Jemele Hill, who is being paid millions by ESPN, wrote on July 19th, “If you vote for Donald Trump, you are a racist. You have no wiggle room.” Jemele Hill is free to speak her mind. And I am free to speak my mind. Her remark is racist and she knows it. It confirms what I have said all along about the leaders of Black Lives Matter, Jemele Hill, and Kaepernick. They do not speak for black people or anyone else. They speak for themselves and a cadre of haters who would shake down anyone who is afraid of looking racist.

Her generalization about Trump voters is hatred—racial hatred. But in the small minds of those who make up this movement, it is a racism that is justified. In their minds, if racism is a cancer—then, though they are racist, they consider themselves to be a benign tumor. But like all racists—they are, in reality, malignant.

They actually believe they have a right to racism as a reparation for past injustice. They need to be honest, and just come out and admit, “Hey, we hate you, we want to bring down America, the Constitution, and Donald Trump. Our goal is to seize your property and take away your rights.”

A Black Lives Matter leader was asked about all of the other black lives who have been killed by various causes, such as black on black crime, and not just by the police. His pathetic answer was, “We are focused on police brutality.” So, you see, to BLM, only a very few black lives matter…


And, by the way, here is an interesting point to note: by Jemele’s logic, her own mother is a racist. On March 19, 2017 Jemele tweeted, “yes my mother voted for trump. she’s been voting republican since post bill clinton (sic).” Like all those with Trump Derangement Syndrome, she has abandoned all logic.

But the silence of ESPN is the real heart of the madness. Why are they silent? ESPN is paying Jemele Hill millions of dollars to produce a Colin Kaepernick documentary to air on ESPN. Yet they’ve been silent since she called all Donald Trump voters racist. There’s only one conclusion to draw. ESPN must agree with her.

In my last blog, I told you that America had already been taken over. That the revolution has defeated corporate America, and has forced them to act against their own better judgment. This is why ESPN is willing to blatantly offend all Trump supporters—raw fear.

Leftist bullies have free rein to say and do whatever they want in cities all across America. They are behaving like doped-up teenagers with a stolen credit card. Utter madness has descended on the nation. We must push back against it. But how?

1. Don’t be afraid to be accused of being a racist: This current form of racism draws its life from your fear of being called racist. Jemele and her ilk believe that if they can shame you as a racist for supporting Trump, you will change your vote. They don’t know you very well, do they?

But Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, and Chief Executive Robert Unanue of Goya Foods have shown all of us what we must do. They were threatened with boycotts for supporting Trump, but they have refused to back down. The result was just a momentary backlash that called the haters’ bluff. And the haters lost.

Pushing back when someone lies about you is more than decency. In this toxic moment it is heroism. You are a freedom fighter when you face down a lie and expose it. The biggest thing you’ve got going for you is the simple fact that you are not a racist, and you know it.

The worst thing you can do is sit back and allow millions of Americans to be falsely labelled as racists. It is a clear and immediate threat to freedom. Worst of all, it is coming from racists. We must all speak up!

2. Understand the loneliness of the warrior: The sick fact is that many Christians are terrified of being called racist and are doing everything they can—including abandoning the Bible—in order to appear woke. You must understand that being attacked by an angry foe and by traitors is a classic part of spiritual warfare.

When you take a stand for morality, you become a target. Isaiah 59:15 says, “Thus truth fails, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey.” You will be a target for true enemies and false Christians.

Paul the Apostle was constantly on the run from God-haters and false brethren. The sooner you understand that it is not new or strange for you to feel you are in a lonely battle, the better you will fight.

This battle we are in is not just anti-American, it is anti-Christian. Those who are AWOL in the church, cling to the falsehood that the virulent assault against Trump is not our fight. How wrong they are! Trump is being used of God as a firewall against impending destruction. Why have protestors broken into churches to attack worshipers? Because they are Marxists. Marxists have always hated the church and worked to destroy her.

In the past, a simple vote was just a vote. But today, it is vastly more. Today, your vote is an attack on evil. It is an evil that your children and grandchildren will have to deal with, if you do not.

Because this false charge of racism is from hell, it must be neutralized by Heaven. The weapons we fight with are not human, but are charged with the very might of God Himself.

Do not be weary in well doing. And remember why you are taking a stand. Nehemiah said it best, “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses” (Nehemiah 4:14).







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  1. Those antichrist racist liars just confirmed to me how intelligent it is to vote for President Trump. The more they rant the more stupid they become. You can’t teach stupid, so you slam the door in their face by voting for President Trump. We don’t win with bullets. We win with ballots..

  2. I stand with the Lord, Maker of heaven and earth and all that is within them. He is not a racist! If God be for us, who can be against!

    Blessings, Kathy ________________________________

  3. Satan loves to use these people to lie and twist and label us. We know any true Christian believer is not a racist. But the left – Marxist – Socialist religion is an enemy to Christians, they don’t like competition so they want to take us down. But God is on our side and we will continue to stand for our most high God and his ways! We must speak up and let our voices be heard and also vote the lefties out.

  4. We cannot fight a cultural battle via politics. The left has the deck stacked against us. They own the culture via their control over universities, journalism and Hollywood. Thus we battle via the spirit. We bring a spiritual revolution as opposed to their desire for bloody one.

    We battle by prayer, manifestation of Holy Spirit (ie speaking in tongues), by outreach. For example my congregation is about 600 Assemblies of God. We have people from 40 countries. We have about 25 black families, 50 Hispanic families. Farmers, factory workers, college professors. Median age of the congregation is 27.

