Donald Trump is divisive. He has to be. He is divisive in the way that a surgeon ‘divides’ a cancer from a patient. He is divisive in the way that a cop ‘divides’ an innocent woman from her attacker. He has been placed in the White House to create a division between us and certain disaster.

He is uncompromising because the other side wants to destroy the United States. The Democrat Party has erased any possibility of compromise because everything America stands for will simply not survive what they will do to us if they are not stopped.

Yes, it is true, that fuzzy-thinking Christians want Trump to be more conciliatory toward his opponents. But it is his opponents, and not Trump, who have made that impossible.  Under the current conditions, a good leader must be divisive.

Jesus talked about being divisive: “Do not think that I have come to bring peace on the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword [of division between belief and unbelief]. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his [own] household [when one believes, and another does not]” (Matthew 10:34-36).

Jesus divided truth and error, light and darkness, slavery and liberty. The modern church has so blatantly neglected her duty to American culture up until now, that we have no choice. We must openly speak out against the agenda of the Democrat Party because they have forced our hand, and, more importantly, the hand of God.

Trump is divisive! But let’s take a look at what he is trying to divide us from:

Trump must divide the nation from the Democrat Party’s deadly anti-American mindset: Gabrielle Bruney confirms this mindset. Writing for Esquire Magazine she said, “Trump’s Mount Rushmore Speech was just as terrifyingly bonkers as you’d expect. The President rejected Independence Day weekend unity in favor of fomenting hysteria about “far-left fascism.””

According to Gabrielle, we are only imagining the looting, burning and killings that have been running rampant in dozens of major cities. According to her, there is no nationwide crime wave. There are no leftist hordes wreaking havoc across America—there is no unhinged media propaganda campaign to smear our history—there is no educational brainwashing against American values. It is all in our minds. The worst part is that she believes that because he refuses to deny the existence of the ongoing leftist rampage, Trump is being divisive. Wow…

It is imperative for Trump to divide us from the Democrat Party’s campaign to poison our history: One of Joe’s Biden’s potential picks for running mate is Tammy Duckworth.  Here is what she said on CNN about President Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore: “He spent all of his time talking about dead traitors.”

The woman who called George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln “dead traitors” is Biden’s idea of a potential Vice President? That tells you everything you need to know about where the Democrat Party stands. They hate America, the Constitution, and those who founded and preserved this nation.

Here’s the key point: Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore wasn’t hysteria. It wasn’t tyrannical. It was American. That’s why they hated it.

Another thing I am proud that President Trump is dividing us from is the wave of murders, violence, and destruction that is growing daily on every street in America.  Tucker Carlson rightly labelled the masses of violent protesters the “armed militia of the Democrat Party.” That is exactly what they are. The top officials of the Democrat Party are more than sanctioning the fires, looting and killing going on in the streets.

For Christians to be squeamish about Trump’s rightful divisiveness is tragic. I thank God that Donald Trump is wielding a sword. I thank God he is weathering both the insane onslaught of hatred from the Left and the apathy and outright antagonism coming from lukewarm Christians. Believe me, they are both equally painful to him.


Finally, imagine a Christian from China who has been imprisoned for his faith. After being set free and being brought to America, what is his first impression of the American church? Most people would guess that he would marvel at our religious freedom. But they would be wrong. No, his reaction would be just the opposite.

He would be horrified that we are blind to what is happening to our country. He would be dumbfounded to see us heading down the exact same road that China took when its people fell into lockstep with the anti-Christ Marxists who came down from the hills looting, burning and pulling down statues. He would be outraged at our apathy toward the chaos and tyranny. And he would be dumbfounded at our hesitation to oppose their godless agenda.

Most of all, that man would be the first to praise the forceful way in which Trump is combating this evil. Yes, Trump is divisive. And thank God he is!


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  1. You can not fix the Democrats. You have to amputate them. You can’t fix or teach willful stupidity. VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP. ITS VERY SIMPLE.

  2. Such a good explanation regarding President Trump and the present situation in America. I thank God he’s standing strong for American values. If people would just take time to think it thru….

    Sorry, didn’t mean to run on.

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Don’t stop.

