, 3:18 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “AND WHAT IF THE AMERICAN CHURCH DOES NOT > REPENT? What do you call it, when States want 8-year-olds to have the > option to postpone puberty by providing them with pills? When the cities > with the most murder, want the least police? When a protester argues” >

  10. Thank you once again for speaking the truth. We who have our eyes open to the nonsense preached from a lot of the pulpits in America are standing and praying with you. They have to be called out, by name if necessary. The future of the country is at stake.

  11. Dear Mario,

    Philippians 1:6 being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ; …this being said I believe God is separating the wheat from the chaff, that He is separating the sheep from the goats and that those who do repent truly and want to KNOW Him as they are known by Him and to LOVE Him as they are Loved by Him will come forth to the top.

    They will be marked intimacy with The Father, they will behold Jesus as He is and be changed by His Presence. This will be born out by their character to walk in Grace and Love with their fellow man, and the spirit of the Fear of the Lord, as well as by true signs and wonders following as they will be in FAITH and see things as God does, and engage the world around them as He does.

    They will be the burning ones who preach, teach and proclaim, the WORD OF THE LORD, with extreme conviction, and with POWER. They will be carriers of The Presence of The Lord, and wherever they go great conviction will settle on the people and the hearts of men will be rent as conviction of sin and righteousness overcomes their hearts and minds.

    They will be those that have the FULLNESS of the Glory of God in them and upon them and around them. They will be those that love without reservation or prejudice. They will be those that exude and manifest the character of the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ through their own personality and lifestyle.

    They will seek to walk and to engage the Purity of God’s Heart in all things and will walk HOLY as God is Holy, and will embrace the process of being perfected in Christ Jesus and will walk Perfect as God is Perfect by the Blood of Jesus and through submitting to the Spirit of God.

    Their greatest passion will be to engage and embrace the Presence and Glory of God in all things and to proliferate the Kingdom of God in the earth and bring as many people to Jesus as they can. This world will be very boring to them and they will not rejoice in the ways of man but will be overjoyed with and walking in the Ways of God.

    They will be marked decisively by God’s Presence, and by being consumed by His LOVE and His PRESENCE, they will also be marked by their love for mankind, for people even as God Loves mankind and people. They will MOVE and LIVE, and HAVE THEIR BEING, in God Himself.

    The call to repentance can be summed up in these things, RETURN to your first Love, lay down every distraction and every identity of self, and allow God Himself to be your identity and your FIRST LOVE, that which is most important to you.

    Allow God to restructure your priorities, and cast off every priority that competes with your affections for God, and His affections for you. Invest your time, your focus, and energy on Him who is the Author and Finisher of your faith, He is who is the true lover of your soul. Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God.

    As this happens, sin will fall off, iniquity will be burned out, transgressions of the law of God will cease. Healing, Restoration, Deliverance will take place, and every familiar spirit will be judged and brought to ruin and cast out, and a new Baptism of Love, of Fire, and of Power will take place in the hearts of those that heed the call and repent, those that come back from the far country and remain in the secret place of The Most High.

    1. Beautiful representation of Gods direction for us during these turbulent last days. Many Christians are feeling scattered and untethered as their churches have closed. You remind us to ignore theses distractions of man and bind ourselves even tighter to our true love God. 🙌🙏❤️

  12. So true. I have felt for years the lack of the Spirit in my church. I have been dumbfounded by the body of Christ time and again not rising up, not speaking up against the homosexual agenda, human traficking and so many more. My own church’s refusal to go out to the poor, lonely, and those cast aside because of disability. I miss church, where the gospel is taught, where repentance is demanded, where forgiveness is experienced. I miss church where everyone is included and loved, where children are taught the gospel, where the elderly are looked to for their wisdom. I miss the Holy Spirit in our church. I miss the feeling that comes when you know the Holy Spirit is present.
    I miss belonging to a congregation that teaches the actual word.of God, and does not try to justify going against that word.
    Thank you, Mario, for speaking the truth. May God bless and keep you. May His light shine upon you.
    May God wake up the church. May God put the Word in our hearts so we may be obedient to Him.