    The left assumes that conservatives, evangelicals and gun owners will rebel by seeking a strong man. Their assumption is based on what happened in 1930s Weimar Republic in Germany. However the US is different. We have a very strong base of people of faith. We have a strong history of individualism and gun ownership. Thus all the left is doing is unifying us.

    I expect to see a revolution. Not of man but led by the Holy One. I expect to see millions turning to the god and father of the Lord Yeshu’a the Messiah.

    1. The Messiah is the Lord Jesus who is Lord of all. There are more with us than against us. The church of the living GOD has only ONE color: RED. The blood washed Saints of the Most High GOD, who are all New Creations in Christ Jesus! A whole new race that never existed before.

  5. why do you HAVE to like people that are different from you? as a judgment God separated people into different groups and it is our NATURE to be uncomfortable around groups that are different…. I don’t believe Christ wants us to be nasty to each other but being uncomfortable is a JUDGMENT from God just like there will always be emnity between men and women as part of the judgment from the fall….

  6. Church, we have been given the WORD of God. HE (the WORD of God) said
    “…the Father…gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.” (John12:19) and
    “…the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, HE DOETH THE WORKS.” (John14:10b) and
    “Thou hast rebukED the heathen, thou hast destroyED the wicked, thou hast put out their name for ever and ever.” (Ps 9:5)
    Soo, then, Church, when are WE going to agree, and say in UNISON: In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, IT IS WRITTEN, the wicked are destroyed, the throne of iniquity is cut off, the house of the wicked is overthrown, and the workers of iniquity are scattered.

    Jesus Christ is our great high priest over our profession of faith. Give Him His Word to enforce, to execute! He said “in the day of judgment men shall give account to Him for every idle (useless to Him) word they speak.” (Matt12:36)

    We don’t look to the man, or strong arm to save. We dig into the Word, for ammo, knowing the LORD works with and confirms His WORD with signs following. (Mark16:20) So be it, LORD. So be it.

    Stay the course, Mario. We will speak what the Father told us to say, to speak out. Knowing as Jesus told US, the Father that dwells in us, HE DOES THE WORKS.

  7. When the BLM supporter or member (whichever) stated that they are, “focused on police brutality now”, they revealed their darkened hearts, and their blatant hypocrisy. What kind of person can hear of babies and children being murdered on the streets, in cars, and in their homes, and brush them off in this manner? And they call us the racists?? What kind of evil madness is this? This has ZERO to do with George Floyd, or any black lives but their own. They are staggering liars, using their new-found “power” and the favor of the criminal media, Hollywood, Academia, and leftist government officials, to go after anyone who refuses to grovel at their feet. They are attempting to force us to change benign words that we have used for decades and beyond, change our traditions, rewrite our history..one totally sexually confused lunatic is calling for the complete dismantling and destruction of the United States. These people are seditionists and should be placed under arrest. Any of them who have been complicit in any murders anywhere-children on the streets, police, anyone-needs to be arrested and jailed for a long time. These people have to be stopped for America to survive. This is no fly-by-night, “movement”, that will be forgotten after the election-no matter which way the election goes. These people believe this is their “moment” to finally take down America and get us into socialism and the NWO. It is not to be taken lightly. They are now trying to take down Tucker, Hannity, Kurtz, and Laura, btw, by using the hapless Ed Henry, which story is very sad if it is true. It is time for us to pray for the keenest discernment the Lord can possibly instill in us. If Trump does not win, look for manipulation of cash and an increased movement toward the chip.

  8. Mario is a Latino so he knows what racism feels like and can spot it instantly.
    Here’s what Kelly Shackleford of First Liberty said of this intolerant crowd:
        “Far too many in today’s culture do not view the freedom our Founding Fathers fought and died for as a blessing, but rather as a hindrance to a new, progressive utopia where any vestige of traditional values must be mocked, vilified and ultimately…canceled. And as we’ve seen throughout history, the first target of this “cancel culture” mob is always religious freedom—because they can tolerate no one with an allegiance to a Divine authority higher than their own man-made utopian ideal.”


  10. Hello,

    Jemelle Hill has not been employed by ESPN for almost 2 years. I will also note ESPN suspended her a couple of times for comments she made about Trump and also removed her from her show she was hosting.

    Thanks, Rahsaan Wigfall


      1. Kaepernick hired Hill as a producer for a Disney series. Here’s part of the news article from MSN (Microsoft News):

        “Disney is partnering with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to deliver “scripted and unscripted stories” exploring race and social justice…” “The deal will extend across Disney platforms, including ESPN, Hulu, Pixar and The Undefeated…” “The first project, which is already in development, will use new interviews and archival footage to portray Kaepernick’s life from the former NFL quarterback’s perspective, the company said, adding that Kaepernick tapped former ESPN broadcaster Jemele Hill to be a producer for the project.”

  11. I am not a racist. Never been one. And I have never been afraid of being called one, or any other lie, for that matter. I’m just not answerable to them or their master. But, I do wonder what would happen if everyone were to change channels when her program aired. Would they pay her to write another one or just hire someone else? I would be inclined to turn on their channel, just to change it when it came on, if I could, just to express how I felt about it all. But my opinion, by itself, wouldn’t have much weight. And there are those who worship ESPN, probably because they are incapable of finding something else. Sadly lost.

  12. Americans did not go to Africa and kidnap these negros nor did the European Slave traders they were sold to them by there own People Fact is Slavery is still a booming business in Africa these people Should be Grateful that there ancestors made it off the dark continent or they would probably still be in the bleak situation still instead of being Welcomed to Our Country and treated with Compassion and given many privileges there have been tough times here for them but our Country has Stretched out there neck to Treat them with respect and dignity and it seemed all was going very well before all this recent Bullshit

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