    On Wed, Jul 29, 2020, 2:22 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Donald Trump is divisive. He has to be. He > is divisive in the way that a surgeon ‘divides’ a cancer from a patient. He > is divisive in the way that a cop ‘divides’ an innocent woman from her > attacker. He has been placed in the White House to create a divis” >

  4. Amen bro, Mario

    Thank you for standing up for Trump! It would be great if all Christian leaders would also speak up for him! God is using Trump though he’s not perfect he sure can take it from the fools on the left, and I applaud him for that. Also what you said about the people of China they don’t have their freedom and can’t speak up, we still do. God save America. Trump2020

  5. Hi Mr. Murillo, Us Canadians love your and your timely messages.  We want your “war series” books.

    Help make the war chest series available to send to Canada.  We want your material, but the check out allows only USA orders. David Vanderkwaak Canadian

  6. People have likened President Trump to Cyrus of old.

    That is probably true.

    However He reminds me also of Jehu of old.

    Jehu anointed through the prophet Elisha ( as King from a warring captain probably a general in the army) to destroy the linage of Ahab, his son the existing king and all of his male family line.

    Talk about draining the swamp!

    Also to bring down Jezebel!

    We know we don’t actually kill evil infected people but we must take authority over satan and his army as the true church of God. Satan works through people who become puppets and marionets for his evil in the world and so much at this time in history.

    We should all read the mission of Jehu in the Word of God ( found in 2 kings 9) and see where our allegiance stands presently.


    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

    1. That is funny you would say that, some one else said the same thing and I went and read a oit Jehu just this morning some one must be speaking to us. Hearing the same thing twice I call a conformation.

    2. Have you read Jonathan Cahn’s book (The Paradigm) very good book, he talks all about Jehu overthrowing Jezebel and how it’s related to modern-day Hillary Clinton, etc. Also The Oracle talks
      about Trump, etc. good book also.

  7. Preach it brother, keep hitting the rock It will crack eventually under the weight of Gods sledgehammer He is using through your words.

  8. big amen: Our founding father’s did what had to be done to preserve a future for this country, what ever it took, they were strong and did what was needed, we have become passive and so full of a devils love, we can’t stand for God and whats right, or for our own rights as citizens of this nation, we have accepted a love with no correctness, WHICH IS NOT GOD’S LOVE, we have accepted a love that allows sin and evil, which s not Gods love, Gods Love s a tough Love, which we have absolutely discarded, it stands against sin and evil, it shuns other gods, and idol worship which some have allowed n the Church and even worship, some times we have to be tough or bullies run over is what the whole Dem party has become, a communist party, that is an enemy with this nation and what she stands for, and its time we see who the real enemy is and put a stop to their plans, the Apostle were Christians and they were bold and strong and changed the world, we have become passive christians week and silent, who cower down to devils, and that is not the mighty army of God we are called to be, we are to protect the Church and this nation at all cost, even to the loss of our own lives, so our children, and childrens, children will have a heritage, and that calls for true strong men and women of God who will stand and fight, no matter the cost, we are not soial christians, WE ARE THE MIGHTY ARMY OF GOD AND WE STAND FOR GOD AND WHAT RIGHT, AND WE FIGHT FOR THIS NATION AND THE CHURCH, AND STAND WITH OUR PRESIDENT AT ALL COST, FOR HE IS TRYING HIS BEST TO SAVE THIS NATION AND THE CHURCH.

    1. “When the Great Ruler of the universe resolved to set his people free
      from Egyptian bondage, he raised up able and mighty men, to effect his
      glorious purposes. These he endowed with wisdom to plan, and energy
      to execute his noble designs. There is a most striking similarity
      between the history of the Israelites, bursting the chains of slavery
      riveted upon them by Pharaoh; and that of the American colonies, in
      disenthralling themselves, by the aid of Heaven, from the oppressions
      of the British king. Like Moses, Washington led his countrymen through
      the wilderness of the revolution, and planted them, when the journey
      was terminated, upon the promised land of freedom and independence.
      Like Moses, he placed his trust in the God of Hosts, and like him, he
      was aided and sustained by a band of sages and heroes, unrivalled in
      the history of the world.”

      Wouldn’t it be great if God was to raise up all the able and mighty men he intends to use at this time?

