Portland, Oregon is a left-wing city. Far left-wing—you can’t get any ‘woker’. So, why are the thugs from Antifa and BLM attacking it? What are they demanding from Portland that they don’t already have?

Let’s review: The mayor and the Governor of Oregon have declared war on Trump. Check. The police, while not yet defunded, are certainly defanged. Check. No matter how much damage a protester does, they are bailed out almost immediately. Check.

Republicans are not allowed to speak and churches are not allowed to worship. Check. Portland has drag-queen story hours at their public libraries. They have indoctrinated children in their public schools and taught them to hate the Founding Fathers. Check. Check. And from what I can tell, there are no more statues left to topple—even statues of leftists.

They are also doing this in Seattle, which is possibly the only city further left than Portland!  Chicago, New York City, Saint Louis, Detroit, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Berkeley also sponsor free-for-alls. These riots are theater. They are exercises in futility, chaperoned by Democrat leaders.

These mayors may be ambivalent about people being killed and innocent people losing their life savings, but they are too ideologically horsewhipped to intervene. The mayor of Seattle only stopped them because they came to her house. I can only guess what they chanted at her in her home, my guess is: “You are far left, why aren’t you extreme left?!”


They do it because they can do it. You and I both know they wouldn’t dare do any of this in cities where the police, church, and businesses are respected and government is pro-American. (It is terribly sad that we have to qualify an American city as being “pro-American.”) They can’t shut down a city that would rise up against them.

They are like an F-Troop that marched off to war and then suddenly realized the enemy was too strong for them, so they turned around and burned down their own barracks. That is a pretty anemic revolution.

But here is the real issue:

Democrats want to run the country, but why would anyone let them? They destroy cities and states. Look at the statistics and you will come to an unavoidable conclusion: Crime, rioting, looting, and fires are almost the exclusive domain of Democrat controlled cities.

But that is not the most alarming part. They will not stop the thugs who are posing as revolutionaries from destroying private property and even killing innocent Americans. When asked about the rioting and the killing, Nancy Pelosi said, “Well. People will do what they will do.” In other words, if people don’t want it, it shouldn’t be there.


Innocent Americans have lost their lives, trapped in these fires, riots and lootings. Trump wants to protect them, but the Democrats accuse him of being a dictator, because he wants to rescue them.

If you or your property stands in the way of a Democrat agenda, they will not intervene to protect you. Joe Biden is on record supporting nonintervention.

The only reason these thugs don’t burn down Red State cities is because they know they can’t. If Joe Biden is elected, they will know they can, and there will be no stopping them.

Nothing is more infuriating in this hour, than Christians who cannot figure out their glaringly obvious duty in this crisis. Reelecting Trump is no longer a political choice, it is a survival choice. I thank God for all of those believers who are wise enough to understand this, and brave enough to speak out.





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  1. There is more hope for a fool than for someone who says at a time like this in America, “I am going to vote for Biden.” You might as well shoot yourself in the head.

  2. This is a spiritual battle for the culture. Too often many conservatives and libertarians, especially gun owners, are worried about the police coming to their homes. But what happens if it is the mob with police protection? What does Pelosi do when they come to her Catholic church to burn and kill? Is the next step for the left to demand that the US become an Islamic republic?

    We must fight on a spiritual level. Massive prayer. Manifestation of the Holy Spirit, especially speaking in tongues.

      1. voting will not be enough. We need the Holy One to change people. To bring about a miracle.

      2. Who said voting was enough? Who is the Holy One? His name is JESUS. You seem to be allergic to the name that is above every name: JESUS. JESUS. JESUS.

      3. The seven laws of Noah were given to all men. From Genesis chapter 9

        The seven Noahide laws as traditionally enumerated are the following:

        Not to worship idols.
        Not to curse God.
        To establish courts of justice.
        Not to commit murder.
        Not to commit adultery, bestiality, or sexual immorality.
        Not to steal.
        Not to eat flesh torn from a living animal.

        In Acts 15 the council of Jerusalem authorized that these laws be used as an ethical standard for all believers, Jew and Greek.

      4. in the old covenant under the law of sin, death and the works of the devil it was all the “nots” but in Christ and Christ in us it is all see, learn, receive, know, and “do” led by Holy Spirit as sons of God when the Son is living in us by the Holy Spirit

      5. Yeshu’a is the proper name. Jesus is a corruption in the English and no other language uses it. The other languages use something closer to the original Aramaic.

        In Revelation it is stated that in the end, after everything has been brought into subject to Yeshu’a as lord, that Yeshu’a himself will submit himself to the Father the Holy One.

      6. NOPE…His Name is JESUS. God in the flesh. The Holy One of Israel. Acts 15 is not about so called cowhide Noah laws. This is Loony Toon nonsense. Superstitions of Hebraic madness. Jewish Mysticism.

  3. Mario, your are right on Trump, Biden is a Pädophile and sick. I have seen many youtubes where he has grabbed little girls body, openly!! I was shocked. BUT you have the proplems now in USA as a result that Trump has choosen Jerusalem as an ETERNAL CITY! AND he is with his friendfs from Chabad wich are going to install the 7Noahide laws! All the Evangelicals who have supporteds this are now closed down! For me as the Spirit has showen me… it is the last days of the last days and this is because we all have not acknowledged the beastkingdom has come to pass and it will be the last days .. So we all have only one choice… JESUS CHRIST

  4. We The People of The United States of America needed to see this in order to believe this…
    Trump/Pence 2020

  5. Pray: Lift up Jesus Stand: Firm against darkness Speak: Let your voices cry out for Freedom and Justice and Liberty that is God Given! Move: Present you bodies loudly in union for the Gospel and Peace. Raise: The American Flag we will not tolerate Civil War. Vote: It may be the last free election you will see in your lifetime! Demand: order in every city and state. Walk: In faith through all the invisible barriers! Run: At the enemy and they will flee. CALL: Things not being as being in the name of Jesus. Let’s: Do this brothers and sisters for the human race! Amen.