  13. amen and AMEN. God will not be mocked, what we sow we will reap. Oh that Americans would repent and cry out to our LORD. 2 Chronicles 7:14 my daily prayer. LORD bless. Keep sounding the alarm, I know I am.

  14. It’s because Andy Stanley doesn’t preach the need for repentance. He is making a ton of money and doesn’t care that he is leading the people to follow him to hell. Because he has been deceived.

    I have never met him. I have never been in one of his services. From the statement he made that you quoted, I knew that he doesn’t have a right relationship with God.

    To have a church meeting full of people of every persuasion all of the time, tells me there is no repentance. And Holy Spirit is not welcome there.

    I think you understand what and why I am saying this.

    He and they will never change until the Lord’s Ekklesia binds up the strong man over that church and then looses the Spirit of Righteousness over that church.

    Brother Mario, you need to divorce yourself from the church mentality and embrace the way of The Lord’s Ekklesia.

    Ekklesia doesn’t mean church. It means government.

    You need to check this out. And see for yourself. Because you are a stubborn man.

    Go to

    On Sat, Jul 18, 2020, 01:22 Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “AND WHAT IF THE AMERICAN CHURCH DOES NOT > REPENT? What do you call it, when States want 8-year-olds to have the > option to postpone puberty by providing them with pills? When the cities > with the most murder, want the least police? When a protester argues” >

  15. Mario, Thanks for being a bold preacher…keep up the good work.  Shake the foundations!  I was born & raised Catholic and practice my faith fervently.  Sadly, the Catholic church suffers in the same way all other churches are suffering…a lack of bold preachers.  There are a few brave men, such as Archbishop Vigano.  You might enjoy reading his letter to President Trump where many Catholics feel he hit a home run!  Archbishop Vigano’s letter to Donald Trump

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Archbishop Vigano’s letter to Donald Trump

    Archbishop Vigano sent a letter to President Trump warning of the ‘Deep State’ both within government as well th… |



    But that’s not why I’m emailing you.  I wanted to share some thoughts on Covid.19, which we know was a PlanneDemic.  I believe the goal of the PlanDemic was to usher in the NWO, one world currency and of utmost importance, to get us all vaccinated!  Their plan has failed or at least it seems to be failing.  Too many people are refusing a vaccination for starters.  So I believe they will attempt this again, with a new, more lethal release of Covid, whether Trump is in office (and you know I pray for his re-election) or Biden, who is merely the Deep States’s puppet along with Pelosi.  So, IMHO, I don’t think Covid will go away after the election, regardless of who wins.   We know that our loving and righteous Father has a plan which is ultimately for the maximum number of souls to make it to Heaven.  Please continue to keep up the good fight.  You are a good and faithful servant! God bless you,-joanne

  16. I used to watch Andy Stanley fairly regularly. It was definitely not my kind of service. I won’t know how much my church is awake to what is going on and aware that it is the Church that has to save this country, until we are “allowed” by this tyrannical governor to go back to church. Not unless they start saying something online. I’m torn, because they do have such a heart for the community and great outreaches, but for the past couple of years, I have felt that the call to repent and cleanse our lives, plus the importance of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, has diminished. They do sometimes mention praying for President Trump though. I believe God is disrupting the plans that were made by men, not out of chastisement, necessarily, but out of Fatherly Love. He is showing us all Who is Boss. Also-This nation is almost unrecognizable. While churches are slammed shut and threatened with fines if they dare to meet and praise God through song, 50 plus nights in a row, violence has raged across the streets of Portland and the leadership blames law enforcement and tells the President to stay out. Pastor Mario, will America survive another year if we continue like we are right now? We need to be ready for anything, no matter which way the election goes. If Trump is reelected, should he get tougher before the end of the year? What about a nationwide ban on protesting, until the virus is completely under control? A nationwide curfew, no exceptions? If Biden wins, as far as I can see, it means God no longer has favor on America and we may as well get ready for the worst. Church-wake up!!

  17. Back in the 1980s it was predicted that there would be a time when nothing men could do would make a difference. That no leader, politically or in the church, would be able to make a difference. That time is NOW! The left has so polluted our culture that nothing done by men can fix it.