  9. We are a bunch of spoiled entitled cry babies! Oh dear sweet Jesus, forgive us, please, I pray

    On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 1:33 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Donald Trump is divisive. He has to be. He > is divisive in the way that a surgeon ‘divides’ a cancer from a patient. He > is divisive in the way that a cop ‘divides’ an innocent woman from her > attacker. He has been placed in the White House to create a divis” >

    1. You must be talking about the left? They are the real cry babies. We just know our help comes from the Lord. Without him we can do nothing. He give us life and breath.

  10. Right on target Mario. I too am so disgusted with the lukewarm Christians who are more fearful of a virus that is practically gone then Democrats hordes destroying the country.

  11. Being pushed out of your comfort zone is painful. However it will happen. Either because we embrace what G-D desires or that the adversary enslaves us. Think about it. Most of come screaming into this world because we did not want to be born. We were comfortable (even if our mothers’ were not). Grow requires being uncomfortable.

    The sin of the church is being comfortable. Much like the parable of the rich man and the harvest in Luke 12:16-21.

    1. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no Democrat, for you are with me. Your rod and your staff, they COMFORT me. GOD himself comforts me in all my tribulation so that I can comfort those in trouble with the same comfort I received from GOD in my seasons of tribulation. What a comforting thought. Mario’s Blogs build me up, stir me up, and comfort me. Cheer me up in the battle.
      Those with a religious spirit sit on the sideline with the crust of apathy, indifference, and complacency.

  12. I pray he continues to be divisive, just like he is. Stand your ground, Mr. President, the good people of the country are behind you.

  13. Thank you Mario for this consistent speaking out for our President! We need more Intercessors praying for the country and for saints like you who are bold and truthful. You have been a tool that God is using to prepare me for what’s ahead. My husband and myself are energized to pray more, speak boldly to “wimpy” Christians who just think we can go along. No more, this is a spiritual war and Lord send us out!

    Sent from my iPhone


  14. wow! this! this explains it all! This is why God chose Donald John Trump, who is from the spiritual lineage of the Hebrides revival, who knew the corrupted system from once being a part of it, that is why the adversaries are in total fear and panic to remove or destroy him, to keep what he knows from being known by the public. Like Hillary said, caught on hot mic in 2016, “If he wins we will all hang.” I hope the deceived, manipulated public wakes up soon to see the VAST amount of taxpayer money has gone down the drain by their constant attack on our President, and arrest those who have masterminded these attacks, and those who planned this weaponized virus and plan to vaccinate the whole world with eugenics in mind. Abba Father, we ask you to expose them and reveal their lies and criminal acts and put your godly, righteous, just, anointed, appointed leaders in office, in counties, cities and states and nations.
    President Trump is a trumpet warning Americans that the “foreign owned corporation” is stealing our birthright, rights and freedoms, so President Trump bring the Sword of the Spirit to divide us from the dark agenda, a united nations agenda, a global new world order agenda and one world religion of lucifer, whether our President is fully aware or not, Holy Spirit guide him; lead him so he can lead America.
    This is biblical; thank God Jesus has already conquered, overcome, triumphed over the principalities and powers, disarming them so we need to expose those who are giving the enemy arms, hands, feet to dispense lies, deception, sorcery, witchcraft, crafting a false narrative that has deceived and manipulated and incited all the venomous hatred toward our President who wants to win and we want to win, so he can lead America back to greatness, back to biblical values as I can see his heart for America; thank God. Thank God Jesus has already won, resurrecting, and glorified at the Right Hand of God and sending us the Holy Spirit and giving us eternal life, so we can partner with the Holy Spirit and partner with the man whom God chose to bring America back to her Christian roots, freedom of religion from government, a constitutional republic, under God our Father, indivisible from God in Christ, with God-given rights and freedoms, a government under the governance of Christ under God, we the people, for the people by the people, not under demon spirits sent by the enemy of our souls to steal, kill and destroy and censor and deceive ignorant, manipulated, controlled, vulnerable people. I pray for great strength, wisdom, protection, provision, and victory for Donald John Trump.

  15. That is funny you would say that, some one else said the same thing and I went and read a oit Jehu just this morning some one must be speaking to us. Hearing the same thing twice I call a conformation. Um mlm looking back up here I don’t see the one I was replying to. Him don’t know what happened.

  16. Thank you Mario, this is so true.  I wish our President Trump would read your posts also…in many ways God breathed. We love Jesus, our country and our President. Mr. and Mrs. Estep

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