  6. Amen Brother. I want to thank you for being faithful to speak what The Holy Spirit has given you to speak. It brings conformation to me and I can’t thank God and His servant enough. Please keep speaking the truth. I will be praying for you and yours as well as this ministry. God bless and keep you all. Psalm 91

  7. What I believe the strategy of the Left is right now, is to continue allowing the mayhem in the democrat-controlled cities to continue until the election in order to make it look like Trump is either inept and incapable from quelling the violence, or, if he sends in federal help to stop it, he’ll look like a tyrant. They are using the violence for political means, to get control of the WH and the Senate and to keep it forever! What other explanation for the insanity of allowing violence, burning, and mayhem to ravage your streets for 56 days and try to blame in on law enforcement and threaten the federal government if they even intervene to save federal buildings? On what planet does that even begin to make sense to anyone with two brain cells? It doesn’t. Not unless you are an evil entity, such as the democrat party, with evil intentions. What I suspect is that they are playing with alligators. These anarchists are blood-thirsty and incapable of being reasoned with. It’s doubtful that they will stop if Biden gets in. They smell blood in the water and they intend to bring America down. If he does not kowtow to their every wish and move America into the NWO and socialism, they will tear down the entire country and he will be incapable of dealing with it. America will be lost. Christian-if you are not praying for President Trump’s protection, and for God to uphold him and strengthen him, and for him to be filled with the wisdom of God through the Holy Spirit, then for what purpose do you think God has placed you into the Kingdom for such a time as this? Here’s hint-it’s not so you can have a bigger house, a pool, and a brand new car.

  8. Everything is meant to make President Trump look bad, from the intense, vitriolic hatred and malice they have against him. Their prideful minds are offended, revealing their hearts. I watched a video yesterday from 2016 with all of the arrogant, haughty, prideful, boastful comments of celebrities and pundits and politicians and past president saying Donald John Trump would never be president. God uses the foolish to shame the wise in their own eyes; God uses fallen, broken vessels to show His Glory because all know it was impossible in the natural so God gets all the glory!
    “Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses” Proverbs 10:12.
    “The righteousness of the upright delivers them, but the treacherous are taken captive by their lust…the expectation of the godless comes to nought. The righteous is delivered from trouble, but the wicked get into trouble instead” Proverbs 11:6-8.
    “Rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Truthful lips endure for ever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment. Deceit is in the heart of those who devise evil, but those whose plan is good have joy. No ill befalls the righteous, but the wicked are filled with trouble. Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight” Proverbs 12:18-22.
    “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” Proverbs 14:34.
    “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall…There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death…The crucible of the heart is where God tries hearts. An evildoer listens to wicked lips…If a man returns evil for good, evil will not depart from his house…He who justifies the wicked and condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord” Proverbs 16:18-17:15

  9. Mario,
    I am with you in all of this! I do think that there are others speaking out, but everyone seems to be fractured into different groups saying almost the same things. Jonathan Kahn is trying to do The Return in D.C., a gathering for prayer on Sept. 26. I would love to see a million of us there to pray and make our presence known. Perhaps that could be achieved with the word getting out and different group leaders encouraging people to participate.

    1. If the Holy One is leading this then do not expect to see unity. Rather look for multiple leaders, each doing their own thing. That way the Adversary cannot react. There is no one big target.

      1. many seem to expect to see some big unified movement. The left is not that way. There is no single leader. The same will be how believers function. Many little groups working independently of each other. No single leader. Just as it is hard for us to single out one person on the left to take out thus we will be the same.

        Look for many people doing what Mario is doing. Each being led by the Spirit to speak the word of our GOD.

  10. They will all fall into their own pit. Almighty Jehovah God is watching. JESUS is LORD OF ALL! Put on the whole armor and go into battle first on our knees and then with our voice! Thank you Mario.

  11. Matthew 5:38-39

    No… in survival mindsets unspeakable violence happens. We were called to remain in our rational thinking selves and put our faith un God, not government.

    Christians have enjoyed a long season of unopposed comfort in the United States, but the Bible never promised comfort in this World.

    If we cling to our comforts instead of leaning into discomfort, we’re no better than any other community that has used survival to excuse violence.

    Resist the lie, this is not about survival, this is about acknowledging that we have not had a perfect union in this country and that the time for real legislative change has come.

    If we want to continue as a democracy we must be willing to listen to all voices and know when to make concessions and where to draw the line.

    Government has never been that line. Human dignity is a line that no one leader can uphold. Only God can do that.


    1. we are called to live an uncomfortable life. Taking risks rather than security.

      we cannot expect pastors to lead. We have to lead.

  12. Wow, I am so disappointed at how deceived our Christian leaders are. When have we ever put our faith and trust in a man? Why are we sounding just like the world? Why do we need any president, political party or anyone to “save us.”

    I always hear church leaders says as the church go so goes the world. That means the chaos, the evil, the division we see today, it is directly caused by what the church is doing! The bible said that if HIS people who are called by HIS name would humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways HE would heal our land. You can overlook all the evil Trump has done because he has been an ally to Israel? Yet you paint this propaganda and make no mention of what the church can do to unite with people of all races? If you think that you are going to change people’s mind and scare people into believing that Donald Trump is there savior you’re going about this all wrong and I pray that with all the love God has for you and all the faith you have in him you will WAKE UP!

    The church should be at the forefront of this movement and not Black Lives Matter or the government! We were called to love! We were called to go out in the streets and do what Jesus did but yet we are not. We are being just like the world! God have mercy on your people!

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