    Our churches have become places of comfort rather than leaders of risk and change. We have become risk aversive. Thus what the adversary is doing scares us into doing nothing.

    Thus I do not expect change or revival or spiritual revolution to come from our organized religion. Rather it will come outside the church. It will be led by our god, not be men.

  18. We should go to and read about what is planned in DC on September 26th, we hope! In the meanwhile I’m repenting now and will live a repentant life, as Mario has taught, until Jesus comes. It’s an individual thing. And many of us by now have gone into our ‘ secret prayer chamber’ and done some serious business with God.



  19. Pastor Mario,

    I got this one from Dr. Lopez today, punching back against the SBC cowards, and the ELRC that is intent on pushing the SBC to comply with authoritarianism. I thought of you and wanted to share this.

    Dr. Robert Lopez: “If Christians don’t believe God’s promise, then they shrink quickly before a threatening force such as an authoritarian secular government. The end result is, again, fear.”


    Why are so many Christians so powerless?

    They are cowards that do not believe in the power of God and His promises – and instead choose to FEAR Caesar and bow to him!

  20. Thank you!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Keep it coming.

    On Sat, Jul 18, 2020 at 3:14 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “AND WHAT IF THE AMERICAN CHURCH DOES NOT > REPENT? What do you call it, when States want 8-year-olds to have the > option to postpone puberty by providing them with pills? When the cities > with the most murder, want the least police? When a protester argues” >

  21. Mario, this post confirmed to us to ACT on our FAITH knowing the need for the Body of Christ to have a plan to join in corporate prayer daily. We decided to use a plan that was successful during World War II in England. One of Churchill’s advisors developed a ONE MINUTE PRAYER PLAN where people dropped what they were doing and focused on God. We feel this pattern would be beneficial as a model for the Body of Christ in interceding for 🇺🇸 America today. We’ve prepared an invitation and we pray that you and your readers will join us in interceding for our beloved 🇺🇸 nation!


    2GMAS4GOD are inviting YOU to pray ONE MINUTE each day with us for our 🇺🇸 nation.

    Please set your alarm and join with us in our ONE MINUTE prayer EACH DAY at 12:00 p.m.

    We are following a pattern organized by Winston Churchill’s advisor in World War II. People dropped what they were doing every day to collectively pray for the safety of their nation, it’s people and peace.

    We strongly feel this unified ONE MINUTE prayer will help heal our beloved 🇺🇸America.

    We hope YOU will join us in this ONE MINUTE prayer desiring to see our 🇺🇸 nation flourish once again.

    EVERY DAY at 12:00 p.m.please stop what you’re doing and spend ONE MINUTE praying for 🇺🇸 America to truly be ONE NATION UNDER GOD once again! (Feel free to pray longer.)

    II Chronicles 7:14:
    If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.


  22. As always Mario you say it so well. My spirit cried as I read this, when I think of all who believe such lies and refuse to search out the truth. I want to stand for my Jesus and tell others about him and his saving grace. Thank you Mario for being there and encouraging me to stand and pray and call out to God for our nation.

  23. Thank you Mario! God has been pressing in on this message in my heart as well. One thing that Holy Spirit reminded me this past week was even if Biden wins and this virus disappears they will NOT give us back our freedom to publicly worship. To think that they (the liberal left) will give back our churches is foolishness. What motives would they have to give anything back that has been stolen by the enemy. “The spoils of war”. Biden has said in the past and again recently – that he will make sure that the amendments of the bill of rights will be RE-written. Specifically going after the 2nd – gun, the 6th – religious freedom, and the 13th – regarding slavery. Nothing is sacred. Even with the safe guards of the constitution if there are democratic majorities in both houses, Those safe guards are diminished. There is to much to lose by staying silent. Every position, every ballot bears the weight of our personal responsibility to pray, to speak out for truth and justice and vote.

  24. AWESOME!!!!
    Arise Church Arise and conquer in this moment and I know
    we will in His power, love and sound mind—Blessings!

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