One thought on “along side

  1. I was JUST contemplating this walking through the airport WONDERING who is going to lead us and the Holy Spirit said just go. In a dream I was speaking to our community at an emergency meeting after all electronics stopped working including cars.
    I was transported to the high school and God told me to get up on the podium and tell people what was happening. I told them that Satan was in the room and I was face to face w him and told him I am not afraid of you. At that point fear was broken off of me. I was transported to the side of the road where high school students were stopped and filed out on A field and God told me to tell them what it was and times and they need to receive Jesus. God gave me the words to say.

    I then had a dream where I was being handed a white glowing envelope and it said your destiny is in this envelope.

    I then had a picture one day in prayer that the envelope was an invitation to come up to a high mountain to join others great in the faith to do some thing important for the Lord and I did not need further preparation he would prepare me up there.

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